Best Left Forgotten 8


Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z belongs to Akira Toriyama, not me, and I make no money from this story at all.


Gaea had curled up into a little ball, looking very worried about something.

Gohan had no idea what was causing the previously cheerful little girl such distress, and when she had asked, she had only given him an inscrutable look, and hugged him, saying she was glad to be his sister.

Gohan was now lost.


Goku leaned into the kiss Piccolo was giving him. It felt wonderful. Hands were being run all over his still nude body, deliciously, and Goku found he liked being the one seduced. Then they broke apart, to breathe.

“Goku…” Piccolo trailed off, gasping for air, his face and eyes lit with an expression that left Goku trembling inside.

            Goku stretched out against him, his own expression of a contented cat in the cream. For the first time in weeks, he didn’t feel like he would break into tears. For the first time in years, he was happy, felt safe and loved.

            Then he got curious. Piccolo had thoroughly examined him, and he wanted to return the favor. Sitting up, he kept Piccolo from doing the same, and slowly pulled the sheets that covered them away, looking at Piccolo in all his glory.

            Then he blinked. There was a featureless patch of skin where his manhood hand been, and he ran a hand over the pink skin. He jumped when Piccolo moaned, pushing into his hand.

            “Ah-“ he answered, when he saw the confused expression. “It goes away when I’m, er, not mating.” He shrugged, then panted a little. Goku quirked a smile, and kissed his chest, over his smooth green pectorals.

            “Well, I guess we’ll have to mate some more,” he whispered, his hands trailing over the pink patches on his arms, admiring the differences in texture and color. Piccolo started to reach out of hold him, but Goku shook his head, and continued with his gentle exploring.

            The patches on Piccolo’s legs, of course, would have to be examined thoroughly… As he had to look at the ones on is arms and stomach… and he really needed to look a LOT more at the satiny smooth, but rippled green skin in other places…with his mouth.

            His own heart beat faster as he heard Piccolo’s breathing pick up, and he worked his way back up the wonderfully muscled legs to Piccolo’s groin-

            And stopped.

            And stared.

            He looked at Piccolo’s face, and down at his groin, and back again.

            His fingers slipped between the wet lips, and gently thrust inside, and Piccolo let out a strangled gasp, his entire body arching off the bed.

            Goku smirked, as he moved his fingers inside, reveling in the heat and wet.

            “Goku?” croaked Piccolo, looking down at him, his face flushed, eyes heavy, breathing erratic…

            He smiled, thinking Piccolo looked… beautiful.

            He gently slid them up and down the slit, listening to Piccolo’s moans.

            The scent of his arousal was delicious… Different from a human's, it was almost like the nectar from honeysuckle…

            Curious, he pulled his fingers free, half hearing Piccolo’s sigh of disappointment, and touched them to his tongue. He tasted as good as he smelled.

            Piccolo’s eyes were huge as he saw Goku start to lick his fingers clean, and the sharp burning he felt in his groin increased tenfold, and Goku laughed, seeing him start to gush moisture.

            “What’s it like?” Goku asked, going back even farther, so his head was even with Piccolo’s opening.

            “Huh?” grunted Piccolo, not really hearing, his mind too swamped with what Goku had started to do… which was lick.

             “Change from guy parts to girl parts,” Goku told him, not looking up from swiping his tongue against the small nub he had found, and Piccolo shuddered before speaking…

             “Kind of… ahhh… like, um, going from… ssss!  From tight and splitting… needing to Ooooh… fiiiiillllll… To, to, mmmm… soft, swollen, though.. uh, ahhh, empty… achingly empty…

              “Empty…” Goku murmured, and looked up, and seeing the flushed face and swollen lips of his partner. He crawled back up him, and kissed him hard on the mouth again.


               Piccolo wasn’t really thinking at his point. “I want you in me!” he rasped, arching and writhing against him. Goku decided he had tortured him enough, and thrust both his tongue and his manhood into Piccolo.

               The kiss didn’t last long, as Goku threw back his head, screaming at the tight wet heat that he had invaded, mixing and being intensified by the sudden stab of Piccolo’s claws into his shoulders.

            Then he heard a whimper…

            “Piccolo?” he asked, straining to keep himself under control. Tears of unexpected pain shone on his face, and Goku gasped, stopping completely.

            “I didn’t mean to hurt you!” he wailed, memories of what had happened to him shooting through his mind.

            “No, no, Goku, don’t stop!” hissed the Namek beneath him, his hands tightening even more on Goku’s shoulders, causing the Saiya-jin to hiss in turn.

            “But, I hurt-“

            “I’ve never done this before, I knew it would hurt!”

            Goku looked at him incredulously for a moment, then it dawned on him, and he blushed…

            “Goku,” Piccolo growled, looking him in the eyes. “If you don’t get moving, RIGHT NOW, I will kill!’

            Then he kissed him. Goku gently started to thrust again, touching and tasting everything he could reach…

            “I… Ahhh! I’m, I’m ssooorryyyyy, Piccolo,” he whispered. “I thought about- him…”

            Piccolo had wrapped his long green legs around Goku’s waist, and just held on, as Goku kissed his antennae, sucking on them like spaghetti…

            “Piccolo… you’re…”

            Piccolo bucked beneath him, speeding up the pace. Goku complied, not able to think beyond how hot his lover’s body was.

            The only sound were hoarse breathing, grunts and moans as they pleasured each other, lost in each other, and they rolled to the side then, Piccolo suddenly on top.

            Goku looked up, panting for air, and put his hands on the larger man’s hips to help him ride him better.

            He pushed up, and Piccolo rocked back and forth…

            Goku moaned, as with one last thrust, he came, his seed spurting into his love...

            Then Goku screamed.

            “What? What’s wrong?” asked Piccolo, looking down at his lover in worry. Goku didn’t say anything, but urged Piccolo off him, and he rolled over quickly. Goku stopped as soon as he did, only knowing that he needed the pain to stop.

            “Are you..?” Piccolo trailed off, staring at something that he couldn’t see. Then he felt something-

            Piccolo looked at the furry appendage, gently lifting it in his hands. Goku gasped, recognizing the sensation of having his tail back, and rolled over again, to see Piccolo ruffling the down.

            Goku shivered, the sensitive tail bristling, and sighed, enjoying the sensation, and started to purr, content in the afterglow-

            “Piccolo?” he asked, sitting up. “Oh, no, I forgot about you-“

            Piccolo shrugged faintly, spreading his hands, but Goku could see the disappointment.

            An idea dawned, and he smiled wickedly.

            “Pi-co-lo,” he crooned,” getting the green man’s attention, and swept him into his arms, kissing him teasingly, and his tail freed itself from his hands. It brushed up Piccolo’s thighs, almost tickly, and the fluffy end of it found the sensitive entrance of Piccolo’s body.

            The mouth Goku was kissing stopped moving, opening slightly in surprise as the furry appendage moved inside him, and he shuddered in pleasure, going limp in Goku’s grasp.

            Goku continued to caress and fondle, one arm holding Piccolo to him, the other playing with his antennae. He sensed the other man jerking and twisting, and pulled back to look at his face. His eyes were screwed shut as he trembled; sweat dripping down his face as Goku kissed him harder, his tail increasing his pace.

            “Oh, ah, Goku!” Piccolo mumbled, burying his face in Goku’s shoulder, holding on for dear life. The soft bristles of his tail massaged his inner channel delightfully; his world had centered on the feeling. He squeezed his arms tighter around the smaller man, convulsing.

            “GOKU!” he roared, bellowing what he felt to the whole ship.

            Then he immediately went boneless, Goku laying him on his back, himself resting on top, listening to Piccolo’s slowing heart.

            “Oh, Kami, Goku… I didn’t know THAT was what it was all about…”

            Goku laughed faintly, seeing the appreciative expression on the Namek’s face.

            . Not saying anything, he caressed Piccolo’s face lovingly, expressing his own opinion of what happened with wordless eloquence.


To be continued.

(Hey, I said this would be a gratuitous lemon, didn’t I?)