Alternative arrangements. (Alternately titled 'Taste the rainbow' *snickers and grins at Shadow*) Part 5.

By; Zoicyte Aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom; DBZ

Rating; NC-17

Pairings; Jeice/Zarbon, Raditz/Zarbon, Jeice/Raditz, Raditz/Jeice /Zarbon.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT, AU sorta, as are all my fics. If you don't like the idea of Jeice being a charming, insatiable sex fiend, then this fic is not for you *giggles*

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Yes, for those of you who are wondering at all the pairings, this is going to be a mini 'Fusion', lots of chapters of PWP lemon!

Thanks to Espaa, for beta'ing, and to Lara for her constant encouragement to keep writing. Also, special thanks to Espaa for being my inspiration for this fic, for without all her yummy Zarbon fics, (especially World) I might not have had the nerve to try this.


Raditz crept back into Zarbon's quarters, the changeling having given him a pass code. He smiled as he looked down at the lovely form sprawled on the bed, emerald hair fanning out behind him. "Mm...and just think, in another few hours, I'll have two beautiful bishounen to myself." He chuckled, settling down beside him, curling up to the slightly cooler form and closing his eyes with a soft yawn.


The next morning...

Vegeta tossed fitfully on his bed, still plagued by images flitting through his mind, graphic images of Jeice, Zarbon and Raditz engaged in various acts, in every position the young, still rather inexperienced prince's mind could dream up. He growled and lashed his tail in his sleep, as his dream changed slightly, the Saiyan seeing his own reflection in a mirror on the wall, as he dreamt he was standing beside the bed, close enough to touch, but unable. Each time he tried to touch, or shouted and cursed the other men, his hand seemed to pass right through them, and his angry words fell on deaf ears as the other three merely continued their lewd display.

"Hn...rrrggh...." Soft snarls and growls rang out in the dark room as the diminutive Saiyan nearly rolled off his bed, before twisting onto his back, one arm flung over his eyes. Finally he snapped awake, sitting bolt upright with a shout. Sweat beaded his forehead, dark eyes wide, gleaming with an angry light. "I will....I will put a stop to this..." He said softly, voice low and menacing.


Zarbon writhed and twisted slowly on the soft sheets, a wicked smile on his face, as his dreams were filled with images very similar to Vegeta's but they definitely didn't annoy the cyan-skinned warrior, quite the contrary.

"Ah...hnnn...yeah..." He moaned softly, seeing in his dreams soft, silvery-white hair trailing teasingly over his abdomen, before a hot, wet mouth engulfed his arousal, drawing a low groan from him. Large, tan-skinned hands slid over the changeling's chest, fingers pinching and rubbing at his hardened nipples, making him moan and arch into the heated touches.

"Yes...p...please..." He stammered, before a low chuckle sliced through his dream, citrine eyes blinking open slowly. "Raditz...?" Zarbon whispered, then gasped as the Saiyan's lips slid to the base of his shaft, the other man's hands trailing over pale blue skin, drawing shivers from him as he writhed beneath the burly warrior. "Ahn...Raditz..." He rasped, hips rocking slowly as the Saiyan relentlessly brought him closer and closer to the edge. ", not like that...want more..."

"Hn...more, huh?" Raditz pulled away and gave the changeling a wicked smirk. "You may be well rested after a good nights sleep, but you shouldn't wear yourself out too much so early, remember..." He chuckled, sending waves of warm air over the other's engorged length. "Jeice will be back soon, then you'll have two of us to contend with."

Zarbon tossed his head, breath hitching in his chest, as first one finger, then a second pushed into him, probing and stretching gently. "I...we should warm up a bit then, hm? Get ready for what's to come." Zarbon slowly lifted his head and smirked back, raising himself onto his elbows and watching the Saiyan with hooded, golden eyes. "Wouldn't do for us to be unprepared when it came time to give our little orange-skinned lover a warm welcome home..." He purred, tongue flicking out to wet his lips.

"No, I don't suppose it would." Raditz leered at the cyan-skinned man, before scissoring the thick digits inside him, seeking, then finding his prostate and pressing gently.

Zarbon gave a soft cry, arching his neck before falling back on the bed, his hands shooting out and sinking into Raditz's thick, dark hair and tugging gently. "Please...Raditz..." He gasped, hips rocking up to the other man's touch as he rolled his head from side to side. "Need you, need more..."

"Hn...soon, Zarbon." Raditz purred, tail slowly inching up the bed beside them. The furry appendage wrapped around Zarbon's length, squeezing and stroking gently, as the Saiyan continued to rub the changeling's pleasure spot, making the blue-skinned reptile arch and squirm beneath him.

A keening whine fell from pale, soft blue lips as warm hands skimmed over Zarbon's chest, fingers tugging and pinching gently at his nipples, drawing a low, throaty moan from him. "Ahn...Raditz, stop teasing!" He growled, bucking his hips to signal his impatience.

The burly Saiyan grinned up at Zarbon, then gave a mock pout. "Stop, already? But I haven't even started yet." He snickered as Zarbon snarled and twisted beneath him, trying to squirm away. "Oh alright..." Raditz sighed dramatically, before sliding up his lover's body and seizing swollen, cyan lips in a bruising kiss.

Zarbon moaned softly into the kiss, arms winding around Raditz's neck as he pressed up against the larger man's chest, breath quickening, heat rushing through his body. He hooked one leg over Raditz's hip, fingers sinking through the other man's thick hair, nails scraping gently over the warm skin of the Saiyan's back as he bucked his hips. The cyan-skinned man broke the kiss and nuzzled his lover's cheek. "Mm...Raditz...I think I'm ready now, matter of fact, I'm more than ready..." He purred, staring up at the Saiyan.

Raditz groaned softly as he gazed down at his lover, onyx eyes raking over violet-tinged cheeks, swollen, powder blue lips, and hooded eyes darkened by desire to a sharp orange. "Mm...I think so too." He whispered, raining kisses along the other man's chin and jaw. He gently finished stretching his lover, and pulled his hand away, smirking at the soft sound of disappointment that sounded from below him. "Now now, Zarbon, you know better than to think I'd leave you like this...for any real length of time, at least." The Saiyan laughed softly, before trailing heated kisses up and down the smooth skin of Zarbon's throat as he shifted his hips, settling between his lover's thighs, the head of his arousal pressing lightly against the changeling's entrance.

"You'll not be leaving me like this for any length of time at all!" Zarbon growled, hands cupping Raditz's face as he stared up into the other's eyes. "Enough with the waiting already, Saiyan...I want you in me..." He murmured, panting softly in anticipation.

Raditz smirked wickedly at his lover. "As you wish." He said quietly, before jerking his hips forward, burying himself in one smooth, quick thrust.

Zarbon let out a sharp cry, flinging his head back as he jerked and shuddered, a strangled groan escaping him as Raditz began to move inside him with hard, deep strokes. " Raditz..." He gasped, hips bucking up to meet the Saiyan's almost violent thrusts, fingers tangling in the wild mass of hair that spilled forward over Raditz's broad shoulders.

Raditz growled as he buried his face against Zarbon's throat, nipping and licking the soft, light blue skin as he pounded into his lover, breath coming in short, harsh pants. He slid his hands down from where they had been gripping the changeling's waist, and grazed his fingers over the tops of Zarbon's thighs before suddenly darting under them, hands hooking under his lover's knees, lifting the other man's long legs and guiding them around his waist. "Nn...Zarbon..." He rasped, breath fanning across one smooth, cyan cheek.

Zarbon threw his head back, eyes clenched shut as the slight change in position caused the Saiyan's length to hit his prostate dead on with each thrust, making bright spots of color flash beneath his closed eyelids as he arched and trembled beneath the larger man. "Please...Raditz...feels good....need more..." He gasped, before sinking his teeth into his lower lip.

Raditz growled softly in answer, tail releasing Zarbon's shaft, before he wrapped one large, calloused hand around the silken length, moving up and down in quick, rough strokes. His tail coiled around Zarbon's thigh briefly, before sliding down between his legs, the tip lightly caressing the base of the changeling's shaft, then the sensitive sacs beneath.

Zarbon arched up off the bed, groaning loudly as one hand gripped Raditz's shoulder tightly, the other reaching up and fisting in the sheets above his head. "Ahn...R...Raditz...yes, please...can't...can't hold off.." He ground out through clenched teeth, sweat beading on his face and throat as he shivered violently, muscles tensing briefly before he jerked his head to the side, burying his face in the pillows to muffle his shout of pleasure as he jerked his hips up to meet his lover's thrusts, his seed spraying into his lover's hand, some escaping and pooling on his abdomen as he slumped beneath the Saiyan, chest heaving as he panted harshly.

Raditz stiffened as the changeling's internal muscles tightened around him, the added friction combined with the stifled sounds of the other man's pleasure hurling him over the edge. Muscles stood out sharply beneath sweat-slicked, bronzed skin as he slammed his hips forward several more times before throwing his head back and letting out a howl of pleasure, spilling his essence deep inside his lover before collapsing on top of him, all but gasping for breath.

"Nn...well, that should certainly ensure I'm limbered up and ready to take whatever this afternoon and evening will bring." Zarbon chuckled, gently combing his fingers through the Saiyan's sweat-dampened hair. "What say you and I take a shower, then go get something to eat?" He smiled up at his lover almost sweetly, before leaning up and nipping at his chin.

"I'd love to, but unfortunately..." Raditz sighed as he reached over and grabbed up his scouter, checking the time. "Hn...Vegeta and Nappa will be up, and for some reason lately the prince gets all bent out of shape if I don't put in an appearance at least for a little while during the day, whether it be to eat, or train, or just walk around and intimidate some of the weaker soldiers." He laughed softly as he rolled off the cyan-skinned man, curling up beside him. "So I have to get back, but I'll make sure to be back around the time Jeice returns, unless you'd rather have him to yourself awhile." He tilted his head and gazed at the changeling.

Zarbon quirked a brow and shook his head. "Don't be ridiculous. I don't mind...not at all..." He smirked, one leg thrown over Raditz's thighs as a light blue hand trailed over the Saiyan's broad chest. "I think he'll be rather miffed if you didn't show up to welcome him back."

"Hn...more than likely, arrogant little sex fiend that he is." Raditz snorted, as Zarbon laughed. "So, that means I'd best get back and put in my mandatory appearance before he gets back I guess." He sighed, slowly sitting up, dragging a hand down his face. "The sooner I spend time with them, the sooner I can come back here, and we can find a way to pass the time.." He smirked and turned his head, looking back as Zarbon sat up and pressed against his back, hands sliding around to gently rake long, sharp nails over Raditz's abdomen.

"Sounds like a plan..." Zarbon purred, then sighed as the Saiyan slowly rose to his feet, walking over and scooping up his clothing. Full, powder blue lips settled into a slight pout as that fine, muscular form was once again covered in black armor. "Hn...well, it's only a few hours I suppose I can live that long without someone to keep me...busy." He smirked, getting up and padding to the bathroom for a shower. "I'll see you this afternoon then." He murmured throatily, reaching up and lifting his hair to give the Saiyan a good view of his naked backside.

Raditz's ebony eyes narrowed as they slowly roamed up and down his lover's body. "Nn...can't wait." He said quietly, before turning and quietly slipping out into the hallway.


"Ah come on, Vegeta." Nappa grumbled, holding his stomach, which let out a loud rumble. "The furball's probably still passed out somewhere, sleeping it off, I don't think he's gonna show, so we should just go down and eat, then train without him."

Vegeta growled, tail lashing behind him, signaling his impatience and anger with the absent Saiyan. "I'll give him two more minutes, and then we will." He shook his head, folding his arms and scowling blackly. "Seems our dear friend Raditz would rather spend his time with a couple of high-powered freaks rather than show his own kind, particularly his prince, a little respect. We'll see about this. He's got to come back sometime..." The prince snarled softly, narrowed eyes glittering like black diamonds as he stared at the door.

*Hn...that's it, Raditz.* Nappa thought with a smirk as he watched the prince standing stock-still in the center of the room, nearly trembling with anger. *Keep rubbing it in, flaunting that little...arrangement of yours with Jeice and Zarbon in Vegeta's face. Pretty soon one of two things is gonna happen. Either a; he'll think you're such an asshole he'll lose that infatuation he has with you, or b; he'll find a way to tempt you away, without setting aside his pride while doing it. This is gonna be interesting, seeing what comes first.* The large, bald Saiyan barely suppressed a chuckle as Vegeta stiffened, both Saiyan's scouters showing Raditz approaching his quarters. "Well well, looks like he made it back after all." Nappa drawled, folding his arms and sauntering out after his prince as Vegeta stalked out of the room.

"Hmph. What's next, Raditz, the three of you moving into shared quarters?" Vegeta sneered, striding out into the hallway and walking up to the larger Saiyan. He recoiled as the scent of sex and sweat assailed him, bringing a slight blush to his cheeks as images from the previous night's dreams came back briefly.

"No, just spending the nights together." Raditz answered bluntly, barely keeping himself from snapping out the words and sneering right back. He didn't understand the sudden change in the other Saiyan's attitude, refusing to believe for a minute the frigid prince held any secret interest in him. *He's probably just pissed at the fact that I'm not afraid to pursue my pleasures openly, and I don't give a fuck who knows about it, or what they think.* He shrugged slightly, punching in the code to open his door and striding in, stripping off his armor as he went.

Vegeta strode in after him, growling in annoyance as he stopped suddenly and was bumped into from behind by Nappa, the huge Saiyan nearly bowling the diminutive prince over. "Nappa, watch where you're going..." He hissed softly, averting his head as Raditz stripped down in front of both of them, once again unsettling Vegeta with his nonchalance. *I really wish he would stop doing that...* Vegeta thought, turning around and facing Nappa so as not to be tempted to stare.

* look a little uneasy, Vegeta.* Nappa thought, holding back a smirk. *Hm...maybe I should push things a bit. Seems the prince is too uptight to admit to liking the way Raditz is put together, but I don't need to hold back from doing so.* He folded his arms and leaned back against the wall, practically leering at the maned Saiyan's back as his eyes raked over the tall, muscular form. *Gotta admit, he is a pretty nice piece of meat. Now if only the guy'd get a haircut, I mean come on, if I rolled with him, I'd end up getting so tangled up in that wild mop I'd have to blast my way out.* He thought to himself with a wicked grin.

Vegeta's eyes were trained on the floor by Nappa's feet for several minutes, until finally he lifted his head. Dark brows quirked as he realized the large, bald Saiyan was staring over at Raditz, not even bothering to hide how much he was enjoying the view. He folded his arms and glared up at the gargantuan Saiyan, power level rising slightly with his anger.

"What?" Nappa asked quietly, giving the smaller man a perplexed look as his scouter flashed to life.

"Hn...nothing, never mind." Vegeta snapped, by now extremely frustrated and annoyed by both of the other Saiyans. "You will hurry up with your shower or whatever you're going to do, then get your ass down to the kitchens for breakfast. Nappa and I will eat and go to the training room. You will meet us there for a training session." He turned on his heel and stalked out of the room, not waiting for an answer.

Nappa waited until the prince was out of earshot before letting out a low chuckle, giving Raditz a thumbs-up sign on his way out. "Keep it up, Raditz." He snickered, then burst out laughing at the other Saiyan's blank stare.

"What the hell...?" Raditz quirked a brow and stared at the door for several moments. "Oh fuck it, I'll find out what this is all about eventually." He growled, padding into the shower. "Until then, I'm going to continue to enjoy my...arrangement." He grinned, turning on the water, stepping into the spray, and slowly, sensuously running his hands over his body.


Nappa sat across the table from the irate prince, digging into his third plate of food. "Why you so upset still, Vegeta? He came back from a night with Zarbon in obviously good health, I mean, we pretty much saw every inch of him." He smirked at the light blush these words brought to Vegeta's cheeks. "And there wasn't a mark on him. From the looks of things, Zarbon seems to be enjoying this little arrangement as much as Jeice."

"Yes, that freak is just getting off on all this, and Jeice is sitting back laughing at me now, I'd imagine, because he has one of my men at his beck and call, crooking a finger and Raditz will go running to his bed." Vegeta spat angrily, pushing his plate to the side. "Yes, that over-sexed walking tomato orchestrated this entire thing just to make a mockery of we few remaining Saiyans." The prince growled, tail puffing up and lashing beside him.

"Hn...I don't know, Vegeta, I think Jeice just likes Raditz, he knows a nice lookin man when he sees one, and that's probably all there is to it." Nappa shrugged, cleaning his plate and setting it back on the table.

"Don't be a fool, Nappa. There's always more to it with people like that, I just have to find out what it is." Vegeta stood abruptly, turning and heading toward the doors. "Enough talk, it's time to get down to the training room. Raditz had better hurry up, my patience is short today."

"You're patience is always short..." Nappa murmured.

"What did you say?!"

"Nothing, Vegeta."


Raditz stepped out of his quarters, dressed in loose training garb, rather than his full armor, he knew the prince would give him a disapproving look, but he was so perplexed and so pissed off by the strange attitude of the other, that right now he didn't even care. He made his way down to the cafeteria, heaping up several plates of food, and chuckling when he spotted a wild mop of electric blue hair in the corner. "Kuri-mu." He smirked, laughing softly as the other women the large reptilian was sitting with started giving him the eye and cooing and beckoning to him.

"Aha! Lucky Saiyan boy..." Kuri-mu gave the Saiyan a wicked grin, pulling out a chair for him. "This is the one I told you about, that has both those cute ones." She grinned, as the other females laughed uproariously, some patting Raditz on the back, all of them grinning. "Some like Zarbon, they've seen him around, and a couple like Jeice too. They're jealous that you snagged them both."

Raditz chuckled and dug into his food. "Jealous, huh?" He grinned. "I don't think I've ever had anyone jealous of me for that particular reason before." He snickered, shaking his head. "So, Burter will be back sometime this afternoon, hm?" He slanted a look at her, winking playfully. "Bet you can't wait."

"Mm hm..." Kuri-mu licked her lips and laughed softly. "Both our boys will be home soon."


"Take it easy, Vegeta, he'll be here any minute." Nappa sighed, dropping down beside the prince, who was currently pacing back and forth across the training area.

"It's been half an hour, by the time we left the cafeteria, he should have been finished his shower. What the hell is taking him so long?" Vegeta growled. "I will not be kept waiting by the likes of him."

"Hn, I'll bet he got waylaid by Zarbon." Nappa put in helpfully, biting his lip to keep from grinning as the prince froze and stiffened, shoulders hunching. The larger Saiyan spun around as the door banged open, to reveal the Saiyan in question striding in.

"Well it's about damn time! Where have you been...and what the hell are you wearing?" Vegeta asked, lip curled as he eyed the loose gi pants and layered shirts.

"Training clothes, I don't feel like pulling shards of armor out of my skin later." Raditz said quietly, walking to the center of the room before spinning to face the other two. "And, pardon me for being late. I was waylaid by the female performers while eating."

"Bah, enough excuses, we start now." Vegeta growled, floating up into the air. "I imagine we'll have to excuse you when Jeice comes home, you'll have to be running along to your master, won't you?" The prince gave the other man a cruel smirk, before forming a ball of ki in his palm and shooting it at Raditz.

Raditz snarled and managed to dodge, glaring up at the prince, tail whipping behind him as he powered up as well.

Nappa merely moved out of the way, content to watch the other two men goad each other. *Yeah, Vegeta's gonna say somethin soon, I just know it...* He chuckled.


Four hours later...

Kuri-mu sighed as she carried one of the other girls down to recovery. "You have to be more careful, Mikato." She shook her head, remembering the way the girl had slipped and fallen off the stage, on, Kuri-mu suspected, some spilled drinks not cleaned up from the night before and left in a slick mess at the front of the stage. She figured the girl had a broken leg.

"Yes...I know, but I didn't see anything there, one minute I'm dancing, the next the world is spinning and I'm down on the floor." The large, but slight green-skinned, yellow-haired female sighed.

"Good thing arrangements were made for us to be able to use those tanks to speed healing, otherwise you'd be out of commission for the full six weeks it would take you to heal on your own." Kuri-mu shook her head, setting the other girl down on a table and turning to leave. "I have to go start getting ready myself. You want I should come walk you back later?"

"No, I'll find my way back." Mikato chuckled, then winced as the small, reptilian doctor poked gently at her thigh.

"Okay, I'll see you later then." Kuri-mu nodded and turned, walking up the hall. It took her a few minutes to realize she'd gone the wrong way, and was actually in the training area, instead of heading back to the recreation area. " did I get myself turned around like that?" She pouted, hands on hips as she made to turn around and walk back.

The hissing of a door behind her made her pause and look over her shoulder, and red eyes widened as a familiar figure stumbled out into the hallway, a grating voice hurling insults from within the room, calling the large Saiyan weak and incompetent. "Raditz...what happened?" She rushed over to the man's side, scooping him up and heading back to recovery.

"Ahn! Shit..." Raditz winced as some of his ribs shifted, and he realized they must be broken. " got a little intense, that's all."

"Training, huh?" Kuri-mu quirked one brow ridge and looked at him skeptically. "Well, I guess it's a good thing after all I got lost. Let's get you into one of those tanks, hm? You'll be all healed up, and refreshed and full of energy for when the little red sex fiend comes back." She laughed and winked at him, setting him down on an examining table, looking up and waving at Mikato who was currently immersed in one of the tanks already.

"Uh huh, good point." Raditz laughed softly, then groaned as pain lanced through his chest. "Oh...dammit...that hurts..." He hissed, eyes narrowing as the doctor tried to ready him to enter another of the regeneration tanks.

"How long will he take?" Kuri-mu asked the doctor, as she slowly made her way to the door.

"About two hours." The doctor answered, frowning at the Saiyan's ribs.

"I'll see you later then, I've got to get ready for tonight." She said to Raditz, pausing in the doorway and waving.

Raditz nodded and lifted a hand briefly, before slowly, carefully sliding off the table and hobbling over to one of the tanks.


Zarbon frowned slightly as he walked up the corridor, passing the recreation area where the females would be performing yet again tonight. "Hm, should stop in and say hello to Kuri-mu I suppose, thank her for...putting me on to the Saiyan." He chuckled, shaking his head before wandering into the still empty bar.

After waiting for a few minutes to catch a glimpse of her, he finally grew impatient and asked one of the other girls where she was. He blinked and nodded, glancing over at the stage as he was informed of her trip to recovery. "I see, well, I'll take a walk around, maybe I'll find her." The cyan-skinned warrior said softly, striding out into the hall, and nearly being knocked over by the very female in question. "Well hello there..." He laughed softly.

"Hello yourself." Kuri-mu tilted her head and smiled slightly at Zarbon. "You looking for someone?" She winced slightly, one arm coming up and running through her hair. "The Saiyan, no?"

"Well, I wasn't looking for Raditz just yet, Jeice isn't due home for another hour and a half, so I'll go find him in an hour or so, we'll get ready to...welcome him back." He smirked.

"Ahm...well, there's a little problem with that...Raditz is kind recovery, he's sitting in one of those tank thingies." Kuri-mu winced as Zarbon's eyes narrowed, face hardening.

"What?!" He exclaimed, turned and stalking quickly down the hall, hitting the stairs at a near run and making his way down the two levels to the recovery room. "Dammit, what did you get yourself into now, Saiyan?" He asked softly, looking through the glass at the bruises and ki burns covering the unconscious man's torso.

"He said his training session with the others got a little too intense." The doctor supplied.

Zarbon closed his eyes, pinching the bridge of his nose, then looked down at the display on the front of the machine. "Shit! Two hours? Jeice'll be back in an hour and a half...oh he's not going to be pleased when he sees this..." The changeling sighed, turning and leaving the room. "I almost feel sorry for little Vegeta...almost." He smirked.

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