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72 -    30.05.2005




Stockholm – Where the Water World Meets


August 21–27, 2005


… World Water Week in Stockholm is the leading annual global meeting place for the world's diverse water community. The World Water Week includes the Stockholm Water Symposium, topical plenary sessions and panel debates, scientific workshops, independently organised seminars and side events, exhibitions and festive prize ceremonies.Participants in Stockholm will be experts coming from more than 100 countries and representing the business, civil society, governmental, inter-governmental, science and water management sectors …





14. Juni 2005, 11 Uhr Bundespressekonferenz in Berlin


Präsentation des Friedensgutachtens 2005

... der fünf deutschen Friedensforschungsinstitute: FEST, IFSH, HSFK, BICC, INEF ...







Afghans implement water treaties

May 29, 2005 - Iran's Energy Minister Habibollah Bitaraf said that good precipitation has helped Afghanistan implement the bilateral accord on sharing the waters of the Hirmand River. The minister told ISNA that Iran would eventually manage to receive its share of the river’s water in the year to March 2006. A senior water industry official said earlier that Afghanistan cannot disrupt the flow of water to Friendship Dam, which is constructed mostly by Iranian engineers on a river shared with Turkmenistan, by constructing a dam on Hirmand River. Reza Ardakanian, deputy energy minister for water affairs, told reporters that Kabul has signed several treaties with Tehran on cooperation on common water reserves, stressing that Iran is willing to participate in water projects in the war-torn country ...


Water quality enforcement plan near completion

May 29, 2005 A draft plan that calls for a significant shift toward more effectively enforcing of the state's water pollution laws is due this week. The State Water Resources Control Board draft plan calls for shifts in staffing at its nine regional water boards to closely focus on enforcement. The draft plan also envisions prioritizing violators to efficiently pursue penalties against polluters and correct the most egregious water quality problems. Born from a November initiative by then-California Environmental Protection Agency Secretary Terry Tamminen, the plan reflects Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger's approach to water quality enforcement ...,1413,127~2896~2894530,00.html


Pakistan, India talks on water boundaries conclude in deadlock

2005-05-29 -- Pakistan and India on Sunday failed to reach any agreement to resolve their dispute over the water boundaries of Sir Creek, but the two sides agreed to continue their discussions aimed at an early resolution of the issue for the mutual benefit …


Water wasters face clampdown

May 29, 2005   Tough water restrictions backed up by a regime of fines will be announced midweek to protect Sydney from its worst water crisis since the 1930s, when breweries were forced to stop producing beer. The new measures will be accompanied by a water-use education program in the mass media aimed at householders who waste water by over-using dishwashers and washing machines and topping up swimming pools ... Energy and Utilities Minister Frank Sartor will tell householders his water clampdown will come into force on July 1, giving them four weeks to learn the new arrangements and to rearrange their gardening as well as their use of household appliances ...


Water Conservation Endorsed

May 28, 2005  - Eight governors have signed a resolution asking the Army Corps of Engineers to do what it can feasibly and legally to conserve water in the Missouri River reservoirs. The resolution follows a Missouri River Summit convened by South Dakota Gov. Mike Rounds in February. He proposed changing the barge navigation season below Sioux City, Iowa to save water in the largest and northernmost reservoirs, which are 20 feet to 30 feet below normal elevation because of several years of drought and below-normal runoff from mountain snowmelt …


Feds ready to fight dam project

May 28, 2005  WINNIPEG -- The federal government is readying itself for a possible legal fight with the United States over a contentious water diversion project in North Dakota, Environment Minister Stephane Dion said Friday. Dion said he's not giving up on a diplomatic solution to the cross-border dispute, which has escalated in recent weeks as the July 1 startup date for the Devils Lake outlet draws ever closer. But he said the federal government "has a strong determination" to halt the project until it is subjected to a thorough environmental assessment by the International Joint Commission, a bilateral organization that resolves cross-border water disputes. "We may consider legal options, but we are not there yet," Dion said during a news conference …






Simon A. Mason, Adrian Müller: Umwelt- und Ressourcentrends 2000 - 2030

Konsequenzen für die Schweizer Sicherheitspolitik




Denis Tänzler, Alexander Carius: Ausbaufähige Partnerschaft - Friedens- und Konfliktforschung im Kontext internationaler Nachhaltigkeitsforschung

politische ökologie Heft 93


Umweltbundesamt: Die Wasserrahmenrichtlinie - Ergebnisse der Bestandsaufnahme 2004 in Deutschland

... Resultate der Bestandsaufnahme der Gewässerbelastungen durch die Bundesländer in den zehn relevanten Flussgebietseinheiten ...


FAO / UNESCO 2005: Groundwater in international law: Compilation of treaties and other legal instruments

… international law has paid much less attention to ground- than to surface water ... slowly a body of rules dealing with this vital resource is emerging that indicates a trend towards more comprehensive international regulation ...


UNESCO 2004: ISARM Africa - Managing shared aquifer resources in Africa

Workshop - Tripoli, June 2002


UNESCO / Italian Ministry for the Environment and Territory 2005:Water Programme for Africa, Arid and Water Scarce Zones, 2004-2006


Hedelin, Beatrice: Potential Implications of the EU Water Framework Directive in Sweden. 17pp (Refereed Articles May 2005 - no 14)




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Vital Water Graphics: Water use and management

… maintained by UNEP … facts, figures and maps about: global water withdrawal and consumption, the evolution of global water use and industrial and domestic consumption compared with evaporation from reservoirs, freshwater withdrawal …


Gobar Times: magazine supplement for children



… coordinate and harmonize water activities in Africa by various UN and other subregional NGOs ...


Water for African Cities (WAC)

… joint initiative of UNEP  and UN-HABITAT … to contribute to the achievement of the water and sanitation related UN Millennium Development Goals in urban areas, with a particular focus on Africa …


Sahara and Sahel Observatory - OSS

build up an African arena for cooperation and exchange to combat desertification and poverty by working with Member States and organizations …


Great Man-Made River International Prize for Water Resources in Arid and Semi-Arid Areas

Libyan Arab Jamahiriya … recognizes … having made fundamental and substantial contributions to the assessment, development, management and/or use of water resources in arid and semi-arid areas ...


Sustainable Waters Program

… developed by the Nature Conservancy's Sustainable Waters Program (Arlington, Virginia) … online source for information and resources related to ecologically sustainable water management ...


2. Alternative Weltwasserforum

17.-20. März 2005 in Genf

... Ziel, Institutionen und eine Politik zu fördern, die den Zugang zu Wasser für alle Menschen und eine demokratische, solidarische und nachhaltige Nutzung des Wassers befürworten ...




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