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Best Left Forgotten 2

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Goku had welcomed death when it came for him the second time.

It had made the nightmares go away.



Goku and Parkkon raced down to Hell, to try and stop the

insurrection started by Cell and his gang.

Goku dived in without a second thought, then caught sight of


He could dimly hear the sounds of battle behind him, and the

moans of those he had already defeated, as he looked Ice-jin


For some reason he froze. Terror seeped into his mind like

glacial ice, grinding away at his resolve to fight. His stomach

tensed, and he resisted the urge to cry and through up. It was all he

could do to keep from wetting himself.

His body ached, but his mind was blank. Pain radiated from

his anus, he could taste his own blood, and could smell the strange,

dead scent that came off the lizard in front of him. His own voice

shouted in tears in pain-

//green sky above, blue grass below//

//his face being ground into the dirt//

He screamed, going to his knees, his hands clamped over his

ears to keep his own tortured cries at bay.

He could feel that shadow fall on him again, feel his dead,

lifeless breathing on his cheek-

Furiza watched in shock as the warrior that had defeated him

so long ago fell to the ground. Then he chuckled.

"So, my good little bitch remembers my touch? How-"

Parkkon snarled as he attacked the small monster.

Furiza and others had been taken into custody.

And Goku still shivered on the ground.



"Piccolo?" Goku found himself asking, as he saw a flash of

green and white. He was curled up in a fetal position.

"Uh, no, Goku," said a totally different voice than he had

expected, and suddenly, like a switch had been thrown, Goku got up,

and started acting like his usual clueless self. Parkkon stared.

"Goku, are you all right?" he asked, confused by this

behavior. The man was easily strong enough to defeat that creature

earlier, but had folded completely.

"I'm great Parkkon!" Goku said cheerfully, and went on his


"No, you aren't. Tell me what happened."

"What happened?" Goku asked, then shrugged. He really didn't

remember maybe he had been hit on the head again

"Goku?" Parkkon asked, as Goku suddenly flew away.



Goku, Parkkon noted to himself, was a good winner.

The tournament for a lesson with the Grand Kai was over, and

they had both lost- although he knew that Goku had been the real

winner. He smiled. Oh- he told himself- it will be different for the


Then he frowned. The man was so powerful, but he had crumpled

like a baby. He had responded to Parkkon's help by calling him

someone else- looking for a moment like he wanted to cling to Parkkon

for comfort.

Something was definitely wrong with this guy's head.

"Hey, Goku," he said, catching sight of the other man. He was

chatting with King Kai, his face animated with that dopey grin.

"I was wondering if you would finally tell me what happened

with you and Furiza," Parkkon asked, and Goku looked at him strangely.

"When did I fight Furiza?" he asked, and Parkkon told him.

Goku rubbed the back of his head.

"I don't remember that."

King Kai shot Parkkon a glare, but he continued. "You froze

up, and fell to the ground as soon as you saw him. You were even


Goku shook his head, frowning. "What did you say?"

King Kai nervously shoved the Earth Fighter away. "Go talk to

Bubba, she has some ideas of how you can go visit earth for a few


"I want to hear what Parkkon was talking about," Goku said

softly, but King Kai again gently pushed him in the direction he

wanted him to go in.

"Its okay, Goku, I'll take care of it. You just forget again."

Goku dazedly walked off but a bit of the memory flashed

through his mind- of falling, screaming.

Shuddering, he thought about his chance to visit home again,

and the original thought was lost in his mind.

"Why did you send him off like that?" Parkkon asked, and King

Kai drooped.

"It's a long story- one that he can't know until he remembers

on his own. He-" Parkkon was surprised to see tears run down the

round blue man's face.

Parkkon listened to the story that King Kai told, and decided

that his training for the next ten thousand years would be killing

that twisted lizard.



Buu had been defeated.

In the months after that, Goku sighed, as he lay in bed with

Chi-Chi, and thought about his son, Goten.

He shouldn't have gotten her pregnant, then left her like

that. He should have come back.

Having a baby was scary enough; he should have been there to

help her.

Tears leaked from his eyes. He would never get to see his son

as a baby- just like-

He turned his face into his pillow to try and stifle the sobs.

Why was he crying like that? He'd been dead-

But having a baby was so scary!

But so beautiful, too.

Sniffing loudly, he got up. He needed to go for a walk, get

some water.

He passed his youngest son's room, and peaked in, and tried

to smile, but his heart ached.

The little boy was lying there, sprawled on the bed, the way

he usually was, looking like for all the world like chibi-Goku.

"I'll protect you, son, I promise," Goku whispered, and

headed out.

Goku didn't know that there were still silver trails down his

face, but there were.

He had his arms wrapped around himself in a self comforting

gesture, trying to soothe something inside that had made him feel

like he had swallowed jagged metal.

He needed- he needed-

"What are you doing out here this late at night, Goku?" said

that familiar voice, and Goku reacted instinctively.

"Piccolo?" he gasped, and rushed to him, tripped, and wrapped

his arms around the green warrior's legs.

"Son?" Piccolo asked in shock, then heard the muffled sobs.

Goku didn't move, but he started to babble, the same way he

had before the Cell Games.

"I left her, Piccolo, I left her with a baby alone, having a

baby hurts, its scary, and babies, I wasn't there for her, I left

her, Piccolo, I left her there."

"Her?" Piccolo asked, still off balance.

Goku jerked a nod, and continued," Beautiful, she was

beautiful, but it hurt oh Piccolo, it hurt."

Piccolo disentangled Goku's arms from his legs, and sank down

to the ground with him. Piccolo was not the most caring person, but

this, he knew what had caused this- and the sight of Goku shattered

was wrong. It was like the sun rising in the west, and the moon

really being made of green cheese.

He pulled Goku to his chest awkwardly, and Goku needed no

further encouragement. He wrapped his arms around Piccolo hard frame,

and soaked the white ruff of his collar.

"Shhh, Goku, its all right," he mouthed, and Goku seemed to

relax against him.

"Who is she?" he asked, rocking back and forth.

"Gaea," he whispered.



Piccolo again held Goku closely as carried him, this time to

the CC building. He was afraid for Goku now. He had started tearing

at his arms and face with his fingers, leaving bloody scratches down

his face as soon as he had said that name. Gaea. Greek goddess of

Earth, what they called Earth.

He landed in front of the door and unceremoniously pounded on


"Who is it?" asked a groggy voice over the speakerphone.

"Piccolo. With Goku."

This got them in fast enough. Bulma met them in the foyer,

with a robe hastily pulled over her nightgown. Vegeta followed, in

sweatpants and tank top, rubbing his eyes and complaining.

"What is it, bakas?" he yelled, and then stopped when he

noticed that Bulma was staring. He looked, and stopped as well.

Goku was thrashing, trying to rip into himself some more.

Piccolo was holding him tightly as Goku muttered and wailed like he

was mad.

"I left, I left, why?" he whispered, his voice hoarse from

yelling earlier.

"I'll get a sedative," Bulma said immediately, and rushed

off. Vegeta just stared, seeing his long time rival raving.

Piccolo followed Bulma as she headed to the medical wing.

None of the restraints on the tables in there would be able to hold

him, so Piccolo kept his grip.

"Goku, you're safe," Piccolo whispered to him, and Goku

seemed to calm down. Then Bulma jabbed him with a needle. Goku gave a

sharp cry, but they faded as the drug began to take effect.

Piccolo didn't know what had come over him, but he sat on the

bed, and again began to rock Goku.

"You're going to be fine, Goku. Really."

He heard Goku's heart slow down, his breathing even out, and

his eyes closed in slumber.

"I'll make sure nothing hurts you again, Goku," Piccolo said

softly in his ear, and laid him on the table.



"What happened?" asked Bulma tersely, her eyebrows pulled

together. Vegeta stood behind the, watching as his wife. Piccolo

smoothed the sweaty and bloody hair away from Goku's face, and turned

to them.

"He was outside, then he was suddenly wrapping himself around

my legs, crying about how he had left Chi-Chi, then started to rant

about some `her', which he called `Gaea'."

"Do you know what caused this?" Bulma asked, and Piccolo

tilted his head to the side. This specifically?


Piccolo shook his head.

Bulma growled in frustration. She started to use her

computers to scan his body, but came with nothing horribly wrong-


They were changing him into a hospital gown, when Bulma

noticed something strange across Goku's stomach.

"Hey, when did Goku get stretch marks?" she asked, tracing

the silvery lines across his abdomen.

"Stretch marks? Is our Super Third Class Warrior gaining

weight?" sneered Vegeta, but Bulma shook her head.

"I recognize those types of marks, Vegeta," she said softly.

Then, she touched a horizontal scar.

She hissed softly, and touched her own belly.

"Those are the kind you get- Computer run scan," she said

slowly, her face etched with disbelief. "See if Goku is," she

choked," postpartum."



The males watched clueless as Bulma performed a battery of

tests, each one making less sense than the last.

Shaking her head slowly, feeling like this was some sick

dream, she turned to Vegeta.

"Can Saiya-jin males have babies?" she asked.

Vegeta blinked. This was definitely not what he had expected.

"Once," he said. "we had too few females among our kind. All

the females were used to produce offspring of the elites and first

class warriors. Even those that had been born third class. So, our

scientists came up with a way for the third class males to breed

among themselves. That's why elites were never aloud to breed with

peasants. It was considered a dishonor. Woman- are you saying that-"

"Goku gave birth? Yes," she muttered, and turned away. "He's

been postpartum about ten to fifteen years."

Piccolo had gone stiff as a board as he heard this. He had a

good idea of what happened, and- he shuddered, who the child's father

was, but he was going to say anything until Goku did. He had to get

him alone.

"It couldn't have been while we were training for the

Androids," Vegeta mumbled, rubbing his chin. "It would have been

noticed. The only time he wasn't around people was when he was in

space for so long."

Bulma nodded shakily.

"What does that have to do with his breakdown?" she asked

Piccolo, who was looking at Goku, and gently stroking his hair. She

took in the look of anger and guilt on Piccolo's face.

"And what do you know about it?"

"Its not for me to tell," Piccolo said. "Although, he did go

on and on about how scary having a child was. It sounded very


"Was it yours, Namek?" accused Vegeta. Piccolo pulled back

like he had been slapped.

"I would NEVER do THAT to Goku!" he yelled. "Kill him cleanly

yes, but never- ever- THAT!"

Piccolo had Vegeta by the throat. Vegeta grunted, not


"Do what to Goku?" said Bulma, concerned. "You know who the

kid's father is, don't you?"

Piccolo dropped Vegeta and turned to her.

"I- have an idea. The only person who knows for sure is Goku,

and maybe not even him."

"What? Does he sleep around that much?" mocked Vegeta.

Piccolo glared at him.

"I think he repressed the memory almost completely."

"So, what do we do now?" asked Bulma, breaking Vegeta and

Piccolo apart.

Piccolo sighed, and again touched the face of the sleeping

Goku. Whatever his dreams were right then, they weren't pleasant. His

face was contorted in a grimace of anguish.

"I'm here, Goku," Piccolo said again.

Goku seemed to calm.



Goku woke up later, in the same room.

He groaned softly; he was sore from not moving the rest of

the night.

"Goku?" whispered a voice. Craning his neck, he saw it was


Piccolo looked at him, concerned.

"What do you remember?" he asked.

Goku swallowed. "Going outside- and not much else."

"Goku," Piccolo said, almost tenderly. "What do you remember

about your fight with Furiza? And who is Gaea?"

To be continued.