Bitch, act 3.

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By: Johnnyjosh aka Zoicyte

Fandom: Inuyasha

Rating: NC-17

Pairing: NarakuXSesshomaru

Warnings: Yaoi, Lemon (semi-tentacle lemon at that!), Language, Mild Violence, Light Bondage, dubious consent, bit of rough play (what, you didn't really think these two would play nice together, did you?).

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc. Nothing here to see but pointless smut, just my own twisted imagination slapping together characters I want to see in steamy situations. You don't agree? Go find something more to your liking!

Summary: Naraku finds an outlet for some of his frustration, and gets a little more than he bargained for.

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Sesshomaru twisted and writhed, jerking hard against the tentacles still wrapped around his limbs. "Naraku," he snarled, a green glow surrounding his hand as he prepared to make another desperate attempt to free himself, "stop this, you've humiliated me enough!" With a low growl he tried to destroy the tentacle clinging to his wrist. "I will not be used in this way! Not by you, not by anyone!"

"Mm, really," Naraku murmured, hands ghosting over the other demon's hips, before dropping back down to stroke and knead his rear, "I see things a little differently from where I'm standing." With a wicked smirk, the dark-haired demon slid two fingers down to stroke the other man's puckered entrance.

"Nn... No! Damn you, let me go!" Sesshomaru's struggles grew more frantic as he felt the fingertip pushing against him, eyes glowing red as he gnashed his teeth, shaking his head in denial. *No, I will not be tainted by your touch... I don't want you...being the first...*

Naraku chuckled, amused at the note of panic in the other demon's voice, before directing one tentacle to wrap once again around Sesshomaru's throat, holding his head still. "Come now, koibito," he laughed derisively as he spoke the word, "I was generous enough to set aside my own needs long enough to give you pleasure, surely you won't object to me now taking that pleasure from your tempting body?" He reached one arm around, fingertips skimming over the inu youkai's abdomen, then up to his chest, pinching and rolling one nipple between his thumb and forefinger.

"I do object, you will not touch me like this! Get your filthy hands off of me!" The silver-haired demon shouted, muscles straining as he pulled at his bonds.

"Hm." Naraku tilted his head, one hand brushing aside the curtain of pale hair that cascaded down the other man's back, before he leaned forward to press his lips to the other demon's shoulder. "So skittish, one would almost think that you'd never... No, it's not possible, could it really be that no one has managed to claim you like this?" Another laugh, this time Naraku's warm breath fanned over the other demons' ear as he wrapped both arms around his waist and pulled him close, his arousal pressing against Sesshomaru's ass. "What fools the other demons are. Could they really have left someone as...enticing, as you completely untouched?" Tilting his head, Naraku trailed his lips down the side of the other man's throat, before he nipped gently at the spot where neck and shoulder met. "Tell me, Sesshomaru," he said, voice tinged with laughter, "are you...a virgin?"

*Damn you, Naraku.* The taiyoukai turned away, or rather tried to, the tentacle wrapped firmly around his throat and jaw restricting his movement severely. His cheeks burned, the skin turning almost as red as his glowing eyes while he stubbornly continued to remain silent. He knew that the other demon was going to have his way, regardless of how he answered. *I am going to kill you for this.*

"I'll take that as a 'yes'." Naraku snickered, one hand dropping down to toy with the other demon's flaccid penis, fingertips stroking his balls as he continued to rock against him. "Well, this is an honor, isn't it?" he purred, fingers stroking their way up Sesshomaru's abdomen, then his chest, finally pausing to tease the skin of his throat before skimming up over his chin to press against his lips. "The great Lord of the Western Lands, Sesshomaru, bound and helpless, completely at my mercy, and as yet untouched. Giving me the opportunity to be the first to sample his...many charms, and give him his first real taste of carnal pleasure."

*I'll get a taste of something all right, the taste of your blood!* Sesshomaru had stilled at Naraku's words, allowing the other's fingers to brush against his lips before he parted them, snapping at Naraku's fingers, body trembling with helpless rage as the other demon proved to be faster, pulling the digits safely out of reach.

"Ah, ah, ah..." Naraku chided him, raking his nails down the silver-haired youkai's chest, raising faint welts on the pale skin. "Surely you haven't forgotten already the punishment you received for your last attempt at biting, have you?" He laughed softly, hands sliding down the other demon's sides. "And that was just for biting a golem's tentacle. Imagine what kind of punishment I might have inflicted had you actually succeeded in sinking those fangs of yours into my flesh."

Sesshomaru jerked and gasped, eyes widening as he felt something cold pressing against his entrance. *The tentacles...* he thought, a chill passing through him as he tried to squirm away from the appendage. ", don't you dare. Do not touch me so with that... That thing!" He rasped, another wave of humiliation washing over him at the possibility of being taken by the clammy appendage.

"Hm, no, I don't imagine you'd find the idea of that thing inside you very appealing, especially for your first time, would you?" Naraku murmured, hands stroking almost idly over the inu youkai's abdomen, a nasty smile on his lips as he continued to torment the other man with the possibility of his doing just that. "So, how far will you go to prevent me from doing it?"

Sesshomaru bit back a cry as the tentacle continued to stroke his entrance, pushing against the tight ring gently, seeking entry. "Naraku! Enough..." He trailed off, wincing at the feel of the cold appendage against his sensitive skin. *Damn you, you bastard, damn you to Hell!* The demon shuddered, eyes clenched tightly shut as he found himself once again having to set aside his pride and give in to his sadistic captor. *What a choice I must make, to be taken by Naraku, or by this filthy puppet!* He bared his teeth with a shudder of revulsion as the tentacles around him grew bolder, stroking his skin in a sick parody of a lover's caress. "What... What must I do to make you stop this?" The silver-haired youkai rasped, twisting and struggling in his bonds.

*Ah, just what I've been waiting for,* the dark-haired man thought with a wicked grin. "I was hoping you'd ask that," he said softly, moving around to stand before his captive, arms winding around his neck as he leaned closer, breath fanning across the other demon's lips. "Actually, it's really very simple. All I want from you," he pulled back slightly to give the other man a wicked grin, "is a kiss."

"A...kiss?" Sesshomaru stared at the other in disbelief, eyes narrowed, one eyebrow raised. *Oh, no, Naraku,* he thought, giving the other man a searching gaze, not at all liking the Cheshire cat smile on the demon's lips, *I'm not stupid enough to believe it will really be that simple to get out of this.*

"Yes, a kiss." Naraku laughed softly, one hand sliding off the other man's shoulder to skim over his chest. "All you have to do is convince me that you'd rather it be me taking you than...that." He punctuated the word with another slight push from the tentacle brushing over the inu youkai's entrance.

"Hhnn! Ah, I..." Sesshomaru gasped and tried to pull away again, giving Naraku a murderous glare, "I see your game, I must choose between the lesser of two evils, is that it?"

"Precisely." Naraku gave a nasty laugh, both hands sliding down to grip the taiyoukai's hips tightly. "Come now, surely it isn't that difficult a decision? I would think you'd prefer to know my warmer, gentler touch, rather than that of my puppet, wouldn't you?" He smirked, gazing at the other man as Sesshomaru remained silent for several moments. "Don't be stubborn, Sesshomaru. My patience can only be stretched so far. Do not push me into making the decision for you." He warned, before reaching down and fondling the youkai's limp cock.

"I don't have to do anything, Naraku!" Sesshomaru snarled, tugging uselessly at the restraints. "I know which one you will choose, you're after your own pleasure, and you won't get any by using..." He trailed off, silently berating himself for his own foolishness as he thought back to when Naraku had been pleasuring him.


"I wouldn't advise doing that again. I can feel what you do to it, not quite as intensely, but enough to know what you're up to."


*Damn him! He will use the golem again too, and still get his pleasure from me, regardless. He won't necessarily just take me himself, even if I remain silent,* Sesshomaru thought, the unfamiliar feeling of panic rippling through him once more. *Vile, cruel creature that he is, he would use the golem's tentacle, just to humiliate me further. I don't even have any guarantee that if I did choose him, he'd respect that choice...* The pale-haired demon despised being at Naraku's mercy, and the thought of the other demon being the first to touch him this way was repulsive. *But the thought of that...thing, being the one to do so is even worse.* he thought resignedly. "Know this, Naraku, I will find a way to make you pay for what you do this night." Sesshomaru growled softly, eyes glowing dimly in the gloom before he leaned forward, giving the other demon a quick, almost chaste kiss.

Naraku stared at the other man, crimson eyes narrowed, a disappointed sound leaving him as the demon pulled away much too soon for his liking. "Well," he frowned, "I'm afraid that wasn't very convincing at all." With a mock sigh he took a small step back, hands resting on his hips. "I take this pathetic attempt at a kiss to mean you've made your decision in favor of the golem, then?" He sneered, smirking at the snarl that escaped his captive. *Hm, he is enraged, isn't he? I realize some would consider me foolish for putting the feared lord of the western lands in such a position...* He let his eyes trail down over the pale, slender body stretched out in front of him. *But it's definitely worth the danger to be the first to touch him like this, and see the great Sesshomaru at my mercy, mine for the taking...*

Sesshomaru gave the other demon a hate-filled stare. *Damn you, you would try to make this as difficult and humiliating as possible...* he thought angrily. Without speaking, the pale-haired youkai lunged forward, straining against the appendages and leaning toward the other man as far as they would allow, before tilting his head and sealing his lips to Naraku's in a harsh kiss. There was no passion in it, only seething anger, and a kind of quiet desperation as the demon tried to do whatever he could to put an end to his sadistic captor's game.

A soft sound escaped Naraku's throat, almost a quiet moan as he let his eyes slide shut, hands slowly lifting to settle against the inu youkai's chest, caressing the soft, pale skin. He let Sesshomaru have control of the kiss for a few moments, before he parted his lips, tongue darting out to trace the other man's lower lip, fingers pinching and rolling the taiyoukai's nipples gently. The dark-haired demon slowly moved closer, one arm dropping to snake around the other man's waist as he molded his own body against Sesshoumaru, a low growl of pleasure bursting from his throat at the feel of their bare chests pressed together. *Hm, this will be interesting, I'm sure that I can coax you into enjoying my touch again, despite your obvious hatred. And that's where the real pleasure will be for me, making you like this despite your anger and loathing.* He smirked against the youkai's lips and stifled a laugh, fingertips grazing over the other man's skin.

Sesshomaru broke the kiss with a gasp of surprise and a shudder of revulsion and shame as he felt Naraku's rock-hard shaft brush against his own flaccid length, eliciting a twinge of arousal in the taiyoukai's body. "Satisfied, Naraku?" He rasped, once again tugging uselessly at the bindings around his limbs. *No more toying with me, get this over with and release me...*

"Hm, well, I must admit," Naraku smirked, tilting his head and tracing the other man's jaw with the tip of his tongue, "that was quite convincing. But as you are well aware by now..." He rocked his hips forward, grinding his turgid length against his captive's groin. "I'm nowhere near satisfied yet." His lips curled into a wicked smirk, as Naraku raised a hand to rake his nails down the side of the other man's throat, raising goosebumps on his pale skin. *Nor will I be, until I hear more cries of pleasure and passion spilling from those lips, knowing I'm the only one that's ever had the opportunity to hear them...*

"Damn you, Naraku," Sesshomaru snarled, eyes flashing red once more, "just do whatever it is you intend to do with me, and be done with it! I've had enough of you...what?!" He jerked and stiffened in surprise as he suddenly lurched back, legs lifted off the ground and spread wide, before being forcibly bent at the knee. The pale-haired youkai watched with wide amber eyes as one tentacle wrapped firmly around his waist, another criss-crossing over his chest as he was tilted further back, suspended horizontally above the ground, level with his captor's waist. *It seems he intends to do just that...* Sesshomaru watched the other demon warily, body tensing in nervous anticipation, wishing silently that he hadn't goaded the other demon into acting quite this quickly.

"As you wish..." Naraku smirked wickedly, watching the other demon's discomfort with interest. "I think we've had quite enough foreplay, wouldn't you agree, koibito?" He used the endearment again, laughing softly at the look of rage on the other man's face as the word spilled from his lips.

Sesshomaru bared his teeth and growled softly, eyes flashing dangerously at the contemptuous taunt. "I am not, nor will I ever be your lover, Naraku," he sneered, lip curling as he tried to keep himself from showing the fear and uncertainty building in the pit of his stomach.

"Hn, you are for now, Sesshomaru," Naraku chuckled, hands skimming over the other demon's thighs as he stepped closer, standing between the man's legs, "as long as I have you at my mercy like this, you're whatever I desire you to be."

Sesshomaru didn't answer, merely staring up at Naraku with narrowed golden eyes, hand clenching and unclenching within its restraint. *That won't be for very long, Naraku. Enjoy your game while you can, for it will soon be over,* he thought, eyes flashing red for a second. *I won't miss the opportunity to turn the tables this time.* He clenched his jaw, refusing to show any emotion as Naraku's hands moved further up his thighs, then brushed over his length, fingertips teasing the sensitive flesh, trying to elicit another reaction.

Naraku's evil smile faded slightly as the taiyoukai refused to respond to his touches. "Really, Sesshomaru. One would think you would simply accept the inevitable, and take whatever pleasure you can glean from this," the demon murmured, leaning down to brush his lips over Sesshomaru's chest, making the other demon shiver slightly, "which, as you've already seen, can be a great deal indeed, provided you just cooperate." He wrapped one hand around the pale-haired demon's length, toying with the as-yet soft flesh, the other hand rising to his own lips, as he ran the tips of two fingers over them. Keeping his gaze locked with his captive's, Naraku suckled his own fingers, coating them liberally with saliva.

Sesshomaru watched silently, trembling with anger, as the other man drew his fingers away from his lips and lowered his hand, fingers circling his own shaft and providing some rudimentary lubrication. He felt the urge to do many things at that moment, everything from closing his eyes, to looking away, to blushing even, but Sesshomaru managed to stave it all off. *I am not weak, and I am not some fragile human female being raped by some bandit.* He gave himself a mental shake, forcing himself to keep focused on finding a way to escape.

Naraku took a few seconds to enjoy Sesshomaru's growing unease, then bent over him, lips trailing over the other man's abdomen and chest, tongue darting out to taste the smooth, pale flesh. Finally, his need got the better of him, and he leaned up, pressing a kiss to his captive's jaw as he positioned his arousal against the unprepared opening. *Come on, struggle, glare, do all you can, it doesn't matter right now,* the dark-haired demon thought with a smug grin, *what matters is that you'll always have to live with the memory of me being the first to touch you.* Naraku's eyes grew hooded, then slipped closed as he entered the other man with one rough, deep thrust.

Sesshomaru grew deathly still, golden eyes widening as the thick shaft forced its way into him. The pain wasn't unbearable, but it wasn't exactly pleasant, either. This was definitely NOT how he'd imagined his first mating experience would be. The taiyoukai clenched his jaw and refused to give his captor the satisfaction of a visible reaction to the sudden intrusion.

"So stubborn," sighed the demon, free hand caressing Sesshomaru's abdomen as he drew back, then once again pushed his arousal into the tight channel, a soft sound escaping him as the other man's muscles contracted around his length. "No matter, I'll find a way to make you respond to me again." He chuckled then, leaning down and biting gently on one of the youkai's nipples, not moving inside the other man for a few seconds, merely enjoying the heat and tightness of Sesshomaru's body.

Sesshomaru continued to glare at Naraku, steadfastly refusing to give any outward sign of his discomfort. However, he inhaled sharply when Naraku withdrew, then buried his arousal in the taiyoukai's body once again with an almost violent thrust. Amber eyes widened, the demon's slender body jerked and he grunted involuntarily at the sudden move, the sound turning to the barest hint of a moan when Naraku's shaft brushed something that made a few ripples of pleasure course through him.

Naraku's crimson eyes narrowed at the sound, gaze roaming over the inu youkai's face, slightly disappointed when no more reactions were forthcoming. With a soft growl, he tried again, jerking his hips back, then thrusting into his captive roughly, a low moan torn from his own throat.

Sesshomaru stared up with hooded eyes, anger and shame filling him as his treacherous body once again responded to Naraku's, skin growing hot, shaft starting to harden. Try as he might, the taiyoukai couldn't suppress a slight groan as the other demon continued to give his body pleasure.

Naraku shivered and smirked wickedly as he heard the noises spilling from the demon's lips. "That's it, now we're getting somewhere," he murmured, leaning down and brushing his lips over the hollow of the inu youkai's throat. "Admit it, Sesshomaru, it's better when you just give in..." Naraku trailed off, grazing his fingertips over the other demon's hardened length.

The silver-haired demon growled softly, pleasure-addled mind striving to come up with some kind of sharp retort, when he froze, amber eyes widening when a thought struck him. *The sounds I make, my reactions, that's what he's after. Of course, how could I not have realized this sooner? That's the way out of this,* Sesshomaru thought, growing annoyed at his own foolishness, *distract him with a few positive reactions. Any sounds I make, anything that shows my own pleasure, furthers his.* The taiyoukai knew he'd be walking a razor's edge, between lulling Naraku into a false sense of security and overacting, but he had to try, regardless of what this kind of acting may do to his pride for the moment. He took a deep, shaky breath, letting his eyes fall closed as Naraku's fingers wrapped around his shaft, and allowing a low, breathy moan to fall from his lips.

The effect that soft sound had on Naraku was more than Sesshomaru had expected. An arm wound around the inu youkai's waist, holding him closer, as Naraku nipped sharply at the soft skin of Sesshomaru's throat, drawing a few beads of blood. An answering sound spilled from the dark-haired demon's lips as he quickened the pace of his thrusts, a sheen of sweat covering his skin and raising goosebumps on the demon's pale flesh in the cool night air.

Sesshomaru gasped, arching within the restraints as Naraku's free hand moved up, stroking and lightly pinching one of his nipples, the other arm tightening around the taiyoukai's waist and pulling him closer, effectively trapping his throbbing arousal between their sweat-slicked bodies. He groaned and tilted his head back, panting softly as the other man began to suck on the skin at the base of his neck. A faint spark of shame flared within him as Sesshomaru realized not all of his reactions were fake, but he pushed those thoughts aside, trying to keep himself from getting swept up in the pleasure Naraku provided, as he had before. *I will not let the opportunity to escape slip past me this time...* he thought resolutely.

Naraku continued to take his pleasure from his captive, confident that he still had the upper hand, oblivious to the other demon's thoughts and plans. He relished every moan that burst from the other man's throat, each gasp, the way the pale, slender body arched and trembled beneath him as Naraku raked teeth and sharp nails over the smooth skin, raising welts and drawing a few more drops of blood in various places.

Sesshomaru cried out sharply as Naraku's thrusts came harder, faster, a growl building in his throat when the other demon's sharp nails dug into the flesh of his back. The inu youkai tried to ride out the sensations coursing through him, keeping himself from climaxing only through force of will, waiting for his captor to make the fatal mistake of losing himself in pleasure.

That moment came soon enough, marked by Naraku's muscles standing out sharply beneath sweaty, moonlit skin, his head flung back, long, dark hair draped over both of them as he gasped, then gave a guttural cry, hips jerking forward roughly as he came. Crimson eyes clenched shut, lips parted as the demon panted harshly, slumping forward and leaning heavily against his captive.

Sesshomaru felt the other man's body go limp, and seized his chance. Sharp claws flexed, then glowed that familiar, sickly shade of green, his poison melting the tentacle wrapped around his wrist. A thin stream of light trailed from his fingertips, and with a few deft flicks of his wrist, the taiyoukai was freed. Sesshomaru growled low in his throat, canines bared, amber eyes flashing, then glowing like hellfire as he confronted his captor.

Naraku jerked back in surprise, shocked at the sudden way the tables had turned. He hadn't counted on the demon freeing himself before he was out of striking range. The dark-haired youkai moved back rapidly, snatching up his kimono from off the ground before attempting to get beyond the enraged man's reach.

But it was not to be, as Sesshomaru proved faster, and his anger seemed to give him an added edge, allowing him to cut off Naraku's attempt at flight. With one vicious backhand, the taiyoukai sent the other demon crashing into a tree, a grunt of pain torn from the dark-haired demon before he slumped to the ground. "Now, Naraku," he snarled, little more than a blur as he sprang forward, grabbing the other man by the throat and slamming him back against the tree trunk, "you will pay for all you have done..."


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