The Jones Drug Organization

inner city Detroit

 From 1984 untill 1993, Clifford Jones operated the most feared band of thugs and Outlaws in the city of Detroit. Jones got his start in the drug operation of Demetrius Holloway but quickly branched out forming his own murder for hire gang. Jones was such a fearsome presence on the streets of Detroit that authorties had a hard time getting anyone to even acknowledge that they had even heard of him. The Jones gang was known for carrying out ruthless and efficient excecutions on behalf of many of Detroit's drug kingpins.

  The Jones group practiced the art of murder yet lacked the discipline of some of the other organizations run by Demetrius Holloway and Maserati Rick Carter. One of Jones favorite tactics were to carry out a contract for a drug dealer, receive his payment and then murder the client and steal his supply of narcotics. Near the end of his gangs reign Jones made an attempt to take over a law firm in hopes of gaining an in house counsel while getting information on how to launder his gangs proceeds. This went all for naught as federal and state investigators closed in on Jones and his thugs in February of 1993. After a sensational trial which layed at least 50 drug related killings on the Jones boys, Clifford was sentenced to life in a Michigan state prison.

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