Best Left Forgotten 7


Disclaimer: Dragon Ball Z belongs to Akira Toriyama, not me, and I make no money from this story at all. Warning: contains rape and YAOI! Don’t read if you can’t handle it.


            Gohan could barely contain himself as he fidgeted in the command chair, getting the long-range communicator ready for his report back to Bulma and the gang. His father was outside, getting to know his daughter that he had barely seen for the longest time.

            Gohan had wondered about why they had not told Goku about his daughter- but then, these people had great ki senses. They had been able to tell that Goku was dead even at this distance, and he had just come back.

            He shrugged. It didn’t matter now. He smiled as he heard the high giggles and happy laughter of the reunited mother and daughter. His mind ran through the different ways he could tell the others…

            His smile turned wicked, as he flipped the switch, and the monitor came to life.



            Bulma sat on the edge of her seat. She had asked Gohan to call her when he got to Yardrat, and fill her in on how Goku was doing.

            Gohan’s solemn face appeared on screen.

            “What’s been happening, Gohan? You all get there safely?” she asked, and Gohan nodded, face stony.

            “Oh, Kami, something happened, didn’t it?” she asked, her voice faint, bracing herself.

            Gohan nodded.

            “Something to do with Goku, right?”

            Another nod.

            “Oh, God!” she wailed, and covered her face.

            She choked back a sob, and looked at him, her voice trembling. “What happened?” she whispered, tightly.

            “We found out that Gaea is alive, and we are bringing her home,” he said in a completely dry, serious tone. “She is really happy to be with her Mom, and there are some other complications, but we can handle them when we get back- Bulma? Bulma, are you all right?”

            There was no answer.

            Of course, that would make sense, since she had fainted.



            //He was once again pressed to the cold, unforgiving dirt. He could again feel claws tearing at his shoulders…

            Again, hear the laughter…

            And the babies were still crying. //

            Goku sat straight up, tangled in sweaty sheets, panting. He shuddered at the remembered feel of Furiza on him and in him. He could almost smell his stale breath.

            He wouldn’t go to Piccolo tonight. He wouldn’t. The man must think of him as a weakling now.

            “Son?” said a large shadow from the doorway. Goku looked up.

            Oh, no.

            Goku couldn’t stop himself as he got up and tripped to Piccolo, who caught him, and Goku hid his face in his chest. Piccolo wrapped his arms around the warrior’s shoulders, and held him close. He was barely aware of Piccolo carrying him back to bed.

            “I’m s-s-sorry, Piccolo,” Goku told him, his voice muffled. “I’ve become a total- a total-“

            “Goku,” Piccolo whispered, trying to find a way to reassure the man. He petted his hair, his fingers tangling up in the coarse mess. “You went through something bad. Very bad and very wrong. Don’t be shamed because of what happened to you.”

            “But, I can feel shame about how I’m reacting!” Goku cried, his wide, tear filled eyes locking with Piccolo’s. Piccolo’s gaze was stern.

            “How should you be reacting?” he asked rhetorically. “I have no idea how I would have acted in the same position. You only remembered about a month ago! OF COURSE you’re going to freaking out, you have every right to!”

            Piccolo didn’t know if he was making any sense or not, but it seemed to be soothing Goku. “But look what happened. You went and defeated Furiza. Other than your nightmares and first reaction to remembering, you have kept it together. Things can’t go back to the way they were, but then, nothing can. Your friends and family still love you. I still-“ Piccolo cut off, not saying what he was thinking.

            “I’ve become some kind of weakling,” he mumbled, and he could feel Piccolo stiffen with shock.

            “Don’t ever call yourself that. That is Furiza talking. You are the most powerful warrior in the Universe, and you will not be defeated by a memory!”

            The fierceness in his tone made Goku jump, as he looked up again, to see Piccolo baring his fangs. He reached out to touch the smooth green skin.

            “You think so?” he asked hesitantly, and Piccolo shook his head.

            “I don’t think. I know.

            Goku blinked. Then he smiled through his tears. “Thank you Piccolo,” he murmured, and he again rested his hand on Piccolo’s face. Piccolo’s hand came up to take his wrist. He grasped it firmly, his thumb stroking the inside, and he brought the palm to lips, brushing a kiss against it. Goku froze; his eyes locked with Piccolo’s, which were even darker than usual. His mouth opened in a soft ‘o’, and Piccolo’s sharp ears made out his faint gasp.

            Piccolo had felt like trembling when Goku touched him. He had wanted to touch him for so long, in a way that was not just the touch of a friend. He looked beautiful, and so, so inviting at times… Piccolo rarely had tender feelings for people. Yet seeing Goku this way… He wanted him, more than he had ever wanted anything. As he kissed his palm he caught the taste of the Saiya-jin.

            So sweet…

            He wanted more. Piccolo had never kissed anyone before, not like this, but he leaned over, and tipped up Goku’s chin with his cool fingers. Goku shivered as their lips met. The eyes of both men slowly shut, as their lips caressed, and Goku’s mouth opened, his tongue stroking with Piccolo’s. Piccolo moaned softly, as his palm came to cup the back of Goku’s head, and he kissed him harder.

            It was only a moment later when Piccolo dropped Goku’s wrist, and wrapped that arm around his back, pulling him closer.

            Then they stopped to breathe, and Goku looked at him, smiling shyly.

            Piccolo was gasping for breath, his face purpling, eyes glazed. He held onto to Goku like he was the one needing comforting, one hand still in his hair. Goku was already sitting very close to him, from where he had been laying on the bed, but now he scooted into his lap.

            “I- Goku- I’ve n, never done this before-“ Piccolo confessed, and Goku smiled, like his normal self, for the first time in weeks.

            “You’re doing pretty good so far,” Goku answered, snuggling closer by wrapping his arms around Piccolo’s neck, and resting his head in the crook of his shoulder, looking up at him adoringly.

            Piccolo blinked. He’d never been looked at like that. He knew that Goku was expecting something of him, but he didn’t know if he could do this right…

            “Just follow your instincts,” Goku said, his eyes holding complete trust.

            Piccolo swallowed, thinking hard. He raised his ki slightly, to use the technique to become actually male, and thought some more. Then he reached over to turn on a lamp.

            Goku blinked, as Piccolo pulled back from him, and started to touch him with curious fingers. The brush of his claws was light, almost tickling, and even more arousing. Goku panted, his eyes closing as Piccolo laid him back on the bed, and kissed his throat, his lips feeling the pulsing just beneath the skin.

            His hands trailed down his chest, and he looked at Goku’s nipples, and stroked them experimentally. Goku arched into it. Piccolo blinked, repeated the action, and got the idea that Goku liked being touched.

            Piccolo smiled, his fangs peaking out. He started to kiss his chest, and ran his hands lower, touching the boxer clad legs and groin… Goku moaned loudly when Piccolo accidentally bumped his erection.

            Piccolo found that he liked touching as much as Goku liked being touched. His mouth had made a hot trail from Goku’s neck, to both of his nipples, and down further, to the waistband of his boxers. Goku looked at him, expectantly, and smiled. Wiggling, he pulled them off himself, and sat up, as Piccolo gaped at his erection. Under his gaze, Piccolo saw it get even harder, throbbing with blood. He absently caressed the tip, catching the precum and tasting it.

            He could feel his groin become unbearably hot, his pants way too tight, but he ignored that, as he pushed Goku down to first kiss his thigh, then wrap his lips around Goku’s length.

            Goku shouted, then muffled it by biting his lip.

            “No, Piccolo,” he rasped, his hands digging into Piccolo’s shoulders.

            Piccolo didn’t hear him, and continued.

            “Piccolo,” he moaned, and the green man looked up at him, licking his lips for more of the precum.

            “I’m sorry,” Piccolo said, and started to get up, his face disappointed, when Goku grabbed his gi top, and pulled him down for another deep kiss.

            “No, I just didn’t want to cum in your mouth,” he murmured, as he found Piccolo’s sash, and started to pull his pants down.

            “I want to feel you inside me,” he said, looking Piccolo in eyes, much to the latter’s shock.

            “But, Furiza-“

            Goku put a finger over his lips, face serious, but his voice shook, pitched too high. “Furiza hurt me, and I need to know that I can do this, with his memory still there, with someone that I love. I need to know that it isn’t a perversion, that he didn’t taint me forever. I need to- I need to be loved, not the lover,” he swallowed hard, eyes filling again. Piccolo hesitated.

            “Please?” Goku said, in a whisper.

            Piccolo didn’t answer, but kissed him again, this time so lovingly that Goku gasped, tears running down his cheeks. Together they shucked his pants together, and Goku closed his hand around Piccolo’s manhood. Piccolo shuddered in pleasure.

            Goku spread the precum, slicking the length, and Piccolo spat in his hands, adding more lubrication.

            For all his brave front, Piccolo could sense Goku shaking like a leaf. Piccolo bit his lip to hold back his own tears; this made him love him more.

            Love? Where did that come from? He thought, but it was drowned out, as he carefully touched Goku’s opened, gently stretching.

            Goku whimpered, and Piccolo would have stopped, but Goku desperately shook his head for him to keep going.

            He hooked Goku’s legs over his arms, and gathered the warrior to him, lifting him over his arousal.

            Goku’s eyes were squeezed shut, while Piccolo’s widened as he felt himself squeezing into Goku’s virgin body.

            “Go- Goku?”

            “Mmmm,” answered him, as he did his best to relax, though he bit his lip at the pain.

            “Oh, Kami,” whispered Piccolo, as Goku kissed his neck, nuzzling.

            He was all the way in, and Piccolo thought he would die. He had never, ever felt something like this!

            But- he rocked against Goku, and he heard the other man yelp.

            “Oh, keep that up!”

            He didn’t have to be told twice. Rolling over him, he started to thrust, slowly, then with gathering speed, kissing and licking all the skin he could reach, his earlier awkwardness forgotten, as Goku writhed and whimpered below him.

            My dream- oh, Kami, this is my dream, thought Goku, feeling Piccolo nudging something inside him that felt just DAMN incredible. The pain had been there, but brief, and was a lost in the torrent of sensation he felt now. He was being loved, inside and out, as Piccolo’s hand grabbed his erection, jerking up and down with his movements.

            He and Piccolo panted in unison, and Goku’s teeth sank into Piccolo’s shoulder, his hands tearing at the skin of his back. He howled as he came, feeling complete, whole for the first time what seemed like forever, his seed spurting over Piccolo’s chest.

            Then he gasped, feeling Piccolo cum inside him, it was the only thing that had been in common with Furiza. But where that had hurt, this felt- right. Right, and good and he welcomed Piccolo’s essence into him.

            The two lovers fell into a heap on the bed.



            An intense battle of will was being waged while all this was going on. One of skill, cunning, and downright sneakiness…

            “King me!” crowed Gaea, and Gohan held his head.

            “We’re going to have to try another game,” grumbled Gohan, as he tried to hide his amazement. Gaea had never played checkers before today, and she had beaten him after the first game. He went to find the chess pieces.

            “I have another one for you to try!” he said cheerily, while the curious little girl started to look at the command console.

            Gohan came back to find her taking it apart.

            “GAEA! Stop that!”



            Pikkon looked at King Kai and Enma-sama blankly.

            “You mean… those kids died… because of a mistake in the paperwork?” he snarled, anger in every line. The second most powerful dead guy had his fists clenched, in an aggressive stance.

            “Now, now, Pikkon. There’s no need to get bent out of shape,” said the massive paper shuffler. “It was a simple clerical error. We said that all of the Cold family would be sent to hell. Someone messed it up, and thought to mean that those kids would be sent to Hell, too. So, instead of being born, they were recalled. All but that brat who is now called…” he flipped through a file and came up with a name. “Gaea. She somehow managed to keep from being called back.” Enma-sama growled. “Stupid little bit. We’ve had trouble with THAT one before…”

            “Aren’t most spirits cleansed of their memories?” asked King Kai, confused.

            “Eh, some just refuse to come clean. This one…” he again flipped through the files. “She escaped a couple of times, got reborn. That was why her will was so strong.”

             The other two blinked. “The other three were in Heaven,” said Pikkon, cautiously.

             “Oh, well, we don’t send babies to Hell. Who do you think I am?”

             Sweat drop.

             “Once the error was found, we gave them new bodies to have until they get born.”

              More blank stares.

            “Do you usually do that?”

            “Uh… well, no.”

            Things started to get confused.

            “We decided that they would get to be reborn without going through the cleaner again. That’s why they can’t be allowed to stay with Furiza, since they have the chance to be born to the same parent, there is a weird loophole in the rules there-“

            Both King Kai and Pikkon looked at each other and turned back to Enma-sama.

            “WHAT THE HELL?”



            Gaea had been cheerfully talking a part an engine that Gohan had given her to keep her busy, while he took a break. She may have been fragile, but her mind wasn’t!

            She stopped. Stared.

            Her eyes closed, as she felt out for the presences that had been with there her whole life. Her mother, she could, tell was happy and asleep. She smiled. That was good.

            But her siblings… They were scared.

            And her father…

            She scowled. Gaea had always been connected to both the living and the dead, because of siblings, and her determination to survive. She could remember being with her womb mates, and then being alone. She could sense the evil that could have been apart of her, if her mother’s love hadn’t protected her.

            Now, that evil was going after her sibs.

            Not on her life.



            Goku woke up; feeling a presence beside him that he had been afraid was just a dream.

            “Piccolo?” he asked, and gently traced the green man’s lips with a forefinger.

            He breathed out heavily, and his heavy lidded eyes opened, and Piccolo smiled faintly at his lover.  Goku then rested his cheek on his chest, as Piccolo wrapped him in his arms. He took his lips in a passionate kiss…


To be continued.


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