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Best Left Forgotten 3

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"What do you mean, Piccolo?" asked Goku nervously. His

mind suddenly showed him an image of a huge abyss, which he was about

to step in.

Piccolo just held him soberly with his onyx eyes. "You

know, Goku. When Furiza-"

NO! Goku screamed mentally, his eyes clenching shut, his

hands covering his ears as he hummed to keep from hearing what

something told him he could not be allowed to know.

"I don't know, I don't know," Goku began to chant, and

Piccolo reached over, and took his hands.

"You've hidden from yourself too long, Goku. Remember."

Goku's eyes were still screwed shut.

"Remember the battle with Furizaà"

The chasm in his mind opened wider. At the bottom Goku

could see pictures. Not just pictures; he could see, and smell, and

taste when he looked down."

"You went down. I couldn't see you, or sense you for a


// Furiza laughed, as he pounded Goku into the ground. He

had done something, Goku didn't know what, but he had paralyzed for a

moment. His muscles and lungs screamed for air as he struggled to


"I did sense Furiza's ki though. It was- gloating."

// Goku heard tearing cloth, and wondered what was going

on. He couldn't move his head. All he could see was fragments of

green sky and blue grass.

"So, the great `Super Saiya-jin' has fallen," leered the

voice, and Goku wanted to shudder at the feeling of Furiza's cold

skin against his.

"You are a pretty thing. However, I want you to know that

you have lost. You people claimed that a Super Saiya-jin would defeat

me. Let them see what I use their Super Saiya-jin for."

Goku felt barely warm breath of that monster on his cheek

as he spread the back of Goku's legs.

NO! He wanted to scream, as a hand felt around, touching

what he had only been taught man and wife should share. He had never,

ever thought something like that could happen. People just didn't do


Black talons sank into his neck and shoulders as

something shoved into him.

Pain was something that Goku was used to dealing with. It

was something he had used to improve himself, something that had told

him he was alive, and growing. But that was the pain of training, of

a battle, that pulsed through him. This was just sick.

Goku was strong, the protector, the one other's turned

to. This didn't happen to him.

But it was.

Wanting to scream, all he could manage was a pathetic

whimpered, as he heard the sounds Furiza taking his pleasure.

Tears streamed down his face, listening helplessly to the

grunts and heavy breathing of the being on top of him. By then, the

tearing pain of his anus had mixed with the pain of his internal

organs being ripped apart, mixed with his broken bones.

His shattered soul.

There was a harsh gasp- and he could feel something spurt

into him explosively, and he did yell, because this burned even worse.

And he could feel something change inside him.//

"Goku, I'm here," Piccolo said, and sat next to him on

the bed. He took the man in his arms instinctively.

"You found me afterwards, didn't you?" Goku murmured into

his chest, breathing in the soft, spring like smell from the Namek's

body. It smelled like life. Some much different from the Ice-jin.

Piccolo nodded. "You were pretty beat up. Nail had some

memories of healing people. I used a bit of that to keep you from

dying on us again."

Piccolo petted Goku's hair awkwardly.

"You saved my life afterwards," Goku whispered. Piccolo

nodded, knowing what he was talking about.

"Who is Gaea?" Piccolo asked slowly, like talking to a

small child.

Goku gave a soft moan, and tears started down his face


"My baby," he said in a soft voice. The memories of the

rape were wounds in his mind that had never scarred over. However,

this one, while associated with pain and sadness, was so beautiful

that he could never let it go.

Piccolo just waited for him to continue.

Goku took a deep breath. "On Yardrat, the Yardrat-jin

found me, and healed me. They found out that I was- pregnant." Goku

stuttered. He still couldn't believe that had happened.

He swallowed hard. "I don't remember much of my healing.

They are really good doctors there. They don't use needles. Um.. It

didn't take as long as I said for them to fix my ship, or learn that

technique. I was waiting for the babies to be born."

Piccolo nodded again. He knew how fast Goku tended to

learn things. Over a year was too long.

Goku wiped his eyes, and refused to look up.

Wait a minute, babies?

"Babies?" he asked, and Goku sobbed.

"Only- only Gaea made it. The rest were killed I could

feel them leave me. Their ki's just faded away. I was training one

day when I was recovering, and they just weren't there!"

Piccolo saw Goku bring his knees up on the bed, and he

hugged them.

"Two boys and another girl. Dead. How could Chi-Chi stand

it? The fear that she would lose what grew inside her? So innocent,

she was so innocent, Piccolo, so beautiful. I felt her grow, and when

she was born she was smaller than Gohan!"

Now Goku was cradling something only he could see. He

choked again.

"She was sick," he said with sorrow. "The doctors told me

that Saiya-jins and Ice-jins didn't breed well together, and that she

would die soon, as well."

Piccolo wondered if this what was the expression meant,

when humans said `that your heart felt like it was breaking'. This

shouldn't be Goku talking. It couldn't be. Not happy go lucky Goku.

Not this innocent, gentle warrior.

"I stayed as long as I did, to keep her company, before

she she died," he said in a whisper. This broke whatever composure

that Goku had managed to scrape together, as he fell over, rage as

his own helplessness, despair, and every black emotion that had been

denied crashed down on him then.

Goku wished he could die from this pain. His soul was in

tatters, Piccolo looked up in time to see Goku's aura flare, and he

shook Goku suddenly.

"Goku! Don't! What about Chi-Chi, Goten, Gohan? They

would miss you, they need you as much as Gaea did!" he screamed into

the Saiya-jin's face.

Goku hadn't heard him. He had firmed his resolve, and was

going to join his other children again in the afterlife.

"I would miss you, Goku," Piccolo whispered, after he saw

that look on his friend's face, not expecting to be heard. "I need

you, too."

"After she died," Goku said flatly," the Yardrat healers

told me that they could make the memories of what had happened go

away. They said they could come back if I wanted them, or needed


Goku locked his eyes with Piccolo's.

"I want my babies, Piccolo. What Furiza did- I feel so

dirty. How can I protect what I love, if he could do that to me? To

anyone? I was afraid. I've never been that afraid before."

He continued on in a tone of self-loathing. "All I could

think about was myself. I'm supposed to be protector of the innocent,

Piccolo. How can I do that? How can I look myself in the mirror, when

I failed them all, then asked that my memories be taken away?"

"You are mortal, Goku. There is nothing wrong in not

wanting to hurt."

The aura faded, and Goku went limp in Piccolo's grip.

"He hurt me, Piccolo. Not my body, but my spirit."

Piccolo did the only thing he could think of, and started

to rock him again.

"I want them back, Piccolo," he whispered faintly.

"We want you back," Piccolo answered.

Hearing a soft step, Piccolo looked towards the doorway.

Bulma was standing there, her mouth open, holding a tray with a

pitcher of water and some glasses.

She swallowed, and carried the tray over.

"How much did you hear?" Goku asked, not looking at her.

"M- most of it. Oh, Son-kun, I am so sorry" She

collected herself. "Do you want a shower? I can call Chi-Chi and the

boys. You must want your family right now."

Goku nodded, but he still had his chin resting on

Piccolo's shoulder. Piccolo continued to rock, then Goku pulled away,

and walked towards the bathroom in the medical wing. He was still

dressed in his paper gown.

"He clings to you like that because you found him first,"

Bulma said, turning to Piccolo.

He didn't answer, just watched the place that Goku had

gone off to with concern.

"Why him, of all people? Its not right, his innocence

might drive you crazy, but he should never have found out that he

could fail like that."

Piccolo turned to Bulma, and they both had the same

expression of rage. Bulma dropped her eyes first.

"Thank you," she told him, and he tilted his head.

"For what?"

"You helped him. I wish- that we could bring that little

bastard back and-" she proceeded to give a lengthy speech on the

anatomically impossible things she would do to Furiza. Piccolo smiled


"It was something that Furiza was quite good at," they

heard a voice say, and Vegeta was there, standing in the doorway, his

hands in his pockets. "He enjoyed breaking people."

"Help him, Namek," Vegeta said, and walked away.

Neither Piccolo nor Bulma could say anything.

To be continued.