The Cartoonist

The Cartoonist was what Teri was known by for years. Apparently she still finds it funny how she used to be known only by that and now people go 'oh, she did that?'.

What was The Cartoonist?: Well, it was a series of comic strips Teri did in Amazing Heroes from 1989 to 1992. It covered various areas of the comic industry at the time, as Teri saw them. It was much like the old Hembeck strips, except better! Eventually Wandering Star just took over all her time and this was put to the side. It didn't help that Amazing Heroes died off too :P Now there is an issue with all of the original Cartoonist strips.

There were some problems with the final edition of 'The Cartoonist' sadly enough. Teri addresses these problems here.

Also of note: The 'missing page' is here too! The page is the one which covers the ending of the feud between Teri and Dave Strom (click here to see what Dave is up to these days). To see this page just click here, or on the image of Silver and Wood, and enjoy.

Cover to The Cartoonist comic

Here is the listing from Sirius for 'The Cartoonist' comic.

The Cartoonist
32 p. Story and Art b/w.
Written and Drawn by Teri Sue Wood.
Introduction by Neil Gaiman

From 1989 to 1992, AMAZING HEROES was one of the top comic book fan magazines in the industry. During that same time, WANDERING STAR creator Teri Sue Wood wrote and drew a monthly strip for the magazine, entitled "The Cartoonist." Creating some of the wittiest commentaries on the various fads and trends of the industry without ever plunging into sarcasm or embitterment, Teri shone as a bright star in one of the oldest and most effective methods of illustration: cartooning. For the first time ever, her entire run of THE CARTOONIST is being collected into one volume. Get it now, while you can, and discover the seeds of a talent that grew into one of the most respected creators in the independent comic scene.

Below is an example of the Cartoonist that Teri printed in an issue of Wandering Star. Enjoy!

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