Bitch, act 4.

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By: Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte

Fandom: Inuyasha

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: NarakuXSesshomaru

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon, Language, Mild Violence, Light Bondage, dubious consent, bit of rough play (what, you didn't really think these two would play nice together, did you?).

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc. Nothing here to see but pointless smut, just my own twisted imagination slapping together characters I want to see in steamy situations. You don't agree? Go find something more to your liking!

Summary: Naraku finds an outlet for some of his frustration, and gets a little more than he bargained for.

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Dedicated to my little sis, Dana *glomps* Thanks to Larania and Espaa for listening to ideas, and betaing for me. Also a big thanks to Setsuna for a little Nar/Sessh rpg play, it really helped get the creative juices flowing again where these two were concerned.

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With one vicious backhand, the taiyoukai sent the other demon crashing into a tree, a grunt of pain torn from the dark-haired demon before he slumped to the ground. "Now, Naraku," Sesshomaru snarled, little more than a blur as he sprang forward, hand reaching down and snatching up the length of fur taken from his shoulder earlier. "You will pay for all you have done..." With that, he lashed out, the fur wrapping around Naraku's frame, tightening, binding him securely. Then he moved in closer and wrapped his fingers around the other man's throat.

Naraku smirked up at him faintly. "Really, Sesshomaru, surely you don't think one such as yourself is powerful enough to hold me here, do you?" He laughed softly, and his crimson eyes flashed as he prepared to make his escape.

Sesshomaru returned the expression, tightening his hand on the other man's throat, allowing a drop or two of the acid from his claws to seep out onto Naraku's skin, making the pale flesh smoke and burn. "I don't think you realize the position you're in, Naraku. I could destroy you in an instant, do not attempt to escape your fate." That said, he pulled Naraku forward, then shoved him to the ground, never once loosening his hold on the other man's neck.

Any other creature trapped in such a position might simply have sought to get away by any means possible, but Naraku merely found his curiosity piqued by those words. *Very true, he could have destroyed me more than once by now, so why hasn't he?* Red eyes narrowed as the dark-haired demon tried to figure out the other man's intentions. "Well, if you don't intend to kill me," he murmured, shifting and trying to get the other demon's claws off his throat. "Tell me, then, Sesshomaru, what is to be my fate?"

Sesshomaru stared down at Naraku coldly, amber eyes narrowed. "Can you not guess? I would think that someone as cunning as you would be able to figure out exactly what I intend to do," he said quietly, using his own legs to force Naraku's thighs apart. "I am going to take my revenge, the only way I see fit."

"Hn, I must admit, I'm somewhat disappointed in you, Sesshomaru," Naraku actually had the audacity to laugh at the other man's words, surreptitiously testing the strength of the impromptu restraint wrapped around his body. "I thought your vengeance would be something far more creative than simply copying me."

*It's just as I expected, his arrogance, and simple curiosity kept him here, waiting to see what I would do, now that he knows I'm not going to destroy the moment.* The taiyoukai had been counting on just that, hoping his words would keep the other demon from simply pulling a vanishing act before Sesshomaru could have his revenge. "I wouldn't say I'll be copying you, Naraku," Sesshomaru said, his tone light, almost casual as he tried to force some semblance of arousal from his own body. He felt a slight ripple of revulsion as he realized the other demon had already managed the task, and wondered just how twisted one must be to become excited in the midst of such a grave situation. *About as twisted as I was, when he forced my body to respond to his touch,* the inu youkai thought, anger swelling inside him again. "There will be no golems, no tentacles, just me, taking something from you by force, as you did from me."

Naraku's sly smirk widened at that, and he looked up at the other man through hooded, crimson eyes. "I see, by force... Interesting," he let out another soft laugh, his legs spreading wider as his captor shifted above him, the pale-haired demon's length pressing against his entrance. His eyes widened slightly and he let out a soft sound as Sesshomaru thrust into him roughly, then his body relaxed, seeming to welcome the harsh invasion. *I cannot quite believe his revenge would be that simplistic. There's more, I know there is. But I'm certain he's not going to kill me... What exactly do you intend to do?* The dark-haired demon gazed up at Sesshomaru with narrowed eyes, trying to second-guess the taiyoukai's intentions.

Sesshomaru bared his teeth, staring down at the other man as he growled under his breath. *Bastard,* he thought angrily, *you're probably trying to wring the most pleasure you can from this, aren't you?* His thrusts were rapid, bordering on violence, no desire or passion in the act, rather a barely restrained rage and hatred that drove the demon on.

In fact Naraku did appear to be enjoying himself, despite the harshness with which he was being taken, not to mention the feeling of Sesshomaru's claws still pressed dangerously against his throat. He continued to stare up at the other demon, undulating beneath him slowly as soft, barely-audible moans fell from his lips. It took an enormous force of will to keep his lips from curling into a derisive smile as he put on his little display, for the demon knew full well that the taiyoukai must be enraged to find his ploy at revenge backfiring so miserably. *And when your temper starts to get the better of you, it will be time to leave, with me having my pleasure, and you having nothing but your memories of the encounter...* This time he couldn't suppress a quiet chuckle.

"Something amuses you, Naraku?" Sesshomaru said, voice low, and a bit unsteady from exertion. He gazed down at him, lip curled in a sneer, amber eyes narrowed as a thin trail of sweat ran down the left side of his face. "Or are you enjoying things this much?" He paused then, lowering himself onto the other demon, hand moving from Naraku's neck, to grasp his chin in a rough grip.

"Both, if you must know," Naraku murmured, his words unsteady as the other demon moved roughly above him. He then gave the inu youkai a smirk that bordered on impudence. "I do find it amusing that I was able to make you lower yourself to such a level. As for enjoying this..." He lifted his legs, twining them around Sesshomaru's and rocking his hips up in a gesture that would have been sensuous in other circumstances, but right now was simply mocking. "I have played many roles throughout my lifetime, including the role of a woman. I'm no stranger to being on the...receiving end of things."

"I'm not lowering myself to anything, Naraku," Sesshomaru answered softly, before tightening his grip on Naraku's chin, forcing his head up, and to the side. "You're the one about to have his status lowered." That said, the taiyoukai tilted his head, bared his teeth and quickly sank them into the pale flesh of Naraku's throat, just below the other man's jawline. *I wonder what you will make of this,* he thought, a low growl escaping him as he pulled out of the other man and jerked away from Naraku, as if burned. Truth be told he'd rather have been burned than suffer the taste of the poison that filled his mouth. *Well, now I have an answer to that, don't I?* A slight smirk settled on Sesshomaru's lips, before he turned his head and spat on the ground, then wiped his mouth on his forearm, knowing it would take quite a bit to get the taste out of his mouth. *Your scent, even your taste is an indication of your nature. You are foul, Naraku, inside and out.*

Red eyes widened in surprise, a startled sound bursting from the demon's lips at the sensation of teeth on his throat. "What the hell.?!" He tensed, but grew still as Sesshomaru withdrew and rose to his knees above him. He'd been so surprised at the attack that he'd not had any time to counter it before Sesshomaru had ceased and pulled away. The only real defense he'd had, was the toxins his body released when he was bitten, and obviously it affected the other man very little. Once again Naraku was reminded of just how quickly the silver-haired demon could have disposed of him. *But he didn't. That bite could have cut much deeper, instead he stopped with just...a mark?* Naraku didn't like where that particular train of thought led. *He wasn't trying to cause real injury... He merely marked me, why?* Red eyes widened as Naraku recalled the other demon's words.

// "You are the one about to have his status lowered..." //

*What did he mean by that?*

Sesshomaru said nothing, but his smirk was gone, replaced instead by a smile that was almost beautiful. The expression did nothing to ease the palpable hostility in the air. In fact at the sight of it, Naraku once again grew tense beneath the other demon, knowing that such an out-of-place expression did not bode well.

"What do you mean by this?" Naraku struggled against his bonds again, trying to feel the mark on his throat.

"As I said, your status has been lowered, Naraku," Sesshomaru smirked, grasping the dark-haired demon's hips and flipping him over roughly, before dragging him up onto his knees.

Red eyes narrowed, a low growl sounding in Naraku's throat as he felt a clawed hand sink into his hair and then pull viciously, wrenching his head back with enough force that, had he been human, it would have broken his neck, if not partially torn his head free, as well. "What are you talki-..." he tried to ask, but his words dissolved into a low groan as Sesshomaru plunged back into him, thrusting viciously as he pressed up against Naraku from behind.

*Arrogant bastard...* Sesshomaru sneered as he slid his hand down Naraku's abdomen, long claws raking over his skin, raising welts, drawing a few drops of blood as well. *You'll find out exactly what this means, when I'm finished with you.* He thrust deeper, harder into his captive, drawing a few soft sounds from Naraku.

Naraku turned his head, trying to see the other man, feeling slightly ill-at-ease having the powerful demon behind him, with those claws free to roam over his body as they chose, or strike when he least expected it. However, despite that apprehension, the inu youkai's touches were having an effect on his body even with Naraku's efforts to resist it. His pale skin grew warmer, cheeks flushed slightly as his breath came faster. Naraku blinked, startled when the other man's hand shot up and cupped his chin, forcing his teeth together with an audible click before the taiyoukai wrenched his head around, forcing Naraku to look at him.

" you want?" Naraku growled through clenched teeth, his gaze hard as he stared back at Sesshomaru. But the hostile glare didn't last that long, as the inu youkai's hand slid back down, darting between the coils of fur wrapped around Naraku's frame to graze one sharp claw over a rock-hard nipple, causing Naraku to shiver. Crimson eyes grew heavy-lidded as that hand slid lower, brushing the dark-haired demon's shaft, not grasping, merely teasing the throbbing flesh.

Sesshomaru didn't answer with words, but his golden eyes narrowed, a nasty smirk tilting one corner of his lips as the youkai continued to take his captive roughly. *I want the same things you took from me. I've taken your freedom already, next will be your pride when it's you writhing under my touch,* he thought with a bitter smile, hand wrapping around the other man's length and giving it a few rough strokes to force him that much closer to climax.

Naraku gasped at the touch, then groaned as Sesshomaru shifted his hips, changing the angle of his strokes and hitting something inside that made the dark-haired man shudder. He looked up into the youkai's face, a frown creasing his brow as he realized the other man seemed to be studying him, waiting for...something. But it wasn't until he felt heat coiling in his abdomen and the pleasure nearing it's peak that Naraku realized just what Sesshomaru was waiting for. *You..would see me in that one unguarded moment, during release, as I did you. Of course, how could I have not known that your payback would be more than simply taking me by force?* Naraku thought, clenching his eyes shut and snarling, fighting his own body's demands. "I...will not," he muttered, struggling in the other man's grasp. *I won't give you the same satisfaction...*

"It seems you've figured out my intentions, Naraku," Sesshomaru said quietly, hand releasing the other man's length, drawing a strangled sound that was half frustration, half relief from Naraku's lips. "Pity, now I'll have to finish this another way. But at least one of us will have some satisfaction from it..." His hand sank into Naraku's thick, dark hair, the demon seizing a handful close to the other's scalp and twisting viciously before shoving Naraku forward, pressing the side of his face into the dirt beneath them.

Naraku growled and struggled, biting back a cry as Sesshomaru leaned forward, resting against his back and moving inside him with deep, hard thrusts, making sharp spikes of pleasure course through him, despite the humiliating position he now found himself in. He gritted his teeth, eyes clenched shut as he fought to prevent his own release, but Naraku could already feel his body arching back, hips rocking into the almost violent thrusts of the other demon.

Sesshomaru tilted his head, watching with narrowed amber eyes as the other man began to tremble beneath him. *You're close, aren't you, but I'm closer...* "Now it's your turn, Naraku," the taiyoukai gave a raspy chuckle, before pulling out of Naraku and pressing his length to the demon's rear, climaxing with a low moan as he spilled his seed over the pale skin, claws releasing the other man's hair and then trailing down Naraku's back, raising four angry, red welts.

Naraku had fought down the disappointed groan that threatened to escape when the other demon pulled away, teeth bared as he felt the warmth spreading on his back. He winced slightly at the feel of the sharp claws, his mind playing tricks on him, making Naraku think he could almost feel blood oozing from what he was sure were claw marks. His muscles tensed as he felt the inu youkai pull away from him then, hearing the sounds of movement behind him. *What will you do now?* he wondered, trying to move out of his degrading position, turning to gaze up at the other man over his shoulder.

Sesshomaru rose unsteadily to his feet, a smirk settling on his lips as he gazed down at the other man. "So, how does it feel, Naraku?" As he spoke, he reached down and grasped one end of the length of fur that still bound his enemy, giving it a sharp tug and spilling the other man onto the ground. "How do you enjoy having the tables turned on you?"

Naraku growled as first he was twisted around, then pitched onto his back. He immediately pushed himself up, getting to his feet as well and glaring at Sesshomaru, panting softly, all-too-aware of the throbbing ache in his loins from not being allowed release. The enraged expression on his face denoted that he did not in fact enjoy it at all. "You think you've turned the tables on me, do you?" The demon hissed, his body surrounded by a faint, blue aura.

"I know I have," the inu youkai answered calmly, walking over to his clothing and starting to dress, seemingly unmindful of the angry demon behind him. When Naraku took a step forward, Sesshomaru didn't even turn his head. He merely lashed out, a thin stream of energy trailing from his fingers and snapping through the air, laying open a gash on the other demon's side.

Naraku leapt back, one hand holding the wound, as he snarled softly. "Oh, I think not, Sesshomaru. I still have a few tricks up my sleeve yet..." His eyes widened as Sesshomaru turned and moved forward in a blur of speed, lashing out and closing his hand around Naraku's neck once more, pushing him back against a tree.

"No more tricks, no more games, Naraku. It's finished. We are done here, at least," he smirked, one fingertip grazing over the bite mark he'd left earlier. "Until I decide otherwise." He tilted his head back, amber eyes narrowing as he regarded his enemy. "You still haven't figured out what all this means, have you?"

Naraku frowned, both hands closing around Sesshomaru's wrist, mind racing as he remembered all the inu youkai had just done to him. "You marked me," he said, voice slightly hoarse as he fought the grip on his throat. "But I want to know why. I can't see you being primitive enough to want to mark a mate, and I doubt I would be on your list of choices if you did, despite the fact that I was your first lover..." He couldn't resist the jab, even if his position was precarious at the moment.

"That was not by my choice either," Sesshomaru growled, eyes flashing red as his grip on the other man's throat tightened. "Yes, I marked you, and you are correct, it was not as a mate." A wicked smile spread across the inu youkai's lips, and the expression, combined with the demon's narrowed, glowing red eyes, was a frightening sight. "That bite, my scent left on you..." he trailed off, hand leaving Naraku's throat to trail the tip of one claw through the sticky seed drying on the other man's skin. "Marks you as property. My property," he smirked, tilting his head and chuckling softly as Naraku pulled away and leapt out of reach.

The dark-haired demon snatched up the white baboon pelt left discarded on the ground when his puppet was destroyed, donning it quickly. "You dare think you can mark me as some...personal belonging?" He demanded, voice rising, growing rougher with anger.

"But I already have," Sesshomaru said softly, as if he were explaining things to a child. "Any other demon that sees the mark, and smells my scent will know what you are. My property, bitch, if you prefer," he said with a sneer, putting on his armor and fastening the sash around his waist. "Now, I will leave you to contemplate your new, lowered status."

With a snarl, Naraku reached out and snatched up his own sword, taking a swing at the other demon. The move proved to be a foolish choice when Sesshomaru drew Toukijin and countered with a swing of his own, sending Naraku to the ground hard, before he skidded back several feet.

"What was it you said after our first, unfortunate encounter, Naraku?" Sesshomaru mused with a faint smile. "Ah, that's right," he murmured, giving the other demon a sly look. "I implore you to contain your anger, I may call on you again..." With that, he was gone before the other demon could gain his feet, never mind strike out at him again.

Naraku stared after the taiyoukai, chest heaving, a soft growl escaping each time he exhaled. "You think this is over? It has barely just begun!" But he was shouting to empty air, for the other demon was long since gone. "You bastard, no one gets the better of me," he murmured, turning around and making his way back to the castle.

He stalked down one of the corridors, his expression grim, that blue aura surrounding him again as he walked, growling under his breath. He didn't pause as he passed Kagura, merely giving her a harsh glare as he went by.

She somehow managed to hide her expression behind her fan, and as soon as the other demon was gone, she glanced at Kanna, sitting out of sight in the far corner of the room. They'd seen everything in the smaller demon's mirror, but of course they could never mention it, for no doubt the consequences would be grave for both of them if Naraku found out his humiliating defeat had been witnessed...


Jaken sighed as he sat slumped against Ah-Un's side, Rin still sprawled on the creature's back, already asleep. He looked up as there was the faint sound of footsteps off to his left, the small demon jumping to his feet and taking a step forward. "My Lord!" He rushed over to Sesshomaru's side and gazed up at him. "I was concerned about you taking on Naraku alone...not that...I lacked confidence in your abilities.." Jaken eeped and waved his hands in front of himself, eyes wide as the taiyoukai quirked a brow and gazed down at him silently.

"I am relieved that it's over, now we can get away from that evil, wretched creature," Jaken said, taking Ah-Un's reins and leading the large beast onto the path through the forest.

" Lord, did you...vanquish Naraku?"

"In a manner of speaking," the inu youkai said quietly, his expression neutral.

Jaken was practically vibrating with excitement as he followed along at his master's side. "Oh, please, don't keep me in suspense, Lord Sesshomaru, tell me exactly what happened!"

"Let's say... I acquired some new property, and leave it at that." Sesshomaru continued walking, amber eyes hooded, the barest hint of a smirk on his lips.

"Oh, I, huh?"


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