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World Water Week in Stockholm, August 16–20, 2004

Stockholm International Water Institute (SIWI)  http://www.siwi.org/



 Aug 16 2004   WORLD water supplies will not be enough for our descendants to enjoy the sort of diet the West eats now, experts say. The World Water Week conference, which starts today in Stockholm, will be told the growth in demand for meat and dairy products is unsustainable…



Siehe auch: http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/science/nature/3559542.stm



OSCE Centre holds summer camp with focus on environmental education in Uzbekistan

TASHKENT, 18 August 2004 - A summer camp which helped promote environmental education in schools ended its work today in a  mountainous area of Tashkent province. During the 12-day camp, children had a...



OSCE Centre, WWF gather young people in Tajikistan to discuss ecological degradation

DUSHANBE, 17 August 2004 - 125 young people from the remote southern areas of Tajikistan came together at a summer camp focusing on environmental issues…




Water crisis to continue through Rabi season: Punjab, Sindh reject IRSA proposal

August 18, 2004 ISLAMABAD: Punjab and Sindh on Tuesday turned down an Indus River System Authority (IRSA) proposal for water distribution that would have meant a 21 percent shortage in the current Kharif season, opting instead to continue with water distribution at a 10 percent shortage until at least August 31…



Vajpayee: Call all-party meet on water-sharing

August 10, 2004 NEW DELHI: In a rare gesture, former prime minister Atal Behari Vajpayee has sent a letter to Prime Minister Manmohan Singh, urging him to convene a meeting of all political parties to evolve a consensus on the sharing of river water…




CSE Down To Earth – Aug  15, 2004

- Editorial by Sunita Narain: Frugality in water management


- Paani Yatra (water pilgrimage) to Gujarat

- Dossiers: Research & policy papers: Chennai's Terrain Guide & more

- News of community-based rainwater harvesting initiatives

- Reports from Down To Earth magazine on water related issues

- Other Down To Earth news

- Course announcement on Managing Information.

- Jobs at CSE


Lecture for Army engineers


Environmental awareness programme for schoolchildren




Garland of Hope: River-linking as a Solution to Water Crisis

AUGUST 14, 2004   The drought-flood-drought syndrome repeats itself periodically. This year, a third of the country in the north-east and east is hit by floods while almost half of the country is threatened by drought…



Markenartikel Wasser

13.08.2004 Wasser ist ein kostbares Gut, nicht nur für den Menschen, auch für die großen Lebensmittelkonzerne. Denn im Gegensatz zum Getränke- und Nahrungsmittelsektor boomt der Absatz von abgefülltem Wasser - nicht nur im Sommer...



Report: Terrorists considered poisoning water supplies

August 12th, 2004 LAS VEGAS -- Terrorists discussed recruiting treatment plant employees to poison drinking water supplies in major urban areas prior to the Sept. 11 attacks, according to a federal bulletin ...





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ecologic.de: Wasser



Forschungsprojekt "Sozial-ökologische Regulation netzgebundener Infrastruktursysteme" des Forschungsverbundes "netWORKS"





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Dorf Ceanu Mare soll fließendes Wasser erhalten

13. August 2004  Cluj/Rumänien (AP) Nach dem Besuch von Bundeskanzler Gerhard Schröder sollen die Bewohner der rumänischen Dorfs Ceanu Mare nun fließendes Wasser erhalten. Bürgermeister Gavrila Oros hatte nach eigenen Angaben auf die Frage Schröders nach den Problemen des Dorfs den Wassermangel genannt. «Das Wasser ist nicht trinkbar, und wir haben nicht genug davon», sagte Oros. Schröder, der sich in Begleitung des rumänischen Ministerpräsidenten Adrian Nastase befand, erkundigte sich daraufhin nach den Kosten zur Behebung des Mangels...



Man fined for firing water pistol

13. August 2004 A County Durham road worker has been fined £300 for firing a water pistol at a police officer. Gary Parker told a court he was only having a "bit of fun" playing with pistols with friends …





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