Introduced in 1967 the Bridgestone 350 GTR was a highly advanced state of the art motorcycle.

With a 21 cubic-inch displacement, delivering 26.8 LB-ft.  of torque @ 6500 r.p.m. and it's dual rotary valve, 6 speed transmission and a standing 1/4 mile time of 14.3 seconds @ 93 m.p.h. with a top speed of 105+     m.p.h. no wonder the  magazines and the American market loved it!

Introduced in 1967 the Bridgestone 350 GTO was the scrambler version that was a familiar model in the dual twin Bridgestone family.     

With it's stylish upswept pipes, lower gearing and true tracking type skid plate made it a natural light off road machine if you was brave enough!

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