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26. November 2004 in Lübeck



Kontakt: Dr. Klaus Lanz, International Water Affairs, Hamburg: [email protected]


WaterTime  http://www.watertime.net/

… is a 3-year EU-funded research project on the decision making process on the reform of water supply and sanitation... Looking at decisions made in 29 European cities both recently and in a historical perspective, the project aims at producing a set of recommendations and a decision making model for stakeholders ... http://www.watertime.net/sources/2003/WP0/WatertimeSummary.doc





Experts: Resources at Root of Conflicts in Africa

17 November 2004  African peace advocates says the continent's many conflicts cannot be resolved without greater attention to the management and distribution of natural resources as well as overall environmental preservation.

Competition for natural resources, particularly fresh water, is a well-known component of the long-standing Israel-Arab conflict in a region where arable land is extremely scarce. But what of Africa, a vast continent blessed with tremendous natural bounty? There, too, fierce competition exists for life and livelihood-sustaining resources, according to activists from the region ...



Wasser keine Handelsware

17.11.2004  Am 15. und 16. November 2004 diskutierten Vertreter der Wasserwirtschaft auf der 3. Handelsblatt-Jahrestagung Wasser- und Abwasserwirtschaft, die von Euroforum, Düsseldorf, organisiert wurde, über den deutschen und europäischen Wassermarkt. In der deutschen Wasserwirtschaft besteht einheitlich die Meinung, dass Wasser keine beliebige Handelsware ist und der Wassermarkt nicht vergleichbar mit der Energieversorgung ist. In diesem Punkt herrscht europaweit Einigkeit. Uneinig ist man in Europa bei der Frage, welche Wettbewerbsmodelle in der Wasserver- und Abwasserentsorgung angewendet werden sollen ...



Cooling the water wars - Study urges compromise, state action

Colorado cities will struggle to get the water they need as the population grows but may be able to lessen the harm to farms and mountain streams with compromise and stronger state involvement, according to a major study presented Tuesday to the Colorado Water Conservation Board … When competing water interests in the state's various river basins disagree, he said, "we should encourage dialogue to find win-win situations" …



Beijing may get Yangtze water by 2010

2004-11-16   By 2010, Beijing residents may start getting their water from the Yangtze River ... "Water security on the eastern line, plagued by many chronic sources of contamination, is vital to the diversion project," Zhang said, calling for a "clean water corridor" …



Won't sign Great Lakes water deal, Ontario says

November 16, 2004 … As Canadian and U.S. negotiators were sitting down in Chicago yesterday, Natural Resources Minister David Ramsay announced that the province would not sign the current drafts of the Great Lakes Charter Annex after they met with a cool reception with environmentalists and First Nations groups during public consultations over the past three months. While the proposed agreements among Ontario, Quebec and the eight U.S. states that border the Great Lakes basin would regulate diversions of water from the lakes, the minister said that Ontario will stick to current provincial legislation that outlaws water diversions altogether …



'Cultural change' on water use

November 11, 2004   An increase in water saving and rising dam levels shows a cultural change on water conservation, according to NSW Utilities Minister Frank Sartor .. "Cultural change is upon us. We are valuing water a lot more" …



Water monitoring system operational

ISLAMABAD, Nov 10: The Ministry of Water and Power announced on Wednesday that a telemetry system at all the 23 sites of the country had become operational and would remove apprehensions about water utilization by different shareholders. That would ensure better water management and accurate distribution of water among provinces and its monitoring ...



Permanent water body to settle vital issues: Provinces to have similar management forums

ISLAMABAD, Nov 4: The government on Thursday approved in principle the National Water Policy that envisages complete reorganization of water sector institutions through their mergers and okayed formation of a high-level permanent National Water Council (NWC) to take crucial decisions on water-related issues and inter-provincial conflicts ...



Link Between Water, Poverty Ignored

November 4, 2004 The vital role of water in the alleviation of poverty has not been given the attention it deserves, a recent survey of national Poverty Reduction Strategy papers by the Global Water Partnership (GWP) indicates … "This failure to capture the critical importance of water in livelihood provision and poverty alleviation needs to be remedied," a discussion paper by GWP stated at the fifth WaterNet Symposium … The GWP paper states that attempts to incorporate the water factor in poverty reduction strategies have been confined to the supply of safe drinking water and sanitation services. "Strategies that exclude access to water for productive purposes other than drinking water are highly flawed" …







The World's Water 2004-2005   The Biennial Report on Freshwater Resources

By: Peter H. Gleick, with Nicholas L. Cain, Dana Haasz, Christine Henges-Jeck, Catherine M. Hunt, Michael Kiparsky, Marcus Moench, Meena Palaniappan, Veena Srinivasan, and Gary H. Wolff

Publisher: Island Press

ISBN: 1-55963-536-3

Available in November 2004


PM November 17, 2004: U.S. Ignores Growing Global and Domestic Water Crisis

Nation Could Reap Huge Political, Social, and Economic Gains From A New Focus on Water Issues

Water problems continue to grow both here in the United States, in other wealthy nations, and in the developing world. But instead of leading global and national efforts to safeguard this critical resource, the United States lacks a coherent and strategic approach to water issues. This affects the nation’s reputation, business success, and security …




Globale Umweltpolitik 2005 - Perspektiven im Kontext der Reform der Vereinten Nationen

SWP-Studie 2004/S 45, November 2004





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