Four Lions + Two Serpents = One Helluva Good Time, Chapter 5

By: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: HP (Yes, I know, a huge departure for this long-time DBZ writer, but rest assured I am NOT giving up on my DBZ WIP fics!)

Rating: NC-17, nothing to see here but mindless, pointless smut *LOL*

Pairing: Every combination imaginable between F, G, and RW, DM, HP and SS.

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, incst, twincst, slight chan (HP, RW and DM are 15, but technically where I live they'd be considered legal *LOL*)

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc.

Spoilers: None

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"Rest assured, Mr. Weasley, that the feeling is more than mutual. I'm feeling a little ill myself, after bearing witness to this debauchery." A silky voice drifted out from the shadows. "And trouble doesn't even begin to describe the mess the five of you are in. Yes, even you, Mr. Malfoy," Snape purred, stepping into the light.

"Oh...bloody...hell..." Ron croaked, staring with wide eyes at the latest arrival.

"P...Professor Snape..." Harry breathed, his own green eyes almost comically wide behind his glasses.

Fred and George stared silently at the older man, then turned their heads slightly, each one giving the other a wink and a slight smirk before they both nodded, mischievous plans already forming in their minds.

"No, Professor, I can explain!" Malfoy stammered, trying to fight his way out of the tangle of Fred and George's limbs. "I didn't want anything to do with this..."

"Mm hm, yes, you certainly looked most unwilling when I arrived," purred Snape, a nasty smirk on his lips as Draco fell off the side of the bed in his haste to get to his robes.

"Well, I admit," George yawned, stretching his arms over his head, spreading his legs and giving the older man quite an eyeful, "it took a fair bit of coaxing on all our parts to get him into bed."

"That's right, sir, don't blame him," Fred chimed in, as he and his twin surreptitiously slid their fingers into the blankets, curling them around their wands, "it's awfully hard to say no to not one, but four handsome, randy Gryffindors all wanting a piece of you."

"I can only imagine..." Snape sneered, folding his arms and scowling at the blond Slytherin who was practically bowing before him, face red with embarrassment. "You will go, now, and wait in my office, I'll deal with you when I get back. But first, I have four Gryffindors to administer some punishment to. Oh...I'm going to enjoy this."

"Y..Yes, professor..." Draco whimpered, snatching up his clothes and donning only his outer robe before heading for the door.

"On second thought, Mister Malfoy," Severus slanted a look at the teen. "Do make yourself presentable, before venturing out into the hallway."

"Yes, sir," Malfoy breathed a sigh of relief, moving over to a nearby chair and quickly donning his clothes.

The dark-haired wizard rubbed his hands together, beginning to pace the room, robes swirling around him gracefully each time he spun around. "The headmaster certainly can't overlook such debauchery taking place within these hallowed halls, I can see the two of you being sent home," he smirked, eyes darting back and forth between the twins, who shared a nervous look. "Not to mention the reaction all three of you will get from your families, I imagine they'll pull their youngest boy out of school and keep him under lock and key..." Snape gave Ron a nasty smile, arms folded across his chest.

Ron swallowed hard, staring up at Snape, unable to help comparing the wizard to a giant bat *Yeah, a vampire bat that's going to drain all my blood, or just eat me alive...*

Snape smirked at the expression on Ron's face, before walking over to stand in front of Harry, gazing down with narrowed, obsidian eyes. "And what of Gryffindor's golden boy? The 'savior' of the wizarding world? How would your adoring public feel about you after finding out you spent the evening rolling around with three siblings and a Slytherin?"

Harry blinked owlishly at Snape, running the fingers of one hand through his dark hair. "I don't imagine they'd like it very much, sir," he answered quietly.

"Come now, Professor," George sat up, Fred mimicking him, both teens careful to keep their wands well hidden, "surely we can come to some kind of agreement, so that this doesn't get exposed to the general public? After all, if you expose us, that means the Malfoy family will have to deal with it too."

"Yeah," Ron muttered darkly, "imagine the shame they'd be feeling, after having it made public that their son engaged in an orgy with three Weasleys and Harry Potter."

Draco had blanched at the mention of his family, staring back at them with wide eyes. ", father...he would have my hide..."

Snape pursed his lips, annoyed that the twins had seen through the bluff so easily. "Well, he really should have thought of that before he joined in on all this, as should you all..." He growled as his words were cut off.

"Don't worry, he can't really hurt us, he knows how damaging something like this could be to our family names, and so does Dumbledore," said Harry confidently, "The headmaster wouldn't let something like this out, and anyone that went against his wishes," Harry turned and smirked at Snape, "would suffer the consequences."

"Yeah, but look how well that worked with Lupin," Ron reminded his friend, eyes trained on the tall form looming over them.

"That's true," said George, one hand cupping his chin, "I suppose it could happen at some point, even if Dumbledore kept it out of the papers. It could still wind up all over the school about us, and no one would ever believe our word that Draco was here with us..."

"Bloody hell, I still can't believe it." Ron snorted, he and Harry sharing a grin.

"Silence," snapped the Professor, "I assure you that this is no laughing matter. I haven't even begun to tally the points to be taken from your house, not to mention you still have to pay a little visit to the headmaster." He spun around to say a few choice words to Malfoy, and gasped as two voices rang out behind him, a spell hitting him square in the back. "You had better reverse that, this instant," Snape snarled, struggling to move, a low growl building in his throat as he realized he was unable to.

"Oh no! What the hell have you done?" Ron demanded, turning and staring incredulously at his brothers.

"This is bad," Harry winced, "hexing a teacher, as if we weren't in enough trouble already..."

"Yeah...right," Ron swallowed hard, glancing around for his wand then noticing Draco already had his in hand. "Malfoy, as much as I hate to say this, better undo that before he really gets mad."

Draco swallowed hard, seeing the fire in his Head of House's dark eyes. "I think it's a bit too late for that, Weasley," he murmured, raising his wand, hand trembling slightly, "he's still going to have loads to say about this." His tongue darted out, wetting pale pink lips. "Finite..."

"No!" Fred and George cried out in unison, both of them jumping up off the bed and racing over.

"You really don't want to do this," Fred moved to stand in front of Snape, holding up a hand to stop him.

"Right, no need to rush it, we might yet be able to come to some kind of...agreement, that will see all of us leave here none the worse for wear. Wouldn't that be preferable to letting the good professor go back to his office and fire off that nasty letter to the headmaster?" George asked quietly, his own hands coming up to rub at Snape's shoulders.

"Mr. Weasley," Severus growled, face contorting with outrage, "I suggest you remove your hands from my person, and then both of you move back to that bed. Potter and your sibling were correct, after this little stunt, neither of you can even begin to imagine the amount of trouble you are in."

"Oh, come now, professor," George purred, smirking as Fred began sliding his hands into Snape's robes, exploring the older man's chest through his clothing, "surely we can come to some kind of...mutually pleasurable arrangement..."

Snape hissed. "If you are suggesting that I would even consider trading sexual favors to keep my silence on such serious rule-breaking..." he sputtered indignantly, color rising in his sallow cheeks.

"Oh, no, not at all, professor," purred Fred, leaning up to nip lightly at the man's jaw, "we know you'd never lay your hands on an underage student. But.."

"That doesn't go to say we can't touch you," George murmured, hands moving down to squeeze Snape's waist lightly.

"Eaughh..." Ron shook his head, yelping when Harry leaned over and cuffed him lightly on the back of the head, "what? I'm just sayin' they'd best not expect me to get in on that, I have no desire to shag Snape."

Harry pressed his forehead to his friend's shoulder to hide the grin that spread across his lips at the disturbed expression on the red-head's face.

Snape bared his teeth, dark eyes flashing as he tried to move. "Rest assured I have no intentions of laying my hands on any students this night, nor any other night, for that matter," he snarled, "furthermore, I have no intentions of continuing to allow said students to lay their hands on me!" Obsidian eyes darted over, boring into pale grey ones. "Mr. Malfoy, you will not stand idly by in such an idiotic fashion and allow this to take place, or else rest assured I will take every possible step to make your pathetic life a living hell..."

Draco swallowed audibly, once again raising his wand hand. "I...yes sir," he said, pointing his wand at his Head of House.

"Draco," Fred turned and glared at him, brandishing his own wand, "go and get back on that bed, and leave this to us."

When the Slytherin hesitated, George too pointed his wand at the blond. "Do as he says, Malfoy. Go join Harry and Ron, now."

Draco shot an apologetic look to the wizard, flinching slightly when the older man refused to even look at him. Then he nodded and moved back to the bed, sitting down beside Ron, eyes trained on the blanket.

"Don't feel too bad, Malfoy," Ron said quietly, "it's impossible to fight those two when they get a plan in their heads."

"Well, I hope it's a damn good plan," Draco whispered, "otherwise we're really in for it."

"In ways the three of us put together couldn't even begin to imagine..." Harry murmured.

"Might as well take those clothes back off, Draco," George shot a look over his shoulder, smirking at the younger boy, "get comfortable, you're going to be there awhile yet."

Fred laughed and gripped Snape's shoulders, the twins working together to slowly turn the wizard around until he was facing the bed. "Yes, the three of you get comfortable, because you're going to be putting on a little show for the three of us."

Draco, Harry and Ron were all staring at the twins with near-identical expressions of shock. "Are you daft!?" Ron cried, rising up onto his knees and gesturing wildly. "You expect the three of us to get it on in front of him? He's already caught us at it once, what the bloody hell is the point of putting on a performance for him again?"

"He's right," Draco said, grey eyes narrowed at the twins, "what are you two on about? You can't seriously expect us to do...that, with him right there watching us..." He looked over at Harry, who merely shook his head mutely, green eyes wide.

"Why not?" Fred asked, pressing himself against the older man's back and winding his arms around Snape's waist. "You've already done it once, remember, Draco?"

"Yeah, why don't you remind us all about what happened just a short while ago?" George purred, shooting a sultry smile at the blond before slowly undoing the buttons of Snape's robe, one hand slipping inside to toy with his shirt.

Ron glanced at Malfoy, confused. "What's he talking about?"

"I think I know," murmured Harry, looking over at the Slytherin expectantly.

"Well..." Draco blushed, fingers toying with the blanket, "when I was...busy, with Fred and George, and you two were going at it, I saw..." He glanced up at the wizard, swallowing at the murderous look the older man was giving him. "I saw Professor Snape at the far end of the room, watching us."

"What, you mean that he was there the whole time we were..." Ron stared at the teacher, stunned. "For how long?"

"It doesn't matter how long, Ron," Harry murmured, giving Snape an assessing gaze, "the fact is that he didn't make his presence known until Draco and I noticed him."

"Quite right, Harry," purred Fred, resting his chin on Severus' shoulder and giving the three boys a grin, "he would have been quite content to stand there and watch us, then probably slip out unannounced."

"You like to watch, don't you, professor?" George leaned up, whispering the words into the man's ear as his fingers slipped beneath the man's shirt, caressing the warm skin. "You've been doing it for quite some time now.."

"What the devil are you talking about?" Snape hissed, glaring at George.

"Oh, come on, you know exactly what we mean," chuckled Fred, "the portraits have some pretty interesting tales to tell, if you treat them nicely enough."

"Mm hmm," nodded George, "like the stories the ones in the farthest reaches of the dungeons tell about a certain student named...what did everyone call him?" He tilted his head and gazed at his twin in mock innocence.

"Luscious Lucius," Fred smirked, "oh, yes, they've got loads of stories about him, and his trysts with fellow students."

Everyone ignored the startled gasp that came from Draco.

"That's right," George snickered, gazing up into Snape's eyes, grinning gleefully at the spark in the obsidian eyes, "they also had loads to tell about the second year that used to follow around, always hanging around in the shadows, forever watching him."

"Yeah, a certain sallow-skinned boy, with dark greasy hair and a hooked nose, that used to hide in the corners, watching anyone that looked like they might be up to something interesting," chuckled Fred, slowly peeling Snape's outer robe down off his shoulders.

"Is there a point to these fantastical tales of yours?" Snape ground out, trying to move his hand enough to get to his wand.

"There certainly is," George nodded, sliding the robe down the rest of the way and tossing it onto a nearby chair before working on the buttons of his shirt, "it's that we'll make you a little deal. You like to watch, so you watch them. If you become aroused while watching, then Fred and I get to touch you. We make you climax, and we forget this whole thing ever happened."

"I've got a better idea," Snape growled, "you release me now, and I'll only make your life a living hell for the rest of your school career at Hogwarts. I won't push for your expulsion, or for the disgrace of your families..."

"Not good enough," Fred shook his head, nodding to his younger brother, "anytime you three are ready. Decide what you're going to do and lets get this show started, hm?"

The three teens on the bed looked at each other awkwardly, all of them blushing furiously. "So...what are we gonna do?" Ron asked quietly, sighing when Draco shrugged, and Harry merely bit his lip.

"Well, for starters," Fred moved around Snape, wrapping one of the man's arms around his shoulders and leaning against his side, "I think Draco should be in the middle again. He seems to like that quite a bit."

"Not to mention he looks damn sexy sandwiched between two people, writhing in pleasure. Wouldn't you agree, Professor?" George smirked up at the older man, grabbing his hand and stroking the back of it lightly with his fingers.

"Harry was on top before, Ron on the bottom, so I imagine they'd like to switch this time." Fred smiled, resting his head on Snape's shoulder as he brazenly rubbed against him.

The dark-haired teen glanced over at Ron, then lowered his eyes. "Well, I never imagined you'd be the first person to do...that to me, Malfoy," he said quietly.

"Hell, I never imagined he'd ever be doing that to you, nor me to him, for that matter," Ron grumbled, moving closer to the blond.

"Don't start, Weasel," Draco said testily, shooting a glare over his shoulder, "are we going to do this or not?" He frowned, then quickly stood up and shed his clothing, hanging it over a nearby chair before crawling back onto the bed.

"Pipe down, you two," George said sternly, walking over to the bed and leaning down, capturing his sibling's lips in a heated kiss.

Harry and Draco watched silently, eyes narrowing as the kiss dragged on, finally pulling a low groan from Ron. They glanced at each other, before slowly moving forward, lips meeting in a kiss that was soft at first, then rapidly grew more passionate as Draco's tongue darted out to trace Harry's lips.

Fred held back a laugh as he heard the sharp intake of breath from beside him, Snape's muscles tensing slightly within the confines of the spell. "Nice start to things," he murmured, "don't you think, Professor?"

"Let it be known," the older man growled, "that I wanted absolutely nothing to do with this. That it was your idea, your hex that froze me here and made me a party to this..."

"Duly noted," the teen said cheerily, one hand rubbing Snape's chest briefly, "but I think we can convince you to get into things soon enough."

"I highly doubt it." Snape muttered, but his dark eyes were trained on Draco as the blond pushed Harry down onto his back, lowering himself onto his long-time rival and resuming their scorching kiss, pale hands roaming over Harry's chest and abdomen.

"So..." George said quietly, pulling back and resting his forehead against Ron's. "What shall we do with you three? I know," a smirk settled on the older teen's lips, "hold on, Draco, don't get too far ahead of us now." He grinned, crawling into the bed and tracing his fingertips down Draco's spine, making the younger boy shiver before he turned his head to gaze up at George, a hint if impatience in his grey eyes.

"Oh, don't look at me like that," George chuckled, urging Draco to rise to his knees, "this is supposed to be a show for our dear professor, remember?"

Draco pulled away reluctantly, growling as the older teen captured his lips, nipping and sucking on them for a few seconds.

"Now," George said, a little breathlessly, "what say we have you, Harry, turned onto your stomach, perfect..." He smiled, then ran his hands over Harry's back in slow circles when the younger boy complied. "Very nice, now," the older teen turned and glanced at Draco, "why don't you grab one of those pillows and set it under his hips, hm?"

Harry craned his neck, looking up at the red-haired teen. "Why like this?" he asked, a light blush on his cheeks as his hips were raised into the air, before Draco slipped the pillow under him.

"Because," smirked George, as he reached out his hands to touch Harry's buttocks, squeezing and kneading the pale, soft flesh gently, "this angle, when you spread your legs just so..." He urged the younger teen to part his thighs wider. "It really does make for a lovely view, seeing you all spread out and ready to be taken like that."

Harry blushed furiously, shoulders hunching as he pressed his face into the pillow under his arms. He gasped and jerked as a finger brushed lightly over his entrance. Lifting his head, he turned and stared up at Draco as the blond smirked down at him, fingers teasing his sensitive opening.

"He's right, Potter," the Slytherin chuckled softly, taking the vial of oil George offered and spreading some onto his fingers, "you do look good like that."

"And what do you think, Professor?" Fred pressed his forehead to Snape's cheek, watching through hooded eyes as Draco pressed one finger into Harry, wrenching a soft groan from him. "Personally I think those two are brilliant together. There's something about watching rivals turn to lovers that is rather exciting, don't you think?"

Snape didn't answer, instead merely clenching his eyes shut. *I am NOT going to ogle Potter like that, spread out on the bed, looking wanton, needy, ready to be...* Dark eyes snapped open and darted to the side, looking anywhere but the bed before him. But it was too late, the image of Harry stretched out, legs spread, rear pushed up into the air while Malfoy knelt behind him had already been seared into Severus' brain. The wizard growled under his breath softly as he felt heat slowly building inside him.

George looked back and forth between Malfoy and Harry, Ron, and his twin and Snape. "Well, things seem to be starting nicely over here," he frowned slightly at his younger brother, "well, go on, get in on things, Ron. Malfoy's not going to bite you, you know."

"I will, but only if he asks me nicely." Draco snickered, pushing a second finger into Harry and curling them slightly, smirking at the yelp that came from the dark-haired teen. "Hm, like that," he leaned over, pressing a kiss to Harry's back, "do you, Potter?"

"Mm hm..." Harry whimpered, rocking his hips back toward Draco's hand, eyes sliding shut. He shifted his hips, the sensation of fingers inside him no longer awkward and strange as it had been the first time, when George and Ron had teamed up on him.

"Alright, my turn." Ron ran both hands over Draco's hips, dropping a light kiss to the blond's shoulder before one hand dipped down to trace his rear. "You should still be pretty slick from before, but...better safe than sorry," he whispered, nuzzling the back of the Slytherin's neck as he picked up the oil and slathered a generous amount onto his own shaft.

Draco turned and glared at Ron, then tilted his head and nipped at the other teen's lower lip. "Just get on with it," he whispered, "I'm not in the mood to wait, and I don't think Potter is, either, are you?" He leaned down, bending over the dark-haired teen and nipping lightly at his shoulder.

"No, come on, let's get on with it then," Harry murmured, shifting impatiently beneath Draco, hands fisting in the sheets.

"Ooh...yes," George purred, moving to curl up against Snape's other side, "very, very nice..." He nodded, as the three of them watched Ron easing his length into Draco, the blond throwing his head back with a keening cry and leaning into the ginger-haired teen. "So, how about it, Professor," he grinned up at the older man, hand sliding across his abdomen, then down toward his groin, "Any of this getting to you yet?"

"Not one...little...bit..." Snape growled, fighting down the swell of arousal that threatened to consume him. He tried not to wince as a spike of desire shot through him at the sight of Draco and Ron sharing a passionate kiss, Draco moaning as Ron's hand wound around his arousal and guided him to press against Harry's opening. Snape closed his eyes as Harry let out a loud moan, pushing back against Draco as he was filled with one smooth, slow thrust.

"Oh my, what's this," George tilted his head and gazed down, "is that a bulge I see in the front of your robes, Professor?" Giving the man an innocent smile, George trailed one hand down, cupping the wizard's hardening manhood.

"Well, it appears that you were wrong, Professor Snape," Fred chimed in, grinning wildly as he and his brother both moved to stand before him, "you seem to be quite aroused. Which means..." He glanced slyly at his twin.

"That we get to touch you as we please," George murmured, before both of them attacked Snape's clothing.

Snape growled and glared as his shirt was undone, the fabric pushed aside to reveal his chest. "Stop it," he hissed as George undid his trousers, freeing his turgid length, "leave that alone, I didn't agree to anything..." Dark eyes darted to the bed as Harry cried out sharply, hips jerking back to meet Malfoy's deep thrusts. Severus gritted his teeth, eyes narrowing as he watched the three teens shifting and arching against each other, finding a rhythm that suited them all and moving in tandem. Breath coming faster, Snape watched silently for a moment, before he was shocked out of his stupor by the feel of warm air wafting over his arousal. " not even..." His words were cut off as the two teens kneeling in front of him began to lick and suck on his shaft in earnest, drawing a strangled sound from the potions master.

Draco glanced over, grey eyes narrowing to slits as he watched Fred and George pleasing the Slytherin Head of House. "That's quite a sight," he breathed, fingers cupping Ron's chin and turning his head, "and here you thought this would be unpleasant, Weasley."

"Yeah, well, guess my brothers had the right idea after all," he smiled faintly, then turned back to press his lips to Draco's in a heated kiss, "oh, now I've done it, their heads will be swelled for months over this one."

Harry laughed breathlessly at Ron's unintended pun, then gasped as Draco bent over him, teeth raking over the back of his neck while a hand slid underneath his hips to wrap around his prick. "Ahn...please, Draco," he whispered, raising himself up off the bed a little, hips rocking back and forth.

The three of them writhed and arched against one another, a light sheen of sweat appearing on smooth skin as they panted and called out to each other, their movements becoming more urgent as they neared release.

Snape was biting his lip to stifle the soft sounds that threatened to fall from his lips, the sight before him combined with Fred and George's ministrations nearly making the older wizard go out of his mind with pleasure. He gasped, eyes widening as a strange sensation washed over him... Fred and George's spell...had worn off.

Fred and George continued to drive Snape closer to the edge, each teen with one hand wrapped around the other's length, stroking quickly as they took turns engulfing the wizard's shaft. They were both so caught up in what they were doing that it took them several seconds to register the feel of long fingers threading through their hair, gently urging them on. When they realized it, they didn't flinch, merely redoubling their efforts to bring the wizard to climax.

Obsidian eyes snapped open as a high-pitched cry rent the air, and Snape watched as Harry's head snapped up, back arching while he undulated beneath Draco, face contorted in pleasure. A few seconds later Draco followed suit, leaning back heavily against Ron, his arms wound around the red-head's shoulders, hips jerking erratically as he too found release. Then it was Ron's turn, the tightening of Draco's internal muscles sending the teen over the edge with a shout of pleasure, before he wrapped his arms tightly around the Slytherin, nuzzling his shoulder.

Snape narrowed his eyes, watching silently as Draco and Ron broke apart, slumping down onto the bed on either side of Harry, the three teens all but cuddling as they tried to catch their breath. He glanced down and smirked faintly at the teens kneeling before him, observing the sweat beading on each teen's brow as the twins tried to stave off their own climax. "Well, that was quite a show," he murmured, carding his long fingers through their soft, red hair, "pity you missed it. But then, you were putting on your own show, weren't you?" He inhaled sharply, dark eyes flashing as he stared down at them. "If you're expecting to make me reach climax before you, you'll be sorely disappointed. I'm enjoying watching your performance, and I can hardly enjoy that if I'm distracted by my own release, now can I?"

The three teens on the bed looked up, and a collective gasp was heard as they all realized that Snape was...moving?

"The's gone," Harry hissed, "how long ago did it wear off?"

"Who cares, he hasn't hexed us, or moved away from Fred and George..." Ron whispered, a nervous, uncertain expression on his face. "Think we might actually be off the hook?"

"Maybe," Draco lifted his head and glared at both of them, "if you two be quiet and act like you didn't notice anything."

Harry and Ron nodded, falling silent as they all pretended they hadn't noticed anything amiss.

Fred and George eyed each other silently, considering Snape's words, then with a nod, they quickened their strokes, soft moans falling from their lips as they continued to try to please both Snape and each other. They climaxed together, their cries muffled as the twins' lips met in a heated kiss, George wrapping one hand around Snape's length and stroking the hard shaft.

Snape clenched his eyes shut, muscles tensing as his pleasure built, then peaked, a soft groan torn from his lips as he climaxed. He barely suppressed a shiver as Fred and George eagerly captured as much of the wizard's seed as they could, teasing the Professor's length with their lips and tongue for a few moments, before they pulled away and shared another heated kiss. Severus stood stock still for several moments, chest rising and falling rapidly, eyes tightly closed. Finally, he opened them and peered down at the twins, then glanced up at the three boys still pressed together on the bed.

"Well, sir," George asked quietly, as he and Fred rose to their feet, "did you enjoy the show?"

Snape merely sniffed and turned away, quickly straightening his clothes, then snatching up his outer robe and putting it on. "Mr. Malfoy, you will escort these Gryffindors to their common room as soon as you are able, and," he paused, turning around and folding his arms, glaring at them imperiously, "Twenty five points each from Gryffindor, for being out after curfew." He stalked across the room, flinging open the door. "Oh, yes, and detention for a week, to be served in the potions classroom. I'm sure I can dredge up quite a few cauldrons for the five, yes..." he turned and frowned at Draco, "five of you to clean out. Goodnight." With that, the professor swept out of the room like nothing had transpired.

"You know," Ron lifted his head and stared at the door, "I think that was Snapespeak for 'That was bloody brilliant!'." He grinned as the others all laughed and nodded.

"Must be, seeing as he only took twenty five each," George chuckled and shook his head, before he and his twin climbed onto the bed and curled around the younger teens, "I thought for sure it was going to be fifty, or more."

Draco sighed and stretched, yawning loudly. "Well, he left me in charge, and I say it's time to get dressed and see you back to your common room. The last thing we need is to get caught again."

"Aw," pouted Fred, leaning up and peering over Ron's shoulder, "but after that lovely show, I realize I never got my turn to top you, Malfoy." With a leer he crawled over Harry and Ron, pinning the blond to the bed.

"Are you mad?!" Malfoy shrieked, his protests muffled as Fred kissed him, settling his weight on the smaller teen.

Harry and Ron shared a smirk, then turned around and pounced on George. "What say we find a way to keep busy until Harry gets his turn?" Ron purred, nipping at his sibling's jaw.

"Why, Ron," George grinned up at his brother, "I do believe we've finally succeeded in corrupting you. I'm so proud."



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