Four Lions + Two Serpents = One Helluva Good Time, Chapter 4

By: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: HP (Yes, I know, a huge departure for this long-time DBZ writer, but rest assured I am NOT giving up on my DBZ WIP fics!)

Rating: NC-17, nothing to see here but mindless, pointless smut *LOL*

Pairing: Every combination imaginable between F, G, and RW, DM, HP and SS.

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, incst, twincst, slight chan (HP, RW and DM are 15, but technically where I live they'd be considered legal *LOL*)

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc.

Spoilers: None

Archived: Others please ask first.

Thanks to Rakshakc and Lara for their constant encouragement *glomps* Thanks also to Espaa for beta'ing.

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~~oOo~~ Change of scene and/or POV

Just moments before Harry would have climaxed, the door to the room flew open, hitting the stone wall with a crash. Harry sat frozen in a mix of fear, shock, and almost painfully thwarted arousal, green eyes huge as he realized who it was that stood in the doorway.

"Well, well, well," drawled a frighteningly familiar voice. There in the doorway stood Draco Malfoy, wand in hand, an expression of triumph on his sharp features. The expression was rapidly turning to one of confusion however, as his blue eyes raked over the other boys, noting the fact that a; they were splayed over one another on a bed, and b; they were naked. "What the hell...are you doing?"

The teens on the bed froze, three red-haired heads turning as one to stare with wide eyes at the new arrival. "What are you doing here, you little git?" Ron growled, tremors running through his frame as even now, he hovered on the edge of climax.

Fred and George stared at their younger brother with identical shocked grins, before glancing over to see Draco's reaction.

Harry had nearly fallen out of his chair from the banging of the door, and now stood unsteadily, clutching his invisibility cloak tightly to him. He swallowed nervously, eyes darting back and forth from the bed to the blond Slytherin. *Better think of something, before he gets the clever idea to start running for Professor Snape's office...* Harry thought, forcing his feet to move.

Almost as if Draco could read Harry's mind, the teen spun and bolted for the doorway, sucking air into his lungs as he prepared to shout for his head of house. "Professor Sna...Hey! What do you think you're.." The blond's angry words were cut off by an invisible hand over his mouth. He protested loudly, struggling against the arms that now wound around his body, as the door was kicked shut. *Wait a minute, a disembodied foot, a hand over my mouth and an arm around me I can't see...* Grey eyes flashed with malice as pale pink lips parted, sharp teeth sinking into the fingers over his mouth.

Harry yelped and pulled his hand away, gasping as Draco began struggling wildly, managing to drag the invisibility cloak down off his head.

"Potter!" he snapped, his wand rising to point directly at Harry's face, right between his wide green eyes. "I knew you'd be here, wherever I find the Weasel, you're never far behind."

"Hullo, Harry," Fred gave him a jaunty wave, snickering as Ron stared silently at the other boy. "Nice to see you made it!"

George shot the dark-haired teen a cheeky grin, "Especially considering you forgot to invite him!" he smirked up at Fred.

"Me?" Fred countered, "but I thought you were in charge of sending out the invitations this time."

"Well obviously I wasn't, or else that little prat wouldn't have been invited," George murmured, shooting a pointed look at Draco.

"Hm, I see what you mean," Fred nodded sagely. "So, I guess it was all Ron's fault then." The twins snickered as Ron's head swivelled, the youngest sibling glaring at both of them.

"Oi, why's it my fault all of a sudden?" he demanded, trying to pull away, only to be pinned between his brothers.

"Oh come on, Ron," George leered, reaching up and pinching the younger teen's nipples as he bucked his hips gently, drawing a soft groan from Ron. "We've seen you two goin' at it, always trying to get under each other's skin, pun intended." He snickered. "Malfoy doesn't tease us the way he does you."

"Quite right, the...passion, with which you two attack each other, what's that saying now?" Fred murmured, kissing his way down the side of Ron's throat.

"I believe it goes something along the lines of a fine line between love and hate," George bit his lip to stifle a laugh as Ron's face turned beet red.

"Love?!" he spat, trying to pull away until Fred jerked his hips forward, making him gasp and shudder, eyes slipping shut.

"Well, okay," George conceded with a grin. "Maybe just lust, then."

"Oh, come on, Ron," Fred murmured, nuzzling the back of his sibling's neck, rocking his hips as Ron remained passive between them. "We can figure out where and how Harry's going to fit into all this in a bit, alright?"

Ron swallowed hard, then nodded, turning and capturing Fred's lips in a kiss. "Alright, then," he whispered, biting his lip and groaning as he thrust forward, wrenching a soft cry from George.

"What are you doing here, Malfoy?" Harry demanded, stepping forward, then halting as Draco's lip twisted in a snarl, wand still pointed steadily at his face.

"Investigating who's been stomping around the dungeons, slamming doors, setting up wards. I knew it couldn't be a Slytherin, it was way too sloppy for one of us," Draco chuckled, reaching up and smoothing down his hair, left standing at odd angles after their scuffle. "I'm sure the four of you will have an interesting time explaining to Professor Snape why you're down here, and doing..." he turned away for a moment, glancing at the bed. The twins were trying to coax Ron into ignoring Draco's presence, and finishing what they started. "Would you stop that?" he screeched, making a face even as his eyes roamed over their pale skin.

"What's the matter, Malfoy," Ron breathed, gazing at the Slytherin with hooded eyes. "Jealous?"

"Not likely, Weasel!" Draco shot back, lips moving as he tried to form a suitably nasty comment, but he was unable to think of anything but the way the three teen's bodies moved against each other and the soft moans and pants that fell from the twins' lips.

"Yeah, right. I'll bet given the nasty, greasy little Snape-wannabe git you are, that nobody's ever bothered to try and show you a good time," Ron chuckled, then closed his eyes and turned his attention back to his brothers.

Harry stared incredulously as Draco continued to watch, a blush spreading over his cheeks as the siblings did, indeed, continue as if he'd never interrupted them. Harry stepped forward, intending to take advantage of the other teen's moment of distraction. Heat coursed through the dark-haired boy's slender frame as a loud groan from one of the twins made Draco gasp. "I think Ron's right," he said, snatching Draco's wand from his hand. "Like what you see?"

The Slytherin turned to glare at him, opening his mouth to speak, before a sharp cry drew his attention once more to the front of the room.

"Oh, sure, you've probably thought about... that," Harry gestured toward the bed with the other boy's wand. " He smirked at the blond teen then, taking a step closer to murmur in his ear. "You've never actually done it though, I'll bet." He chuckled as Draco merely continued to stare at the three siblings, who were now writhing against each other, soft moans and pleas rising from the bed.

"Oh, and I suppose you have? Well, actually," Draco sneered, quickly stepping away from Harry. "You've probably been shagged by every mudblood in Gryffindor by now, haven't you? Famous Harry Potter, I can just imagine the people lining up outside your dorm for a piece of that, and you probably just lap up all that attention, don't you? Common little thing that you are..." He grunted as Harry's hands fisted in the front of his robes, and he was slammed into the wall. "What do you think you're doing? I'm not going to let you treat m..mmph!" Draco's angry rant was cut off as Harry lunged forward, sealing their lips in a bruising kiss, nearly splitting Draco's lip in the process. He stared in shock as the other teen pulled back a moment later.

Harry clamped a hand over Draco's mouth as the teen tried to speak. "You know, Draco," he sighed, "you're actually quite attractive, until you open that filthy mouth of yours. What say we keep it shut for a little while, see what happens, hm?" He pulled out his own wand and quietly murmured a charm, smirking as the blond teen suddenly found himself unable to part his lips.

Draco growled, clenching his fists and lashing out at the other boy, the two of them wrestling, tripping over a chair and toppling to the floor, rolling over and over until they nearly reached the bed.

"Come on, Draco," Harry purred, managing to pin the struggling Slytherin down, before lowering his head and kissing his still lips. "I know you're getting just as turned on as I am, watching the three of them," he murmured.

Draco froze at the touch, eyes narrowing as Harry tilted his head, raking his teeth over the blond's jaw. Shock kept him immobilized as Harry grew bolder, hands seeking a way into the Slytherin's robes to graze over the pale skin hidden beneath. It wasn't until Harry's hand cupped his crotch, gently massaging the bulge that was forming that Malfoy snarled, trying to throw the other boy off.

Fred, George and Ron were too busy to watch the struggle going on, as lips met in hungry kisses, hands skimmed over pale flesh dotted with freckles, and bodies rocked and undulated in unison. Moans turned to curses and cries of pleasure as they neared release, George suddenly arching off the bed, arms wound around Ron's shoulders as he jerked his hips up to meet his sibling's thrusts. A loud gasp was torn from him as he came, clinging tightly to Ron, shivering violently for a moment before he collapsed bonelessly beneath him.

Ron leaned down and nuzzled his brother's cheek, then arched back, one hand rising to sink into Fred's hair as the older teen increased the force of his thrusts, arms winding around Ron's torso. His head fell back onto Fred's shoulder, a strangled cry bursting from his lips as he shuddered, spilling his essence inside George a split second before he felt Fred stiffen behind him, warmth filling him as the other teen climaxed as well.

The two teens slumped forward, managing to sprawl out on either side of George, arms and legs entwined as the three teens huddled close together. After a moment, the sound of grunts, growls and yelps reached them, and they sat up.

"Oi, what do you suppose they're up to?" George smirked, gazing down at Draco and Harry.

Draco had, miraculously, managed to pin Harry down on his back, one hand fisted in dark brown hair and tugging viciously, the other trying to deliver blows to the Gryffindor's abdomen. He was making strangled sounds, blue eyes bugging in his face as he struggled to articulate his anger. Harry was glaring back at him, blocking the blows and trying to push Draco off.

"What do you suppose brought this on?" Fred asked, blinking owlishly as he watched them.

"Do you honestly think Malfoy needs a reason to go off on someone?" Ron grumbled, leaning up and gazing over Fred's shoulder at the struggling pair.

With a growl, Harry finally managed to shove the Slytherin away, scrambling to his feet and pointing his wand at Draco. He paused then, a hex on the tip of his tongue, as he tried to think of what to do to him. Harry's knowledge didn't cover memory charms, although he wouldn't put it past the twins to know a few good ones. "What am I going to do with you, Draco?" he scowled, lowering his wand with a sigh. "We can't keep you here, and the minute you're out of sight, I just know you're going to run for Professor Snape."

Draco nodded his head empathically, gesturing wildly, muffled sounds escaping as he pointed angrily at his still-sealed lips.

"Well then," George smirked, leaning over and snatching his own wand off a nearby desk. "What say we make him a party to this?" The red-haired teen snickered, sharing a sly glance with his twin brother.

"I do like the way you think, George," Fred grinned, urging Ron to join him in moving toward the head of the bed, freeing a spot in the center of the bed.

Ron blushed as he realized what the twins were implying, but even he couldn't help chuckling as he saw the realization dawning in those grey eyes, Draco taking a step back as he suddenly caught on to what was happening. "How about it, Malfoy, want to come play with us?" he teased, patting the bed.

Draco turned and tried to run, but a murmured spell from George immobilized him. With another spell from Fred, the blond found himself levitated and slowly moved toward the bed. He tried to struggle, but it was no use, he simply couldn't move a muscle. The blond teen was all but vibrating with rage, unable to move, to lash out at the Gryffindors that now crowded around him as he was slowly lowered to the bed. He was doubly angry at not even being able to give voice to his rage, lips still sealed against the torrent of taunts and insults that sought to escape him.

The blond Slytherin was forced to settle for little more than quiet growls, and deadly glares as Ron knelt by his head, Fred and George each settling down on either side of him, and Harry stood beside the bed, gazing down at them.

"Well, come on then, Harry, don't be shy," Fred smirked up at the dark-haired boy, one hand curling around Draco's thigh.

"That's right, there's plenty of room for one more," George snickered, copying his twin, and together they pried the blond teen's legs farther apart.

Harry didn't reply, but he didn't move, either. Instead, his eyes met Ron's, the two boys blushing furiously before each quickly averted his gaze.

Fred and George immediately caught on to what was wrong, and the two of them shared a knowing smile. "So Harry," George murmured, holding back a laugh, as he began to slowly peel off Draco's robe, hands skimming over his chest, then slipping up beneath his jumper. "Just how long have you been here, anyway?"

"Yes, Harry, tell us," Fred glanced up at his twin, grinning broadly as his own fingers toyed with the button of Malfoy's trousers. "We sensed Ron breaching our wards, but we didn't notice anyone else entering until this one here," he leaned down as George undid the blond boy's shirt, nuzzling Draco's bare abdomen, making the younger boy shiver, "made his grand entrance. When did you manage to slip in here?"

Harry swallowed audibly, shifting nervously. "I snuck in with Ron, I'd been going out for a late-night stroll, and saw him coming after you two, so I followed him." Raising his eyes, Harry winced at the shocked expression on Ron's face.

"So, you saw," Fred began.

"And heard," George continued, "everything." The twins finished together.

Harry nodded, gazing at Ron, who merely continued to stare at him, his face turning an odd, beet-like color.

"Oh, come on," George sighed, abandoning the task of disrobing Draco to dart up and pull his younger sibling close, claiming his lips in a heated kiss, before nipping gently on his bottom lip. "You heard him, he's seen and heard it all, and he's still here," he murmured, one hand moving up to caress Ron's cheek.

"Mm hm," Fred smirked, quickly divesting the Slytherin of his shoes, socks, trousers and underwear. He spent a moment admiring the alabaster skin, tracing the inside of one thigh with a fingertip, before glancing up at Harry, eyes raking over the teen's lithe form. He laughed softly as he noticed the bulge in the front of the boy's trousers. "And from the looks of things, I'd say he doesn't have any problem with it at all."

"Not at all," Harry whispered, a shy smile on his lips as he finally crawled onto the bed, kneeling between Draco's legs. "Doesn't look like we'll have a problem convincing him, either." A dark blush stained his cheeks as Harry gestured at the blond teen.

George released Ron, turning and eyeing the Slytherin's erection hungrily. He crawled toward Draco, pausing and glancing up in surprise when a hand stopped him.

"Oh no, you got to initiate Ron into that particular pleasure, it's my turn," Fred said quietly. "Of course, you could help Ron in showing our good friend Harry all the..interesting new tricks he's learned..."

"Very well, he's all yours," George purred, rising to his knees and sharing a kiss with his twin. He turned and glanced at Ron over his shoulder, giving his brother a wolfish grin, before slowly moving toward Harry. "Let's go, Ron, time to apply all that lovely carnal knowledge Fred and I have so generously shared with you."

"Lovely indeed," Fred gave Draco a cheeky grin, then leaned down and nuzzled his jaw. "It's the kind of knowledge that one just has to share, as often as possible."

Ron gave Harry a sheepish grin, then shrugged and followed George. They urged the dark-haired boy to move further up the bed, pushing him down onto his back.

"Hm, you know, I'm getting really tired of undressing people tonight," George heaved a put-upon sigh, then laughed softly. "Here's a charm you won't learn in Flitwick's class." With a flick of his wand, George had Harry undressed, his clothing reappearing in a haphazard pile on the floor.

"You do realize," Fred snickered, pausing just as he'd been about to press a kiss to Draco's chest, 'that the clothes are supposed to appear folded neatly?"

"And you do realize that I've got much more interesting things to think about than clothes, namely, what's underneath them?" George countered with a smirk, fingers grazing Harry's abdomen.

"Good point," Fred laughed softly, then turned his full attention back to Draco, teasing the younger teen's nipples with his lips, teeth and tongue.

Draco squeezed his eyes shut, trying not to respond to the warm caresses. He inhaled sharply, eyes flying open when fingers grazed his arousal, then a hand wrapped firmly around it, stroking him slowly. He whimpered softly as Fred continued to move down his body, light kisses and slow, teasing touches making his skin hypersensitive. The feeling of lips brushing over the head of his arousal drew a keening whine from him, the Slytherin wishing desperately that he could move, speak, do something.

Fred grinned up at him evilly, before running his tongue up the underside of the blond's shaft, listening to the boy's breath hitching in his chest. He reached a hand into the bed sheets, seeking the discarded bottle of oil. "Enjoying yourself, Malfoy?" he asked softly, coating two fingers with the slippery fluid, before brushing his fingertips over Draco's entrance.

George and Ron, meanwhile, had been busily exploring almost every inch of Harry's torso with their fingers, lips, and tongues, nuzzling, nipping gently, pinching hardened nipples, while fingernails lightly raked over the boy's chest and abdomen, raising goose bumps.

Harry was panting, writhing beneath the two siblings as his hands found their way into soft, red hair, one hand cupping the back of Ron's head as the younger Weasley brushed kisses over his chest, the other fisting in George's hair as warm breath washed over his arousal.

Grey eyes widened at the unfamiliar sensations, but they soon slipped shut again as his arousal was engulfed in a warm mouth once more. Draco whined again, breath coming faster, chest heaving as he fought to draw in more air.

"Hm," Fred looked up, then pulled away, debating for a moment. "Well, I doubt you're still in the mood to hurl insults," He picked up his wand. "Let's see what you've got to say now. Finite incantatum."

With a gasp, Draco managed to open his mouth at last, hands clawing at the sheets as Fred's fingers curled inside him, brushing against something that made him see stars. He arched up off the bed at the feel of Fred's lips wrapping around his prick once more, a sharp cry falling from his lips.

"Not of a mind to fight anymore, eh, Malfoy?" Fred teased.

"Just...shut up, and keep doing that," Draco panted, writhing wantonly beneath the older teen.

Fred quirked a brow and pulled a face at him, but did as the Slytherin said, solely because he wasn't in the mood to argue just then.

Harry laughed breathlessly at Draco's words, turning his head and gazing at him. Green eyes clenched shut as the sight of the blond teen moaning and arching off the bed, combined with the exquisite sensations George and Ron were providing, nearly pushed him over the edge.

The two siblings were working in tandem to drive Harry crazy, it seemed. First George engulfed the teen's arousal in his mouth, sucking hard as his lips slid down the turgid length, then he pulled away and allowed Ron to please him for awhile.

Harry was dimly aware of George's voice as he spoke softly to Fred, and something small and shiny was tossed their way. Sucking in a shaky breath, he made to lift his head, and grunted in surprise as Ron darted up and kissed him. Winding both hands into Ron's ginger hair, Harry dropped back, pulling his friend down with him. The kiss deepened, hands exploring, a bit shyly at first, then quickly growing bolder, until Harry pulled back with a gasp as a slick finger gently pushed into him.

"Alright?" George asked quietly, lifting his head and gazing up at him.

"It's okay, just feels weird for a minute or two, then it gets real good," Ron assured him with a smile, cheeks turning pink.

Harry swallowed audibly, nodding and closing his eyes. "I'm alright," he whispered, wrapping his arms around Ron's shoulders and focusing on the feel of lips brushing over his own.

Fred moved away from Draco's arousal, drawing a disappointed groan from the younger boy as he slowly made his way up the Slytherin's body, trailing kisses up the teen's pale chest. "I think perhaps you're ready to move on, Malfoy," he murmured, pressing a soft kiss to his lips, then pulling back and staring down at him in amusement.

"What's so funny?" Draco demanded, still looking his usual surly self, despite the swollen lips, flushed cheeks, and hooded grey eyes.

"Nothing," Fred answered with an innocent smile. "How you doing over there?" he asked George, smirking as he watched Harry and Ron sharing a heated kiss.

George had risen to his knees between Harry's legs, one hand moving up and down the teen's prick, while he gently stretched the younger boy. "I think we're done here, let these two have at it." He leaned up and pressed a kiss to Harry's jaw. "I think you can take it from here," George murmured, ruffling Ron's hair and laughing as his younger brother shot an annoyed glance at him over his shoulder.

As George moved away, Ron shifted, straddling Harry's hips and rocking against him, both teens gasping as their arousals brushed together.

"What now?" Harry asked softly, gazing up at Ron as he tensed slightly in apprehension.

"Well, seeing as you're a bit nervous, maybe I'll be on the receiving end of things. After those two," he jerked his head toward his siblings, "I can safely say I know what to expect."

"Okay," Harry nodded, taking a shaky breath as his hands settled lightly on Ron's thighs.

"Relax, Harry, don't look at me like that," Ron laughed softly. "I'm not going to bite you, you know."

"Not unless you want him to, at least," George snickered, stretching out beside Draco, one hand splayed over the teen's chest as Fred leaned down, kissing him hungrily.

"Oh, shut up, you!" Ron shook his head, as Harry chuckled. "Alright then," he bit his lip, slowly lifting his hips and moving back. He positioned himself over Harry's arousal, slowly lowering himself with a quiet moan. He gazed down at his friend, a slight smile on his lips as he noted the way the other teen clenched his eyes shut, lower lip caught between his teeth. Harry's breath came faster, hands tightening on Ron's legs as he instinctively thrust up, making Ron gasp. "Yeah, I think you've got the idea," Ron smirked, flipping them over and twining his legs with Harry's, arms snaking around his shoulders.

Green eyes widened in surprise as they rolled over, Harry bracing his arms on either side of Ron's head as he paused for a moment, staring down at him. "Sure?"

"Yeah, go on," Ron moved impatiently beneath him.

Harry wriggled his hips experimentally, then thrust in gently, drawing a low moan from his partner. "Like that?" he murmured, leaning down and pressing a kiss to Ron's cheek.

"Yeah, just like that, but...more," Ron whispered, rocking against him.

Nodding, Harry drew his hips back, nearly withdrawing completely, then pushed in, faster this time, going deeper. A soft whine from Ron made the teen shiver, and he repeated the move, both of them panting, lips meeting in eager kisses as they rocked against each other.

Fred and George had managed to coax Draco to lay on his right side, Fred stretched out in front, with his back to the blond, George curled up against him from behind.

"That's it," George nuzzled the Slytherin's ear as Draco slid a second finger into Fred's entrance, "just take your time."

"I don't want to take my time," Draco growled, bucking his hips against the older teen's hand, groaning as George's fingertips brushed his prostate.

"Mm, getting a little impatient myself, actually," Fred agreed, shifting further back, sandwiching Draco between himself and his twin.

"Honestly," George groused, even as a smile tugged at the corners of his lips.

"Can't take the time to enjoy anything, can you?" Gripping his prick, he pressed lightly against Draco's entrance, then buried himself inside with one smooth thrust.

Draco arched his body, head flung back as he cried out, the sound tapering off to a whimper as George's hand slipped around and stroked the blond's arousal.

"Your turn," George murmured, nuzzling Draco's cheek as Fred pushed back onto the younger teen's prick.

Fred and Draco both moaned at the sensations, Fred grasping Draco's hand and gently guiding it to wrap around his own length as he rocked back against him.

Draco closed his eyes tightly, staying still as the older teens pressed against him, setting a slow rhythm. He shifted impatiently, then swore under his breath, jerking his own hips roughly, tightening an arm around Fred's waist.

"Right...down to business, eh, Malfoy?" Fred panted, one hand fisting in the sheets as he tried to keep up to Draco's movements.

"Not going to last long, at this rate," George rasped, hands gripping the blond teen's hips as he too fought to match Draco's pace. "But," he managed a sly smile, "I suppose we could switch around and have another go at it soon enough."

Sweat beaded on Harry's forehead as he pressed his face to Ron's neck, hot breath fanning over pale skin as he panted harshly. His thrusts grew shorter, more erratic as his climax drew near, muscles tensing as his pleasure built.

Ron too was breathing heavily, hips rising to meet Harry's as he ran one hand through damp, brown hair. His other hand slipped down between their bodies, wrapping around his prick and stroking almost roughly, gasping at the added pleasure before he arched off the bed, calling Harry's name as his seed coated his own hand and abdomen.

Harry jerked his hips forward a last time, pressing a rough kiss to Ron's jaw before a hoarse cry burst from his lips. He shuddered, arms tightening around his partner as he spilled his essence inside the tight channel, moaning as Ron's muscles clenched around him. He collapsed on top of Ron, chest heaving, heart racing, and Harry smiled, feeling Ron's rapid heartbeat as well. He lifted his head, gazing down at the red-haired teen.

"Not bad, for a first timer," Ron laughed breathlessly, closing his eyes and sighing, before both of them turned their attention to the other three teens.

Fred shivered, arching his back and grinding his hips into Malfoy's harsh thrusts, one hand threaded through the boy's platinum hair as he turned his head, moaning quietly when Draco seized his lips in a hungry kiss, hand continuing to stroke his erection roughly. He jerked his hips forward as a spike of pleasure tore through him, his groan muffled by the kiss as he found release, his seed soaking into the bed sheets.

Draco growled softly, hands digging into Fred's hips as his own climax neared. Grey eyes darted to the side, as he caught movement, seeing a shadow he didn't think was there before. "P...professor Snape..." He stammered, then threw his head back with a strangled cry, trembling, hips moving sporadically.

George would have laughed, if he hadn't just then gotten caught up in the throes of his own orgasm, bucking, arching against Draco, hands spread over the teen's chest and abdomen as he held him close.

Fred and George slumped on the bed, panting, shifting around slightly, but Draco continued to stare toward the other side of the room, face pale, grey eyes almost comically wide. "Well, quite the thing to blurt out in the heat of passion, now isn't it?" Fred snickered.

"More than I needed to know about your sexual fantasies, Draco," George quipped.

Harry lifted his head, grinning, as Ron sputtered indignantly beneath him. The teen's smile faded, however, when he saw the expression on Draco's face.

"You nasty little git!" Ron growled, trying to squeeze out from under Harry. "My brothers show you a good time, and you pay them back by calling out that greasy git's name at the end?"

"Ron..." Harry had craned his head around to see what Draco was staring at, and was wearing an identical expression of shock.

"No, that's just... Fantasizing about Snape, aauugh, I think I'm going to be sick!" Ron ranted, jerking and staring up in confusion as Harry clapped a hand over his mouth.

"I think we're in enough trouble as it is!" Harry hissed.

"Rest assured, Mr. Weasley, that the feeling is more than mutual. I'm feeling a little ill myself, after bearing witness to this debauchery." A silky voice drifted out from the shadows. "And trouble doesn't even begin to describe the mess the five of you are in. Yes, even you, Mr. Malfoy," Snape purred, stepping into the light.


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