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Security and Sustainability in Water Resources

to be held from September 6-9, 2004 in Kathmandu, Nepal has been postponed until further notice…



Financing Water Infrastructure in Russia/CIS

16-17 September 2004, Sochi, Russia…



Innovative Practices for Sustainable Sloping Lands and Watershed Management

5-9 September 2004, Chiang Mai,Thailand…



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Erfolgreiche Volksbegehren gegen Privatisierungen

Die beiden Volksbegehren gegen die Privatisierung der Hamburger Wasserwerke sowie der Berufsschulen sind erfolgreich verlaufen. Nach Angaben der Initiatoren kamen weit mehr als die jeweils erforderlichen 61.000 Stimmen zusammen. Damit muss sich die Bürgerschaft der Hansestadt erneut mit den Themen beschäftigten...Volksbegehren "Unser Wasser Hamburg“. Hier machten 147.500 Bürger der Hansestadt ihren Widerstand gegen eine Privatisierung der Wasserwerke deutlich...



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Satellites guide aid workers sinking water wells for African refugees

7 September 2004 Caring for more than 180,000 Sudanese refugees gathered in the desert landscape of eastern Chad, the United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees has begun using satellite data to identify hidden water resources and site new camps…



Provinces agree on water sharing

5-9-2004  ISLAMABAD: All four provinces unanimously agreed to a formula of sharing water from available resources for irrigation in the wake of the impending shortfall…



Provincial water share cut

ISLAMABAD, Sept 4: The federal government on Saturday decided to impose a 28 per cent cut on provincial water share for the remaining 26 days of Kharif and start the Rabi season with a 43 per cent water shortage…



IRSA to cut provinces' water share over 40pc

September 01, 2004 LAHORE, September 02 (Online): Indus River System Authority (IRSA), has started to contemplate over 40 percent or more cut in provinces share of water for wheat sowing in the Rabbi season in the next few days owing to acute shortage of water…



Water condition fails EU targets

Most rivers, lakes and other waterways in England and Wales are unlikely to meet EU regulations on water conditions, conservationists say…



Africans still lack clean water - Report shows 4 out of 10 rely on unsafe sources in sub-Saharan zone

Sept. 4, 2004   JOHANNESBURG, SOUTH AFRICA - Sub-Saharan Africa is lagging far behind the rest of the developing world in access to clean water, with more than four out of 10 people still relying on rivers, ponds or other unsafe sources of drinking water, according to a recent U.N. report…



Strategy to Increase Country's Water Resources

September 1, 2004 Pretoria   Government has approved an R21-billion National Water Resource Strategy to allow for a more efficient management of the country's water resources, create jobs and address water shortages. The strategy described as "a blueprint for survival" explains how the development needs of South Africa will be met in future despite the country being one of the 30 driest countries on earth…




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What Role for Water Law in the Emerging “Good Governance” Debate?

25 March 2004 By Andrew Allan and Dr Patricia Wouters


29th August to 2 September, 2004 Conferences: Dundee Water 2004 - Good Water Governance for People and Nature: Water Roles for Law, Institutions & Finance?




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