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Today the world of water is at the center of the international environmental and development debate. Everybody is familiar with the water related MDGs, climate change or variability, the impacts of global change as well as other important problem areas. There is no doubt in my mind that IHD and IHP have made major contributions to achieve this. Everybody now talks about global change and impacts on the water cycle … UNESCO now possesses three pillars strength as far as water is concerned: IHP, the UNESCO-IHE Institute for Water Education and the UN system-wide World Water Assessment Programme hosted and led by UNESCO. With these three pillars UNESCO’s water programme by orders of magnitude is the largest within the UN system. UNESCO has now more than 200 people in water. But more importantly, there is a powerful synergy between these three pillars ...


Prof. Ognjen Bonacci

Chairperson of the International Hydrological Programme (IHP) Intergovernmental Council

IWHA Conference on Water and Civilization, 1 December 2005, UNESCO, Paris





Water boss: desalination not my idea

December 08, 2005 The head of Sydney Water yesterday failed to name a single water expert who agreed with the desalination plant proposal. And he admitted the decision to build the plant was the State Government's, not his … Australia's leading water experts … have been critical of the Government's decision to build a desalination plant ahead of doing enough to recycle storm and waste water …,20281,17492077-5001022,00.html

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Sydney 'biggest water waster'

November 26, 2005  SYDNEY Water's decision to desalinate rather than recycle water would see 400 billion litres of water a year flushed down the drain …,5744,17372105%5E29277,00.html


Work team heads for Russia on water pollution treatment

2005-12-07 A Chinese work team set off for Russia to handle the pollution in the cross-border Songhua River … The work team is expected to hold discussions with officials from the Russian ministries of foreign affairs and natural resources, and to meet with regional governors in Russia's border city of Khabarovsk and Jewish autonomous region … The pollution spill in northeast China's Songhua River was caused by an explosion at a Chinese petrochemical plant in November … The work team is expected to express the willingness to cooperate with Russia to reduce the damage from the pollution spill as soon as possible …

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Millions face life without water as city is forced to turn off taps

November 23, 2005 Water supplies were suspended for four days in Harbin as fears spread that an explosion at a chemical plant had caused contamination …,,3-1884663,00.html


Bad governance blamed for water problems

December 07, 2005 A survey has shown that people see the inefficiency of government departments as a major obstacle to the provision of safe drinking water in the country and recommend the formation of public committees at the union council level to monitor the supply of potable water …“Nowhere in Pakistan were consumers satisfied with either access to or the quality of drinking water,” the report said … They said that people were only willing to pay water charges only if they were provided adequate and quality water … “No doubt it is the responsibility of the government to provide safe drinking water to the masses, however, people could ensure the supply of safe drinking water for themselves if they boil it at home. To meet this target, it is needed to create public awareness on the issue,” …


Legislative commission examines troubled water authority

December 5, 2005 A legislative commission has begun holding oversight hearings into a regional water supplier that warns it could run out of water. Officials at the Kent County Water Authority are warning of shortages unless new water supplies are found … At the first hearing last week, Perry told lawmakers that building a new reservoir is the "ultimate solution" to the authority's water woes ...

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December 4, 2005  Regional water authority warns of potential shortages


Provinces to be taken into confidence on construction big water reservoirs

December 05, 2005 Prime Minister Shaukat Aziz has reiterated that all the provinces will be taken into confidence on construction of all water reservoirs including Kalabagh dam … He told that all the decisions on building water reservoirs will be taken in line with aspirations of all segments of society. No haste will be shown in the construction of water reservoirs … In future if not today, the reservoirs are urgently needed …



Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OSCE)


5 December 2005   OSCE Office in Yerevan promotes Aarhus Convention principles and values


2 December 2005   OSCE Office in Yerevan helps Armenia address issue of municipal solid waste management


2 December 2005   OSCE Centre organizes study trip on pollution control for Kazakhstani specialists


1 December 2005   OSCE helps implement Dniester river basin project


Bulawayo Water Shortage Worsens

December 4, 2005 Residents facing serious water problems here have found relief following last week's heavy downpours in this city that has experienced critical water shortages over the years ... the water problems had worsened during the past two weeks as taps had also dried up in suburbs, now accustomed to erratic supplies ... "The government recently announced that construction of the Gwayi-Shangani Dam was underway but I believe that this was a mere election campaign strategy for the ruling party to entice voters to support the ruling party ..."


Battle brews over water from Salt Basin

Dec. 04, 2005  A battle is brewing between New Mexicans and Texans over water from an underground reserve. The Salt Basin under Otero and Chaves counties holds an estimated 15 million acre-feet of drinking water and 15 million acre-feet of brackish water …


Need to improve water management

NOVEMBER 30, 2005 Expressing concern over allocation of "far less" funds for irrigation by States, Prime Minister Manmohan Singh on Wednesday said this sector has suffered neglect in the last decade and favoured a "credible" law on groundwater to improve water management practices … The Prime Minister said the water management practices needed considerable improvement in view of vast gap between the irrigation potential created and potential utilised ...,curpg-1.cms


121km water pipeline contract signed

29 Nov 2005 … to increase water supply for the planned expansion of Sasol and Eskom … The pipeline is to run from the Vaal Dam near the Vaal Marina to a distribution structure at Knoppiesfontein near Secunda ... On completion, the project would be able to pump about 160 million cubic metres of water a year through a 1.9m-diameter pipe. It was expected to generate about 750 jobs during construction, and 20 permanent ones during the project's operational phase ...


Wasser - alles in seiner Hand>

29. November 2005 ... Vom 1. Januar 2006 an wird Michael Beckereit Chef von 2400 Mitarbeitern sein. Im neuen Jahr werden die HWW mit der Stadtentwässerung unter der Dachmarke "Hamburg Wasser" zusammengelegt. Dann wird das neue Unternehmen mit einem Umsatz von 460 Millionen Euro das größte städtische Wasser- und Abwasserunternehmen Deutschlands sein ... Fakt sei, daß die HWW stetig weniger Wasser verkaufen, weil die Hamburger sparen. Allein im vergangenen Jahr verbrauchten sie drei Millionen Kubikmeter (drei Prozent) Wasser weniger ...


Wine growers face water shortage

29.11.05 Marlborough wine growers are being asked to investigate alternative water supplies as dry weather threatens to shut down the local council's irrigation system. The Wairau River is at its lowest level since recording started 40 years ago …


Water volume of Yangtze River down 12.3 pct

Nov. 28 -- The total water volume of the Yangtze River, China's longest, dropped by 12.3 percent in 2004 … Despite the decrease in water volume, the water consumption of the Yangtze and southwestern China rivers climbed to 180.48 billion and 9.69 billion cubic meters, respectively ...

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Chinas Wasserwirtschaft sucht internationale Partner ...


Water China 2006 ...


Vereinigung gegen Wasser-Privatisierung gegründet

26.11.2005 ... Schweizer Zweig der Organisation «Association pour le contrat mondial de l'eau» ... wehrt sich gegen die Privatisierung von Wasser. Er fordert weltweit freien Zugang ...


French envoy says: SAARC can help resolve water sharing problems

25 Nov 2005 … water management problem in South Asia could be resolved through SAARC as they had done it through the European Union. "I am told SAARC (summit) was a big success. So, with this success may be in near future you can make the water management successful. I think it's not only a problem between India and Bangladesh, may be also a problem between other countries of SAARC…We solved our water problem through European Union" …"France, of course, has good experience and expertise in the water management" …


Group alleges order by council ignored

November 23, 2005 A taxpayers group filed suit against the city of San Diego yesterday, claiming that city staffers are secretly promoting a controversial plan that would convert wastewater into drinking water … The idea to convert city wastewater into drinking water is steeped in controversy. Some fear the water will be tainted and cause health problems, and that only poor people will be stuck drinking it. Rich people can buy bottled water, they say. Proponents say the water is perfectly safe and that the process has improved since 1999, when the idea was proposed. In a nutshell, the concept works this way: Wastewater is cleansed of contaminants and then piped to a reservoir, where it's mixed with river water. Before being sent to homes, the water is treated again. Opponents call it "toilet to tap." Or "Frankenwater." City officials call it "reservoir augmentation" …


Hin zu einer gemeinsamen Entwicklungspolitik

Der Rat und die Kommission haben am 22. November 2005 eine ... Erklärung angenommen, die ... eine gemeinsame Entwicklungspolitik schaffen, die die Europäische Union – die 25 Mitgliedstaaten ebenso wie die Kommission – als globaler Akteur und Partner unterstützen und fördern würde ... "Der europäische Konsens stellt einen Wendepunkt in der Geschichte der Entwicklungspolitik der EU dar", kommentierte Louis Michel, der Kommissar für Entwicklung und humanitäre Hilfe, das Ereignis ... Die neue Politik stellt die Entwicklungspolitik neben die gemeinsame Außen- und Sicherheitspolitik und die Handelspolitik als zentrales Element des auswärtigen Handelns der Europäischen Union und untersucht die Verbindungen zwischen diesen und anderen Politikbereichen wie Migration, Umwelt und Beschäftigung ...



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3rd International Conference on Early Warning (EWC III)

‘From Concept to Action’

27- 29.03.2006   Bonn, Germany

… aims to stimulate ideas and generate proposals on how early warning projects can be concretely implemented on all continents to bridge existing gaps … will discuss key issues in early warning … such as earthquakes, droughts, floods, landslides, tropical cyclones, tsunamis, volcanic eruptions, winter storms …


Water as Gift and Right. A Statement of the Ecumenical Team to CSD-12

Coordinated by the World Council of Churches, 2004


Water and Civilization

Section of the ‘Sound of our Water project’ (UNESCO)

… contains information about the role of water in different civilizations (Roman Empire, Egyptian Civilisation, the Venetian Empire and the Omayyad Dynasty), religions (myths in Polynesia, Egypt, Japan, Borneo and the Indian Civilization) and culture (art and music) …


Studie: Das Menschenrecht auf Wasser unter den Bedingungen der Handelsliberalisierung und Privatisierung

Friedrich Ebert-Stiftung,2003


Integrated Flood Management

Associated Programme on Flood Management, 2004

… Integrated Flood Management (IFM) … a subset of Integrated Water Resources Management (IWRM) … describes the interplay between floods and the development process …




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