Four Lions + Two Serpents = One Helluva Good Time, Chapter 3

By: Zoicyte aka Johnnyjosh

Fandom: HP (Yes, I know, a huge departure for this long-time DBZ writer, but rest assured I am NOT giving up on my DBZ WIP fics!)

Rating: NC-17, nothing to see here but mindless, pointless smut *LOL*

Pairing: Every combination imaginable between F, G, and RW, DM, HP and SS.

Warnings: Yaoi, lemon, language, incst, twincst, slight chan (HP, RW and DM are 15, but technically where I live they'd be considered legal *LOL*)

Notes: OOC, AU, PWP, TWT, etc.

Spoilers: None

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As the door swung open, Fred and George lunged into view, wands at the ready, hexes on the tips of their tongues. "Whoa, wait Fred!" George gasped as he realized it was, indeed, their younger brother standing in the doorway. Ron looked positively scandalized as his gaze moved over two bare chests and down to their unfastened trousers. He reached out and wrapped his hand around Fred's wand hand, then pulled his twin close and stared down at Ron.

Fred gaped at his sibling and leaned against George as his lips moved, trying to form words. After a second or two of heavy silence, he shook his head quickly and stepped forward to grab the front of Ron's robe with both hands and yank the slighter teen through the doorway. "What the devil are you doing down here?" he hissed, before he spun and pushed Ron against the wall. "You could have been seen, or worse, picked up a tail somewhere along the line..."


Harry rushed to move into the room. He winced as he tried to move around the three people that still stood in front of the door. Finally, he managed to get past the others without bumping into any of them, and moved to stand in the center of the room. Wide green eyes took in the dark room around him, taking note of the large bed that stood up front, where the desk should be. He bit his lip softly as he saw the clothing carelessly strewn over the bed and the floor and felt heat rise in his cheeks, among other places. *Well,* Harry thought, a strange fluttering sensation in the pit of his stomach. *That answers that question, doesn't it?* The teen's cheeks turned a bright pink as he wondered whether the twins would stop their activities, now that Ron had found them, or if they would simply kick their younger sibling out and continue. He hoped, with a mild twinge of guilt, that it would be the latter.


George's eyes widened at Fred's words, and he quickly darted his head out the door to look both ways before he stepped back in and quietly shut and re-locked the door. "Yes, Ron," he advanced on the other boy. "Exactly what are you doing down here?"


A loud click echoed down the corridor as the door snapped shut. The noise drew the attention of a lone figure who had been skulking around the dungeons for the better part of an hour. He turned the corner and slowly made his way up the corridor, alert for any signs of wards on the doors.


Ron swallowed audibly as he pressed himself tighter against the cool stone wall. He hadn't wanted to believe what he'd seen back in the common room, but the sight of his brothers half undressed, as well as the rumpled bed at the front of the room, left little room for doubt about the true nature of the twins late-night adventures.

As George loomed over him, Ron's eyes narrowed. The younger teen dredged up his courage and lifted his chin defiantly. "Me?! What do you mean, me? What the bloody hell are you two doing down here, half undressed, locked away together down in the dungeons with nothing more than a bed and each other? Do you have any idea what Mum and Dad would do if they found out about th...hey!" Ron yelped as he found himself being yanked away from the wall, then dragged toward the front of the room, one twin on each side of him as four hands dug almost painfully into his shoulders and biceps.

"We know exactly what they would do." Fred hissed, pushing Ron down onto the bed and kneeling beside him.

"Right- Dad would go insane, and Mum would be in tears," George finished for his twin. He sat down on Ron's other side as they endeavored to hold down their struggling brother. "After all, she's kind of hoping we'll settle down and give her the grandkids she wants, seeing how Bill and Charlie are taking their sweet time about it. Not to mention Percy..." he trailed off and rolled his eyes.

"Percy's too busy worrying about his precious career to think about a family," Fred said, as he and George gave a snort and said, "Prat," in unison.

Ron growled as he struggled against the combined weight and strength of his siblings. "That's right, so let me go and quit this nonsense!" he hollered and kicked out with his legs as he twisted in their grasp.

"Oh, Ron," Fred heaved a put-upon sigh, an expression of mock sorrow on his face, though his eyes danced with mischief. "Surely you realize we can't let you go."

"Why, that's right, little brother," George chuckled softly, eyes locked with Fred's. "You might run off and do something silly, like rat us out. Can't have that, now can we?"

A positively evil smirk settled on Fred's lips. "No, that wouldn't do at all. Besides, we don't want to stop, little brother," he said softly. He leaned down until his lips brushed against Ron's, which made the younger boy stiffen in shock. "In fact, we're just getting started."

Ron gasped at the contact, face draining of all color save for his now very pronounced freckles. With soft laughter, the two older teens slowly ran their hands over his chest and stomach, as fingers plucked gently at his robes and jumper. "," he stammered, putting up a weak struggle. "Don't drag me into this.."

"Oh, but we have no choice," Fred crooned, before he lifted himself up and knelt by Ron's head, then undid the clasp on his robe. "You won't tell if you're in on it too, now will you?" With a lecherous grin he pinned Ron's arms over his head with one hand, using the other to pull his jumper up and over his head. He then attacked the buttons of his brother's shirt, impatiently pushing it open to reveal the smooth, pale chest beneath.

"And besides," George said as he pulled off Ron's shoes and socks, then quickly undid his trousers and removed them along with his boxers. "Someone has to teach you just what to do when you finally decide to try and seduce your crush." Ron gazed up at him, hazel eyes wary, but confused. "You know," he leaned down to whisper in his ear. "Harry Potter?"

"What!? No, no way! I don't have a crush on him, he's a bloke! And so are you for that matter! Now stop it!" Ron growled. He clenched his teeth as he once again tried to free himself. "Let me....ah....nnn..what...what are you..." he trailed off as cool air contrasted with the warm lips and fingers that danced across his chest. He gasped as Fred nipped lightly on one hardened nipple, and one of George's hands slid up his thigh, before lightly brushing his prick. The twins grew bolder, Fred's tongue swept up the side of his throat, while George's hand closed around his hardening length, and Ron finally pushed aside the voice in his head that still objected to this and gave in to the pleasurable sensations.


Harry had followed the other three teens to the bed, standing to one side, shifting awkwardly from foot to foot as he watched the twins' reaction to Ron's entrance. He'd been surprised by the anger the other two boys had shown, and was about to step in, when things had taken a most...interesting turn. Harry had been expecting Fred and George to tell Ron to get out, or perhaps just give up on their plans for the evening, he never imagined they would have tried to coax their younger brother into joining them.

*Two of them would have been quite a show, but three...* Green eyes widened as his own name was whispered. *What's this? Ron way...*

White teeth nibbled gently on full lips as Harry absorbed that bit of information, eyes roaming over his best friend's nearly nude body.


"Mm, that's it," Fred murmured, feeling Ron starting to relax as he trailed kisses across his brother's collarbone. "Just relax. We'll take good care of you."

George moaned in agreement, slowly working his way down his sibling's body, laving a trail down the pale chest and stomach with his lips and tongue.


Harry had to clamp a hand over his mouth to stifle a moan of his own as he watched George's head lowering, a pink tongue darting out to lick the underside of Ron's shaft, while Fred captured Ron's lips in a deep kiss. He swayed slightly on his feet, leaning back against the wall as he watched George part his lips and engulf the turgid flesh. Harry panted softly, both hands going down to press and rub the aching bulge in his trousers as he stared at the three Weasleys through lust-darkened green eyes.


Ron jerked slightly, a disappointed moan falling from his lips when George's mouth pulled away, cool air washing over his rock-hard length. "Don't stop," he croaked, one eye cracking open. "Feels good..." he sighed.

"Shh, easy now, we're not stopping," George soothed, nuzzling his brother's abdomen before moving up to lay pressed against his right side. "I was just thinking about moving on to...better things."

"Better, hmm?" Fred grinned at his twin, as he too stretched out beside Ron, sliding one hand down to stroke his hip lightly. "I think I know exactly what you've got in mind, George Weasley."

"Excellent, then I don't have to waste time explaining," George grinned, as Fred aimed a playful swat at his head. "We just have to answer the obvious question."

"Which is of course," Fred smirked, before the twins leaned across Ron's chest, meeting in the middle for a heated kiss. "Who gets to be on top?"

Ron's eyebrows shot up, as his eyes widened. "Top?" he squeaked. "What exactly do you mean by that? You don't think I'm going to let you..." His words were cut off as Fred and George both bent to plant kisses over his face, each twin taking turns sucking and nibbling gently on his lips.

"Shh," George nuzzled Ron's cheek, before stretching out on his back and tugging Ron toward him. "Look at it this way. You're getting not one, but two experienced partners to show you the ropes."

"Right," Fred said softly, urging Ron to move over. "Not only that, but you know you can trust us not to hurt you."

"And it's not like we won't be discreet about it." George grinned, spreading his thighs and pulling Ron on top of him.

Ron swallowed audibly, hazel eyes wide as he looked back and forth between the twins. His emotions ran between lust and fear, the battle being won when curiosity joined lust, prodding him to lean down and press his lips to George's in a timid kiss.


By this point Harry's legs were threatening to give out. He quickly took a chair and continued to watch the three teens, repeatedly biting his lips to keep from groaning as a wave of heat washed over him. *Merlin, they're brilliant,* he thought, sighing softly as he resigned himself to merely watching the other boys. *From the looks of things I won't have any trouble talking Ron into having a go at this with me sometime soon...* Harry licked his lips, eyes narrowing as he leaned forward in his seat.


"Now," Fred whispered, nuzzling Ron's shoulder as he reached out and grabbed a small bottle of oil, "What I want you to do, is copy me. Everything I do to you, you do to George, understand?"

"Yeah," Ron murmured, "I got it." A moment later he moaned softly, head falling back on Fred's shoulder as a hand wrapped around his arousal, stroking gently.

George looked up at his siblings, a smirk on his lips as he slid his hands up Ron's chest, alternately rubbing and pinching the younger teen's nipples. He too let out a soft sound, as Ron wrapped a tentative hand around George's shaft. "Easy there," he winced, as his brother gave him a few short, jerky strokes. "Slow down, that's it..." His words trailed off into a moan, hips rocking slowly as Ron's grip loosened, hand sliding almost languidly up and down George's length.

"Quick study, aren't you, Ron?" Fred chuckled, pressing his face into Ron's hair and breathing deeply. "Alright then, seeing as you've caught onto that, let's try something else..." Pressing a kiss to his younger sibling's throat, Fred slowly ran well-oiled fingers down the cleft of Ron's arse, before gently pressing a fingertip against the other teen's puckered hole, teasing for a moment before slowly pushing inside.

Ron started, inhaling sharply at the foreign sensations. He turned his head to stare at Fred. "I'm not sure about this," he said, swallowing audibly, before closing his eyes for a moment.

"S'alright," George said soothingly, one hand sliding down the covers and grasping the bottle of oil, "maybe we'll let you start this off then?" He took Ron's hand, pouring a generous amount of oil onto the teen's fingertips, then guided them down between his own thighs. "Just do what Fred did, take it up from there," he murmured, eyes closing as a finger brushed tentatively over his entrance.

Ron licked his lips, then took a deep breath and slowly pushed a finger past the tight ring of muscle. He froze as George gasped softly.

"You alright?" he asked, "I didn't hurt you..."

"Not at all," George smirked, rocking his hips slightly, before teasing his brother, "I'm not made of glass you know. Can we pick it up a bit?"

"Prat," Ron smiled despite his lingering nervousness, then stiffened as Fred gently pushed another finger inside him, stretching and stroking slowly. He bit his lip, releasing a shaky sigh as Fred leaned forward slightly to nuzzle his cheek.

"Alright?" Fred murmured, kissing Ron's temple as his hand quickened on the younger teen's length, drawing a soft groan from his sibling.

"Yeah...just..." Ron paused lips parting, head falling back onto Fred's shoulder as he tried to focus on copying the older teen. He gazed down at George, pressing a second finger into him, then jerked and gasped as Fred's fingers brushed against something inside him, making spots dance before his eyes. "Wha...what was that?" Ron breathed, turning his head to stare at Fred.

"That, dear brother," Fred chuckled, brushing against the same spot again, "was your prostate. Feels nice, hmm?"

"Yeah..." Ron managed to choke out while gently scissoring his fingers inside George, seeking...

"Nn! Ah...that's it..." George breathed, arching up toward Ron's fingers, eyes closed, hands fisted in the sheets. "Come on, then, don't be a tease..." He panted, opening his eyes to gaze up at Ron.

Fred grinned down at his twin, shifting his own hips forward and pushing Ron closer to George. "Yeah, Ron," he coaxed, gripping Ron's wrist and pulling his hand away. "Don't be such a tease, give him more." Fred then reached out for the oil, slathering a little over Ron's shaft, before gently guiding it to press against George's entrance.

George leaned up on his elbows, capturing Ron's lips in a soft kiss. A moan fell from his own lips, as Ron slowly pushed inside him. "Yes..." he breathed, one hand coming up to bury itself in Ron's ginger hair as he nipped on the other teen's lower lip.

Ron whimpered as he sank into tight, velvet heat, his arms braced on either side of George's head, trembling as pleasure washed over him. His head fell forward, chin touching his chest as he panted softly, a shudder running through him as Ron resisted the urge to thrust.

Fred stroked his brother's prostate again, eliciting a groan, before he trailed kisses across the back of his neck. "How's that feel?" He asked, slipping a third finger inside him and stretching gently.

"Brilliant," Ron whispered, pushing all the way inside George, drawing soft sounds and sighs of pleasure from both siblings. Amber eyes popped open, air hissing between Ron's teeth as Fred removed his fingers, replacing them with his cock, and slowly pushing the head of his prick past the tight ring of muscle.

"You okay?" Fred murmured, lips brushing Ron's earlobe as he slowly sheathed himself fully inside the teen, pausing to give him a few moments to adjust. At Ron's jerky nod, he slowly thrust forward.


By this time, Harry was splayed in his chair, trousers undone, one hand wrapped around his cock as he sucked and nibbled on the fingertips of the other. *Never imagined when I came down here I'd be witnessing something so...erotic...* he thought, eyes glued to the three other teens. Harry watched, barely able to hold back his own whimpers as he watched them begin a slow rhythm, Fred urging Ron forward, pushing him deeper into George, as George lifted his hips to meet each thrust. Then Fred moved back, allowing Ron to withdraw, at the same time impaling himself on Fred's length. Moans and sharp cries were torn from their lips as the three teens steadily increased the pace, sweat beading on pale, freckled skin as the sound of flesh hitting flesh filled the room.

Harry squirmed in his chair, breathing heavily, unable to stop the quiet sounds that passed his lips as both hands slid up and down his own length. * close....just...a little more...* He groaned out loud, but no one else noticed, as they were chasing their own release.

Just moments before Harry would have climaxed, the door to the room flew open, hitting the stone wall with a crash. Harry sat frozen in a mix of fear, shock, and almost painfully thwarted arousal, green eyes huge as he realized who it was that stood in the doorway.

"Well, well, well," drawled a frighteningly familiar voice.

To Be Continued...

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