Authorized By The Voice & Heart Of The Coven,

LHP Jinx Dawson,
Goth Queen Magus

"Ye Have Found Me...I am the Keystone"

"I Am the Keeper of The Flame"

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Wicked Woman

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Letter From The Goth Queen:VICTORY IS MINE--"WITCHCRAFT MMVII" CD Out Friday July 13th

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COVEN'S Infamous Black Mass Poster...For the 1st time ever available since 1969

Beautifully restored from the Coven Vault to its original splendor as it 1st appeared in 1969.The Watermark will of course not be on your copy.

O ye cherished friends of the Coven, greetings and salutations. The Goth Queen's Coven reigneth as the definitive magick band dedicated to the black arts. Be this known unto you, and harken unto my words: Ye have hitherto traversed the ether far and wide, seeking esoteric knowledge and illumination about Jinx Dawson and her band Coven . . . Well, seek ye no further! Because this website serveth as your final destination of all things Coven . . . and revelations await you all. For Jinx holdeth in her heart and voice the inspiration that served as the genesis of the Gothick aesthetic in the the New Aeon, ultimately crafting her musical vision in accordance with a Left Hand Path tradition that spanneth many generations . . . She representeth the dark that defineth the light . . . 'Tis a musical legacy that hath witnessed a spawn of imitators and thieves.

Her preoccupation with the dark side, as evidenced from her earliest recordings, was not contrived. Nay, it originated in a background and tradition steeped in magick and the number 13.

Indeed, the number 13 hath always been a lucky number unto Jinx, a true American born witch. Jinx, being the 13th issue of the 13th signator of the Mayflower was a musical and mystical prodigy, born of a bloodline wherein magick reigned supreme . . . The witch-siren's nativity happened upon a bleak and stormy Friday the 13th in January, which could be considered the 13th month since it followeth the 12th month . . . lo and behold, the 13th day of the 13th month! Furthermore, when considering the band's name Coven, one should remember the claim of anthropologist Margaret Murray. She reckoned the traditional witches' coven included 13 members -- a detail that ultimately derivieth from the chronicles of the witch-trial of Isobel Gowdie circa 1662.

And behold the date of Jinx's nativity! It also relateth to her family's involvement with secret societies. For on a Friday the 13th in 1307, the Knights Templar were arrested for heresy by King Philip IV -- hence that day's sinister reputation in the annals of history . . And forget ye not that the Knights Templar are cited frequently in the rituals and framework of Freemasonry and other secret groups.

Yea, it hath been ordained by the lords of the abyss that Jinx, the Goth Queen was born to weave her magick, and she acheiveth this through her music. Indeed, throughout history, music hath always been shrouded in the darker shades of metaphysics; and likewise Jinx hath succeeded in combining music and magic into one powerful force. And the underlying motive hath always been blasphemy -- an iconoclastic assault against organized religion that ultimately resulted in the first rock record to condemn the hypocrisy of the church and promote the practice of sorcery and black magick.

The "Witchcraft Destroys Minds and Reaps Souls" album on Mercury Records was unprecedented in the realm of rock music. Featuring the first Black Mass ever recorded, "Witchcraft" showcased an amazing double-gatefold record cover with lyrics to all the songs and the Satanic liturgy in written form. However, the REAL centerpiece was the photo of the ritual with its nudity upon the altar. Consequently, due to the controversy of the photograph and the album's dark theme, record stores started stocking the album under the counter. Mercury records eventually discontinued "Witchcraft".


NEVOC Musick is proud to announce the 1st ever authorized Coven CD's to be released through 2007... Coven albums & previously unreleased Coven recordings are available ONLY thru Coven authorized internet sites...Their 1st recording "WITCHCRAFT" is now a Special Edition CD "WITCHCRAFT MMVII",with new photos & an interview with the Goth Queen on the "Making of Witchcraft"...But ye must be warned...It WILL contain the final deleted incantation, MISSING for 37 YEARS...This now complete Black Mass is NOT TO BE TAKEN LIGHTLY

NEVOC Music Worldwide & The Goth Queen Are Proud To Present Coven"s "Blood On The Snow" CD


Coven's "Blood On The Snow" Album Video . . . Click Blue Eye For Thine Initiation

The Goth Queen...The Magick, The Myth & The Mystery

Magick continues to play a big role in the life of Jinx Dawson, the Goth Queen . . . and of course, this is reflected in her music. The words "music" and "magic" share more than just being five-letter words that begin with the letter "m", the 13th letter of the alphabet. (Jinx favors the number 13. She was born on a Friday the 13th, delivered by a Dr. Jinks). Indeed, magicians in the northern regions of Europe were called "rune-singers".

Many myths surround the legend of the Goth Queen . . . However, the word "myth"-information -- if such a word existed -- would definitely be more appropriate when considering the half-truths & urban legends proliferating about her & Coven on the internet. Ultimately, we will set the record straight...

Yea, the Goth Queen's mysterious legend will be revealed in time . . . Only horror novelist H.P. Lovecraft could've imgined a story stranger than the chronicle of her life . . .

JINX,The Goth Queen...With the Voice that Launched a Thousand Bands...

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