50th Congress of Liberal International, 26-28 October 2000, Ottawa/Hull, Canada.



Resolution on Water Security in the 21st Century


As adopted by the Congress of Liberal International Ottawa/Hull, Canada 26-28 October 2000


Liberal International recognising that adequate supplies of water of good quality are essential to life:


Notes that this essential resource:

-         Is in short supply in many parts of the world;

-         Is unsafe for human consumption in many areas;

-         Is constantly threatened in all areas by unsustainable use, pollution and changes in land use.


Warning that the shortage of water and disputes over its supply are grave threats to peace. Further notes that in many parts of the world:

-         Essential community supplies are obtained only by the daily prolonged drudgery of women;

-         Inadequate supplies, pollution and political disputes or inertia are promoting much avoidable disease and disability.

-         Installation for improved supplies often focus upon agricultural use rather than amelioration of women's labour;


Calls accordingly upon all Liberal Parties world-wide to introduce or urge their Government to:

-         Use appropriate technology which respects the environment and can be installed with the help of the local community;

-         Promote understanding and collaboration in water management at all levels of the community from the individual to the international;

-         Promote systems to ensure sharing and fair distribution of water resources between communities and nations;

-         Develop institutions and measures to encourage peaceful collaboration at all levels, in the interests of preserving and conserving for all people this life-giving resource.

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