Alternative arrangements. (Alternately titled 'Taste the rainbow' *snickers and grins at Shadow*) Part 3.

By; Zoicyte Aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom; DBZ

Rating; NC-17

Pairings; Jeice/Zarbon, Raditz/Zarbon, Jeice/Raditz, Raditz/Jeice /Zarbon.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT, AU sorta, as are all my fics. If you don't like the idea of Jeice being a charming, insatiable sex fiend, then this fic is not for you *giggles*

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Yes, for those of you who are wondering at all the pairings, this is going to be a mini 'Fusion', lots of chapters of PWP lemon!

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Raditz sat staring at the closed door. "He...was going to shoot me, wasn't he?" He scowled. "What business is it of his who I'm sleeping with?"

Jeice shrugged and sat beside him. "Maybe he's jealous, who knows?" He reached out and ran his hand down Raditz's arm. "I think he's finally realized what he's been missing out on, and he's pissed that someone else snapped you up first."

"Yeah, right..." Raditz snickered, leaning forward and kissing the smaller man, growling as Jeice pushed him down and climbed onto his chest. He closed his eyes, head lolling to the side as the other man trailed hot, wet kisses down the side of his throat, and carrying on to his shoulder.

"You're warm." Jeice said softly, tongue flicking out and lapping along the Saiyan's collarbone.

"Hmm?" Raditz arched, as Jeice's mouth moved down, latching onto a hardened nipple.

"Your skin, you're warm." Jeice whispered, nipping lightly at Raditz's stomach. "Zarbon's a bit cool to the touch. But you're warm, warmer than me."

"We...tend to run a few degrees...above what most consider to be the norm." Raditz panted, as the other man rained light kisses along his hip. "Especially when we're feeling...amorous."

Jeice smirked, raising himself up and kneeling between the Saiyan's parted thighs. "Zarbon said I was hot to the touch, I can't wait to see what happens when I get both of you together." His green eyes narrowed as he drank in the sight of the other warrior sprawled before him. Long, muscular legs were parted in silent invitation as the Saiyan's arms reached up over his head. Raditz's ebony hair was fanned out around him, very nearly covering the entire upper half of the bed. "Mmm...very...enticing." Jeice murmured, hands trailing up the insides of Raditz's thighs. He grinned as the larger man shivered, hips arching up toward him as the Saiyan sought more direct stimulation.

"Now, where's that tail of yours?" Jeice asked with an evil smile. The furry, brown appendage slowly waved in the air beside them, before snapping over and coiling around Jeice's wrist.

"Looking for this?" Raditz murmured, the furry length sliding up and down Jeice's forearm suggestively. The Saiyan watched as Jeice gently pulled the silky tail off his arm, bringing it up to his mouth. "'t..." He rasped, as Jeice turned his head and nipped at the tip of his tail.

"Aw, come on, Raditz." Jeice smirked. "I like watching what this does to you."

"J...Jeice...please..." Raditz writhed on the bed, gasping as his lover ran his hands along the Saiyan's tail, gently ruffling the silky fur. The orange-skinned man drew it toward his mouth, parting his lips and taking the tip of Raditz's tail into his mouth, sucking on it. "Ahnn! more, please? I c...can't stand it...I want..." Raditz ground out, arching and trembling beneath him, tail twitching. "Please..." He whispered, staring up at the orange-skinned man with hooded eyes.

Jeice released his lover's tail with a grin. "What do you want, Raditz?"

The burly Saiyan growled and lunged up at him, one hand fisting in Jeice's hair as the other slid around his slender waist. "You know damn well what I want!" He snarled, trying to flip them over.

Jeice smirked, then did his best impression of innocence, blinking up at his lover. "Why don't you just tell me anyway?" He asked, green eyes flashing as Raditz straddled his hips.

"I" The Saiyan rasped, positioning himself over Jeice's arousal and slamming his hips down, pulling a loud groan from the smaller man.

They moved in tandem, both men bucking and arching toward each other, Raditz coiling his tail tightly around Jeice's arm, as Jeice wrapped both hands around Raditz's arousal, stroking him roughly.

The burly Saiyan growled and moaned, head tossing from side to side, jet black hair whipping through the air, before he leaned down and buried his face in the pillows, his unruly mane settling over them like a blanket.

"Nn...Raditz..." Jeice groaned, biting his lip and shuddering. His hands moved faster up and down Raditz's length, feeling the Saiyan's movements becoming jerky and unsteady as he neared release.

"Hnn...ah! J...Jeice!" Raditz cried, as his seed shot out, coating his lover's chest and stomach. He moaned as the man beneath him let out a hoarse shout, arching up toward him one last time before his muscles went limp, and he slumped back on the bed.

They lay still and silent for several minutes until Jeice began to squirm slightly, blowing long strands of black hair away from his face. "Get up, mate, it's gettin' hard to breathe under all this fur."

Raditz snorted, but climbed off him, lying down beside Jeice and wrapping his arms around him, pulling the smaller man close.

"Mm..." Jeice snuggled up to Raditz's broad chest, smirking. "Yeah, I definitely made the right decision, adding you to the mix."

Raditz laughed, one hand sliding into Jeice's thick white hair. "We'll have to see if Zarbon agrees with you about that."

"He'll come around." Jeice said, nodding. "Now, enough talk, how about we get down to round three?"

"What?!" Raditz gaped at his lover, then yelped as he was pushed onto his back, before Jeice pounced on him.


The next morning....

Jeice snarled as his scouter began to beep continuously, rousing himself and Raditz from sleep. "What is it?" He snapped, snatching up the offending piece of equipment.

"Jeice, Captain Ginyu's called a meeting, we have to be down to his strategy room in half an hour, hurry up!" Burter was almost shouting. "I've been buzzing you and knocking on the door for the last twenty minutes, what the hell are you doing in there?" There was a brief pause. "Or do I even want to know?" Burter snickered.

Jeice chuckled, waving Raditz off. "Alright, meet you outside in twenty." He set the scouter back on the stand and kissed his lover good morning.

"What's up?" Raditz asked, stifling a yawn.

"Ah, we're probably gonna be going on a mission soon, the Captain wants to discuss strategy. Sorry, mate." He trailed light kisses down the side of Raditz's throat. "You can stay here for awhile, if you want."

"No, I should get back to my quarters, can't hide out here forever." The burly Saiyan stood up and donned his clothes.

Jeice stood and walked over to him, floating in the air in front of him and leaning forward, touching their foreheads together. "Just remember, Vegeta gives you a hard time, you let me know, right?"

Raditz nodded. "I don't think he will. He'll probably avoid me like the plague after this."

Jeice smirked and padded off for a quick shower. "You comin?" He asked, tossing a look over his shoulder.

"No, I think I'll go back and shower and change in my own quarters, the sooner I see how things stand, the better." Raditz said, following him in. "Keep me posted." He leaned down and captured Jeice's lips in a fiery kiss.

Jeice ran his fingers through the other man's unruly hair, nuzzling his chin. "Will do."

The Saiyan departed with a silent nod, not looking back as he strode out the door. He blinked as he almost collided with Burter...and...Burter? *No, that's...oh, that's what females of his species look like.* Raditz shuddered, as he brushed past Kuri-mu and Burter, who were engaged in a lip lock in the hallway.


Vegeta paced back and forth across his bedroom like a caged animal. "I don't believe that moron, sleeping with Jeice...of all people!" The Prince hissed angrily, then stopped, giving his head a quick shake. "Wait a second, why the hell should I care? It makes no difference what he does, or who he does it with...I don't care!" Vegeta shouted, lips twisted in a snarl. He spun around, scowling blackly as his scouter showed Raditz just across the hall.

The burly Saiyan jumped and spun around as the door behind him swished open to reveal a very pissed off Saiyan Prince. Raditz stood staring at Vegeta for a few seconds, before the Prince finally turned his back to him. "Good morning, Prince Vegeta." He said quietly, before entering his room, shutting and locking the door behind him.

The smaller Saiyan growled under his breath as he heard Raditz's door shut. "Good morning, Prince Vegeta..." He imitated the other Saiyan, making a face as he did so. "Boot licking, ass kissing...idiot!" He whirled around and stormed across the hall, punching in the override code to open the door and then striding into the room. "Raditz!!" He bellowed, then froze, a deep blush spreading over his face as he noticed the other Saiyan's state of undress.

"Yes, my Prince?" Raditz said, hiding a smirk as he watched the prince blushing. *You wanna come in here and give me shit about my sex life? Fine. I'll see how much of a lecture you feel like giving while I'm standing in front of you, completely nude.* He turned around, putting his hands on his hips, giving the smaller Saiyan quite an eyeful.

"I...w...I wanted..." Vegeta stammered, trying hard not to look at Raditz's beautifully formed body. "I need..." He took a deep breath, his entire face crimson. "Yes, you need?" Raditz prodded gently.

"I need to talk to you about Jeice!" Vegeta finally managed to say, forcing himself to meet the other Saiyan's eyes.

Raditz folded his arms over his chest, blatantly refusing to cover his manhood in any way. "I see. I didn't think you wanted to be in control of Nappa and my sex lives, Prince Vegeta."

Vegeta jerked, blushing harder for a moment. "I don't. I don't give a rat's ass what you do, or whom you do it with. All I wanted to say was that you need to watch your step with him."

"Oh, and why would that be?" Raditz asked, narrowing his eyes at the prince.

"Because in case you've forgotten, he's incredibly strong, the fourth strongest person on this base, after Frieza, Captain Ginyu, and his friend, Burter." Vegeta sighed. "You might not live long enough to regret it if things go sour between you two. And besides, Jeice already has a lover, and he might not be pleased with your sudden appearance on the scene. Zarbon is a lot stronger than you as well, and I don't like to think about what he might do to you when he comes back and finds out he's been replaced in Jeice's bed by a Saiyan." Vegeta folded his arms and snarled softly. "But I don't care what you do, other than perhaps the fact that you, Nappa and I are the last three remaining Saiyans. I don't want to see one more wiped out simply because he made a bad choice in bed partners."

Raditz studied Vegeta for a few seconds, until the Prince started to grow uncomfortable under the intense scrutiny. "Don't worry, Vegeta." He ran his hands through his hair, sighing. "I know what I'm doing. Thank you for your concern." He waited for Vegeta to give him some sign he was dismissed, and finally Vegeta scowled and hmphed, turning toward the door. He turned and headed into the bathroom, completely unaware of the onyx eyes that drank in the sight of his bare skin as he walked away.

*Yes, of course, you know what you're doing.* Vegeta thought with a sneer as he re-entered his own quarters. "You know nothing!" He hissed angrily, resuming his pacing. "First of all, Jeice could kill you with little more than a thought if he chose to." The Prince sat on the bed, laying back, legs crossed at the ankles, arms behind his head. "And then there's Zarbon to deal with. He's not as strong as Jeice, but he's still a hell of a lot stronger than you, Raditz." Vegeta sighed. "I hope for your sake he isn't the jealous type." The Saiyan rolled over on his side, eyes closing as he tried to put Raditz out of his mind.


Raditz stepped out of the shower, flaring his ki to dry out his knee-length mane. "What's this?" He walked over and picked up his beeping scouter.

"Hey, Raditz." Jeice's voice came over the speaker. "Gotta go on a quick trip with the guys, I'll be back the day after tomorrow, alright? Sorry, mate."

"No problem. See you later." Raditz smiled and clicked off his scouter. "Now I can focus on finding out what the hell Vegeta's problem is." He heaved a sigh, and began to get dressed.


The next evening.....

Zarbon swept into his chambers, dropping his bag and sighing in relief. "Finally, I thought we'd never get back." He murmured, stripping off his armor and heading for the shower. "Now to wash off this stink. Kami, two days stuck on a ship with that sweaty puss-bag, Dodoria, and I need to soak for about six hours." Zarbon grimaced. He turned the water on and stepped under the hot spray. "Ohh...yeah..." The cyan-skinned warrior sighed, golden eyes slipping closed as he felt the past two days' stress slowly washing away. "Mm...that's what I need..." He smiled, letting his hair out of its braid and washing it with slow, sensuous movements. Zarbon rinsed his hair, smiling as he picked up the soap and lathered up his body, imagining that it was Jeice's hands sliding over his skin.

"Hnn..." The changeling moaned softly, shuddering as he found himself almost painfully aroused. His hands slid down toward his manhood but he stopped just short of touching it. "No...I can wait." Zarbon purred, shutting off the water and padding, naked and dripping, into the bedroom.


Two hours later a disappointed Zarbon sat alone at a table in the bar, toying with his glass. "Hn...figures." He pouted slightly. "I get sent out, then he gets sent out." The warrior sighed. "Ah, well, he'll be back tomorrow. I'm sure I can hold out that long." He looked up and growled as a by-now familiar person approached his table. "Look, I'm not interested, alright? I thought you would have gotten the hint the first time, now..."

"If you're waiting for your little orange friend, I'm afraid you're going to be waiting a long time." The large, lavender, reptilian alien rasped, chuckling dryly. "He's found a replacement for you while you were gone with Frieza."

"What?" Zarbon was on his feet, snarling at the creature. "You're just saying that in the hopes you'll better your chances with me, well it's not gonna happen!"

"It's true..." The man leered at him. "The day you left with Master Frieza, that Saiyan, Raditz, spent the night in Jeice's quarters."

Zarbon gasped, amber eyes widening. "Raditz...?, you're lying." He growled, heading for the door.

"It's true, Prince Vegeta even marched up to Jeice's quarters, he was pretty pissed off about it for some reason." The reptilian alien gave a harsh laugh. "Maybe Jeice stole the prince's lover, ne?" He nodded to himself. "Everyone in the level 2 bar, where the women are, saw Jeice chase Raditz out of the bar, then a bunch of soldiers from level 1 saw Jeice leading Raditz back to his chambers.

Zarbon gave the alien a withering glare before stalking out of the bar, heading straight for the level 2 bar. *I think I need to talk to a certain female, I hope she can be coerced into a little gossip...* He thought to himself.


Kuri-mu sat at the bar, smiling, revealing razor sharp fangs as the cyan-skinned warrior bought her drinks and chatted her up, making idle conversation about her and Burter, before slowly steering the conversation around to Jeice.

"Ooh...yeah, the cute little orange guy across the hall." She giggled.

"Yes, that's the one." Zarbon said, wondering how to get to the question he wanted to ask, without being painfully obvious. Kuri-mu solved the problem.

"Oh, his boyfriend is cute too!" The large, blue-skinned female grinned. "A Saiyan, nice hair!"

Zarbon covered his mouth with his hands, eyes closing as he growled softly. "You're going to pay for this, Saiyan." He whispered. "Oh, dear, look at the time, I've got to go, thank you for talking with me." Zarbon said, bowing politely to her before leaving.

"Hm...cute, but strange." Kuri-mu watched him leave, then shrugged, going to get ready for the evening's work.


Raditz said his goodbyes to Nappa and Vegeta as he prepared to go back to his own quarters for the night. He had spent the afternoon training with the other two Saiyans, and they had dined together, the day seeming almost surreal to the maned Saiyan. *I don't get it.* He thought, remembering the way Vegeta had decided they should all remain together throughout the day, but yet he had been cold and distant toward Raditz, his expressions ranging from anger to petulance each time his onyx eyes fell on the larger Saiyan. *What can't be.* Raditz shook his head, smirking. *There's no way.* He remembered Jeice's comment about the prince being jealous. "No way in hell that's gonna happen." He said, stepping out into the hall.

Just as the door swished shut behind him, a cyan fist ploughed into his face. Raditz's world exploded into bright points of light, before everything faded to black.


Raditz groaned, blinking his eyes rapidly. "What the hell just...Zarbon!" He snarled, sitting up quickly, before laying back on the bed, holding his head. "What the hell are you doing?" He shouted, noticing he was not in his own quarters.

"Trying to decide whether or not I want to kill you, and risk Jeice's wrath for doing so, or whether a good beating and a couple of days in the regeneration tank will be enough to warn you away from him." Zarbon said menacingly. "I will not be replaced with a Saiyan!" He hissed, advancing on the other man.

Raditz sighed, wincing as he forced himself to sit up. "Vegeta figured you'd react like this, I should have listened." He looked up at Zarbon, swinging his legs over the side of the bed. "Jeice isn't replacing anyone, Zarbon."

"What do you mean?" Zarbon growled, golden eyes narrowing suspiciously.

"I mean, I was pissed off too when Jeice came to me the same day you left." Raditz stood up slowly, holding a hand to his jaw. "I thought he was just going to use me as a two day replacement for you. But he said, and I quote, that it was not just a temporary wait a minute!" He held up his hands as Zarbon stepped toward him, fist raised. "And he also said that I wasn't a replacement, more like an addition." He quickly told Zarbon the rest of what Jeice had said, including his comments about endurance.

Zarbon sat down heavily on the bed. "So, he expects to have both of us around?" He sighed, shaking his head.

"Well, put it this way, I think I have pretty good endurance in the bedroom, but still, he did me until I just about passed out from exhaustion." Raditz snickered.

Zarbon stared at him for a moment, before bursting out laughing. "Yes, he did that to me as well, although I hate to admit I did pass out at one point."

"I can believe it, he's a horny little son of a bitch." Raditz said, making Zarbon laugh again. "Well he is."

Zarbon grew quiet, thinking for several moments. At last he raised his head and looked at Raditz. "So, what do we do now?"

Raditz stared at the man sitting before him, noting the fine-boned face, golden eyes, smooth skin, and gorgeous hair. "I'd say..." He said softly, moving to stand before the changeling. "That we should get to know each other better." The Saiyan leaned down, brushing his lips across Zarbon's in a light kiss.

Zarbon gasped softly at the contact, one hand coming up to push against Raditz's chest. Instead, his fingers became tangled in the Saiyan's long, dark locks. "'re warm..." He moaned softly, as the other man's hands slid over his shoulders, caressing and massaging. "Raditz..." He whispered, as the burly warrior scooped him up in his arms, moving him further up the bed. Zarbon shivered as Raditz pulled away, quickly stripping away all of his clothing and armor, before reaching down and encouraging Zarbon to do the same.

Hooded golden eyes glinted in the low light as Raditz's hands slid over silky, light blue skin, teasing hardened nipples, before moving down to caress a muscular abdomen. "Uhnnn! Raditz..." Zarbon cried, arching as the Saiyan's large, calloused hand wrapped around his length, squeezing gently. He closed his eyes, head rolling to the side as his lover trailed hot, wet kisses down his jaw, then slowly moved to his throat, nibbling and licking the sensitive skin.

Raditz growled softly, a sharp spike of desire shooting through him as his lover whimpered and writhed beneath him. He leaned down, capturing soft lips in a demanding kiss. The Saiyan smirked as Zarbon's hips began to rock, the changeling seeking more contact. His tail slowly inched its way up a cyan thigh, rubbing gently against Zarbon's arousal before he took his hand away, coiling his tail around the hard shaft and stroking him with the furry appendage.

Zarbon gasped, arching up off the bed, his legs sliding up to wrap around his lover's hips. "Hnn...Raditz..." He moaned, hands gripping his lover's shoulders tightly. He let out a sound that was almost a purr as Raditz settled his weight on top of him, the Saiyan's skin scorching hot in comparison to his own cool skin. He shook his head when Raditz pressed two fingers to his lips, instead reaching over onto the night stand for some oil. "Use this." He whispered, opening the bottle and pouring some onto Raditz's fingers.

The Saiyan leaned down, claiming Zarbon's lips in another kiss as he quickly thrust a finger into him, wrenching a gasp from the cyan-skinned warrior. He let out a noise that was half purr, half growl as Zarbon's movements became more frantic. He added a second finger and stretched him quickly, eager to be inside his amber-eyed lover.

"Raditz...p...please..." Zarbon groaned, writhing beneath the Saiyan, legs shifting up and snapping around the other man's waist. He threw his head back and screamed as Raditz plunged his length into him, without warning. "Oh...Kami...Raditz!" He cried, nails digging into Raditz's shoulders as the Saiyan began to move inside him.

Raditz snarled softly, breath coming in short pants as he buried his length in the tight passage. He nuzzled Zarbon's neck as he pulled his hips back and slammed into his lover, wrenching a scream from him.

Pants, growls and sharp, high pitched cries filled the air, as the two men arched and thrashed on the bed, black and green hair whipping through the air.

Zarbon cried out in protest as Raditz suddenly pulled out of him, prying his legs from his waist and moving away. "No...what are you doing?" He whimpered, clutching at his arms.

Raditz chuckled, gripping Zarbon's hips. "Just a little change of position." He said softly, flipping the surprised man over. "I like it this way, giving or getting, the best." He purred, pulling Zarbon up onto his hands and knees. He wrapped one arm around his lover's waist, his other hand slipping down to wrap around the other man's straining arousal, then plunged back into him.

Zarbon shrieked, his head snapping back as Raditz slammed into him. He bucked and writhed in the Saiyan's grip, eyes rolling back in his head briefly, before he managed to focus his passion glazed eyes on the mirror before him. He groaned loudly as he watched the Saiyan moving behind him, teeth bared, black hair snapping back and forth as he moved. His citrine eyes narrowed to glittering slits as he watched Raditz start to tremble, the Saiyan's climax drawing near. Zarbon clenched his teeth, lips pulled back in a snarl as his muscles tensed. He howled, head thrown back, eyes shut tight as his seed spilled onto the sheets below.

Raditz followed a split-second later, letting out a deafening roar as he thrust deep into his lover, shooting his essence into him.

Both men collapsed on the bed, Zarbon letting out a soft grunt as Raditz's weight came down on his back. They stayed like that for a few moments, until Raditz found his voice.

"Damn, between the two of us, we should have no problems wearing the little sex machine out." He snickered, as Zarbon giggled underneath him.

"I hope so, I don't want Frieza asking me again why I'm walking funny." Zarbon chuckled.

Raditz rolled off him, coaxing Zarbon to turn over onto his back. "You need to work on your endurance. I can help you with that..." He waggled his eyebrows, leering at him.

Zarbon gasped as he felt the Saiyan's length pressing into his thigh. "Again?!" He hollered. "We just bloody well finished!"

"Aw, come on, don't be like that..." Raditz purred, nuzzling his chin. "I'll even let you be seme this time..."

Zarbon pondered this, as Raditz began to rub against him restlessly. "Oh, alright..."

To Be Continued......

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