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Adamo, Giralamo "Momo"
Underboss 1943-1956

Adamo, Giuseppe "Joe"
Soldier 1940s-50s

Albori, Marco "Albert Marco"
Vice King 1920-1931

Albori, Pietro "Pete"
Payoff man for city hall gang 1920s

Alderman, "Icepick" Willie
Jewish Mob Enforcer 1930-1950s


Barbarino, Frank
Los Angeles pornographer 1990s-Present

Bartolo "Crib King" Ballerino
Rackets Kingpin 1860s-1905

Berkovich, Lazar
Russian Mafiya lieutenant 1970s-Present

Berkovich, Oleg
Russian Mafiya soldier 1980s-Present

Berkovich, Vladimir
Russian Mafiya Boss 1980s-Present

Berman, Charles "Chuckie"
Jewish gambler/swindler 1950s-1970s

Berman, Donald David "Davie the Jew"
Jewish Mob Boss 1930s-1957

Boggio, Antonio.
San Bernardino Italian colony leader 1900s-1930s

Boyenton, Ben "Stiff neck".
Los Angeles Gambler/ 1906

Bruneman, George "Les"
Associate of Guy McAfee 1920s-1937


Caress, Ezekiel "Zeke"
Gambler 1930s

Caruso, Louis
Acting Capo 1990s-Present

Casselman, David
Prominent Los Angeles Defense Attorney -Present

Clark, David L.
Deputy District Attorney/Murder Suspect 1920s-1931

Cohen, Myer Harris "Mickey"
Jewish Gambling Boss 1940s-1976

Cox, Fred
Corrupt LAPD vice cop 1920s

Cox, Tiequon A. "Lil Fee"
W/S Rollin 60 gang member currently on Death Row for the Alexander Family murders in 1984. 1980s-Present

Crawford, Charles H. "Goodtime Charlie"
Racketeer/Politician 1919-1931

Crawford, George
Racketeer 1919-1931


D'Ippolito, Joseph C. "Joe Dip"
Underboss 1968-1974

D'Ippolito, Salvatore "Charlie Dip" Charles.
Inland Empire crime boss 1930s-1962

DiGiorgio, Joseph
DiGiorgio corp., founder. Business partner of several mob figures in the LA area including R. Desimone and J. Dragna.

DiGiorgio, Rosario
Younger brother of DiGiorgio corp founder Joseph DiGiorgio. Called the boss of California by Nicola Gentile.


Earl, Edwin Tobias
Political Boss 1900-1918

Emerson, Bennie A.
San Bernardino crime boss 1906-1914. Controlled prostitution, gambling as well as promoted boxing matches.


Ferraro, Bartolo
Underworld figure 1920s, son of Tony Ferraro.

Ferraro, Tony
Bootlegger/Olive Oil King shot to death 1927

Ferraro, Joseph
Matranga gang figure shot to death in 1920, brother of Tony Ferraro.

Franzese, Michael C.
Underworld figure 1970s-90s.

Fratto, Johnny Lew
Shadowy entertainment industry powerbroker with family ties to the underworld


Gambson, Benny "Meatball"
murdered underworld figure 1946

Giglio, Salvatore "Harry Leonard"
Counselor for Tommy Gambino-Present


Herbert, Edward "Neddie"
Murdered Mickey Cohen associate died following an attempt on Cohen's life outside of Sherrry's. -1940s-1947


Ippolito, Joseph "Joey Ipp"
Boss 1988-?



Korshak, Sidney Roy
Labor Lawyer 1940s-1996

Korshak, Stuart R.
Labor Lawyer 1980s-Present


Licata, Nicoli "Mr.Nick"
Boss 1968-1974

Li Mandri, Joseph
San Diego mob figure 1950s-1970s

Li Mandri, Marco
San Diego mob figure 1940s-1960s

Lorenzo, Ronald "Ronnie" Anthony.
Underboss 1982-Present


Marmmaro, Richard
Attorney Specializing in Business Fraud defense-Present

Marshall, Lillie.
San Bernardino Madam ran a brothel along with her husband Ben Emerson at 434 First Ave.

McAfee, Guy "Stringbean"
Racketeer/Gambler 1917-1950s

McDonough, Peter P.
Bay Area Racketeer/Gambler/Political figure 1900-1940s

McDonough, Thomas.
Bay Area Racketeer/ 1900-1940s

McFarland, Josephine.
Popular turn of the century madam in San Bernardino died under mysterious circumstances following statements accusing a business rival of murder and arson.

Mills, Mary.
80 year old San Bernardino madam known as mother, murdered by an imate in her D. Street brothel in 1901.




Parisi, Tony
Matranga gang member shot to death November 1916 sparking the start of a 6 year battle for control of the gang.

Parker, Keith "Keita roc"
W/S Rollin 60 gang shotcaller-1975-Present

Parrot, Kent Kane
Political Racketeer 1919-1937

? "Peddie Wack"
Member of the elite crew of W/S Rollin 60 gang shooters during the early 80s war with ETGC. 1970s-Present



Rosenberg, Joe
Jewish Mob Associate 1950s

Rothman, Harold "Hooky"
Cohen henchman 1930s-1948

Rummel, Sammuel
Mickey Cohen Lawyer 1940s


Samish, Arthur "Artie"
Power Lobbyist 1920s-1950s

Shaw, Frank
Corrupt Los Angeles Mayor removed from office in 1938.

Shaw, Joseph
Brother of Mayor Shaw, Joe was called the real power in city hall.

Signorio, Antonio.
Guasti investor/ 1900-1913

Smith, Stanley S.
Bookmaker 1940s


Tsutsumi, Joe.
Los Angeles Yakuza leader (1904).

Tossetti, Harry.
Prohibition era bootlegger later sold John Russo the property which housed the El Patio Hotel and bar on Mt.Vernon Ave. Tossetti was never arrested after the repeal of prohibition and passed away in 1987 at the age of 94.




Wong, Nim
Gambler/Narcotics peddler known as the Mayor of San Bernardino's Chinatown 1900-1941.



Yakuwa, K.
Japanese Yakuza enforcer (1904).