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Thema am 12. September 2004: Wie läuft's? – Schwerpunktthema Wasser




Editorial: Water policy needs improvement

Sep 12, 2004,  Over the past few days, water has become the nation's main public policy issue. Taoyuan County has been without water for two weeks. Promised dates for restoration of water supply have been repeatedly changed, turning life for local residents into a protracted nightmare…



761 bridges to be built over "middle route" of water project

WUHAN, Sept. 12 -- A total of 761 bridges will be built over the "middle route" of China's massive south-north water diversion project, said You Ling, Deputy Chief Engineer of the Traffic Department of Yangtze River Design Institute…



Energy firm urges tradeable water rights

11.09.2004  SYDNEY - Meridian Energy is calling for New Zealannd to introduce tradeable water rights in a move that could unlock some of its vast hydro stores for other uses, including irrigation…



Experiments May Reduce Possibility of Future Water Wars

Description: A method that uses roughly only one-hundredth the fresh water customarily needed to grow forage for livestock may leave much more water available for human consumption, as well as for residential and industrial uses…



Zentralasien: Der Aralsee – Die Zerstörung eines orientalischen Märchens

30.08.2004 · EM 08/04  Die Geschichte des Aralsees ist eine ökologische Tragödie. Einst war er der größte See Eurasiens. Doch Mitte des 19. Jahrhunderts begann mit dem Versuch, die Wassermassen wirtschaftlich nutzbar zu machen, das langsame Sterben des Aralsees. Die Osteuropahistorikerin Dr. Eva-Maria Stolberg erzählt die traurige Geschichte von der Zerstörung eines orientalischen Märchens...





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