Title: Breakfast With Bakura (Just A Fantasy II) 1/4
Author: Tsutsuji
Date written: 3/9/05
Fandom: Yu-gi-oh!
Rating: NC17
Pairings: Bakura/Ryou, Honda/Ryou
Type: yaoi/slash
Warnings: PWP, BDSM, multiple partner sex
Status: in progress
Spoilers: none
Disclaimer: I do not own the copyright to these characters and I'm making no profit from this fic and intend no copyright infringement.
Summary: Bakura saw how much Honda was getting into acting out Ryou's bondage fantasy, and invites him back for another round. Lucky Ryou!

Notes: Jonouchi's not in this one. He's too busy trying to block out his fantasy about Kaiba doing what Ryou did to him in the first story. ~grin~
This is for Yami no Hikari, who keeps making me write these things by hypnosis.

Just A Fantasy II, part one

Ryou woke up when the alarm went off at 9 a.m. to find that Bakura was already up and gone. He found a note in the kitchen: "Didn't want to wake you. Decided to take a walk. Meet me for breakfast at the American place, 9:30."

Ryou smiled when he read the note. "Meet me for breakfast" meant "come and buy me breakfast," and "the American place" was in Domino's touristy district, and served steak three meals a day. Ryou grabbed some juice and a toaster pastry while he dressed, then hurried out into the quiet, cloudy day.

The quickest way to restaurant was by a shortcut behind his building that led through a narrow alley. It wasn't Ryou's favorite place to go, but it saved walking all the way around the fenced lots of two other large apartment complexes. Slipping past the dumpsters at one end of the windowless alley was not so bad; it was the auto service station at the other end he preferred to avoid. He always got catcalls and wolf whistles from the mechanics when he crossed their lot, unless Bakura was with him. But it was too early for them to be open, so he figured he'd be safe going that way.

Once in the alley, he hurried along, anxious to see Bakura. He didn't notice the figure leaning against the brick wall until he was almost past him. Startled, he glanced up to see long legs in dark jeans, a long brown coat, and a sharp-eyed face staring at him. He slowed his pace, nervous about meeting anyone who would be hanging around in this alley. Just as his heart started to pound in fear he recognized the face.

"Oh! Honda?" Ryou said, surprised and relieved. But Honda didn't smile or greet him. As Ryou paused just before coming even with him, Honda left his place lounging against the wall and stepped out in front of him, blocking his way. His steel-eyed gaze locked onto Ryou's.

Ryou felt a wave of confusion, then a touch of worry. Before he could ask what was wrong, Honda spoke, still without smiling.

"Do you remember your safeword?"

Ryou's mouth dropped open.

"My...what?" he stammered, but he knew exactly what Honda was talking about. His heart started to pound again, now in a mixture of fear and excitement. How could Honda have guessed that an alley like this was the scene of the start of the fantasy they had enacted a week ago? Unless, of course, Bakura told him.

Ryou heard footsteps behind him.

"Don't look around," Honda said in a warning tone. He took a step closer to Ryou; they were inches apart. "Answer me."

It was Bakura coming up behind him, Ryou thought anxiously. It had to be. Ryou had to trust Honda. That was the real question he was asking.

"Yes. I remember my safeword," Ryou said, his voice quiet but firm.

Honda's lips quirked up in a smile. Ryou heard the footsteps behind him coming closer. The hairs on the back of his neck stood on end as he felt someone approach, but he kept his eyes on Honda and didn't turn around.

A wave of relief washed over him as he caught a familiar scent and heard a soft laugh. The man was right behind him, close enough to touch him. The sense of relief turned to a flood of emotion and arousal as Bakura's hand touched his hair. Ryou didn't have to look around; he knew that touch.

"So very pretty," a soft voice behind him said. "And so alone. So vulnerable."

Honda's eyes wandered down his body. Ryou felt light-headed and suddenly remembered Jou telling him to breathe. He drew a couple of deep but ragged breaths. It was difficult with his heart racing and all of his blood rushing downward to his groin.

Honda stepped closer, almost touching him. Ryou instinctively tried to take a step back, only to feel a solid body behind him. He was pinned between them. Honda was smiling, staring at his mouth. Bakura's hand brushed through his hair and then clamped heavily on his shoulder.

"A pretty prize for us to play with," he said. Ryou could hear the smile in his voice.

"Oh, yeah," Honda said, grinning crookedly as well. He laid his hand on Ryou's other shoulder. Ryou flinched and a little whimper of protest escaped his dry throat. At once, they gripped his shoulders like iron claws.

Without warning, Ryou felt himself yanked back and sideways, thrown roughly against the brick wall. Bakura's hand on his hair kept him from knocking his head against the bricks, but then he shifted his grip. One hand was like a vice on Ryou's right arm, while the other clamped onto his chin, pushing his head up and back so he couldn't look down. Honda held his left arm in the same vice-like grip, but his other hand was on Ryou's' thigh. They kicked his legs apart and pinned him back against the bricks.

"Oh.... god..." Ryou panted.

Bakura pressed himself against Ryou's side, his face close, so that finally Ryou could see that it was really him. But after drinking in a grateful look at him, he closed his eyes, overwhelmed. Bakura nuzzled his face against Ryou's and licked him under his ear.

He couldn't believe himself. It was just a fantasy; in fact it even sounded silly when he told it to Bakura. Who knew it would really turn him on this much? It wouldn't, either, if he didn't trust them as he did. He knew all too well how horrible the reality would be. He supposed that was the point, but he didn't really care about the logic behind his fantasy at the moment. His cock certainly wasn't reacting to any logic but its own.

Honda's hand snaked up his thigh, squeezing his leg. If he hadn't been pinned tightly by their legs holding his apart, he would have squirmed to gain more of the touch of that hand. But he didn't have to. Honda groped higher, closing on his aching crotch.

"Gaaah!" Ryou struggled, wiggling in their grip. Bakura's face suddenly appeared in front of his, laughing. He heard Honda chuckle as well.

"Shit, Ryou," Honda said, in what was nearly his normal voice. "This is great." He rubbed his hand over the swelling ridge in Ryou's jeans, drawing another strangled moan from Ryou. "Waaay out of character, really, but great!"

Ryou managed a laugh too. He looked into Bakura's eyes, seeing the heat there, and the joy. Bakura loved seeing him so aroused he could hardly breathe.

"You're evil," Ryou whispered with a smile.

"You're quite right," Bakura whispered back.

Bakura watched with amusement as Honda continued to fondle Ryou, drawing more breathless gasps from him. Ryou couldn't move his arms but his fingers curled and flexed; he couldn't move his legs but he tried, oh, he tried, to move his hips. He couldn't look down to see what Honda was doing because of Bakura's hand holding his chin up, but he saw Bakura look down and smile, and he whimpered again.

Then he froze as Honda tugged at the fly of his jeans. With a deft move, Honda got his jeans open and reached inside. Shocked, Ryou felt himself exposed as Honda wiggled his hand inside Ryou's underwear and drew his cock out.

His eyes darted around wildly, peering the length of the alley that he could see with his head pushed back. There were no windows in the walls overlooking the alley, but it wasn't very long, and they were near the end that opened onto the service station parking lot, with the busy street beyond that. He could hear traffic, and he thought he could see people walking, just across the parking lot.

"What if someone comes!" Ryou squeaked in alarm.

"Too bad for them," Bakura growled.

"Yeah, too bad," Honda said. "Because they'd want a piece of this, and we don't plan to share, do we?"

"Not with anyone else, certainly," Bakura answered, glancing down at him with a grin.

Ryou stopped worrying about being seen as those words sunk in. When he told Bakura of his fantasy, "sharing" him meant being taken by all of the men who held him captive. Did Bakura mean to let that happen this time? Would Honda do it? He searched Bakura's face for the answer, but he didn't ask.

"Still, it might be better if we get him out of sight before we continue," Bakura said.

"Right. We don't want any interruptions, do we?"

Honda leaned in so both of his captors were staring into his face. Ryou's eyes flicked from one to the other, letting his fear and anticipation show. Honda gave his exposed cock a squeeze. Ryou shuddered and closed his eyes. They laughed softly.

"Better do it soon," Honda said. "Let's go."

They yanked him off the wall. Honda handed him over to Bakura, who locked his arms around Ryou's elbows, pushing them up high on his back. He turned Ryou around so he was facing Honda for a moment, now with his head bent down as his arms were pushed up.

Honda caught his eye by running his hand over his own crotch, emphasizing the swelling form under his slacks. At the same time, Bakura pressed himself against Ryou's backside, making sure he felt his lover's firm arousal as well.

Watching Honda's fingers play lightly over himself was arousing enough, as Ryou remembered the taste and feel of him and thought of taking that hard length in his mouth again with Bakura watching. But feeling his lover's familiar hardness pressed against him made Ryou feel almost faint with lust. He let another whimper come out, a sound of longing disguised as a sound of fear.

"Yeah." Honda licked his lips and drew his hand away from himself. He took a deep breath to calm his own ragged breathing.

Bakura's hands slipped down to Ryou's wrists. For a second Ryou thought he was going to let him go, but just as he wondered what that meant, he felt something clamp around his wrists. Honda smiled when he saw Ryou's eyes go wide and heard the "click" of metal handcuffs.

Bakura yanked Ryou's arms up again after the cuffs were secure. Honda came over and took him by the shoulder again, and together they pulled him stumbling along to one of the dark doorways in the alley wall.


[to be continued.]