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5 June - World Environment Day


World Environment Day (WED), commemorated each year on 5 June, is one of the principal vehicles through which the United Nations stimulates worldwide awareness of the environment and enhances political attention and action. The World Environment Day theme selected for 2005 is Green Cities and the slogan is Plan for the Planet! ...



Message from the Secretary General of the United Nations, Mr. Kofi Annan, on the occasion of World Environment Day, 5 June 2005








Red River Valley water costs could top $500 million in 2050: report

2005 Jun 08 - The cost of meeting Red River Valley water needs in the year 2050 could range from $500 million and $2.5 billion, a federal report estimates. The report from the federal Bureau of Reclamation looks at the technical pros and cons of seven alternatives. The most affordable option would divert water from the Missouri using a canal already built, and pipe water to the Sheyenne River, which flows into the Red River ...


China says water pollution so severe that cities could lack safe supplies

2005-06-07 China's booming economy is driving a rapid rise in water pollution so severe that densely crowded cities could be left without adequate supplies ... ``Limited water resources are threatened by pollution, and water safety in cities is facing severe challenges,'' said Qiu Baoxing, deputy minister of construction ... More than 100 of China's 660 cities face ``extreme water shortages'' ... The minister called for local governments to step up enforcement of water quality standards, promote conservation and expand use of alternative sources such as rainwater and recycled sewage ... China will face growing shortages until 2030, when its population is projected to reach 1.6 billion people ... ``According to the UN definition, at that time we will belong to countries that lack water,'' he said.

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07. Juni 2005 Chinesischen Städten geht das Wasser aus ...

2005-06-06 Experts suggest Beijing ration water supply ...


Water supplies 'in dire peril'

7 June 2005 BAHRAIN'S natural resources are under immense threat due to rapid industrialisation, high population growth rate and restricted space ... There is no surface water in Bahrain and the groundwater has been declining in quality and quantity due to over-abstraction from the aquifer, said Works and Housing Minister Fahmi Al Jowder. "A high percentage of our water supply comes from the desalination of seawater," ... "This situation has caused deep concern over the sound management of water resources in Bahrain"... "Water Management has become an issue of top priority to be resolved on strategic grounds, in an environmentally friendly manner, by utilising appropriate technologies to restrict the pollution and conserve the finite and delicate resources of the country" ...


Cease-fire in state water wars

The ongoing negotiations between the Denver Water Board and Western Slope water interests is the latest sign - and a welcome one - that a cooperative trend is slowly replacing the water wars that have divided Coloradans for more than a century ... But as is so often the case in the state, local and regional groups have been working productively even while the state was deadlocked ... In short, the growing good faith on both sides of the Continental Divide may soon translate into enforceable legal agreements that replace the rancorous water wars with win-win solutions. We'll drink to that.


Even Lake Tahoe residents face water restrictions

June 04, 2005 SOUTH LAKE TAHOE, Calif. - Even residents who live next to the nation's largest alpine lake face water restrictions. The South Tahoe Public Utility District is sending its education officers to neighborhoods to remind customers of the permanent rules that have been in place for more than three years ...


Welt-Umwelt-Tag: Sauberes Wasser ist ein Luxusgut

Report "Wasser für das Leben": Rund eine Milliarde Menschen trinkt mit Krankheitserregern verunreinigtes Wasser

03. Juni 2005 - Sauberes Wasser und sanitäre Einrichtungen sind bis heute ein Luxusgut auf der Welt. Darauf weisen UNICEF und die Weltgesundheitsorganisation WHO anlässlich des Welt-Umwelt-Tages am 5. Juni mit dem Report "Wasser für das Leben" hin ...


WHO: Almost 2 billion more people need access to basic sanitation by 2015 to meet millenium target ...


Bier gesünder als Wasser

02.06.05 "Geschirr und Essgewohnheiten im Wandel der Zeiten", lautete jetzt der höchst informative und interessante Vortrag der Neusser Stadtarchäologin Sabine Sauer ... Gute Zeiten - schlechte Zeiten: Das 14. Jahrhundert mit seiner kleinen Eiszeit brachte den widerstandsfähigen Buchweizen, im 15. Jahrundert erlebte die Glasur nach 500 Jahren ihre Renaissance: "Das war die Teflon-Pfanne des Mittelalters", gab Sabine Sauer zu verstehen. Und Bier galt als gesünder als das Wasser, das damals verfügbar war ...



June 2, 2005 Chinese and Russian officials are considering the possibility of diverting water from Lake Baikal in Siberia through Mongolia to China's Inner Mongolia Region ... Interestingly, Russian media outlets have expressed no interest in the Chinese leak and subsequent denial. However, Chinese media statements are understood as a trial balloon to test Russian readiness to discuss Baikal water sales ... The lake holds some 20% of the world's fresh surface water, and it is the world's oldest lake, perhaps 25-30 million years old. The United Nations declared Lake Baikal a World Heritage Site in 1996. Nonetheless, Lake Baikal has been considered a potential source for water exports ... The Central Asian governments have backed the plan to divert Siberian waters because they are struggling to share water resources ...


City water supply hit

June 1, 2005 Unidentified miscreants have diverted millions of litres of precious Cauvery drinking water meant for Bangalore at Kallahalli village in Kanakapura taluk - 45 km from here - on Monday midnight. With this, the citizens in many parts of the City will have to bear the brunt and there will be no drinking water supply for at least two days. The water has been stolen from the Cauvery III stage water supply system, which pumps 270 million litre per day (MLD) water, Bangalore Water Supply and Sewerage Board (BWSSB) officials told ...


Toughest water restrictions on way

May 30, 2005 SYDNEY will be hit with its toughest water restrictions after dam levels dropped below 40-per-cent capacity. The NSW Government tomorrow is expected to announce unprecedented level-three water restrictions as the drought continues to starve Sydney's water catchments of rain ... The restrictions are expected to strengthen limits already in place on washing cars, refilling pools and watering gardens. However, the new water saving regime would not be imposed immediately. The NSW Government wants to conduct a public education campaign advising residents of the new measures ... "What is important is to introduce restrictions in a way that reduces water consumption and at the same time does not cost jobs, nor force businesses to close" ...,10166,15452936-31037,00.html






WATER POLICY is the official journal of the World Water Council ... Publication is based on 1 volume per year, 6 issues per volume ...


Water Policy: Volume 7 Number 3 June 2005

Contents ...


227 Water resources management in the Nile basin: the economic value of cooperation

Dale Whittington, Xun Wu and Claudia Sadoff


269 What water managers need to know about public participation: one US practitioner's perspective

James L. Creighton


313 Exporting fresh water: is there an economic rationale?

Mohammed H.I. Dore




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