Alternative arrangements. (Alternately titled 'Taste the rainbow' *snickers and grins at Shadow*) Part 4.

By; Zoicyte Aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom; DBZ

Rating; NC-17

Pairings; Jeice/Zarbon, Raditz/Zarbon, Jeice/Raditz, Raditz/Jeice /Zarbon.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT, AU sorta, as are all my fics. If you don't like the idea of Jeice being a charming, insatiable sex fiend, then this fic is not for you *giggles*

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Yes, for those of you who are wondering at all the pairings, this is going to be a mini 'Fusion', lots of chapters of PWP lemon!

Thanks to Espaa, for beta'ing. Also, special thanks to Espaa for being my inspiration for this fic, for without all her yummy Zarbon fics, (especially World) I might not have had the nerve to try this.


Raditz rolled off him, coaxing Zarbon to turn over onto his back. "You need to work on your endurance. I can help you with that..." He waggled his eyebrows, leering at him.

Zarbon gasped as he felt the Saiyan's length pressing into his thigh. "Again?!" He hollered. "We just bloody well finished!"

"Aw, come on, don't be like that..." Raditz purred, nuzzling his chin. "I'll even let you be seme this time..."

Zarbon pondered this, as Raditz began to rub against him restlessly. "Oh, alright..." He sighed, then gasped as the Saiyan pounced on him. "But, I thought you just sai...mmph!" The changeling was silenced as his lover seized his lips in a bruising kiss, large, strong hands sliding up and down his sides.

"I know what I said." Raditz purred, nipping lightly at Zarbon's chin. "And you will be seme..." The burly Saiyan chuckled. "But, I never said anything about you being on top."

Zarbon smirked, staring up at his lover with hazy, passion-glazed citrine eyes, groaning softly as the Saiyan ground their rock-hard erections together. "Raditz..." He whispered, fingers toying with spiky black hair. Golden eyes blinked in confusion as Raditz got off of him and pulled him up, coaxing Zarbon to kneel before him. "What are you..." The question was cut off as the Saiyan's lips covered his in a soft, lingering kiss.

Muscular arms draped across Zarbon's shoulders, as the burly Saiyan settled himself in the changeling's lap, shifting his hips until the cyan-skinned warrior's arousal pushed against his entrance. Raditz's head fell back, a loud moan escaping him as he lowered himself onto his partner's thick shaft.

Zarbon gasped, whispering his lover's name as his hands gripped Raditz's waist, lifting him and slowly lowering him again, rocking his hips gently.

Raditz growled softly, gripping Zarbon's shoulders tightly using his powerful legs to aid in their movements until he was being slammed up and down on the cyan-skinned man's length. Both of them were panting harshly; grunts, growls and moans ringing out as the two men bucked and arched, clinging to each other; lips seeking, then finding each other in a searing kiss; tongues dueling as sharp teeth nibbled on lust-swollen lips.

Zarbon's eyes flew open suddenly, head snapping back as the Saiyan's tail plunged into him without warning. "!" He cried, hips jerking back and forth. "Ahhhnn....Oh...Ra...Raditz..." He croaked, as the Saiyan's tail pushed in even deeper, the tip wriggling inside him, wrenching a sharp cry from him as it touched his prostate. "Hnn! Y..yeah... Don't stop..." Zarbon begged breathlessly, amber eyes rolling back in his head.

Raditz smirked, panting raggedly as he continued to move atop Zarbon, thrusting his tail deep into the now-trembling changeling.

"Oh....hnn... Ah!" Zarbon moaned, head coming up as he pinned Raditz with glittering amber eyes. "Cum with me..." He whispered, before capturing the Saiyan's lips in a hot, hungry kiss; one hand moving from Raditz's hip, to wrap around the burly warrior's weeping cock, sliding up and down in quick, rough strokes.

Raditz gave a muffled cry, teeth sinking into Zarbon's bottom lip, nearly drawing blood as he arched and bucked frantically, a sheen of sweat covering his bronzed skin, strands of ebony hair sticking to his forehead. His thick arms were squeezing the changeling tightly as Raditz pressed his face into the crook of Zarbon's throat, his scream of release muffled by the soft, blue skin as his seed shot out, coating both men's chests and abdomens.

Zarbon trembled violently, one hand fisting in Raditz's thick, coarse hair, as he nuzzled the Saiyan's cheek. "Raditz..." He rasped, then flung his head back, green hair whipping through the air, as he let out a piercing shriek, his essence spilling inside his lover.

The two men clung to each other for several moments, slight tremors running through them both, until Raditz shifted, pulling them both down to lie side-by-side. The Saiyan stroked Zarbon's soft hair, smiling at him, onyx eyes glittering in the dim light.

Zarbon snuggled up to the Saiyan's muscular chest, and looked up at him. "What are you thinking about?" He asked softly, one hand toying with a stray lock of black hair as the other traced the muscles of Raditz's arm.

Raditz gave Zarbon a wicked smirk. "Just that I am really liking this arrangement." He laughed as Zarbon swatted at his chest, pouting playfully. "Hn...don't tempt me, unless you're really ready for round three..." He murmured, leaning his head down and seizing the pouty lips in a gentle kiss.

"Well..." Zarbon smiled coquettishly at him. "I suppose, if you're on top, I could be talked into a third round pretty soon... Hey!" He cried, as Raditz growled and rolled him onto his back, pushing his legs apart and settling on top of him.

"Now sounds good..." The Saiyan grinned wolfishly at him.

"Me and my big fucking mouth..." Zarbon whimpered, crying out as Raditz impaled him once more.


Vegeta paced his room, Nappa sitting cross-legged on the floor at the foot of the prince's bed.

"Why you so worried, Vegeta?" Nappa asked, frowning. "If Raditz wants to be involved with the little pomegranate, who cares?"

"I don't care that he's sleeping around, Nappa." Vegeta snapped, glaring at him. "I care that he's sleeping with someone who's one hell of a lot stronger, and who also happens to already have another lover, who is a hell of a lot stronger than Raditz!" Vegeta sat down on his bed and sighed. "One wrong move, and either of them could snuff out his life in an instant."

Nappa nodded and frowned, his lips pressed into a thin line. "Yeah, good point, Vegeta." He said, scratching his bald head and sighing. "But what're we gonna do about it? If Jeice has threatened to hurt you if we make a move against Raditz I don't see what else there is for us to do but wait and see what happens."

Vegeta growled in frustration. "There has to be a way to put a stop to this nonsense!" He spat, turning and punching the wall, leaving a sizable dent in it.

"I don't know, Vegeta..." Nappa said doubtfully, stroking his chin, eyes narrowing. "You know how stubborn and hotheaded Raditz can be." The huge Saiyan stretched his legs out, earning himself a growl from the prince as the Saiyan's long legs nearly tripped Vegeta as he paced the room. "He's been really bored lately, no missions, and the women don't appeal to him at all, there's been nothing for him to do to let out his frustration." Nappa sighed. "At least most of the guys around here find some of the women appealing enough that they can spend a night or two with them, let off some steam." The giant chuckled, licking his lips. "But Raditz thought they were all repulsive, which is nothin' new for him."

The prince halted in the center of the room, sighing softly. He understood the Saiyan's feelings, finding some males on the base infinitely more appealing than the women Frieza brought in. He reached up and pinched the bridge of his nose gently, eyes slipping closed.

Nappa clapped a hand over his mouth, hiding a knowing smile. He'd been the prince's caretaker since he was old enough to walk, and despite however hard Vegeta tried to hide his feelings, Nappa generally always had an idea of what was going through the prince's head; although he had to be careful not to let the young prince know that. *I know the real reason you're so angry, Vegeta.* He thought, suppressing a chuckle. *You always did have a bit of a fixation on Raditz.*

The massive Saiyan slowly climbed to his feet, pacing the room with his prince.

Vegeta turned and glared as he found himself with an oversized shadow trailing him around the room.

Nappa stroked his mustache thoughtfully, frowning. "It's too bad we didn't have anything we could offer, something that would be tempting enough to keep him away from those two." He fought to hold back a laugh as Vegeta stopped dead in the center of the room, eyes narrowed.

"What do you mean?" The prince asked quietly.

"Well..." Nappa turned to face him, keeping his expression neutral. "We both know how bored and frustrated he is, and how much he needs to let that out in some way, besides just training all the time." He folded his arms as Vegeta nodded slightly, onyx eyes rising to meet his own. "Raditz needs a lover, and he feels he's found one. I think if we're gonna put a stop to this, we need to get Raditz interested in someone else. Find someone that appeals to him even more than those two."

Vegeta scowled blackly. "Nappa, where the hell are we going to come up with a replacement?" He hissed. "As much..." He shuddered slightly. "As much as I hate to admit it, Jeice and Zarbon are two of the better looking males on this base, I can't think of anyone that could be considered more pleasing to the eye than them." He sighed softly, eyes on the floor.

*Oh, I can think of someone...* Nappa thought, turning his head away, a wicked smirk on his features. *And he's standing right in front of me, now if only he would admit how much he wants to bed Raditz, things would all fall into place.* "Well, we're gonna have to figure out somethin, before that hairball goes and gets himself hurt, or worse." Nappa said quietly, eyes narrowing at the worried expression that flitted across the prince's face briefly.

"I know, Nappa." Vegeta whispered, walking over and standing before the window. "I know."

Nappa pursed his lips at the prince, realizing it was time to leave him alone with his thoughts. "It's late, Prince Vegeta." He said quietly, waiting to be dismissed.

"Wh...oh, yes, fine, go see those females before they finish for the night." Vegeta said with a frown.

Nappa had the good grace to blush as he bowed and slowly strode out of the room. "Goodnight, Vegeta."

The prince merely nodded, growling softly as his tail uncurled from his waist to lash in the air behind him.

"Find Raditz another partner. Easier said than done, considering he's got the two best looking guys on the base aside from himse..." Vegeta blushed at where his mind had been going. "I am not going to offer myself as a replacement. The prince of all Saiyans is not just an idle distraction!" He snapped, stalking away from the window, tossing off his armor and squirming out of his uniform. He flung himself onto his bed with a growl, tangling himself up in the covers before lying on his back, glaring at the ceiling. "Besides." He muttered, grasping at straws as far as arguments were concerned. "I'm the prince, he's only a first class, why should I put myself in such a compromising position, just to save his ass?" Vegeta said, then groaned and blushed furiously, turning and burying his face in the pillow at his own poor choice of words.


Three hours later....

Zarbon and Raditz collapsed in a sweaty heap, panting harshly, bodies trembling as they clung to each other weakly.

"Enough, Saiyan." Zarbon croaked, pushing him away and rolling onto his back as Raditz trailed kisses down his jaw. "I don't think Jeice would be pleased to return and find out that we'd screwed each other to death in his absence.

Raditz yawned and curled up beside him, tail sliding up to curl round the changeling's waist. "No, probably not." He chuckled softly, thick arms wrapping around the cyan-skinned man. "Perhaps we'd best get some rest, he's coming back sometime tomorrow, ne?"

Zarbon nodded, amber eyes slipping closed as the fingers of one hand tangled in long, jet-black hair. "Sometime in the afternoon. So we'll have time to get cleaned up and such."

"And eat...speaking of which..." Raditz blushed and snickered as his stomach let out a tremendous growl.

Zarbon's eyebrows shot up as he stared at him. "Maybe I should keep a tray of food in here when the three of us are spending the night together? From the sounds of that stomach, I don't know what would kill you first, Jeice's libido, or starvation."

Raditz rolled his eyes and sat up on the bed. "You got anything to eat around here?"

"No, just have a couple of bottles of wine." The other man said softly. "You'll have to go down to the kitchens and get something."

Raditz grumbled and got up, slipping on a pair of shorts and his boots before striding out into the hall, stalking down to the nearest kitchen. He snarled and bared sharp canines at the few half-drunken warriors wandering the halls, some sending catcalls his way, others bold enough to try and run a hand over his muscular chest or back.

"" One soldier stumbled after him for a few paces, leering at him. "This one is the lucky fellow, sought after by both Jeice and Zarbon!" He threw back his head and howled, before turning and pinning him with a bloodshot glare. "I think I'd like to sample those charms that those two find so appealing..." The tall, grey warrior growled, advancing on the Saiyan. The creature was easily a head taller than Raditz, with sharp black horns, a pelt of dark red hair, slitted cat's eyes, and long, sharp, jagged teeth.

Raditz dodged a clawed hand, only to find himself faced with two more soldiers of a similar species. He snarled as he remembered that these monstrosities outranked him, and each had a much higher power level than his own. "Kuso..." He growled, dropping into a defensive crouch.

All three of the creatures rushed him at once, easily capturing the cursing, struggling Saiyan and proceeding to drag him down the hall to their shared quarters, intent on having a little fun, when a large, scaly, clawed, blue hand closed on the shoulder of the leader.

The man threw back his head and howled in pain as the long, sharp claws dug into his flesh, slicing easily through skin and muscles, before he was thrown against the wall, a small trail of blood smeared on the wall behind his head as he slid to the floor, unconscious.

The other two creatures looked up, eyes widening as Kuri-mu hissed menacingly, red eyes glowing, sharp fangs bared. "I believe that belongs to a friend of mine, ne?" She pointed a claw at Raditz. "I don't think the little orange one would appreciate you treating his property in such a way." She lunged, moving with blinding speed, each of the men getting shot down the hall in opposite directions by a large ball of ki.

Raditz fell to the ground with a soft grunt, staring up at the large, female reptile. "Th...thanks, I guess." He said quietly, his pride stung a little bit at being rescued by the woman.

"Saa, no problem!" Kuri-mu grinned, grabbing Raditz by the arm and jerking him up and over her shoulder. "You should go back to wherever you came from, little Saiyan. I'll take you wherever you want to go, make sure you get there safely."

Raditz growled and struggled, squirming off one broad shoulder and landing on his feet. "I'm going to the kitchen. Thanks for the help, but I'm not really into the idea of being carried around like a piece of meat." He chuckled. "I can walk just fine."

"Hm..meat, huh? That reminds me. I'm starving!" She grinned, falling into step beside Raditz.

The two wandered into the dining area, each one heaping up huge trays of food and sitting down together, drawing curious stares as they dug into their food, and talked about nothing in particular.

Raditz found he rather enjoyed Kuri-mu's company, much to his surprise, and before he knew it, an hour and a half had passed. "Shit!" He exclaimed. "I have to go back to Zarbon, he'll probably be ready to skin me alive..."

Kuri-mu laughed. "Saa, you have another lover? Tsk tsk..." She shook a finger at him. A wicked smirk settled on her lips as Raditz accidentally blurted out their arrangement. "Aha, I figured that little one was a real sex fiend." She cackled, waving as Raditz got up and left.


Raditz crept back into Zarbon's quarters, the changeling having given him a passcode. He smiled as he looked down at the lovely form sprawled on the bed, emerald hair fanning out behind him. "Mm...and just think, in another few hours, I'll have two beautiful bishounen to myself." He chuckled, settling down beside him, curling up to the slightly cooler form and closing his eyes with a soft yawn.

To Be Continued....


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