Alternative arrangements. (Alternately titled 'Taste the rainbow' *snickers*) Chapter 1.

By; Zoicyte Aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom; DBZ

Rating; NC-17

Pairings; Jeice/Zarbon, Raditz/Zarbon, Raditz/Jeice, Raditz/Jeice /Zarbon.

Warnings; Yaoi, lemon, language.

Notes; OOC, PWP, TWT, AU sorta, as are all my fics. If you don't like the idea of Jeice being a charming, insatiable sex fiend, then this fic is not for you *giggles*

There are a few pics to go with this, you'll have to join my yahoo group, to see them however, cause I don't feel comfortable posting them anywhere else.

Yes, for those of you who are wondering at all the pairings, this is going to be a mini 'Fusion', lots of chapters of PWP lemon!

Thanks to Lady M, Espaa, and Lara for beta'ing.


Deep in space, Frieza's main base.

Jeice slowly made his way to the level 2 recreation area. "This had better be more enjoyable than the last bunch of women Frieza brought in." He muttered, scowling. "Either he thinks we're all completely desperate, or his kind has no taste whatsoever in females." He drew up to the door and was stopped by a tall, burly green alien.

"You pay." The thing grated out.

"Oh, I don't think so, mate." Jeice smirked. "I don't pay until I see something that'll make coming in here worthwhile."

"You pay." The creature repeated, leaning down into his face.

Jeice grimaced in distaste. "Man, your breath's worse than Burter's." He reached up and clicked on the creature's scouter. "Now, if I'm not mistaken, my power level's about triple yours, right?" He chuckled. "So just what the fuck are you gonna do to stop me, eh?" He gave the thing a shove, sending it sprawling to the floor. "Especially considering I'm not even fully powered up right now."

The green creature was on his feet immediately, long, sharp fangs bared, clawed fingers splayed as he crouched in a defensive stance.

Jeice sighed. "Relax, man, I'm only gonna have a quick look around, then I'll get out of your face, if the girls are anything like last time." He strode in and froze as he saw a girl up on the stage doing something that vaguely resembled dancing. "Eeeeewww..." He shuddered. "It looks like Burter, with hair! Gross!" He spun on his heel and strode past the creature, tossing him a few dollars. "There's somethin for having to stand there all night, subjected to that torture." He ran his fingers through his long, white hair, striding quickly up the corridor.

"Hey! Jeice! Where are you going?" Burter appeared in the hallway, a drink in each hand. "Come on!" The larger man gestured toward the bar. "The drinks are good, the women are hot..." He leered at the stage. "Come have some fun!"

", no thanks, mate...heh heh..." Jeice slowly backed away. "I had a quick look around, none of them really appealed to me, so, I think I'll just go hang out in the other bar. I saw one there that's perfect for you though, so good luck, eh?"

"Mm hmm..." Burter smirked. "Kuri-mu, she's gorgeous..." He said, turning and heading back in.

Jeice plastered on a grin and turned to sprint up the hall.

"Hey!" He cried indignantly as he smashed into someone, going down hard in a tangle of arms, legs, hair, a reddish brown tail... "Watch where you're going, Saiyan!" Jeice barked, pulling his head back quickly as their noses bumped together, their lips almost touching.

"Me! You watch where you're going, you little jerk!" Raditz growled, shoving Jeice off and climbing to his feet.

"Little, huh? Well listen up, you big lummox!" Jeice bared his teeth at the Saiyan. "You might be bigger, but my power level is higher than you'll ever achieve!" He placed one gloved hand against Raditz's chest and shoved, sending him crashing into a wall. "So I'd suggest you watch your step, monkey boy." The orange skinned man smirked, spinning on his heel and stalking up the hall. "Oh, a piece of friendly advice, don't waste your money in that hole." Jeice sneered. "Whoever is picking the women for these gigs, has absolutely no taste in females." He growled low in his throat. "Frankly, I'd tumble with you before I'd even consider getting within ten feet of any of them." He jerked a thumb over his shoulder as he walked away.

Raditz leaned against the wall, watching Jeice disappear around the corner. He quirked an eyebrow, a light blush staining his cheeks at the man's parting comment. "Wha...?" He looked in the direction the smaller man had taken. He gasped softly as an image flashed in his mind of himself and Jeice in bed. "Eeaugh...! What am I thinking!" Raditz gave his head a quick shake and pushed off from the wall. "I'm not _that_ desperate." The maned Saiyan snarled, stomping down the hall.

"Hmm..." He paused in the entranceway to the bar, getting a glimpse of two reptilian females on the stage engaged in the simulation of a sexual act. "Yuck." He muttered under his breath. "Damn, the little pomegranate was right. They are disgusting." He waved off the big green man who was trying to get him to pay for admittance. "I'll pass thanks." The Saiyan slowly walked up the corridor, considering his options. *Hmm...Nappa and the Prince are using the training room, there's a full moon, so going outside isn't an option tonight, and those women are atrocious.* Raditz scowled blackly. *Guess there's not much to do, but call it a night.* He sighed, making his way back to his quarters.

Raditz growled as the door to his quarters opened with a loud hiss. "We'd better get another mission soon, otherwise I might very well be the first Saiyan to die of boredom." The burly warrior grumbled as his armor hit the floor with a loud clunk. He toed off his boots, and sat down on his bed, jaw popping as he opened his mouth and yawned noisily. Raditz swung his legs up onto the bed, and laced his fingers behind his head as he lay back, scowling at the ceiling, replaying his earlier conversation with Jeice in his head.

// "Frankly, I'd tumble with you before I'd even consider getting within ten feet of any of them." //

The Saiyan's eyes closed, and again, an image of the short, orange warrior flashed in his head. Raditz groaned as he imagined the smaller man pinned beneath him, white hair whipping through the air, his voice raised in a scream of pleasure as Raditz pounded him into the mattress.

"Fuuuck..." Raditz hissed, flipping over onto his stomach. "I take it back, I am that desperate..." He sighed.


Level 1 recreation area....

Zarbon sat back, observing the bar through hooded golden eyes as he swirled his drink gently in the glass. "Well, isn't this exciting." He muttered, lip curling in disgust as a large, lavender, lizard-like creature leered at him from across the room before lumbering over in his direction. "In your dreams." Zarbon growled, baring his teeth at the other man. "There isn't enough money in the galaxy to coax me into your bed, tall, lumpy and hideous."

The warrior growled, baring his razor sharp teeth in return for a brief moment, before stalking back to rejoin his friends, who were cackling and tossing lewd taunts at them both.

"Fuck you all." Zarbon hissed softly, features twisted in annoyance. "Kami, this is so fucking boring!" The changeling flung himself back in his chair, movements unconsciously graceful, long green braid whipping through the air, drawing the eyes of several other warriors. Zarbon reached up and gently pinched the bridge of his nose, arching back in his chair, hair nearly touching the floor as he let his head fall back. "There has to be something to do around here." He raised his head, slowly leaning forward. The blue skinned man rested his elbows on the table, cupping his chin in his hands. "Or someone..." He chuckled.

His eyes were drawn to a flash of white and orange in the doorway as Jeice strutted into the bar, eyes scanning the room, his expression hostile. "Guess the women were all hideous, yet again." Zarbon snickered. *When is that guy going to realize that the women Frieza brings are actually very comely to the 90% of the soldiers here that closely resemble beasts.* He thought, as he held up a hand and counted all the males that he would consider reasonably attractive. "Hmm....Jeice, Raditz...Vegeta's a little ill-mannered, and ill-tempered for my taste, but still, he's kind of cute I suppose. That's pretty much it." The changeling made a face. "Nappa isn't furry, unless there's a full moon, and he doesn't have horns or scales, but he's just not my type."

Zarbon watched as Jeice strode up to the bar and ordered himself a drink, his amber eyes sweeping up and down, taking in every inch of the man's body. An appreciative smile graced his lips as his gaze raked over the orange skinned warrior's muscular legs, thin waist, and long, thick, white hair. *Mm...he is hot.* Zarbon thought, drumming the fingers of one hand on the table. *I've never had a chance to find out whether or not he might swing both ways, now seems like as good a time as any.*

Jeice turned around and leaned against the bar, scowling as he surveyed the room. He froze as he locked eyes with Zarbon. "What's your problem?" He murmured softly, almost laughing out loud as the cyan skinned man quirked a finely shaped brow and pushed out a chair with his foot. "So...Frieza's pretty boytoy wants some company, eh? This ought to be interesting." Jeice smirked, slowly making his way to the table.

"Didn't like the women this time either, hmm?" Zarbon said, giving Jeice a sly smile as graceful fingers toyed with his glass.

"They're hideous." Jeice snapped, dropping down onto the offered chair and banging his glass on the table.

Zarbon snickered. "Maybe to you, but look around." He waved a hand to indicate all the empty tables. "This place is usually teeming with drunkards by this time, all of them itching for a fight. But tonight..." The blue-skinned man shrugged. "Seems most of the men around here would be inclined to disagree with your assessment of the entertainment."

"Ugh! You call that entertainment? They're repulsive!" Jeice grimaced in distaste.

"To you and I, yes, but we are in the minority, my friend. Frieza tries to bring in females that will appeal to _most_ of the men here, the few of us that don't like them, are left to fend for ourselves." Zarbon sighed.

Jeice sat back, staring up at the ceiling as he pondered Zarbon's words. "So, what exactly are we supposed to do when we need to..." He smirked. "Let off some steam?"

"Well..." Zarbon smiled coyly at him, running a fingertip around the rim of his glass, trying to catch his eye. "We either go off-base to try and find our own entertainment, or..." He looked around briefly, then leaned forward and lowered his voice. "We find someone around here to make a..." He slid his hand across the table, stopping within an inch of Jeice's hand. "Mutually pleasurable arrangement."

Jeice regarded the blue skinned man intently for several seconds, then, just as Zarbon started to shift nervously, he spoke.

"I see." He said quietly. "So, why do I get the impression you're trying to make this...arrangement...with me? I'd have thought you'd be warming Frieza's bed." The smaller man sneered.

Zarbon snorted. "Afraid not. I admit perhaps I entertained thoughts of working my way to the top through...alternative methods," he smiled slightly as Jeice let out a bark of harsh laughter. "But Frieza and his family are rather prejudiced when it comes to that sort of thing." He looked down at the table, the fingers of one hand idly toying with the end of his dark green braid. "In case you hadn't noticed, Frieza is always going on about how he's the strongest, the best, in the universe. He's far too superior to sully himself by bedding someone who is not even one tenth his own strength, that's basically what he said to me once."

"Hmm, I suppose that makes sense, coming from him, although..." Jeice smirked as he stroked the side of Zarbon's hand with one gloved finger. "If I had a gorgeous creature like you seeking my affection, I'd be taking full advantage of the situation." One white eyebrow shot up as Zarbon's cheeks flushed at the comment.

"Oh, what's this?" Jeice chuckled as he reached out and stroked one violet tinged cheek. "I never would have pegged you as the bashful type."

Zarbon remained silent for several moments, blushing harder as he slid his hand over and twined their fingers together. "I'm not bashful..." He said, almost too softly for Jeice to hear. *It's just been a long time since someone's called me gorgeous...* He thought with a wry smile.

"Really, then what's this all about?" Jeice smiled, cupping Zarbon's chin, tilting his head up and studying the man's flushed face. The orange skinned man regarded the other warrior for a few seconds, pondering. *I'll bet I know why he's acting so coy all of a sudden...* Jeice thought with a sly smile. *This is Frieza's base, it's full of warriors. It isn't exactly chock full of elegant, charming gentlemen.* He looked around briefly, lip curling as he observed several drunken warriors staggering about, tossing out lewd comments and gestures. He turned back to his companion and leaned forward slightly, staring into the other man's wide, amber eyes. *Yeah...I wouldn't be surprised to find that the men he has bedded around here were all uncouth, ignorant barbarians that wouldn't know style and grace if it ran up and bit them on the ass.* Jeice grinned as he slowly ran a fingertip down the side of Zarbon's face. *Which means I know exactly how to get under your skin...* He thought, hand cupping Zarbon's cheek.

*What...what's he doing?* Zarbon wondered, staring at the man across from him. He barely suppressed a shiver as the smaller man's finger slid down his jaw, leaving a trail of tingling nerves in its wake. *Why is he being so...gentle? I never would have expected this from him.* Golden eyes shifted quickly from Jeice's face to the table, where their hands were still locked together, then back up to the orange skinned warrior's green eyes. Zarbon tilted his head to the side, nuzzling Jeice's hand as it cupped his cheek. *I never realized his eyes were green, of course, now that I think about it, I've never gotten close enough to find out before.* He stared into the other man's dark green eyes, smiling.

"So, my cyan skinned beauty..." Jeice said softly, smirking when Zarbon flushed and ducked his head shyly. "When shall we start pursuing this...alternative arrangement of ours?"

"Now's good." Zarbon blurted, then covered his mouth, looking anywhere but at Jeice. "I...I mean, give me a little time to freshen up, my quarters are just down that hall." He pointed to the main exit. "Turn right and then make a left, and four doors down, on the right hand side." He said, voice betraying some of his nervousness.

Jeice nodded. "Twenty minutes enough?" He slowly stood up and walked over to Zarbon's side. "That should be plenty of time for you to strip off that armor, and drape your delectable..." He leaned over and nuzzled Zarbon's hair, breathing his next words into his ear. "Naked self across the bed."

Zarbon shuddered as Jeice's breath tickled his ear, then fanned across his cheek. "I'll be ready." He said softly, eyes narrowing, lips parting as Jeice's head dipped down.

"Good." Jeice whispered, brushing his lips against Zarbon's in a light kiss. "I'll see you then." He said, abruptly pulling away and striding out the door.

Zarbon stared after the retreating figure, body tense and quivering with anticipation. After a few seconds he stood up and quickly made his way to his quarters.


Jeice stalked down the hall, smirking. "What to do for twenty minutes?" He wondered aloud. "I would go bug Burter, but I'm not going back to that hole, and looking at those repugnant females..." He winced. "That might kill my libido altogether, and we don't want that." The orange skinned man chuckled softly. "Man, I can't believe it, Zarbon, the one guy most of the men around here would give their right arm to spend a night with, and he's all mine." He rubbed his hands together. "And here everyone was afraid to approach him 'cause they assumed he was Frieza's playmate." Jeice growled softly, finding himself getting hard all over again, thinking about the evening ahead.

Jeice kicked open the stairwell door, and ran lightly down the steps to the next level. "Better keep an eye on the time." He reminded himself, clicking on his scouter and checking. "Ah, lots of time yet." The orange-skinned man paused and looked up and down the hall. "Now, what kind of mischief can I get into in the next 14 minutes?" He snickered.

Almost on cue, Vegeta's voice rang out from around the corner. "Nappa! You baka! If I've told you once, I've told you a thousand times!"

The Saiyan prince stalked angrily down the hall, followed closely by an apologetic Nappa.

"I'm sorry, Vegeta, I forgot, tell me again?" Nappa whined.

"Bingo." Jeice grinned, swaggering down the hall toward them.

"Nappa, I swear, one of these days, I am going to write it down and staple it to that big, bald head of yours!" Vegeta cried, dragging a hand down his face in exasperation.

"Geez, Vegeta, you know I have a bad memory when it comes to this stuff..." Nappa began, then gasped as a red blur streaked between himself and the prince, knocking Vegeta to the ground.

Both Saiyans snarled and dropped into defensive crouches as they turned to face their assailant.

"Well, well, well." Jeice smirked, crossing his arms and leaning against one of the doors. "If it isn't the monkey brigade." He looked them over. "But what's this? Seems you're one man short. Where's the moptop? Out enjoying the females? I'd think they'd appeal more to tall, bald and ugly here, than Raditz."

"It's none of your damn business where my men are!" Vegeta snapped, opting against admitting he'd lost track of Raditz, again.

"Hmm...your men, huh?" Jeice sneered, giving Vegeta a look that made the prince distinctly uncomfortable. "Well, isn't that an interesting tidbit." He cocked his head to the side. "If their size is anything to go on, Nappa and Raditz must be pretty well endowed, I'm surprised to hear you need both of them to satisfy you, Vegeta. I never would have imagined you as such an insatiable wildcat in bed."

Vegeta recoiled in disgust, his face bright red. Veins began to stand out on his forehead, as the Prince opened and closed his mouth several times, looking vaguely like a fish out of water. Finally he raised himself up to his full height, and glared death at the Ginyu warrior. "Just...FUCK OFF, JEICE!!" He shrieked, turning and bolting into his quarters. "NAPPA!" He bellowed, as the taller Saiyan stood staring back and forth between them, their exchange slowly sinking into his head.

"Huh? Oh, right. Coming, Vegeta." Nappa said quietly, tromping into the room after the Prince.

"That's right." Jeice cackled. "Follow your master into the bedroom like a good little monkey." He grinned, leaning back against the door. A gasp of surprise was torn from him as the door swished open, leaving him falling backward.

Before Jeice could right himself, two strong hands were on his back, pushing him up onto his feet. "What the...!?" He cried, then turned to face the person behind him.

"Raditz." Jeice said, voice low as his eyes swept up and down the tall, long-haired Saiyan's frame, clad only in a pair of black spandex trunks. Dark green eyes narrowed as he took in the Saiyan's smooth skin, sleep tousled hair, and half lidded eyes, both of them visible for a change, without the customary scouter. *Mm hmm...* Jeice's tongue flicked out to wet his lips. *He is well put together, isn't he?* He thought, taking a step toward the nearly naked Saiyan.

"Hello, Jeice." Raditz drawled, leaning against the doorframe, smirking as the other man's eyes roamed over his body. "Like what you see?"

"Uh huh..." Jeice purred, running his hand down the burly warrior's chest, stopping at the waistband of his shorts. "Very much so." His green eyes flashed dangerously as Raditz's hand closed around his wrist, and he allowed the larger man to pull him into his quarters, the door closing swiftly behind them.

"Well then, why don't you come on in, and let me give you a demonstration of my...prowess." Raditz said softly, before lowering his head and crushing his lips to Jeice's in a demanding kiss.

Jeice moaned against the Saiyan's mouth, arching against the burly warrior's hard body as Raditz's hands slid down and cupped his ass, lifting him off the ground and holding him in a crushing grip. "Hey! What..." He cried as he was suddenly flung down onto the bed. "Oh, you think so, do you?" Jeice smirked as Raditz pounced on him, one knee trying to push Jeice's legs apart as large, strong hands pulled at his armor.

"Two things, mate." The orange skinned man said, raising his power level and flipping Raditz onto his back, straddling his chest and wrapping one hand around the startled Saiyan's throat. "First off, I have a previous engagement this evening. And secondly..." He grabbed hold of the other man's twitching tail, giving it a very gentle squeeze. "Where the hell do you get off thinking you're going to be on top?"

Raditz lay beneath him, completely still, staring up at the other man apprehensively. "But...I thought you wanted..." He trailed off.

"I do." Jeice leered at him. "But not tonight." He climbed off the clearly disappointed Saiyan. "Don't worry mate, I'll be back for you soon enough."

Raditz groaned as Jeice kissed him hungrily, then pulled away and left, smirking and waving over his shoulder on his way out. "What a fucking tease..." He growled, as the door slid shut. He slid his hands inside his shorts, needing some form of release.

"Damn." Jeice snickered, striding up the hall. "I must be doing something right, first Zarbon, and now I've got a shot at Raditz, too." He smirked, checking the time. "Hm, nine minutes left, just enough time to grab one last drink." He sprinted to the stairwell, grinning.


Zarbon paced back and forth across his living room, idly chewing on a thumbnail. Suddenly, he whirled and glared at himself in a large mirror. "Come on, this is ridiculous!" He chided himself. "Acting like a nervous female just because he's two minutes late. He'll be here." The blue skinned warrior ran his fingers through his green hair, which he'd let loose from its usual braid, and straightened his navy blue satin robe for the umpteenth time.

Jeice stopped in front of Zarbon's door, pushing the button on the left side to request entry. The orange-skinned man inhaled sharply as the door slid open to reveal his soon-to-be lover. "And I thought you were gorgeous before..." He murmured, reaching up and capturing a lock of wavy green hair in his fingers.

Zarbon smiled, blushing slightly as he stepped aside, waving him in. "Glad you approve." He said with a smirk.

"Sorry I'm late, just had to stop and pick up a little something." He held up the bottle for inspection.

" favorite." Zarbon said, taking the bottle in one hand, grasping Jeice's hand with the other, and leading him into the bedroom. "I had a little something set up, but this will do nicely as well." He set the bottle in the ice bucket, alongside the wine he'd put out earlier. Grabbing two glasses, he walked over and dipped his head down for a kiss.

Jeice buried his hands in Zarbon's soft tresses, growling as a sharp spike of need shot through him. Breaking the kiss, he reached out and took the glasses from Zarbon, setting them on the dresser. "Tell you what, let's save this for later, hmm? I have other things I want to savor right now. Namely, you." He gently pushed Zarbon back, until the changeling was forced to sit on the bed.

Zarbon pulled his legs up, swallowing hard as he watched the other man slowly strip off his armor.

Jeice smirked as his eyes swept over the room. "What's with all the mirrors?" He asked, gesturing toward the large mirrors mounted on the wall on each side of the bed, then the mirrored headboard. "You get off on watching yourself?" Jeice chuckled, letting his armor drop to the floor as he slowly approached Zarbon, hands hooking in the hem of his black shirt and pulling it off. "Not that there's anything wrong with that..." He slowly peeled off his gloves, one by one, before sliding his hands into Zarbon's hair. "I could get off on watching you, too."

The blue skinned man's golden eyes stared down briefly, before flicking back up to meet Jeice's green ones. "It's not that." He said softly, cheeks flushing. "I like to watch my lover, as he touches me, I like to watch him..." Zarbon ducked his head, blushing. "I like to watch as he moves in and out of me, see his face, see everything..."

"Oh, yeah?" Jeice chuckled, toeing off his boots and leaning down. "Well, I'll give you lots to watch." He said softly, pushing his lover's robe down off his shoulders. "I'm afraid there'll be no beauty sleep for you tonight."

Zarbon moaned softly as Jeice darted his head forward, seizing his lips in a bruising kiss. He slid his hands up and gripped Jeice's biceps, leaning back and pulling the other man down on top of him.

Jeice growled softly as Zarbon broke the kiss, scurrying further up the bed, until his head rested on the pillows. "Trying to get away huh?" He whispered, pouncing on his larger lover.

Zarbon laughed softly, wrapping his arms around Jeice and raining kisses down his cheek and jaw. "Not a chance." He shivered as nimble fingers danced across his chest, pausing to pinch and stroke hardened nipples, before sliding down to brush against his rock hard length. "Jeice..." He moaned, hips rocking up, eager for his lover's touch.

Jeice grinned wolfishly at him, slowly shifting down Zarbon's body, lips and tongue teasing and tasting the soft cyan skin as he drew level with the other man's straining arousal.

"What..." Zarbon began, then let out a sharp cry as his erection was engulfed by his lover's mouth. "Uh...I..aaahnn...Kami!" He flung his arms over his head, clawing at the sheets as he turned his head to the side, watching in the mirror as Jeice's head bobbed up and down between his thighs. He whimpered softly as the feel of his lover's lips sliding up and down his length brought him closer, and closer to the edge. "No..." Zarbon said softly. " this...stop, please?" Hebegged, gripping the silvery-white mass of hair and tugging gently.

Jeice pulled up one last time, pausing to swirl his tongue over the head of his lover's shaft before releasing him and slowly moving up his body. "Just when it was getting good..." He murmured, nipping gently at a pebbled nipple.

Zarbon smirked up at him, wrapping long legs around his lover and squeezing, pulling the smaller man close. "It's going to get a lot better, now stop with the teasing, and take me already!" He growled, bucking his hips for emphasis. Jeice snickered at Zarbon's sudden impatience. "As you wish."

The blue-skinned warrior uttered a small cry of surprise as he was flipped over onto his side, Jeice grabbing one leg and raising it into the air. "What are you doing?" He asked, staring up at him, bewildered.

"Giving you what you want." Jeice answered, nodding toward the mirror before sticking two fingers into his mouth and coating them with saliva. "You said you liked watching in the mirror, and seeing your lover's face as well, this way you can do both." He slid his hand down and pushed one finger against Zarbon's entrance. "What's this?" He asked softy, giving his lover an evil grin as he felt the tight ring already coated with oil. "I see someone's all ready for me."

Zarbon blushed and nodded, eyes glued to the mirror as he watched Jeice position himself. He gasped, hands clutching the sheets as Jeice buried himself inside him with one smooth thrust. "Ahnn...yeah...more..." He begged, as Jeice moved inside him in short, teasingly slow strokes. "Faster, Jeice, please..." He groaned, reaching up with one hand and caressing the other man's cheek.

Jeice pulled out until only the head of his shaft remained inside him, then paused for a few seconds. He snarled softly as Zarbon began to writhe and whimper beneath him, pleading for him to move. With a low growl, he slammed himself into his lover's tight heat, wrenching a hoarse scream from the other man as he took him hard, and fast. Sweat beaded on his face as he slammed into his lover, his breath coming in ragged gasps and pants.

Zarbon's eyes rolled back, one hand sliding down and stroking his own arousal as he tore at the sheets with the other. He turned his head, looking up at Jeice through slitted eyes as he cried out with each thrust, feeling the pressure building inside him.

Jeice stared down at his lover with passion-glazed eyes as he pounded into him. "Cum for me..." He rasped, trying to stave off his own climax until the other man was ready.

"I...yes..." Zarbon panted, eyes squeezing shut as his muscles tensed. He threw back his head and shouted, coating his hand with his seed.

Jeice watched Zarbon go over the edge, then followed with a howl of pleasure, shooting his own seed deep inside his lover. He released the other man's leg, slumping over and collapsing on the bed in front of him, then moving over and wrapping his arms around his neck.

After a few minutes, both men opened their eyes and smiled at each other.

Zarbon leaned forward and kissed the end of Jeice's nose. "This is definitely a pleasurable arrangement." He said, before yawning kittenishly.

Jeice smirked at him. "You're not tired already, are you?" He snickered as golden eyes blinked at him. "Come on, I'm just getting warmed up!" The orange-skinned man rolled Zarbon over onto his back, pushing his legs apart and settling between them. "Like I said, no beauty sleep for you tonight!" He leered, moving down until the head of his arousal pushed against his entrance.

Zarbon cried out as Jeice slammed into him once more, wondering in the back of his mind just what the hell he'd gotten himself into as he arched and bucked against his lover.

To Be Continued.....

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