John Held, Jr.

Notes Toward A History of Artistamps
From Moticos to Mail Art
Bay Area Dada:  Before Punk and Zines
BUNNY DEAD:  The Mysterious Life and Death of Ray Johnson and the Rise of the New York Correspondance School of Art
Crossing the Cactus Curtain:  Politics and Isolation Test the Commitment of Latin American Mail Artists
Open World of Netland
They Will Go Underground
Dada to DiY
Mail Art Alphabet
Robert Watts:  The Complete Postage Stamps - 1961-1986
The Formidable Blue Stamp of Yves Klein
Where the Secret is Hidden
Across Vanishing Borders:  Mail Art & the Internet
Postal Static
Guy Bleus:  Global Administration
Andres Tisma:  Spiritual Sculptor
Jas. W. Felter:  Artistamp Activist
The Sugar Coated Bullets of Pawel Petasz
buZ blurr:  the Caustic Jelly Post Portraits
The Open World of Dobrica Kamperelic
The TAM Rubberstamp-Archive of Ruud Janssen
We Absorb: The Complete Stampworks of M.B. Corbett
Ray Johnson and the Mail Art Show
Mick Mather:  The Man Behind Eraser Carver's Quarterly
Rubber Stamp Publications in the Stamp Art Library (Essay and Bibliography)
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