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A new twist to Spain's old water wars

June 14, 2004 Valencia, Spain  Every Thursday, when the bells of València cathedral strike noon, a circle of men in dark robes gathers at the main door to perform an ancient ritual. One holding a halberd, a combination spear and battle-ax, calls out that the water tribunal is in session and complaints may be put to the judges …



Pakistan, India to discuss concerns over Indian dam

June 12, 2004 ISLAMABAD, Pakistan: Officials from Pakistan and India will meet this month to discuss a dispute over a dam being built in Indian-controlled Kashmir that Pakistan fears will deprive it of water for farming, an official said Saturday… http://thestar.com.my/news/story.asp?file=/2004/6/12/latest/17660Pakistan&sec=latest


How scary is the water scare?

JUNE 13, 2004  Water is liquid gold, proclaims a hoarding on NH-47 en route to Kanyakumari. Even as it advised travellers heading for the southern tip of India , the local administration was busy filling one of the big ponds to make a bus stand …



Joint water management is being discussed in Almaty

10.06 / Almaty. KAZINFORM. Joint water management plays important role for environment deputy chairman of the Water Resources Committee of the Agriculture Ministry of Kazakhstan Amirkhan Kenshimov said in the course of the two-day seminar on river basins complex management model…




39th ordinary ICWC meeting,  26-27 May 2004, CENTRAL-ASIAN INTERNATIONAL SCIENTIFIC-APPLIED CONFERENCE “WATER PARTNERSHIP IN CENTRAL ASIA”:   http://www.icwc-aral.uz/events_2004.htm



Recherché ARALSEE


Scientific-Information Center of the Interstate Coordination Water Commission of the Central Asia (SIC ICWC):



Interstate Coordination Water Commission:   http://www.icwc-aral.uz/


Hinweis interessante website - weitere "Water institutions":

WCA infoNET service was funded by the Department for International Development, (DFID), UK; it is an Associate Programme of the Global Water Partnership (GWP).


Water User Associations for Central Asia - IWMI in Pakistan, Central Asia, and the Middle East:



International workshop "Global Change, Sustainable Development and Environmental Management in Central Asia"

20-22 January 2004, Tashkent. Final Report:



Aral Sea Studies

Professor Daene C. McKinney, University of Texas at Austin:







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