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Nachrichtenüberblick Weihnachten 2005

20.12.2005 (update 21.12.05)



Liebe KollegInnen und Freunde,


ich werde am kommenden Freitag in den Winterschlaf fallen. Daher heute den letzten Newsletter für dieses Jahr, verbunden mit allen guten Wünschen ... und dem diesjährigen u Weihnachtstipp : … for long-lasting Christmas tree, avoid heat, use lukewarm water …




... und da ich nicht gedenke, vor dem 10. Januar 2006 wieder aus meiner Winterhöhle herauszukommen, auch schon heute ein herzliches Hanukah Sameah! und Bayraminiz mübarek olsun!


25.12.2005 - 02.01.2006  Chanukka / Lichterfest


7. Januar 2006 orthodoxe Weihnachten


10. Januar 2006 Kurban Bayram / Opferfest


... und wer bisher sonst noch keine freundliche Zahlungsaufforderung zum Fest bekommen hat ... in Hamburg - St. Pauli gibt es nicht nur ASTRA, sondern auch das Wasser-Projekt "Viva con agua Sankt Pauli", mit dem Benny Adrion, Mittelfeldspieler unseres Kiez-Klubs FC St. Pauli, in Zusammenarbeit mit der Deutschen Welthungerhilfe, 120 Kindergärten in Havanna/Kuba mit sauberem Trinkwasser versorgen will ...


Ihnen / Euch allen und Ihren / Euren Familie für 2006 Gesundheit, viele neue gute Ideen, Stehvermögen in der Umsetzung und Gottes Segen! Was mich angeht, so steht wohl für Anfang April eine grundlegende berufliche Veränderung an. Wie sich dies auf meine Mitarbeit in einer Reihe von Projekten, Netzwerken und sonstigen von mir übernommenen Verpflichtungen auswirken wird, werde ich in den nächsten Wochen abzuwägen und zu entscheiden haben.


Wie immer: ganz herzliche Grüße von der Elbe

Jörg Barandat






Neuer KRIUM / ECC Newsletter 12/2005


Zivile Krisenprävention Umwelt und Ressourcen

Environment, Conflict and Cooperation



Warum der Kimberley Prozess mehr tun muss, um Konfliktdiamanten zu stoppen



Why the Kimberly Process must do More to Stop Conflict Diamonds


- Kann Gold Berge versetzen? Konflikte in den Anden

- Energie und Außenpolitik: Auswege aus der Abhängigkeit

- Auf den Punkt: Toolkits zu Wäldern und "Livelihoods"

- Elemente menschlicher Sicherheit: Eine Analyse der neuen Agenda



- Can Gold Move Mountains? Conflicts in the Andes

- Energy as a Foreign Policy Issue: From Dependence to Strategy

- To the Point: USAID Publishes New Toolkits

- Linking the Elements of Human Security: An Analysis of the New Agenda



- Guter Rat für die ENVSEC Initiative

- Wasserfragen global: Recht oder nicht Recht?

- Frieden für Parks oder Parks für Frieden?



- Good Advice for the EnvSec Initiative

- Global Water Issues: Is Water a Human Right?

- Peace for Parks or Parks for Peace?



- "Water Resources in the 21st Century" in Alexandria (26. - 28. Dezember 2005)

- "Delhi Sustainable Development Summit" in New Delhi (2. - 4. Februar 2006)

- "Zukunft braucht Sicherheit" in Berlin (15. - 16. Februar 2006)

- Call for Paper: "Environmental Conflict and Security Revisited"



- "Water Resources in the 21st Century" in Alexandria (26 – 28 December 2005)

- "Delhi Sustainable Development Summit - DSDS 2006" in New Delhi (2 - 4 February 2006)

- "Future Needs Security" in Berlin (15 - 16 February 2006)

- "Call for Papers: "Environmental conflict and security revisited"



Center for Security Studies an der ETH Zürich



Center for Security Studies (CSS) at the ETH Zurich




Dirty water, sanitation kill thousands daily: Experts

December 19, 2005 Unsafe drinking water and poor sanitation kill 4,000 children every day, global health experts said … They described the deaths as a "silent humanitarian crisis" and called for immediate action … World Health Organization (WHO) ... The report was published as part of a review of the Millennium Development Goals, a number of pledges set out in 1990 to improve living conditions in developing nations by 2015 … "Improving irrigation to avoid standing or slow-moving water and improving disposal of household wastewater can reduce mosquito breeding and transmission of malaria" …


Polity should deem water reservoirs as a must: Musharraf

December 20, 2005 … President Pervez Musharraf has stressed all the political parties of the country to take an unbiased and impartial look at the dire need for future water reservoirs, which are a must … chided those who were politicizing the dam issue as indulging in a deliberate and open escape from the stark reality, and openly anti-Pakistan … have a comprehensive meeting with haris (labors), farmers and other social orders of the province and fully allay their apprehensions and reservations about the Dam … He said that Pakistan would need at least three big dams, including KBD by the year 2020 to meet the water deficiency, which would be catastrophes if we neglect the issue now ...


China aims to improve safe water availability by 2010

19 Dec 2005  China expects to bring potable water to 100 million rural residents by 2010 … but that would still leave more than 200 million people with unsafe supplies. Plagued by droughts and shortages, China is currently unable to provide clean drinking water to 360 million people, with supplies affected by everything from salinity to arsenic … Per capita water availability in China is about a quarter of the world average and is expected to fall further, according to state media, while less than half the waste water in the cities is treated and around 20 percent is lost through leaky pipes. Heavy pollution of rivers across China also makes much of its available water undrinkable … The first stage of the scheme, known as the South-North water diversion project, is scheduled to come on line in 2010 …


Water tribunal inactive, State approaches SC

December 18, 2005 Karnataka has filed a petition in the Supreme Court drawing its attention to the non-functioning of Krishna Water Disputes Tribunal for the past 18 months and Andhra Pradesh going ahead with construction of large scale projects illegally. The tribunal is not functional because the Centre has not allotted accommodation to Chairman Justice Brijesh Kumar and Member Justice S P Srivastava and the building where the Tribunal was set up is still under renovation, … Delay in the tribunal’s proceedings would also delay the allocation of surplus water of inter-state river Krishna … Under the Inter-state River Water Disputes Act, 1956, no court can exercise jurisdiction in respect of any water dispute referred to a tribunal ...


China, parched and polluted, puts a price on water

DECEMBER 16, 2005  Nearly seven years ago, Wen Jiabao, then a vice prime minister, uttered a stark warning: "The survival of the Chinese nation is threatened by the country's shortage of water." Since then, Wen has risen to become prime minister and the nation's water shortage has grown more acute, posing serious challenges to Chinese industry and agriculture and the overall sustainability of China's economic miracle. With a natural water endowment well below global per capita averages, China has always struggled with scarcity. And now, as the one-fifth of humanity living off that meager endowment enjoys higher standards of living and higher levels of consumption, the demand for water is increasing dramatically … The government has earmarked billions of dollars for the construction of infrastructure, for the supply of fresh water and the treatment of wastewater. Despite many structural obstacles to financing these projects, multilateral lending agencies such as the World Bank and Asian Development Bank, and multinational corporations are dipping their toes in China's water sector … The most basic issue is China's pricing of water. Up until 1985, water was supplied free of charge. While this was consistent with the socialist system China was striving to build, it did nothing to encourage farmers, factories or families to make efficient use of water. According to China's own estimates, the country uses four times more water per unit of economic output than the global average. Its rate of industrial water re-usage, meanwhile, stands at only 55 percent, far below the rate of 80 percent in most advanced countries. In order to encourage both conservation of water and investment in new projects, the government in recent years has allowed prices to rise, but gradually, fearing a social backlash …


Water officials review resource mobilisation for Red-Dead project

16/12/2005  Senior Jordanian, Palestinian and Israeli water officials on Wednesday briefed diplomats from Arab and foreign countries in Amman on the progress of resource mobilisation for a $15.5 million feasibility study and environmental and social assessment for the Red Sea-Dead Sea Water Conveyance Study … In July, the World Bank, which announced it would facilitate the funding of the study during the World Economic Forum in May, said it would establish a multi-donor trust fund to oversee the completion of the study in two years … The canal, to be built along the border with Israel in Wadi Araba, would be used to generate electricity as the water will rise to 170 metres above sea level, then drop to 400 metres below sea level. The project also entails the creation of a desalination plant, which will provide the Kingdom with 850 million cubic metres of potable water …


Don't share water with U.S.

Dec 15 2005The United States will soon want more of Canada's water, former Alberta premier Peter Lougheed says, and he's warning politicians to prepare to fend them off. "We should not export our fresh water. We need it and we should conserve it" ... "We should communicate to the United States very quickly how firm we are about it." Lougheed says Canada's water is vital to its economic success and needs to be protected, and he'd like to see an all-party declaration in the House of Commons affirming a refusal to allow bulk exports of its fresh water supply … The agreement, signed at the Great Lakes Governors Leadership Summit in Milwaukee on Tuesday, was primarily aimed at blocking parched southern states from siphoning off huge amounts of Great Lakes water …


Water, water to light up your home

DECEMBER 15, 2005Water will be the coal of the future,” French science-fiction writer Jules Verne predicted in 1874. More than a century later in a world seeking clean alternatives to fossil fuels, Dutch and Norwegian scientists believe they can help turn Verne’s dream into reality. The Dutch Center for Sustainable Water Technology or Wetsus, and Norway’s independent research organisation Sintef, working with power company Statkraft, have invented devices that generate electricity by mixing sea and river water … The new devices are based on a natural process — when a river runs into the ocean, a huge amount of energy is unleashed because of the difference in salt concentration. “It’s basically harvesting the energy that comes free from a natural process” … Like other alternative energy technologies, cost is the biggest hurdle. Power produced by mixing sea with river water is several times more expensive than wind or solar energy … The main challenge is finding membranes that are efficient and robust enough to boost production, but also cheap ...


Las Vegas - geht der Wüstenmetropole das Wasser aus?

14.12.2005    Der Verkauf von Illusionen als Freifahrtsschein für Wasserverschwendung. Das 1905 gegründete Las Vegas gilt einigen Zeitgenossen als Beton, Stahl und Glas gewordene menschliche Fantasie schlechthin, für andere ist sie die Apotheose neo-liberaler Globalisierung. Nicht plötzlicher Reichtum ist hier die größte Illusion von allen, sondern die Vorstellung, dass Wasser in unbegrenztem Ausmaß zur Verfügung stünde ...


Colorado River states look for ways to stretch water supply

December 12, 2005 The seven states that rely on the Colorado River for drinking water are looking beyond traditional approaches as they try to further stretch a supply already stressed by population growth and an ongoing drought. … The focus is on three areas, including augmenting the river's flow, operating the river more efficiently by getting more usable water from the existing flow and finding better ways to manage the overall system …




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United Nations Climate Change Conference

(COP 11 and COP/MOP 1)

28.11. – 09.12. 2005, Montreal

Press Release: United Nations Climate Change Conference agrees on future critical steps to tackle climate change …






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