Alternative arrangements. (Alternately titled 'Taste the rainbow' *snickers and grins at Shadow*) Part 6.

By; Zoicyte Aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom; DBZ

Rating; NC-17

Pairings; Jeice/Zarbon, Raditz/Zarbon, Jeice/Raditz, Raditz/Jeice /Zarbon.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT, AU sorta, as are all my fics. If you don't like the idea of Jeice being a charming, insatiable sex fiend, then this fic is not for you *giggles*

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Yes, for those of you who are wondering at all the pairings, this is going to be a mini 'Fusion', lots of chapters of PWP lemon!

Thanks to Asha for her constant encouragement to keep writing. And thanks to Espaa for writing the fic "World", beta'ing this monster, and for playing with my Jeice in rp *chuckles* without the two of you I might never have started this.


"Ahm, well, there's a little problem with that, Raditz is kind recovery, he's sitting in one of those tank thingies." Kuri-mu winced as Zarbon's eyes narrowed, face hardening.

"What?!" Zarbon exclaimed, turning and stalking quickly down the hall, hitting the stairs at a near run and making his way down the two levels to the recovery room. "Dammit, what did you get yourself into now, Saiyan?" He asked softly, looking through the glass at the bruises and ki burns covering the unconscious man's torso.

"He said his training session with the others got a little too intense." The doctor supplied.

Zarbon closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose, then looked down at the display on the front of the machine. "Shit! Two hours? Jeice'll be back in an hour and a half...oh, he's not going to be pleased when he sees this..." The changeling sighed, turning and leaving the room. "I almost feel sorry for little Vegeta...almost." He smirked.


Nappa slowly picked up his towel, seeming almost reluctant to leave as he followed the prince to the door.

"Nappa!" Vegeta barked, turning and glaring over his shoulder. "What's wrong with you?"

"Huh?" Nappa's head snapped up, eyes rising from the floor to lock onto Vegeta's. "Uh...nothing. Nothing, really." He mumbled quietly. "Just...I dunno, Vegeta. Don't you think maybe we were a little hard on Raditz today?" Nappa asked, barely stopping himself from flinching from the shout he was sure would follow.

And follow it did. "What the hell do you mean?!" Vegeta demanded, walking over and levitating until they were at eye level. "That lazy, sex-crazed loser needed a reminder about keeping his priorities straight!" The prince shrieked, making Nappa take an involuntary step back.

"Yeah, I guess so. But..."

"But, nothing. I don't care what Jeice or Zarbon has to say about it, Raditz's duty is to me first and foremost." Vegeta snarled, snatching up his own towel and draping it over one shoulder. "After that, I don't care what he does with those mismatched freaks." The smaller Saiyan grumbled. "Now come on." He commanded, flinging the door open with a bang, then stalking down the hall. "It's time for lunch."

Nappa nodded mutely, taking in a deep breath, before releasing it in a soft sigh.

"Yes, Vegeta." He said, following at a slower pace. He frowned as he watched the prince stride by the recovery area without even a sideways glance. The burly Saiyan paused, wincing slightly as he caught sight of an unconscious Raditz submerged in one of the regeneration tanks. "Shit, I don't think Jeice and Zarbon will be too pleased when they find out he's down here." He sighed, before following Vegeta back to their quarters.

As he walked, he thought back to the way Raditz had staggered out of the training room, barely managing to stay on his feet, and the blood that had soaked his shirt, making his hair stick to his shoulders and chest in thick clumps. The tall, bald Saiyan was certain that the other man wouldn't be recovered before Jeice returned, which would probably lead to some awkward questions; questions with answers that Nappa was sure Jeice wouldn't like.

*Dammit, Vegeta...* The burly warrior thought, all but glaring at the shorter Saiyan that had paused in front of his own door. *I just figured you'd either stop obsessing over Raditz, or try and coax him away from those two by maybe draggin' him off to your bed.* Nappa shook his head with a wry smile as he entered his own quarters, stripping off his armor and rummaging around for some fresh clothes. "I didn't figure you'd resort to beating him to within an inch of his life to try and keep him from returning to them. I just hope you know what you're getting yourself into." He sighed, opening the door and stepping out into the hallway to wait for Vegeta.

The diminutive prince in question, however, was already waiting for Nappa. Vegeta leaned back against the wall, arms crossed, eyes closed as he growled under his breath, still annoyed by the morning's events.

"It's about time." He barked, when Nappa drew up beside him. "Come on then, we're going to eat, and then we'll get in some decent training afterward, now that Raditz is out of the way. Then you can go see those wretched females, and Raditz can run away with the freak show again, once he's...feeling better." Vegeta smirked, turning and walking away.

Nappa merely shook his head and fell into step behind the smaller Saiyan. *Mm hm, he'll be feeling better soon enough. The question is whether or not you'll be feeling a lot worse by then.*


One hour later...

Zarbon finished braiding his still damp hair, and stepped back to examine himself in the mirror. A smile graced his features as he surveyed his own handiwork. He'd forgone his usual attire today, instead clothing his long, lean frame in midnight blue spandex. His shirt was much like Jeice's, high-necked, with long sleeves, and his pants looked almost painted on, both pieces clearly showing his well-defined muscles. His white armor stood out sharply against the dark fabric, drawing attention to his broad chest, and his cape shifted slightly behind him as he moved, turning to the side for a last long look.

"Mm. Perfect." The cyan-skinned warrior purred, narrowing his eyes and slowly licking his lips. "I think this should get Jeice's attention and keep it until Raditz is ready to join us, at least, I hope so. I'd rather he didn't find out about Raditz's misadventures until after we've had a chance to welcome him home." He pouted slightly. "Not that I particularly care what he does to the other Saiyans when he finds out." He snickered, reaching up to brush a long strand of hair from in front of his eyes. "But it would just mean more delays while Jeice goes down and beats the shit out of them for putting Raditz out of commission."

And with that, Zarbon spun on his heel, cape billowing around him as he strode out of his quarters, making his way to the landing area to await Jeice's return.


Vegeta strode up the hallway, scowling fiercely. The diminutive prince's thoughts were a jumbled mess, consisting of recollections of Raditz's battered form staggering from the training room, and images of the dreams from the previous evening, of the three warriors sprawled on a bed, a tangle of multi-colored hair and sweaty limbs. He cocked his head to the side, quirking a brow as he thought about Nappa's question. "I don't think I was too hard on him at all." He grumbled, so lost in his thoughts that he nearly forgot about the gargantuan Saiyan's presence right behind him. "He got what he deserved, walking away from his duties to me to warm the bed of someone like Jeice." Vegeta's lips curled into a sneer as he folded his arms, narrowed eyes trained on the floor in front of him.

A soft, barely audible sigh escaped Nappa's lips as he walked behind the smaller Saiyan, his gaze resting on Vegeta's back. He noted the tension in the younger man's frame, saw the stiffness to his walk and knew that the other man's anger and jealousy were still running rampant. *I just hope that impulsive nature of yours hasn't brought you more trouble than you can handle, Vegeta.* The taller Saiyan thought to himself, shaking his head as he wondered exactly what Jeice and Zarbon's reactions would be when they found out Vegeta had, at least temporarily, broken their 'toy'.

He didn't have to wait long. As the two Saiyans rounded a corner, there was Zarbon striding up the hall. He noted the navy blue spandex covering most of the changeling's body, the black boots and gloves, and the longer cape. *What's the occasion?* Nappa wondered, but that was the last thought that passed through his mind as the cyan-skinned warrior all but disappeared, coming to a stop right before the huge Saiyan. Full, powder-blue lips curled into a snarl, and a soft growl sounded a split-second before a black-clad fist connected with Nappa's jaw, sending the burly warrior crashing to the floor with a pained grunt.

"What...?!" Vegeta growled, dropping into a defensive crouch, ki flaring around him in a bright blue flame. Obsidian eyes widened as he saw the cold, cruel smile that twisted the other man's features. "Zarbon! What the hell is this all about?" He demanded, baring his teeth as he watched the other man deliver a vicious kick to Nappa's stomach, sending the larger man sailing down the hallway.

Zarbon watched with a satisfied smile as Nappa's body connected with the metal door at the end of the hall, the Saiyan's bald head hitting it with a dull thud. As the other man's limp, unconscious form slumped to the floor, Zarbon turned to face Vegeta. "Well, well, well..." He drawled, slowly stalking toward the wary Saiyan. "What a coincidence, that I should run into you." The changeling said softly, circling Vegeta like a predator sizing up its prey.

"What are you talking about?" Vegeta snapped, hunching his shoulders and clenching his fists so hard the muscles of his hands ached, as he tried to turn to keep the larger man in sight while still maintaining his defensive stance.

"Well..." Zarbon whispered, amber eyes narrowing as he leaned down and touched his forehead to Vegeta's. "I was just thinking of how I was going to distract Jeice from the fact that you tried to ruin our fun on his day home," he chuckled softly, before he shot out a hand, wrapping it around the Saiyan's throat. "But I think maybe I'll just extract a little revenge of my own instead." Zarbon's voice dropped to a low growl as he lifted the prince off the floor and slammed him against the wall. "That way Jeice won't have to bother with you until you get out of your own recovery tank." He purred, lips curling into a sadistic smirk.

Vegeta let out a strangled gasp as Zarbon grabbed him, a ripple of fear passing through him as he was lifted off his feet. He fought down that fear as his air supply was abruptly cut off with one squeeze of the other man's hand, glaring up at Zarbon as he tried to pry the hand from his neck.

"Hm, but where..." Zarbon said, in a soft, almost sing-song voice, "to begin? Where could I start that would cause the most pain, without causing enough damage to kill you before I get you into a tank?" He mused, tilting his head to one side as he moved closer, all but pressing himself against the smaller man. An amused smile ghosted over his features as he loosened his grip on the Saiyan's throat, allowing him to breathe.

Vegeta stared into Zarbon's face, dark eyes almost crossing at the proximity of the other man as he briefly debated struggling to free himself. The Saiyan couldn't hold back a shiver at the smooth, silky tone of the other man's voice, and he swallowed hard beneath Zarbon's fingers as a muscular thigh shifted and pressed between his own legs. The prince fought to keep himself calm, and not react to the solid body pressed so intimately against him, but it turned out to be a losing battle. Dark eyes flashed angrily, a tinge of pink appearing on Vegeta's cheeks as he felt his traitorous body reacting to the contact.

"Get off me, you overgrown iguana!" Vegeta hissed, lips curled into a snarl as he tried to move away from the other man.

Citrine eyes widened slightly as he felt the Saiyan's burgeoning arousal. "Hmm, just what have we here?" Zarbon purred, slowly rocking his thigh against the smaller man's groin. "If I didn't know you better, I'd think you wanted to have a little fun with me." He leered at the prince. "Well, this changes the nature of my revenge considerably. Maybe instead of beating on you, I'll haul you up to Jeice's quarters, and you can stand in as Raditz's replacement until he's feeling better." The changeling slowly lowered his face, until their lips were nearly touching.

"What! Why you..." Vegeta growled, struggling wildly in Zarbon's grip. "Let go of me sick fuck!" He spat the words, glaring at the cyan-skinned man with as much hatred as he could muster, which wasn't nearly up to his usual standard as heat coursed through him from the leg which kept grinding against his growing erection, distracting him. "Get off, Zarbon. I mean it!" He shouted.

"Hm...that could be arranged, little Vegeta." Zarbon said, giving the Saiyan a lecherous grin as he continued to rock against him. "I think that might be half the reason you're such an uptight little bastard, you know." The changeling said, his tone mild. "You probably just need to get laid. Jeice and I could definitely help you...unwind." He snickered, one hand raking through the Saiyan's spiky mane.

At that the prince let out an inarticulate bellow, wrenching himself free of Zarbon's grasp and taking several unsteady steps away from the other man. "If you think for one minute I'm going to agree to join up with that little freak show of yours, you're insane! Stay the hell away from me!" Vegeta hollered, leaning against the opposite wall as he fought to get himself back under control.

"Mm, tsk tsk, Vegeta." Zarbon whispered, turning and stalking over to the other man, his cape billowing behind him. "Don't knock it until you've tried it. I can say with a fair amount of certainty that you'd enjoy every minute of it."

"I don't want to try anything!" Vegeta shrieked, scooting around Zarbon and putting more distance between them. "Not with you, and not with Jeice either!" He growled, folding his arms across his chest as he started to walk away.

"Okay then, but what about with Raditz?" Zarbon asked softly, a knowing smile on his lips as the Saiyan paused, shoulders hunching slightly.

"Shut up, Zarbon." Vegeta growled, striding down the hall as quickly as he was able to while still maintaining some shred of dignity. "Just shut the hell up."

Zarbon watched the Saiyan retreating down the hall, a thoughtful frown on his face. *Well, that was interesting, I'll definitely have to mention that to Jeice.* The changeling smirked as he considered how that bit of information might affect the orange-skinned warrior's choice of vengeance against the prince. *Oh, yes...that could really shake things up around here.* A soft, cruel laugh fell from powder-blue lips as Zarbon turned and made his way toward the landing area to greet his lover.


Dark eyes opened slowly, looking around blearily as the Saiyan tried to get his bearings. *Damn I hate these things.* Raditz thought with a scowl as he shifted around on the seat inside the regeneration tank. *How long have I been in here?* He wondered, looking through the glass trying to see where the doctor was. *Oh shit, better question, when do I get out, and will it be before Jeice gets back?* Raditz thought, remembering Jeice's words to the Saiyan prince two nights ago. *If he finds me in here it's not going to be pretty.* The burly warrior winced as he thought of the way the orange-skinned man seemed to always be looking for an excuse to knock the prince around. *That's it, I've got to get out of here, now.* The Saiyan raised a fist and began knocking on the glass.

The doctor gave a start, turning baleful yellow eyes toward the regeneration tanks in the corner, wondering which one of the beings inside actually possessed the audacity to knock on the glass.

"Hm.." He turned and folded his arms, tilting his head to the side and regarding the two tanks. "I suppose it's the female, wanting to tell me the tank's fluids are too cold for her liking. I get that a lot. It's not my fault that the fluids are set to come out so cold..." The doctor grumbled, walking over and stepping up onto the platform. To his surprise, it was not the reptilian female, but the Saiyan who was demanding his attention. "Well, what do you want? I'm very busy, you know." He griped, scowling at the warrior.

Raditz growled as he dimly heard the doctor's annoyed voice. *Idiot.* He thought, scowling right back as he gestured toward the display on the door, trying to ask with gestures how much longer he'd be stuck in the tank.

The doctor sighed as he looked down at the display. "You've got another half hour!" He bellowed, before looking at the tank to his left and noting it was nearly time to let the female out.

*Half an hour?* Raditz groaned inwardly, shifting around on the bench restlessly. *I can't wait that long!* The Saiyan lifted a hand and started gingerly poking at his wounds, noting with more than a little relief that they seemed to be healing nicely. *Ah, this is bullshit, I feel fine. I don't need another half hour in this blasted thing.* He raised his hand and knocked again.

The doctor snarled and turned away from the control panel, eyeing the Saiyan's tank angrily. "You just wait! I'll deal with you momentarily." He groused, looking back down at the panel and draining the fluid from the second tank before releasing the lock on the door. "Feeling better, dear?" The short reptilian all but simpered, admiring the long, lean, and very naked form of Mikato as she stepped out of the tank, shaking her wet, yellow hair, fluid running down her bare skin in rivulets. The doctor swallowed, staring up at her, and for him it was a long way up, the top of his head was barely higher than the girls waist.

The dancer raised one finely-shaped brow, hiding a smirk of amusement at his fawning. "Mm hm, I feel great." She allowed him a smile, swinging her hips slightly, the bright lights of the room making her green skin shimmer as she moved. "Time for me to take a shower, wash this stuff off..." Mikato grimaced at the fluid that beaded on her skin. "Then get ready for work. You'll be up to watch us again later, I assume?" She chuckled, turning toward the doctor and giving a slight start when she realized he'd been trailing her like a shadow.

"Huh? Oh. Oh! Yes, of course I will." The doctor said, backing away from the tall female, obviously embarrassed at his own behavior. "I...ah, I'll be there tonight." He stammered, nodding quickly.

"Good." Mikato purred, giving him a wink as she quickly retrieved her clothes and dressed, before stepping into the hallway. "I'll have to save you a private dance to say thanks for taking such good care of me." She grinned, before spinning gracefully and striding up the hall.

The doctor stared after her for several moments, what could almost be a blush on his cheeks as a dopey grin settled on his face. "She's gorgeous..." He said, a little drop of drool forming in the corner of his mouth as he remembered the sway of the her hips.

Raditz had patiently watched Mikato being let out of her tank, but he quickly grew angry as the doctor continued to moon over the girl minutes after she'd left. "Enough already!" He shouted, making air bubbles swirl around him in the fluid. "Let me out of this damn thing, you lovesick lizard!" He hollered, banging his fist on the glass as best he could.

The doctor was startled out of his daydreaming by the sound, and wandered over to Raditz's tank. "Hm, alright Saiyan, just what is your problem? I already told you the display says you've got another half hour." He said, trying to speak loud enough to be heard inside the tank.

The warrior growled, shaking his head quickly. "I don't care what that stupid thing says, I'm fine, now LET ME OUT!" He roared, putting one hand against the glass and powering up slightly, a small ball of ki forming in his palm as Raditz let the doctor know he was more than prepared to blast his way out, if necessary.

"GAH!!!" The doctor yelped, then dove of the way. "Alright, alright! Sheesh, crazy monkey..." He grumbled as he walked over to the control panel and hit the button to drain the healing fluids. "You know, Saiyan," He began, as he opened the door, "you should stay in there for the allotted time. Coming out early may leave you with partially mended wounds and skin that hasn't fully healed over yet, which will probably result in scarring that needn't have occurred had you just..."

"Yes, mother." Raditz chuckled at the smaller man's annoyed glare. "But trust me. A couple more scars at this point really isn't going to make a difference. Now, if those wounds had been on my face, I might be more concerned." Raditz smirked, picking up what was left of his workout gear. "But, it was just a couple of ki burns on the skin, and they're almost gone, see?" He pointed to the smooth skin of his chest and abdomen, marred only by three circular red marks, that actually looked more irritated than injured. "The rest of my injuries were internal."

"Oh, well I'm so glad you have so much knowledge about medicine." The doctor said, voice dripping with sarcasm. "Then you're probably aware that while your skin and the soft tissue of your internal organs may have healed, those broken ribs have not. You stand a higher chance of having them re-broken if you leave early." He folded his arms and scowled up at the Saiyan as the other man tossed his ruined shirt into a wastebasket, then slid on his pants. "If you must leave tonight at least come back tomorrow and complete your time. The extra half hour could save you a couple of weeks recovery time. You don't want to get sent out on a mission in that condition, do you?" He peered up at the warrior, smirking when he saw a flicker of uncertainty cross the other man's face.

"Well, alright then." Raditz sighed, realizing the doctor made a good point. "Fine. I'll be here sometime tomorrow, probably after lunch time." He said.

"Excellent." The smaller man nodded, turning back to study his computer screen, as he brought up the medical files of someone else. "I'll be expecting you. Oh, yes, before I forget, Zarbon was here to see you earlier, he seemed quite upset when I told him you needed two hours of recovery time. He muttered something about Jeice, I believe."

"Shit! Zarbon's already seen me here, he'll tell Jeice even if I don't." Raditz sighed, sitting on one of the beds. "Did he say anything else?"

"No, only that Jeice would be back in an hour and a half..." The doctor said absently, before glancing up at the clock. "Hm, yes and that was, oddly enough, an hour and a half ago."

"Damn!" Raditz was off the bed and out the door, little more than a blur as he raced up the hallway, hitting the stairs and flying up several levels, until at last he reached the corridor that would take him to the landing area. "I'd better get there before Zarbon has a chance to tell Jeice about this and get him too riled up about it."


Jeice sat back and braced himself for impact, green eyes closing as he sighed and smiled to himself. "Mm, just what I needed. A little action to take the edge off, keep that...killer instinct sharp." He chuckled softly, eyes popping open to peer out the front window as the base loomed before him. "Speaking of action..." The smirk he wore turned into a leer as his small, circular ship veered toward the landing area. "I can't wait to see how things are going to turn out once Raditz has been added to the little...arrangement between Zarbon and I." The orange-skinned warrior of course having no idea that the two men in question had already made arrangements of their own.

Zarbon stood beneath a large metal archway, smiling as he watched the five pods hurtling toward the landing pads. As one after another hit the surface, side-by-side in an oddly neat row, the changeling pushed off from the wall and took a few steps closer.

"Saa, seems the little orange one is still one boyfriend short, hmm?" Purred a familiar female voice, so close her breath tickled his ear. Zarbon jumped and spun around, only to find himself staring up into glowing red eyes. "How is he doing, anyway? Still in the tank thingie, ne?" Kuri-mu asked, moving to stand beside him.

"Yeah, he won't be out for another half hour, just long enough I suspect to make Jeice well and truly pissed off at the other Saiyan that put him there." Zarbon smirked, trying to imagine how Jeice would react when he found out Vegeta's...interesting reactions during their conversation earlier.

"Hnn." Kuri-mu nodded, laughing softly. "Maybe Jeice will spend the half hour doling out a bit of punishment?"

"I hope not, I've got far more interesting plans for him than watching him do more fighting." Zarbon pouted, shooting a sideways glance at her as she laughed harder. The changeling stiffened, a surprised sound falling from his lips as hands slid around his waist, a large, warm body pressing up against his back before muscular arms wrapped around him tightly.

"Mmm, really." A deep voice murmured, before sharp teeth latched onto his earlobe, nibbling gently. "I would hope those plans were for more than just the two of you."

"Raditz! I thought you had another half hour in there." Zarbon said, turning slightly in his embrace to face the Saiyan. "Not that I'm complaining..." He grinned, before leaning forward and kissing him, tongue tracing the contours of the other man's mouth, before he sucked gently at his bottom lip.

"Well, I was supposed to, but after threatening to blow the door off the tank, the doctor realized the merits of releasing me early. Only thing is I have to go back sometime tomorrow to finish my time in there to make sure everything's fully healed." Raditz murmured, before nipping lightly at the changeling's jaw.

Kuri-mu chuckled, watching the two men, then gave a squeal that had them wincing in pain as Burter stepped out of his pod, giving the large female a grin and calling her name, waving her over.

"You know, I'm starting to wonder about those two." Raditz said softly, watching Burter grab Kuri-mu in a hug and swing her around effortlessly.

"You think she's going to become a permanent addition?" Zarbon asked, nuzzling Raditz's cheek.

"Could be. I can almost see the offspring running rampant already." Raditz grinned, as Zarbon laughed, head falling to the Saiyan's shoulder. "Come on, we've got a welcome home celebration of our own to start." He grinned evilly, watching the door to Jeice's pod open. "We should give Jeice a nice welcome home, too."

"What...?" Zarbon started to ask, seeing the glint in the other man's eyes. He allowed himself to be pulled through the archway and down the hall, until they came to the first corner. "Just what are you planning, Raditz?" He narrowed his eyes, watching the Saiyan crouching before him, tail lashing like a cat waiting to pounce on its unsuspecting prey.

"You'll see." Raditz said softly, turning to give Zarbon a mischievous grin.

"Oh, no..." Zarbon covered his mouth with one long-fingered hand, stifling his laughter as he realized what the other man was up to. "Well, alright then. Can't wait to see his face." The changeling snickered as they peered around the corner, waiting for Jeice.


"So, I guess you missed me, huh?" Burter grinned, as Kuri-mu draped her arms over his broad shoulders and nipped at his jaw with sharp teeth.

"Mm hm..." She pulled back and returned the smile, before pressing against him and giving the large Ginyu a fierce hug. "And I'm not the only one here to...hey, where'd they go?" Kuri-mu quirked one brow-ridge in surprise as she noticed Zarbon and Raditz had disappeared.

"Where'd who go?" Burter looked around, frowning.

"Jeice's boyfriends, Zarbon and the long-haired Saiyan." She dead panned, barely holding back a grin at the squawk of surprise and indignation that sounded behind them. Burter however, was not able to hold back his laughter, and thoroughly enjoyed the look on Jeice's face as Kuri-mu teased the smaller man the same way he himself had been teased by his team-mate over the last couple of days.

"EH?!!" Jeice spun around and stared at them, mouth hanging open. "They are NOT my, er..." The diminutive warrior looked around at the other three members of the Ginyu force, two of which were looking at Jeice with a mixture of amusement and curiosity. Gouldo was glaring daggers at the orange-skinned man, but then everyone knew he had a thing for Zarbon.

"Hm...Raditz? Well, I guess I can understand that, he is rather nice-looking, for a Saiyan." Captain Ginyu smirked, striding over and cupping Jeice's chin with one hand. "But Zarbon, too? My my, getting a bit greedy, aren't we?" He chuckled.

Jeice blushed and smiled sheepishly at his team-mates. "Heh heh, well, y'know how it is, these things just...kinda happen, sometimes..." He said, one hand lifting and settling behind his head as he laughed nervously.

"Indeed I do." Ginyu nodded, still smirking. "I haven't had time to...make things happen lately, but I think I might just have to make the time." His smirk turned to a thoughtful frown as he released Jeice and walked away, Gouldo trailing after him, still shooting reproachful glares at Jeice.

"That Raditz is a nice piece of meat." Recoome nodded slowly, moving to stand between Burter and Kuri-mu, and Jeice. "But that other big Saiyan, he looks like he'd be fun to play with, just to see how long it'd take to break him." The gargantuan warrior slammed one fist into his palm, lips twisted into a sneer.

"Saa, big strong man like you?" Kuri-mu purred, reaching out and slapping Recoome on the arm, as she batted her eyelashes at him, causing Burter to glare at them both, one arm tightening around her waist possessively. "You'd break him in about an hour if you weren't careful."

"No, trust me." Recoome chuckled, slowly making his way toward the corridor. "I know how to make my toys last when I want to."

"What is this place coming to?" Jeice hissed once the other man was out of earshot. "And you!" He seethed, whirling to stare up at Kuri-mu as he waved a finger in her face. "Look what you've started! Thanks a lot!"

"Hn?" She tilted her head, looking down in confusion. "What did I do?"

"I've just got home, I'm about to round up Zarbon and Raditz, and get 'em used to the idea of all three of us taking part in our little arrangement. I really didn't need to spend the night with the image of Recoome and Nappa in my head!" He grimaced, as he and Burter shuddered simultaneously.

Kuri-mu snickered, nodding slowly. "Saa, I see what you mean. But you know," She grinned wickedly, sharp fangs flashing. "You don't have to round them up, or get them used to anything. I'm pretty sure they made some arrangements of their own last night. As a matter of fact, they were just here, but they seem to have vanished now." She raised a hand and pointed to the archway. "They were just over there a few moments ago." Turning to Burter, she nuzzled his cheek affectionately before continuing. "We weren't sure Raditz would be here in time to welcome you back, what with him being in that tank and all..." Two sets of red eyes widened as Jeice's power level suddenly flared.

"Oh, shit." Burter sighed, shaking his head slowly. "You shouldn't have said that." He whispered to Kuri-mu.

"" The orange-skinned warrior growled, green eyes narrowing angrily. "Tank? Who put him in one of the regeneration tanks?"

"Ahm," She stammered, looking to Burter for help but he merely shrugged. "I'm not sure. He just said he was training and it got too intense was all."

"Vegeta..." Jeice snarled, before a bright red flame of ki engulfed him and he launched himself at the archway, passing through it as little more than an orange and white blur. "I warned you."


Zarbon and Raditz both gasped as Jeice's power level registered on their scouters. "Damn, he's powered up, and moving fast, what do you suppose got into him?" Raditz asked, straightening up and looking around the corner, watching their lover drawing near.

Zarbon winced as he realized what must have happened. "I think Kuri-mu might have let slip about your misadventures while Jeice was gone."

"Oh, no, you don't think...?" Raditz turned toward him, ebony eyes wide.

"Mm hm, I'd wager he's heading down there with every intention of putting Vegeta in one of those tanks for awhile." Zarbon sighed. "So much for our welcome home plans." His face settled into a disappointed pout as he folded his arms, looking very much like a petulant child.

"Screw that." Raditz muttered. "We'll just have to...convince him to change his plans." The Saiyan growled.

Zarbon pulled back slightly in shock, before recovering and quirking one finely shaped brow. "And just how the hell do you propose we do that?" He asked, then stared as he watched the Saiyan once again getting ready to pounce. "Oh, no...Raditz, you told me you weren't fully healed yet, you can't do that! Don't be ridiculous, you'll only end up injuring yourself again." He grabbed Raditz's shoulder firmly. "You know how strong he is, you try jumping out there and stopping him, you'll end up regretting it."

"You got a better idea?" Raditz growled, tail lashing as Jeice drew closer. "It's now or never, Zarbon, we'll never catch him if he gets by us here."

"Good point..." Zarbon conceded. "Alright then. On three." He murmured, the two of them crouching side-by-side as they counted together. "One...two...three!"

"Hey! Wha...?" Jeice barely had time to register the identity of the two men who had lunged out in front of him before he collided with them, sending all three warriors tumbling down the corridor. "Zarbon! Raditz, you're alright then, eh? Well, good, now explain to me just what the hell you two think you're do..mmph!" He was cut off mid-rant by Raditz, who leaned over him and seized his lips in a demanding kiss.

"Well..." Zarbon purred, running one hand through Jeice's hair as the other settled on his thigh. "We think we're welcoming you home." The cyan-skinned man lowered his head and slowly ran his tongue along Jeice's chin. "Now, whatever you're up to, it'll just have to wait until tomorrow."

"Exactly." Raditz concurred, pulling away and clamping his hands around Jeice's slender waist. "Tonight, you belong to us."

Jeice grinned as he was hauled up off the floor, muscular legs wrapping around Raditz's waist as the Saiyan clutched him tightly. "Mm hm...I heard you two made some arrangements in my absence. Glad to see you're both agreeable to my plans." He murmured, reaching up and sinking the fingers of one hand into Zarbon's soft, green hair before pulling the changeling's head down and capturing his lips in a heated kiss.

"Oh, really..." Raditz chuckled, leaning down to nuzzle the smaller man's silvery hair. "Listen to this, it's all his idea now." He laughed softly, hands sliding down to stroke Jeice's bare thighs, eliciting a shiver.

"I don't care whose idea it was." Zarbon purred, hands shooting out to grip the Saiyan's shoulders and gently, but insistently steer the trio down the hall toward Jeice's quarters. "I just want to get the two of you, in a bed, now." He said softly, one cyan-skinned hand exploring Jeice's chest as the other ran through Raditz's thick, unruly black hair.

"Now there's the man with the plan." Jeice snickered, the sound turning into a gasp as Raditz bent to attack the smooth column of Jeice's throat with his teeth and tongue. He turned his head to the side as they drew up beside his door, hazy, half-lidded green eyes trying to focus on the keypad on the wall. Jeice managed to punch in his PIN just as the sound of Kuri-mu and Burter's laughter sounded around the corner. "Come on, inside." He murmured, before squirming out of the Saiyan's grasp. "I'm not getting hung up tonight." The orange-skinned man chuckled, remembering how Burter had been hinting during the entire mission how he'd like to have Jeice out for a night with him and Kuri-mu. Jeice reached out, one hand snapping around Zarbon's wrist, the fingers of his other hand twining with Raditz's before he tugged gently, urging his lovers into his quarters.

Zarbon chuckled at Jeice's obvious impatience, leaning down and capturing Jeice's lower lip between his teeth, nibbling gently. He moaned into the kiss as Raditz's arms wound around them both, the large Saiyan's warm, rock-solid body pressing against his back.

"Mm..." Jeice grinned as he leaned forward, pressing against Zarbon's body. "Now this is the kind of welcome home a guy dreams of." He murmured, green eyes slipping closed as Raditz's large hands gently combed through his long, silver hair.


Burter chuckled as he and Kuri-mu rounded the corner, just in time to watch Jeice's door slide shut. "Hn, here I thought I'd be able to properly introduce you to them. Oh well, tomorrow perhaps." He said quietly, turning his head and nuzzling her light blue hair.

Kuri-mu smirked, pressing closer to the large reptilian warrior, one clawed hand slowly tracing over the front of his armor. "Saa, I've spent time already with Zarbon and Raditz, I'll get to spend time with the cute little orange one soon enough. Leave them alone tonight, they're busy with their welcome home celebrations, as you're about to be." She said, voice trailing off into a growl as she turned and slammed him against the wall, leaning forward and undulating slowly, one thigh pressing gently against his groin.

Burter snarled in return, baring sharp fangs at her, immensely pleased with her display of strength and aggressiveness. "Oh, really?" He laughed softly, one hand fisting in her long hair, the other arm snapping tightly around her waist as he pushed them both away from the wall. "Well then, let's get started, I can't wait to see what you've got planned." He leered at her, before guiding her over to the door.

Kuri-mu grinned back, putting up a playful struggle before the two reptiles tumbled through the doorway, laughter spilling out into the hallway before the door swished shut behind them.

To Be Continued....

I know, there's probably a couple of people who'll give me hell for not putting a lemon in this chapter, but I decided I'd to it next time seeing how this chapter had grown to about 18 pages *passes out* Besides, needed to work out some plot for future chapters, especially lemons *cackles* And for those that are wondering, no, I will not be writing a lemon for Burter and Kuri-mu. (Unless of course somebody actually asks me for one *chuckles*) Hope you liked, let me know what you think!