Arizona 2001 Contest Events

January 2001 Flying Events


01/12/01 – 01/14/01 –Tucson, AZ (C) Saguaro Classic Warbird Race. Site: Club Field. Clay Sherrow CD, 4291 W Jupiter Pl Tucson, AZ 85716 PH:520-744-0633. Sponsor: TIMPA

01/13/01 – 01/14/01 –Eloy, AZ (AA) Southwest Regionals Free Flight Championships for Cat II 101, 102, 103, 104, 105, 120, 124, 140, 142(JSO). Site: Toltec Road. A. A. Lidberg CD, 1030 E Baseline, Suite 105-1074 Tempe, AZ 85283 PH:480-839-8154. 1/2A Nostalgia, A Nostalgia, B Nostalgia, C Nostalgia, 020 Replica, Old time gas (comb), Old time rubber(comb), ROW gas (comb), ROW rubber, FAC rubber scale, Jimmie Allen. A National Cup contest. Sponsor: SOUTHWEST REGIONALS MODELERS ASSN

01/13/01 – 01/14/01 –Eloy, AZ (AA) Southwest Regionals FAI FF Championships for 150, 151, 152, 153, 154, 155(JSO). Site: Toltec Road. John Nystedt CD, 10340 E Cortez Scottsdale AZ 85260 PH:480-657-9824. America’s Cup contest, FAI qualifying contest. Sponsor: SOUTHWEST REGIONAL MODELERS ASSN

01/13/01 – 01/15/01 –Eloy, AZ (C)Southwest Regionals RC Old Timers Championships. Site: Toltec Road. Bob Angus CD, 6640 N Columbus Tucson AZ 85718 PH:520-299-9034. SAM events: Antique, pure antique, AB glow, Elec Tex, C ign LER, 1/2A Tex, B Ign LER, C glow LER, Tex, A Ign LER, Spirit of SAM, Ohlsson 23 Ign, Electric LMR, 1/2A Tex scale, old time glider, Brown Jr LER, Ohlsson sideport. Sponsor: SOUTHWEST REGIONALS MODELERS ASSN

01/20/01 – 01/21/01 –Tucson, AZ (AAA) Southwest Regionals Control Line Championships for 314, 321, 323, 324, 325, 326, 328, 330, 509(JSO) and 313(J). Site: Christopher Columbus Park. Robin Sizemore CD, 12405 E Arbor Vista Blvd Tucson AZ 85749 PH:520-749-4434. Pre-registration requested, $10 first event, $5 each addl event. Jr/Sr $5 one time charge. Fuel fee $1 per required event. Sat pilots mtg 9AM, stunt pilots mtg at 8:30AM, racing pilots mtg 8:30AM. Registration for stunt closes at start of 1st flight, racing at 9AM. Sun pilots mtg 9AM, stunt 8:30AM, scale 9AM. Sponsor: CHOLLA CHOPPERS MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB

01/20/01 – 01/21/01 –Tucson, AZ (C) TIMPA SAM V. Site: Club Field. A. S. Merker CD, 6970 N Blue Blvd Tucson AZ 85743 PH:520-682-7991. Sponsor: TIMPA




February 2001 Flying Events


02/02/01 –Gilbert, AZ (C) Hand Launch Golf. Site: Western Skies Golf Course. Dave Wenzlick CD, 1923 S Henkel Cr Mesa AZ 85202 PH:480-345-9232. Fun fly hand launch golf event. Entries must be in by Jan 31. One plane per frequency, 36 pilots maximum. Sponsor: CENTRAL AZ SOARING LEAGUE

02/02/01 – 02/04/01 –Queen Creek, AZ (A) Southwest Classic for 444(JSO). Site: Schnepf Farms. Dave Wenzlick CD, 1923 S Henkel Cr Mesa AZ 85202 PH:480-345-9232. Sponsor: CENTRAL ARIZONA SOARING LEAGUE

02/10/01 – 02/11/01 –Mesa, AZ (AA) Cactus Aerobatic Classic 2001 for 411, 412, 413, 414(JSO). Site: Superstition Airpark. John Heigl CD, 5698 E 14th Ave Apache Junction AZ 85219 PH:480-983-2715. Unknowns for 412, 413, 414, freestyle on Sat/Sun ($5 fee for freestyle). 103db field rule. RV parking and camping, no hook ups. Sponsor: ARIZONA MODEL AVIATORS

02/23/01 – 02/25/01 –Mesa, AZ (AA) Gunsmoke 2001 Qualifier for 511, 512, 520, 522(JSO). Site: Superstition Air Park. Austin Goodwin CD, 3121 N 78th St Mesa AZ 85207 PH:480-357-1816. Sponsor: ARIZONA MODEL AVIATORS

02/23/01 – 02/25/01 –Phoenix, AZ (C) Warbird Race. Site: Club Field. James Crippin CD, 4708 N 24th Pl Phoenix AZ 85016 PH:602-955-8635. Sponsor: ARIZONA RC SOCIETY

02/24/01 – 02/25/01 –Eloy, AZ (A) Arizona Nostalgia Annual for 120, 124, 128(JSO), 142, 150, 151, 152, 153, 154(JSO). Site: Toltec Road. Jim Kutkuhn CD, 1420 N Wildflower Dr Casa Grande AZ 85222 PH:520-876-9309. This is a Nostalgia National Cup event. Sponsor: PHOENIX & TUCSON MAC

02/24/01 – 02/25/01 –Phoenix, AZ (AA) 20th Annual Sun Valley Fliers RC Championships for 401,4 02, 403, 404, 406(JSO). Site: Cave Butts Dam. Rusty Fried CD, 2124 W Pinchot Phoenix AZ 85015 PH:602-255-0635. Sponsor: SUN VALLEY FLIERS


March 2001 Flying Events


03/16/01 – 03/18/01 –Queen Creek, AZ (C)5th Annual Phoenix Helicopter Fun Fly. Site: Schnepf Farm Festival Site. Eric Stevens CD, 2018 E Daley Ln Phoenix AZ 85024 PH:480-502-6745. Same terrific site, 78 acres. Activities for all skill levels. Awards to 3rd. Camping on site. Approx $14K prizes & 140 registered pilots last year. Check out at Sponsor: ARMS/SRCHA

03/16/01 – 03/18/01 –Tucson, AZ (C)TIMPA Jet Rally. Site: Club Field. Debbie Sherrow CD, 4291 W Jupiter Pl Tucson AZ 85741 PH:520-744-0633. Jet rally fly in. Jets, ducted fan, electric, turbines (require waiver). Sponsor: TIMPA

03/17/01 – 03/18/01 –Tucson, AZ (A) Top Gun Shootout for 328(JSO). Site: Columbus Park. Thomas Thompson CD, 10741 E Avenida Hacienda Tucson AZ 85748 PH:520-722-2747. Triple elimination fast combat. Note: any fuel shut off ok, if you have a fly away with no mid air you are DQ from contest. Sponsor: CHOLLA CHOPPERS

03/17/01 – 03/18/01 –Tucson, AZ (C)3rd Annual Clyde Courtney Memorial Fun Scale. Site: Club Field. Tim Lilje CD, 5035 N Bowes Rd Tucson AZ 85749 PH:520-749-5363. Sponsor: TUCSON RADIO CONTROL CLUB

03/22/01 – 03/25/01 –Tucson, AZ (C)13th Annual Vintage Stunt Championships. Site: Christopher Columbus Park. JoAnn Keville CD, 6218 E Evergreen St Mesa AZ 85205 PH:480-885-3363. Old Time & Classic stunt, separate O.T. Ign event. Pre-registration required, $10 per person. Sat nite dinner $23.60 per person. Sponsor: CHOLLA CHOPPERS

03/25/01 –Eloy, AZ (A) PMAC Monthly for 101, 102-103, 120, 124, 140, 142, 153(JSO). Site: Toltec Rd. John Bonang CD, 1841 N Wilbur Circle Mesa AZ 85021 PH:480-835-5677. .020 O.T. Replica, O.T. Large rubber (JSO). Sponsor: PHOENIX MODEL AIRPLANE CLUB

03/31/01 – 04/01/01 –Tucson, AZ (A) Cabin Fever Classic II for 310, 313, 314, 317, 318(JSO). Site: Christopher Columbus Park. George Brown III CD, 1118 N Melody Circle Chandler AZ 85225 PH:480-786-9453. Event includes NCLRA Fox racing & NCLRA Quickie rat in addition to 310, 313, 314, 317, 318. Sponsor: CENTRAL ARIZONA CONTROL LINE CLUB


April 2001 Flying Events


04/07/01 – 04/08/01 –Tucson, AZ (C-Restricted) Wings Over The Desert 2001. Site: Club Field. Al Mosher CD, 6310 E Tanuri Circle Tucson AZ 85750 PH:520-885-8874. Landing fee $10, reg 8AM, fly 9AM. Exit 275 on I-10, Houghton Rd north to Valenica, east ½ mi to field. Paved runway 600x100’, Ramadas, sanitary facilities, camping no hook ups. Food vendor ons ite. PIMA Air Museum nearby.  For more info contact CD or Jim Lynch at [email protected] . Sponsor: TUCSON RADIO CONTROL CLUB

04/22/01 –Eloy, AZ (A) PMAC Monthly for 101, 124, 128, 142, 151, 153(JSO). Site: Toltec Rd. Frank Roberge CD, 8057 E Charter Oak Dr Scottsdale AZ 85260 PH:480-991-3289. 1/4A Nos gas, 1/2A Nos gas, O.T. .020 Replica, O.T. small rubber comb, all events (JSO). Sponsor: PHOENIX MAC

04/28/01 – 04/29/01 –Tucson, AZ (AA) IMAC Scale Aerobatics for 411, 412, 413, 414(JSO). Site: Club Field. C Douglas Lee CD, 1145 E Kleindale Rd Tucson AZ 85719 PH:520-887-0771. Knowns flown Saturday, unknowns Sunday. 4 minute freestyle at noon both days. Sponsor: TUCSON RC CLUB


May 2001 Flying Events


05/20/01 –Eloy, AZ (A) PMAC Monthly for Cat II 101, 102-103, 120, 124, 142, (150,154), (151,153)(JSO). Site: Toltec Rd. Bill Gibbons CD, 10950 W Union Hill Nbr 2021 Sun City, AZ 85373 PH:623-815-7526. 1/2A Nos Gas, A Nos Gas, O.T. rubber Fus comb, O.T. rubber Stick comb, (all special events (JSO) comb). Sponsor: P.M.A.C.




June 2001 Flying Events


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July 2001 Flying Events


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August 2001 Flying Events


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September 2001 Flying Events


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October 2001 Flying Events


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November 2001 Flying Events


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December 2001 Flying Events


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