Alternative arrangements. (Alternately titled 'Taste the rainbow' *snickers and grins at Shadow*)

By; Zoicyte Aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom; DBZ

Rating; NC-17

Pairings; Jeice/Zarbon, Raditz/Zarbon, Raditz/Jeice, Raditz/Jeice /Zarbon.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT, AU sorta, as are all my fics. If you don't like the idea of Jeice being a charming, insatiable sex fiend, then this fic is not for you *giggles*

There are a few pics to go with this, you'll have to join my yahoo group, to see them however, cause I don't feel comfortable posting them anywhere else.

Yes, for those of you who are wondering at all the pairings, this is going to be a mini 'Fusion', lots of chapters of PWP lemon!

Thanks to Espaa, Lady M, Shad and Lara for beta'ing. Also, special thanks to Espaa for being my inspiration for this fic, for without all her yummy Zarbon fics, (especially World) I might not have had the nerve to try this. And, last but not least, special thanks to LaserV, for posting some super hot R/Z doujin, which inspired me in the second lemon of this chapter.


Jeice's eyes opened slowly, the orange-skinned man looking around blearily. "Mm, now this is the way to wake up." He chuckled, stretching his arms and legs, still lying atop his lover, their legs still entwined. "Interesting position we chose to fall asleep in." He smirked.

Zarbon cracked an eye open, yawning. "It's not so much that we planned to fall asleep this way, more that we passed out like this, after you damn near screwed me to death." The cyan-skinned warrior pouted.

"Oh, right!" Jeice laughed, moving up and kissing him. "Like you didn't enjoy it!" He slid off of him and stood up, gathering up his clothes and heading for the shower.

"Hey!" Zarbon called, sitting up quickly. "I need that first!"

"Oh, what for?" Jeice called from the bathroom.

"Dodoria and I have to be ready to board Frieza's ship in..." He looked over at the clock. "One hour. We're escorting him to a meeting." Zarbon said, as he got up and debated between changing the sheets or just making the bed. His sense of decorum won out, and he quickly stripped off the soft lavender sheets, replacing them with teal ones.

"Oh?" The Ginyu warrior paused, frowning. "How long you going to be gone?"

"Just two days." Zarbon said, straightening the pillows. "Now come on, hurry up in there. You know I can't show up with my hair a mess, smelling of sex."

"Well..." Jeice said, a hint of mischief in his voice. "You could always join me, if you need it that bad."

Zarbon turned, golden eyes glinting as he watched the other man step into the shower. "Sounds like a good idea." He murmured, following quickly.

Jeice grinned as the larger man stepped into the shower stall. "Hmm, what's this?" He asked, reaching out and wrapping both hands around Zarbon's rock hard length. "Weren't you just complaining not too long ago about me almost screwing you to death? Looks to me like you're ready for more."

Zarbon tried to move out of Jeice's reach, a task that proved impossible in the small, enclosed area. "No...I just, that's a morning hard on, it's not..." His protest trailed off into a moan, eyes slipping shut as Jeice began to slide his hands up and down Zarbon's arousal, squeezing gently. Golden eyes popped open in surprise as he found himself lifted up, his legs being coaxed to wrap around Jeice's slender waist. "Jeice...what?" He began, then gasped as the other man lunged forward, roughly pinning him to the wall.

"Here I just get my hands on you, and now you're disappearing on me." Jeice growled softly, lowering his lover until the head of his cock brushed against Zarbon's entrance. "I'll just give you a taste of what's waitin' for you when you come back." He said softly, before driving his hips forward, moaning as he buried himself inside him.

The cyan-skinned warrior arched sharply, head thrown back, teeth bared as Jeice plunged into him. "Hnaahh! J...Jeice!" Zarbon cried, hands flailing along the walls, knocking bottles, the washcloth and soap off the shelves. "Kami...ahhnn..." He panted, tossing from side to side as he writhed in his lover's grip. "Ah..yes...uhh...more!" He shouted, arms snapping tightly around Jeice's shoulders. His straining arousal was caught between their bodies, the friction, combined with the other man's ruthless assault on his prostate, driving him toward completion.

Jeice snarled and redoubled his efforts, his partner's keening cries rebounding off the walls of the small enclosure, spurring him on. "That's it, come on, Zarbon." He panted, his climax rapidly approaching. "Scream for me..."

And scream Zarbon did, his earsplitting shriek resounding through the bathroom as his seed shot out between their bodies. His scream tapered off to a whimper as Jeice slammed into him several more times, before climaxing with a guttural cry.

Jeice slumped to the floor, Zarbon draped around him, both of them panting raggedly. "There now, how was that for some early morning calisthenics?" He snickered, nuzzling his lover's neck.

Zarbon chuckled, then winced as Jeice pulled out of him. "Dammit, I think I'm going to need these next two days to recover from last night and this morning." He sighed, as they both slowly stood up. "Now, as much as I'd love to spend my time jumping from the bed to the shower and back again with you, I really have to get ready to go." He stepped into the spray, wetting his hair. "What are you doing?" He turned and glared as small orange hands skimmed across his chest and stomach.

Jeice gave the other man a cheeky grin, soapy hands sliding down to caress his manhood briefly, before he moved down to his thighs. "Just giving you a hand, mate." He smirked up at him. "Or two."

"Hnn..." Zarbon narrowed his eyes, smiling at him before turning and lathering up his long, green hair. He closed his eyes, enjoying the feel of Jeice's hands caressing his skin, until he remembered the time. "Shit! I've got to get dressed!" He stepped out of the shower and flared his ki to dry off, rushing to his closet for a clean uniform. "Dammit, only twenty minutes left, and I still have to braid this mess!" Zarbon sat down on the bed, brushing his hair quickly, then separating it into sections and braiding it expertly, fastening it with a gold band.

Jeice scowled as he quickly finished his own shower, stepping out and flaring his ki in a bright, red flame around him, reflective of his annoyance. He stalked into the bedroom, still naked, and leaned against the doorframe, watching his lover hurrying around.

Zarbon paused as he looked at Jeice. He walked over to him, leaning down and burying his face in the soft, white hair, breathing deeply. He cupped the other man's face in his hands, opening his mouth to speak.

"Two days." Jeice spoke first, placing a finger across his lips, before leaning up and kissing him hungrily.

Zarbon nodded, looking back at him longingly one more time, before opening the door and striding quickly up the hallway.

Jeice sighed, staring up at the ceiling with narrowed eyes for several seconds, before pushing off the wall and silently gathering up his own clothes. After getting dressed, he snatched up one of Zarbon's brushes and ran it through his hair before making his way back to his own quarters.


Jeice drew up in front of the door to his living quarters, punching in his PIN to open the door. "Ah...Kami..." He winced as shrill, grating laughter assaulted his ears. Spinning to see what manner of creature was behind him, his green eyes widened as he took in the sight of a tall, blue, reptilian creature. *Oh, good Kami...* Jeice grimaced slightly. *That's the thing I saw last night...I said it once, and I'll say it again, it looks like Burter, with hair!* He thought, as he stared at the female, which, indeed, did look like a shorter, slighter version of Burter, with ponderous breasts, and long, light blue hair.

"Mmm....Kuri-mu..." Burter growled, grabbing the female in a crushing embrace. "You'll be back tonight, yes?"

"Of course..." She purred back, as the two bared sharp fangs at each other before engaging in a long, deep kiss.

Jeice turned away, trying not to gag. *Oh, man...I can't believe...never mind...* He sighed softly. *They are the same species, she's probably the most gorgeous thing he's ever seen.*

"Jeice! Where did you disappear to?" Burter suddenly slapped him on the back, nearly sending him sprawling as his door swished open.

Jeice turned to his team-mate. "Somewhere..." He smirked at him.

"Ah, I see." Burter nuzzled Kuri-mu's hair for a moment, before quietly saying goodbye. The tall blue warrior smacked her behind, sending her running up the hall, giggling. "Somewhere, huh?" He turned back to Jeice with a knowing smile. "You know, there's a few people saying that you snuck off with Zarbon last night. Is that the somewhere you're talking about?"

An evil grin settled on the smaller man's face, before he nodded.

"Really?" Burter gaped. "You slept..." He turned and looked up and down the hall, then leaned forward, practically drooling on Jeice's shoulder. "You slept with Zarbon?"

"Yeah." Jeice answered, striding into his room and tossing off his dirty uniform, unconcerned with his nakedness in front of the larger man.

Burter stepped in after him, shutting the door. "Well?!" He stared at his team-mate expectantly.

Jeice tossed a teasing look over his shoulder. "Well, what?"

"You know very well what!" Burter cried. "What was he like?" He demanded.

Jeice stood still for a few moments, green eyes narrowed to glittering slits as Zarbon's cries of passion rang in his mind. "Not bad." He said softly, as he finished dressing. "Not bad at all."

"I knew it!' Burter brought his hands together with a loud smack. "I knew he wasn't as cold and reserved as he let on. He's a real firecracker in bed, isn't he?"

Jeice threw his head back and laughed. "Yes, Burter, he is, alright? Happy now?" He shook his head, then steeled himself to ask the question he knew his friend was expecting. "So how was your night with... Kuri-mu, was it?"

Burter grinned and launched into an account of the previous evening, an account that was far too detailed, in Jeice's opinion.


Two hours later, Jeice finally managed to get the images of Burter and Kuri-mu in various positions out of his head and eat breakfast.

"So, what's on the agenda for today?" Burter asked around a mouthful of food.

"Well, I figured we'd go down to level four and train for a few hours, grab a shower and some dinner." He toyed with the last of his food. "Then I'll let you get back to your girlfriend." He sneered, ducking as Burter swatted at him.

"She's not my girlfriend." Burter said, cheeks turning red. "So I guess you'll be spending the night with Zarbon again, hmm?" He grinned at the other man.

Jeice frowned. "No, actually, I won't."

"What?! Why not?" Burter leaned forward.

"He's off base with Frieza for two days, so I have to find something else to occupy my time." Jeice finished his food, and stood up. "Ready to go?"

Burter nodded. "Hey, Jeice, why don't you come to the bar with me tonight? I'm sure we could find someone to..." He leered. "Keep you busy."

Jeice was surprised to find himself considering the man's offer, until images of ebony eyes, pale skin, and silky, knee length sable hair flashed through his mind. "Actually, mate, I've already got someone in mind." The orange-skinned man smirked, heading for the exit. "Come on, Burter, let's get in some training time."


Several hours later...

Raditz sighed as he made his way to a table, carrying a massive tray laden down with his third helping of lunch, seeing how he had missed breakfast. He scowled, resting his chin on his hand. "Damn that Jeice." He muttered angrily.

The burly Saiyan had been frustrated and unable to sleep after the smaller man had left him, so he had gone down to the training area. After spending most of the night and early morning training like a madman, he had collapsed from exhaustion. Vegeta and Nappa had found him sleeping on the floor, bruised and bloody, his armor cracked and soiled from his intense workout. The Prince had roused him none-too-gently, and told him that if he was too tired to train anymore, then leave so he and Nappa could have the room. As the maned Saiyan had struggled to his feet and limped out the door, he heard Nappa wondering quietly what had made him come here and train so hard, so late. The Prince had shrugged it off, saying he was probably upset that he hadn't been able to coax any of the females spending the week on base as entertainment into his bed.

*Hmph* Raditz had thought. *Shows how much you know.*

He had dragged his stiff, sore body back to his quarters, had a quick shower and fallen into bed for another four hours sleep, getting up in time to come to eat, finally.

The Saiyan sighed, finishing off his food and leaving the dining area. "So what am I supposed to do now?" He asked no one in particular. "I could always go and get some more sleep, I suppose." He yawned, his back and shoulders still sore.

He strode down the hall, passing Nappa's open door. "Hey, Raditz!" Nappa called, a wide, nasty smile on his face.

"What is it?" He asked, backing away from the gleam in the other Saiyan's eyes.

"Wanna hear somethin'?" He waved the other Saiyan in, and shut the door behind him. "Somebody told me he seen Jeice in the level 1 bar last night." Nappa began to cackle evilly.

Raditz shrugged. "So what?" He frowned at him. "Lots of people show up there."

"Yeah, he showed up there alright, but he left to spend the night with someone else!" Nappa leered.

"Oh?" Raditz wondered why a sharp spike of anger tore through him at the words. "Who?"

"Zarbon!" Nappa grinned, throwing his head back and laughing. "The blue boy hopped into bed with the walking tomato!" He rolled over onto his side, laughing uproariously. He didn't even notice as Raditz stormed out of his room, punching in his PIN with more force than necessary to open his own door. As it swished shut behind him, he punched in the code to lock it.

"Hnn... previous engagement indeed." Raditz grumbled. He sat down on the bed, once again pulling off his armor, wincing as he stretched out the residual stiffness in his shoulders and upper back. The large Saiyan lay back, sprawling out on the bed.

Just as he was about to fall asleep, his door opened. "What...?" He blinked, sitting up quickly.

Vegeta stood in the doorway, frowning thoughtfully at him. "Stay." He barked, as the other Saiyan made to get out of bed and bow to him. "Just how long did you train last night?"

Raditz paused, thinking. "I don't know, Prince Vegeta. I lost track of time after the first eight hours."

"It was probably closer to fourteen." Vegeta said quietly. "What was it that got you so worked up that you felt the need to reduce yourself to the disgraceful state you were in this morning?" His voice was sharp.

The maned Saiyan sighed, crossing his arms. "I am bored, my Prince. When will we get another mission?"

"Whenever Frieza decides to assign one to us." Vegeta said, secretly sympathizing with the other man. "But, that won't be for a few days at least, seeing that he and his errand boys, Zarbon and Dodoria, are on their way to some big meeting with King Cold and Cooler."

"Zarbon and Dodoria are with him?" Raditz asked, an evil smirk settling on his lips.

"Of course, aren't they always?" Vegeta sneered. "But that aside, as much as I agree with you keeping in top form, I would appreciate it if you didn't train so hard that you render yourself useless, should we actually be assigned a mission."

"Yes, Vegeta." Raditz said softly.

The Prince nodded, and spun sharply on his heel, leaving him alone once more.

Raditz snickered quietly in the darkness. "So, Jeice. You got Zarbon for all of a night, but what are you going to be doing over the next few days? Should be fun to see how long it takes you to come sniffing around my door, looking to get some." Raditz flipped onto his stomach. "But you won't find it here, not tonight at least, I think I'll make you wait for a night, before I give you any satisfaction." He smiled, then yawned, his eyes slowly drifting shut.


Two hours later, Ginyu special training area 4....

Jeice and Burter whipped through the air, little more than red and blue blurs as they raced around the training area, feet and arms delivering vicious kicks and punches.

Both men were breathing hard, sweat running down corded necks, dripping down faces that bore threatening expressions. Each man suddenly grinned and nodded, and they flew at each other once more, exchanging blows.

Burter pulled back after a few minutes. "Hey, what time is it?" He flew down and picked up his scouter.

"Ooohh..." Jeice sniggered, landing beside him and toweling sweat off his face and throat. "Gotta watch the time, eh, mate? Don't want to be late for your date with you girlfriend." He jumped back, grinning, as the larger man spun and growled at him.

"For the last time..." The tall reptilian warrior ground out. "She is _not_ my girlfriend!" He put his scouter back down, and grabbed his own towel. "What do you say we go for two more hours, then go shower, change and get something to eat?"

"Sounds good to me." Jeice agreed, taking to the air once more.


One hour later....

"Hey, Vegeta, why do we need all this extra food?" Nappa asked, carrying a tray laden down with meat and bread.

"Because I want it, that's why!" Vegeta barked, shifting his own tray to one side, and opening his door.

"Oh, okay." Nappa shook his head, confused. *He usually eats in the dining area, I don't remember him ever bringing his meals back here.* The bald Saiyan thought, frowning. He set his tray down, eyeing the sweet rolls that sat on the other tray.

"Well, don't you have things to do? You said before you were going back to spend another night ogling those repulsive females." Vegeta tapped his foot, impatient for the other man to leave.

"Huh? Oh, yeah." Nappa scratched the back of his head, still eyeing the rolls.

Vegeta growled and picked one up, whipping it at Nappa's head. "Now get out!" He snapped.

Nappa grinned and caught it, bowing deeply. "Yes, Vegeta." He said quietly, taking his leave. "Thank you."

'Hmph!" Vegeta crossed his arms and scowled, turning and glaring at the trays.

Twenty minutes later, when the Prince was certain Nappa was long gone, he poked his head out of his door, looking around furtively, before slipping across the hall to Raditz's quarters. He grabbed one tray of food, and crept over to the table, silently laying it down and darting back out for the other one.

He set the second tray down, and gasped softly as the other Saiyan suddenly rolled onto his back, murmuring softly.

Vegeta stepped around the table and slowly, cautiously approached the bed, eyes roaming over the older man's nearly naked form. Before he realized what he was doing, the Prince found himself standing beside the slumbering Saiyan, the fingers of one hand already buried in the mass of jet black hair that was draped over the side of the bed, the ends touching the floor.

"Hnn...I...don't...don't tease...stay..." Raditz mumbled, turning onto his side and rubbing his cheek against his pillow.

Vegeta gave a small, startled yelp as Raditz's hand slid along the bed toward him. He jumped back and walked quickly to the door.

Raditz groaned softly, the smell of food rousing him from his slumber. His eyes opened just in time to see the door to his quarters sliding shut, and he sat up quickly. "Wha...?" He caught sight of the trays of food sitting near the door, and swung his legs off the bed. "Dinner time already?" He looked over at the clock. "It's early yet." The burly Saiyan got up and dressed quickly, sitting down at the table and digging into his dinner. "Hnn, I'll bet they ate early because Nappa was heading back to try his luck with the females again."

As Raditz ate, he tried to figure out the Prince's reasons for being so considerate of him. *First he comes in and asks me what's wrong, then he tells me not to train so hard, and now he's checking on me and bringing me food. What's going on?* He wondered. *I know it was Vegeta that brought this in, because he has both Nappa and my PIN codes for the doors, and the override codes for the locks. The question is, why is he acting he's worried about me?*


One and a half hours later....

"Come on, Burter, it was only a half hour!" Jeice laughed, shaking his head. "You still have plenty of time to shower and change, and get a bite to eat."

"I suppose." Burter grumbled, scowling blackly.

Both men had been surprised when Captain Ginyu himself had shown up, Racoome and Guldo in tow, and put the two fighters through their paces for the past 90 minutes.

"You should consider yourself lucky, mate!" Jeice grinned up at him. "You know how long the Captain can carry on a training session, we got lucky on account of Racoome was hungry, and started to whine about it."

"I guess." Burter said sourly, opening his door.

"Hey, mate, I'll meet you out here in twenty minutes and we'll go eat, alright?" Jeice called, before the door closed behind him. "Man, what some guys won't do to get laid." He snickered, tossing his armor onto his bed, his black top and trunks joining it. The orange-skinned warrior flung his gloves onto the table, kicking his boots into a corner before padding naked into the bathroom.

Jeice turned on the shower, and stepped into the hot spray. "Mm..." He moaned softly, leaning his head back and wetting his hair. He reached for the soap, stepping back out of the water and lathering up his body. *I don't think I'll ever look at showers quite the same way again* Jeice thought with a hentai smile, images of Zarbon pinned to the wall, writhing and crying out for more flashing in his head. He growled softly as his hands slid down his stomach, then brushed against his half-hard cock. "Hnn..." He groaned, turning and putting his back to the wall, hands sliding up and down his arousal, stroking roughly.

Jeice closed his eyes, images of Zarbon, then Raditz flashing in his mind. He bared his teeth briefly, a low snarl escaping him, before he bit down on his bottom lip, nearly drawing blood. "Yeah..." He panted, imagining the things he'd like to do to a certain long-haired Saiyan as he brought himself to the edge. "Ahh...Hnn!" He cried, head thrown back as his seed shot into the air, quickly being washed away by the running water. "Hnn...shit." Jeice muttered, chest rising and falling rapidly.

He stepped back under the spray, and started washing his hair. "While the cat's away..." He said with an evil grin. "Get ready, Saiyan." He purred. "You're in for a night you'll never forget."


Ten minutes later, Jeice emerged to find Burter leaning against the wall waiting for him.

"What's up with you?" Burter asked, quirking a brow.

"Nothing..." Jeice smirked, turning and heading up the hall. "Why?"

Burter chuckled. "You've got a decidedly nasty smile on your face. What, or should I say, whom, are you doing tonight?"

"It's a secret." Jeice snickered.

"Oh? I see." The taller man nodded. "So is this just a temporary replacement for Zarbon?"

Jeice frowned thoughtfully. "Not sure yet. I might...incorporate this person into my little arrangement with Zarbon."

Burter stared at his companion, surprised, before breaking out in a wide grin. "Thought you said Zarbon was wild in bed."

"He is, what's your point?" Jeice sneered, lowering his voice as they neared the dining area.

Burter shrugged. "So much for the old saying two's company, three's a crowd." He said, shaking his head and smiling.


Raditz carried his empty trays back to the dining area, then began to idly wander the halls. His mind returned to his earlier thoughts of keeping away from Jeice for the night. *I have a feeling he's going to come looking for some action.* The Saiyan smirked. *The question now is, where can I go that would be the last possible place he would think of to look?*

He ran up a flight of stairs, and stepped out into the hallway. Loud, grinding music met his ears, telling him he was nearing the female dancers. *Hmm...I doubt Jeice would think to come in there and look for me.* Raditz nodded and ploughed ahead, paying admission and looking around. "Figures I would find you here." He sneered, spying a familiar bald headed behemoth sitting close to the stage.

Nappa looked over, eyebrows raised as Raditz took a seat beside him. "Hey, what are you doin here?" He asked. "I thought you and Vegeta both didn't like the females here."

"I don't like them." Raditz said, closing his eyes, folding his arms and leaning back in his chair. "But anything's better than sitting alone in my quarters, bored out of my skull."

Nappa nodded. "Yeah, good point." Both Saiyans fell silent as a large, green female with yellow hair, and horns took to the stage.


Jeice stood outside Raditz's quarters, eyes narrowed. He'd buzzed several times, then clicked on his scouter, confirming that the Saiyan was indeed, not there. "Dammit, Saiyan..." He grumbled. "Where did you run off to?" He turned and stalked up the hall. "I'll bet he's training with the others." He muttered, making his way to the Saiyan's favorite training room.


Vegeta paused and hung upside down in the air as Jeice stalked into the room, scowling blackly. *What's up with him?* Vegeta thought, flipping over and landing quietly. "What do you want?" He demanded, stalking over to him.

Jeice's eyes snapped back to meet Vegeta's onyx ones. "From you, nothing." Jeice snapped, turning and storming out, slamming the door behind him.

"Where the hell are you?" Jeice snarled, hitting the stairwell at a near run, snapping his arms out and knocking two lower class soldiers on their asses on his way by.


Raditz clicked on his scouter and waited, trying to figure out where Jeice was by now. "Let's see....big power level behind me, but that's Burter, here to see his girlfriend..." He chuckled. "There's one on the next level down, moving fast, coming up the stairs I'd guess. That's gotta be him." The Saiyan laughed to himself.

He frowned in annoyance as Nappa started clapping and cheering, his elbow catching Raditz's shoulder and nearly spilling him out of his chair. He moved one seat over and went back to his surveillance.

"Ha! You fool! I knew you wouldn't look in here!" He cackled, ducking his head as Nappa turned to stare at him.

"Uh...who are you talkin to, Raditz?"

"Never mind." He snapped, getting up and heading toward the back of the bar. He leaned against the wall and snickered quietly as he observed Jeice's power level moving throughout the base.


An hour later, a frustrated and pissed off Jeice walked into the same bar he'd been in the previous evening. He frowned as he noticed a large, lavender, lizard-like creature glaring at him from across the room. "What's that all about?" He wondered, then remembered. "Oh, yeah, you're the thing that was making a play for Zarbon last night. Heh." He smirked at the other man knowingly. "Tough luck, mate."

He walked over to the bar, ordering himself a drink and taking a seat on one of the stools. "Well, I guess this evening's shot." The Ginyu warrior sighed. "Zarbon's gone, and I can't find that slippery Saiyan anywhere." He tossed back his drink, slamming the glass down on the bar and gesturing for another. "Hmm?" He blinked as his scouter beeped to life.

"Hey, Jeice!" Burter's voice came through, nearly drowned out by loud music. "You're moving around an awful lot, what's up?"

Jeice shook his head. "Not much, mate, not much."

"Ahh, that replacement didn't work out, huh? Well, why don't you come down here and have a drink with me? Kuri-mu's not free for another three hours, I could use some company." Burter said, his voice sounding petulant, even through the scouter.

Jeice snickered. "Yeah, alright, mate. I'll be down in a few."


Raditz was in the men's room, his scouter shut off. "Poor Jeice, no one to play with you tonight." He murmured, smirking at himself in the mirror. "Oh, well. It'll do you good to go a night without it."


"Hey, Jeice!" Burter called, waving his large arms wildly as he spotted his friend walking in. "Over here!"

Jeice grinned and headed for his friend. "Hey." He said, sliding into a chair beside him.

"Couldn't find your target, huh?" Burter asked.

The smaller man shook his head. "Naw, he's vanished. Got no idea where the son of a bitch went. But I'll find him." Jeice said, voice cold.

"Who is it?" Burter leaned closer. "Come on, Jeice, you know you can trust me, tell me!"

Jeice cast a sidelong look at his team-mate. "I don't know..."

"Aw, come on! I won't say a word, no matter who it is!" Burter promised.

"You swear?" Jeice growled. Burter nodded quickly. "Alright. It's Raditz" he whispered into the larger man's ear.

Burter's eyes nearly popped out of his head. "Jeice, what is it with you and these great big guys?" He stared at his friend. "Vegeta, I could see, he's alright, and he's just your size. Zarbon, I could see why you would make an exception, cause he is..." The taller man blushed slightly. "Rather nice to look at, but why Raditz?" He asked.

Jeice shrugged. "He appeals to me, that's all." He rested his elbows on the table, chin in his hands. "But I can't find the bastard, I think maybe he's avoiding me, cause I lured him on, then left him out in the cold last night."

"No, he isn't." Burter said, looking around. "He was right back there a minute ago, he's been here with Nappa all night."

Jeice smiled grimly. "Sneaky little prick. You would pick the last place I would think to look." He looked around quickly. "Maybe he's in the men's room. I'm gonna go look." He jumped up and strode to the back of the bar, a dangerous gleam in his eyes as the door to the men's room opened, and a familiar figure stepped out.


Raditz stepped out into the bar, and gasped as he saw Jeice stalking toward him, a maniacal grin spreading across the Ginyu warrior's face. "Oh, shit!" He hissed, darting behind a row of tables, trying to make his way to the door, while keeping as many tables, and people, between himself and the other man as he could.

"Well, you might have found me, but I'm gonna make you work for it if you intend to have me." Raditz murmured, making a break for the door.

*Hmm...trying to run away from me, are you?* Jeice thought, body tingling with anticipation. He paused, allowing the Saiyan to reach the door. *I think I like this game.* The orange-skinned man's eyes were glittering slits as he watched the Saiyan turn and run out of the bar.

Jeice took off after his prey, his arousal stirring as he flared his ki just enough to keep the Saiyan in sight. "You don't actually think you can escape me, do you, Raditz?" He called, voice mocking. "You don't have a hope in hell of getting away!"

The two men raced down the hallway, Raditz taking to the air and flying down the stairwell, nearly taking the door off its hinges in his haste to get into the next hallway. Jeice cackled, following at what was for him, a leisurely pace.

Raditz led his orange-skinned pursuer on a merry chase, passing through half a dozen levels, before Jeice finally got sick of chasing him.

"Gotcha!" Jeice crowed, putting on a burst of speed and seizing Raditz's tail in a gentle grip.

The burly Saiyan froze in his tracks, dropping to his knees with a grunt as Jeice gave the appendage a slight squeeze.

"Now." The Ginyu warrior said quietly, hauling the other man to his feet. "We're going to go back to your place, and have us a little fun, right?" He smirked, as he marched Raditz to the stairs, and down two levels.

Beads of sweat dotted Raditz's forehead and upper lip, the result of a couple of ill-fated escape attempts, causing the man behind him to once again put pressure on his tail. He folded his arms and stood still, a stubborn frown on his face as they came to his door.

"Well, don't just stand there, open it." Jeice commanded, giving the furry tail another painful squeeze, smirking at the muffled cry of pain torn from the Saiyan before him. "Come on, Raditz, you know you want me. Why are you fighting this?"

Raditz punched in his code, stepping through the door slowly. "I'm pissed off that I'm a two day replacement for the changeling." He snapped, spinning and grabbing Jeice's hands, trying to pry them from his tail.

"Now, now, Raditz..." Jeice crooned, before releasing his tail. "First off..." He grinned, sweeping the Saiyan's feet out from under him and straddling his chest, bending his arms at a painful angle as he pinned them down. "Who said anything about this being temporary? And secondly..." He leaned forward, rubbing their noses together. "I'm not using you as a replacement, more like, an addition."

Raditz struggled in the smaller man's grip, staring up at him. "Addition?" He rasped, teeth bared, brow furrowed.

"That's right." Jeice leered, getting off him and grabbing him by the hair. "I'll have Zarbon, and when I've worn him out, I'll have you as well." He growled, pulling Raditz to his feet. "Or vice versa, I've heard Saiyans have pretty good endurance." Jeice purred, pushing Raditz to his knees in front of the bed, and tugging his armor off. "Time to see if that's true."

Raditz gasped as Jeice became frustrated with trying to remove his armor and black trunks, and simply tore them free, cool air kissing his flushed skin. He shivered as gloved hands slowly slipped into his hair, combing through the spiky locks. "Jeice..." He said softly, eyes closing as the other man pushed his hair aside and began raining kisses down his back. "Nnn....feels good." He purred, as the other man caressed, kissed and nipped at the sensitive, oft neglected area.

"Like that, huh?" Jeice chuckled, quickly removing his own clothing before resuming his explorations. "I'd imagine most of your partners never thought about getting underneath that mane of yours, hmm?" He said softly, kissing and licking his way down the Saiyan's spine.

Raditz jerked, eyes popping open in surprise as Jeice put his lips to his tail, gently blowing on it. The Saiyan shuddered violently as the hot air hit the hypersensitive skin beneath the fur. "Wha....Jeice...what are you...doing...?" He groaned, arching and twisting.

Jeice held Raditz's tail very gently, nibbling lightly along the length of it, grinning as the Saiyan began to pant and gasp, hips bucking. "So..." He snickered, releasing his tail and pressing against Raditz's broad back. "Those tails are good for more than just transforming, and causing pain. They're also quite the erogenous zone, eh?"

The Saiyan froze as he felt Jeice's erection pushing into his lower back. "Mm hmm...." He smirked. "In the right hands, but they can give, as well as receive pleasure." Raditz snickered, tail sliding up to wrap firmly around Jeice's silken length and squeezing.

The smaller man cried out, head falling back, eyes sliding shut as the Saiyan's tail coiled around his cock, slowly stroking him. "Uhnn...Raditz..." He groaned softly, leaning forward and resting his forehead on the Saiyan's back, his breathing labored. "That's enough..." He ground out, starting to tremble. "Raditz!" He grabbed the other man's tail and gently pried it off his length. "Enough..."

Jeice reached up, pushing two fingers against his lover's lips. "Suck." He said softly.

Raditz growled softly, nipping and licking the other man's fingers. *Boy is he in for a surprise.* The Saiyan grinned wickedly as Jeice's fingers were removed. *I still haven't shown him the ultimate way we Saiyans can pleasure each other with our tails.* He stiffened slightly as one finger pushed into his tight entrance.

"Easy..." Jeice crooned, sliding his finger in and out of the tight orifice. "Just relax..."

The burly Saiyan whimpered as a second finger was added, the digits slowly scissoring inside him. "Don't tease Jeice..." He pleaded. "Just do it."

The orange-skinned man bit his lip, the other's words sending a sharp spike of need through his body. He quickly removed his fingers and moved forward, his arousal pushing against his lover's entrance. "Oh...Kami..." He gasped, hands tightening on the Saiyan's hips as he slowly sank the head of his shaft into his lover's tight heat. Jeice halted, teeth bared, shuddering, as Raditz's internal muscles gripped him tightly.

A soft snarl sounded in the dark room. "I said don't tease." Raditz grated, slamming his hips back. Both men shouted at the sudden move, the Saiyan hissing in pleasure/pain, as Jeice whimpered, clinging to his shoulders.

"So...that's the way you want it, eh, Saiyan?" Jeice panted, reaching forward and grabbing Raditz's arms, bending them behind his back, and holding them with one hand. "Well then, if it's rough you want, it's rough you'll get!" He shouted, pulling back and slamming into his lover.

Raditz howled, Jeice's thrusts hitting his prostate dead on. He thrashed in the other man's grip wildly, his own helplessness increasing his pleasure exponentially. He whipped his tail up between the orange-skinned man's legs, pressing the tip against his unprepared opening.

Jeice yelped in surprise, reacting quickly. "Oh, no you don't, sneaky bastard..." He growled, grasping his tail.

Raditz moaned, hips rocking back against his lover as Jeice continued to pound into him. "Kami...Jeice...harder..." He begged, trembling.

Jeice slid his other hand around Raditz's waist, gripping his rock hard length and jerking it roughly as he slammed into him.

Low curses and whimpers filled the air, interspersed with rough demands for more. Soon the two voices rose in groans and guttural cries of pleasure as both men neared release.

Raditz was the first to go, burying his face in the blankets to muffle his scream as he coated Jeice's hand with his essence.

His lover followed almost immediately, letting out a loud scream of his own as he shot his seed into his lover.

The two men collapsed, both gasping for breath, sweat trickling down smooth skin.

Jeice let go of Raditz's arms and tail, rising unsteadily to his feet. "Man..that was intense." He said, voice slightly hoarse. He smirked as Raditz nodded, crawling up onto the bed. "So, seems Saiyans don't have such great endurance after all, hmm?"

Raditz lifted his head, pinning the other man with an intense stare. "Just give me a couple of minutes, I'll be ready to go again." His eyes widened as a thought struck him. "We should continue this at your place." He said, getting to his feet and walking over to the closet and pulling out a fresh uniform.

"Why, afraid one of your pals will see me leaving here in the morning?" He walked up and wrapped his arms around Raditz's waist. "Or maybe coming back tomorrow night..."

"No, Vegeta has an override code for both Nappa and my door. Even if I lock it, he could still waltz in here anytime he likes." The Saiyan pulled out an extra change of clothes and waited for Jeice to get dressed.

Jeice quirked an eyebrow, then moved to gather up his clothes. "Hnn, I see your point." He shook his head. "I could just imagine the hissy fit the little Prince would throw if he came in here and saw us goin' at it." He threw back his head and laughed.

Raditz gave him a sour look. "It might be funny to you, but I'd bear the brunt of it."

"Well, that's true." Jeice regarded him soberly, quickly slipping into his clothes. "Alright, my place it is then."

Raditz poked his head out the door, glancing left and right, before they stepped into the hall, making their way to the stairs.


Vegeta made his way back to his quarters after an intense solo training session. He pondered what he'd been told on the way back by one of Frieza's elite soldiers, who had taken great pleasure in telling the Prince all about how Raditz had been seen fleeing down the corridors, Jeice hot on his heels. "Raditz is no match for him." Vegeta winced. "I'd better take a look and see if he's made it back here. If not, I suppose my next stop will be the regeneration room." He punched in Raditz's override code, and was surprised to find the door unlocked. "Looks like he didn't make it back." Vegeta growled, then gasped as the door opened to reveal cracked, broken armor strewn across the floor. "Shit!" Vegeta hissed, stalking into the room, taking in the boots and armbands tossed around the room. "Jeice, what the hell did you do to him...Oh, Kami...No!" The Saiyan cried, as he came close to the bed, and his nose caught the scent of sex. "Raditz..." He whispered, looking at the rumpled bed, small pieces of the other man's armor strewn across it.

Vegeta raced up the hallway, face pale, eyes dark pools of liquid hate as he made his way to Jeice's quarters. "You'll pay for that..."


Jeice nibbled his way down the smooth column of Raditz's throat, fingers toying with the writhing Saiyan's hardened nipples. His head shot up, lips twisted in a snarl as someone began buzzing insistently. "Dammit..." He groaned, leaning down and kissing Raditz hungrily. "I swear I'm going to kill you, Burter..." He murmured, getting up and padding to the door, unconcerned with his nakedness.

"Hey!" He leapt back as Vegeta's fist came sailing through the door. "What the hell are you doing?" He demanded, grabbing the Prince's arm and nearly breaking it as he twisted it around behind him.

Vegeta winced as he was dragged into the room, but he didn't back down. "Where the hell is Raditz, you sick bastard?" He spat. "I know you were after him tonight, I was told you were chasing him! Then I find his armor lying in pieces around his room, including on his messed up bed!" He snarled in rage as Jeice let go of him and began to laugh. "You think it's funny?!" He shrieked, aiming another punch at his smiling face, which the Ginyu warrior caught easily.

"What I think is funny, is that you think I raped your soldier." Jeice snickered, grabbing Vegeta by the shoulders and turning him around. "Which, as you can see, is definitely not the case."

Vegeta's face paled, his eyes wide with shock.

There, on the bed sat Raditz, completely naked, face crimson as he sat curled up on the bed, staring down at the floor.

"As you can see, Vegeta." Jeice whispered, lips tickling the frozen Saiyan's ear. "He's unharmed. That armor lying around? Well, that was just me gettin' a little impatient, is all."

Vegeta turned and looked at Jeice, eyes wide and disbelieving. "You..didn't...he..." The Prince wrenched himself away from the orange-skinned warrior, turning to Raditz. "You slept with him, willingly?" He said, voice low, and dangerous.

Raditz nodded, swallowing hard.

"You...I....oh, this..." He pointed one hand at Raditz, ki building in the palm of his hand.

Raditz's head snapped up, eyes wide with fear. "Prince Vegeta...I..."

"I don't think so, mate." Jeice said, eyes narrowed as he backhanded Vegeta into the wall. "You're out of here. Raditz is here, in my place, and he's my...companion for the evening. You don't hurt him, unless I say you can, got it?" He grabbed the Prince by the hair and lifted him to his feet, slamming him into the door. "That goes for when he's not here too, you know." Jeice said, voice laced with venom. "Any, say, training accidents, or something happens to him while on a mission with you, anything at all, and I believe you're behind it...whether you do it yourself, or have someone else, like Nappa, do it for you..." He leaned close, lips touching Vegeta's cheek. "You're dead meat, understand?"

Vegeta slumped against the door, emotions roiling. Part of him wanted to blast the other Saiyan for doing this, while the other knew that if he did, Jeice would, very easily, carry out his threat. But there was a third element there, which Vegeta had no intentions of examining, now or ever, an element which sent a sharp pang of emotion searing through him. An emotion the Prince would rather die than admit to feeling.

"I said, do you understand?" Jeice asked softly, banging Vegeta's head against the door for emphasis.

"Yes." The Prince ground out, eyes fixed on the floor.

"Say it, Vegeta." Jeice growled.

"Very well." The Saiyan snarled softly, eyes flicking over to the other Saiyan. "No harm will come to you over this. If you want to share a bed with this freak, that's your choice. I don't care what you do in your spare time."

Jeice nodded. "Good, now..." He opened the door and shoved Vegeta out into the hallway. "Get the fuck out of my hair." He shut the door and locked it, disabling the buzzer for good measure.

Raditz sat, staring at the closed door. "First, he thinks you forced me into sex, then...He...was going to shoot me, wasn't he? When he found out I was a willing participant." He scowled. "What business is it of his who I'm sleeping with?"

Jeice shrugged and sat beside him. "Maybe he's jealous. Who knows?" He reached out and ran his hand down Raditz's arm. "I think he's finally realized what he's been missing out on, and he's pissed that someone else snapped you up first."

"Yeah, right..." Raditz snickered, leaning forward and kissing the smaller man, growling as Jeice pushed him down and climbed onto his chest.


To Be Continued.......

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