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2005  World Water Week

with the 15th Stockholm Water Symposium

Drainage Basin Management - Hard and Soft Solutions in Regional Devellopment

2005 August 21-27 in Stockholm


Programme Overview


PM  05-07-14  One Size Does Not Fit All

Experts from 100 Countries to Present Innovative “Soft” and “Hard” Water, Sanitation and Development Solutions at World Water Week in Stockholm …




31 August 2005 (deadline for submission)

ReSource Award for Sustainable Watershed Management

… will be given to a project that contributes to raising awareness of the ecological, social and economic significance of water sources and watersheds in developing countries ...





Hydrogeologie - Umweltgeologie


u.a: Applied Groundwater-Modelling Using Processing MODFLOW

10. - 14.10.2005 Universität Bremen





Approaches in Sustainable Reservoir Planning and Management

2005  September 19 – 28, TU Darmstadt, Germany,lang,1/oid,732/ticket,guest




Environmental Conference of the Regions of Europe (ENCORE)

The Integrated River Basin Management Seminar

27th and 28th October 2005, Zaragoza, Spain







$200m for 20-year `smart water' projects

22jul05   HOUSEHOLD water use will be cut by 25 per cent under a 20-year plan to reduce water use in South Australia. The Water Proofing Adelaide plan aims to make SA the "smart water state" by cutting water use ...,5936,16009369%255E2682,00.html


Plans for next water crisis being drafted

21 July 2005   The state-run Industrial Estate Authority of Thailand (IEAT) and operators in the industrial estates along the Eastern Seaboard have jointly mapped out plans to deal with a possible water shortage for the next dry season … The plans included securing standby water tankers ahead of the dry season, moving forward the shutdown of factories for annual maintenance work from the rainy or winter season to the dry season and working to relax the Science Ministry's limit on the use of recycled water to five times from three times … the industrial operators were worried that the water shortage next year would be more critical …

Siehe auch:

22 July 2005   Eastern Seaboard industries confident of water supply …


U.S., Mexican groups sue Dept. of Interior over water

July 20, 2005  A lingering dispute over water rights along the California-Mexico border took an unprecedented legal turn yesterday as a coalition of U.S. and Mexican groups sued the U.S. Department of Interior. The lawsuit, filed in U.S. federal court in Las Vegas, seeks to halt a multimillion-dollar U.S. plan to line 23 miles of the All-American Canal and send the water that is saved to San Diego County ... The lawsuit comes as rapidly growing communities on both sides of the U.S.-Mexican border put pressure on limited water resources, and the United States and Mexico confront unresolved issues about water rights … U.S. officials have steadfastly maintained that the water carried by the All-American Canal belongs to California, part of California's annual 4.4 million acre-feet under the 1922 Colorado River Compact among seven western U.S. states ... The lining dispute has forced discussion of border groundwater issues that were never clearly defined when Mexico and the United States signed a water treaty in 1944 …


Skiing or drinking water? -- A war between ski resort owners and Beijingers

2005-07-19 … By the end of 2004, Beijing had 13 ski resort projects in operation … Some of the projects … were built without government approval … As Beijing reported less snow fall over recent years, all localski resorts used groundwater to make artificial snow … Recently, the level of Beijing's groundwater has dropped by 0.5 meters annually … Most of Beijing's ski run projects are located in outskirtan Beijing's Miyun, Huairou and Yanqing counties, the sources of Beijing's water ...


Water board warning 26 years ago

July 16, 2005 SYDNEY Water board officials were told at least 26 years ago that the city would run out of water by 2000 unless urgent action were taken. A report obtained by The Weekend Australian shows former Sydney Water boss Bob Wilson, who was a mid-level manager at the time, believed the utility was ready to increase water recycling and build dams in response to a potential crisis. But in an interview this week, Mr Wilson admitted many of the initiatives were never adopted ... Water bureaucrats and the Carr Government had spent the past decade failing to undertake a series of carefully planned, environmentally sustainable projects …,5744,15945314%255E2702,00.html


Water firms escape fines for failure to plug leaks

July 15, 2005  Two of the UK's largest water companies, Thames Water and United Utilities, have been heavily criticised by industry regulator Ofwat after failing to meet targets to reduce leaks ...,11032,1529126,00.html


State strives to reduce water, energy consumption at flagship university

13.07.05  About 3,400 toilets and 4,200 faucets around campus have already been replaced to reduce water consumption. The university used about 450 (m) million gallons annually before the conservation plan kicked off. After the work is completed next fall, water use on campus is expected to be reduced by about 78 (m) million gallons a year. The goal is to cut energy costs by about six (m) million dollars per year, or 25 percent of the campus utility bill ...


Water system may be terror target

Water will become one of Australia's first critical infrastructure sites to undergo a terrorism risk assessment in the wake of the London bombings. Experts will examine the likelihood of terrorists hacking into Yarra Valley Water's computers and sabotaging Melbourne's largest water supplier ... Checks will be carried out to determine the vulnerability of the computer system which controls Yarra Valley Water's catchments. The contamination of the city water supplies has been identified as a potential terrorist threat. Parasites such as crystosporidium and giardia among the potential contaminants ...,5478,15912655%255E2862,00.html


Public hearings on East Texas water begin tonight

July 12, 2005  … East Texans will have opportunity at three public hearings to discuss long-range plans meant to ensure plentiful water will flow from their tap 50 years from now. Every five years the East Texas Regional Water Planning Group, or Region I, publishes a revised plan that digresses the sources of water for each municipality and utility based on the current usage trends observed in the 20 county area ...

Texas State Water Board's Web site:


Group floats water solutions for state

July 12, 2005 Future water demands along the Front Range could be met easily with more conservation, more sharing among cities and farms, and in some cases, by expanding existing reservoirs, according to a new report. Such an approach would mean the state would not need to dam more rivers or bring large amounts of new water from the Western Slope to the Front Range, according to the report …,1299,DRMN_21_3920329,00.html

Facing our Future: A Balanced Water Solution for Colorado






... jetzt auch Wasser im Roman:

Author of Water Inc. warns against misuse of precious resource

July 18, 2005  Readers … might feel like they're reading fact, not fiction. It's an eco-thriller about severe water shortages in the United States and a powerful secret consortium plotting to build a pipeline to carry Quebec water to parched regions of the continent ... But despite the seriousness of the issue and her track record in nonfiction, Burstyn decided to tackle her first novel rather than write a "heavy serious tome" …

Varda Burstyn: Water about a multi-billion dollar water heist …




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wat - Wasserfachliche Aussprachetagung 2005

5. und 6. April 2005 in Magdeburg




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