Dates in Detroit Outfit History


April 25, 1887
Gaspari Milazzo born in Castellammare Del Golfo Sicily

May 11, 1892
"Black Leo" Leonard Cellura born in Italy

December 2, 1892
"Cousin Joe" Joseph Bommarito born in Sicily

Febuary 12,1893
Giovanni "Papa John" Priziola born in Partinico Sicily

January 1, 1894
Tony Mirabile Rizzo born in Italy

February 15,1894
Salvatore Catalonotte born in Trapani Sicily

August 25,1894
Frank Meli "brother of Angelo Meli" Born in Terrasini

December 12,1895
Santo "Cockeyed Sam" Perrone born in Italy

Febuary 10 1897
Angelo Meli born in Terrasini

Febuary 13 1897
Vito William Tocco born in Terrasini

December 10 1897
Joseph Zerilli born in Terrasini

March 16 1898
Frank Cammarata born in Sicily

Febuary 6 1899
Joseph Massie born in Wyandotte Michigan

August 8,1901
Guiseppe Catalonotte born in Trapani Sicily

May 25 1902
Joseph "Misery" Moceri born in Sicily.

June 7,1902
Peter Joseph Licavoli born in St Louis Mo.

Febuary 9 1904
Thomas "Yonnie" Licavoli born in St Louis

March 7, 1904
Benedict Joseph Bommarito born in St.Louis

May 7, 1904
"Scarface Joe" Joseph Benedict Bommarito born in St.Louis
June 26 1904
Joseph Morceri born in St.Louis

August 18 1904
James "Blackie" Licavoli born in St Louis

February 21, 1905
Julian Cavataio brother of Dominic born in St. Louis Missouri.

May 16 1907
Leo "Lips" Moceri brother-in-law of Thomas "Yonnie" Licavoli born in Detroit

November 14 1907
Salvatore Finazzo born in Partinico Sicily

December 10,1907
James V.Bellanca outfit associate responsible for organizing the Hazel Park Race Track deal born in Trapani Sicily, Bellanca is a relative of prohibition era gangsters the Renda's

May 16, 1908
Paul Vitale born in Cinisi Palermo, Sicily

October 16, 1908
Dominic Cavataio born in Palermo, Sicily

February 17, 1909
Joseph "Long Joe" Bommarito born in Terrasini

November 19 1910
(Sam) Santo Russell Caruso born in Trapani Sicily

December 20 1910
Raffaele Quasarano born in Mauch Chunk Pa.

February 26, 1911
Michael Matthew Rubino born in Detroit.

August 11, 1911
Nick Ditta born in Italy

March 20, 1914
Frank Randazzo born in Terrasini Italy

April 17 1918
Eddie Guarella born in Detroit

January 19, 1919
"Tony Jacks" Anthony D. Giacalone Sr born in Detroit.

December 24, 1921
Anthony Cimini born in Detroit, Michigan

November 6 1922
Dominick Licavoli "brother of Pete and Yonnie" born in St Louis

April 16 1923
Vito (Billy Jack) Giacalone "brother of Anthony "Tony Jack) born in Detroit

January 2 1924
Michael Santo Polizzi born in Cataldo Sicily

June 1, 1924
Bernard Marchesani born (location unknown)

December 29, 1924
Calogero "Carlo" Licata born in Michigan

May 16,1926
Dominic Bommarito

October 29, 1926
Jack William Tocco son of Black Bill born in Detroit

October 24,1927
Anthony Joseph Zerilli son of Joseph Zerilli born in Detroit

September 4,1929
Dominic Allevato

May 19, 1930
Peter Victor Cavataio born in Grosse Pointe Michigan.
November 18, 1930
Dominic "Fats" Corrado son of Pietro and brother of Anthony "The Bull" Corrado born in Detroit

June 4,1931
Anthony Joseph Tocco brother of Jack Tocco born in Detroit

September 17,1933
Peter J. Bellanca son of James V. is born in Detroit

Death Dates

November 25, 1913
Salvatore & Vito Adamo gunned down near Mullet Blvd by members of the Gianolla gang.
January 3 1919
Tony Gianolla 40 murdered in a territorial dispute with the Vitale gang.
February 26, 1919
Vito Renda ?is shot 21 times when ambushed by Sam Gianolla in the Wayne County jail

October 2, 1919
Sam Gianolla, murdered by Vitale gunmen during the Gianolla/Vitale wars.

May 9, 1920
Nick Forti ? found dead in Detroit his throat was cut

August 17 1920
Joseph Vitale 17 murdered during the Crosstown Mob War with the Gianolla gang.

August 21,1919
Joseph Carolla 40 murdered by gunmen suspected of being under the employ of Sam Gianolla

August 10, 1920
Giuseppi Manzello 21 Gianolla gang lieutenant who attempted to succeed Sam was shot while standing in front of 344 Larned Ave. Manzello would die of his wounds 3 days later.

August 10, 1920
Antonio Badalamenti 28 shot 6 hours after the shooting of Giusseppe Manzello and Angelo Polizzi. Badalaenti is the nephew of John Vitale

September 27, 1920
John Vitale 41, father of Joseph Vitale murdered in Detroit by Anthony D'Anna.

August 22, 1926
Dominic Rubino, Father of Sidney, Samuel and Michael, murdered in Detroit gang land killing.

October 8, 1926
Samuel & Isadore "Sidney" Rubino, brothers of Michael "The Enforcer" Rubino killed in gangland shooting.

Febuary 14 1930
Sam Cantalonotte 34 dies of pneumonia in Grosse Pointe Michigan one day before his 35th birthday

May 31 1930
Gaspar Sciblia/Milazzo 41 and Sam "Sasha" Parina 40 murdered at the Vernor Fish Market by men employed by Chet LaMare

September 27, 1930
Joe Marino ?, shot and killed in an accidental shooting in his home in Detroit. Marino was a member of the LaMare Gang

Febuary 6 1931
Chester "Big Chet" LaMare murdered in his home by Eastside gunmen on orders from Angelo Meli and Black Bill Tocco.

May 6 1938
Joe Tocco 50, the notorious downriver beer baron was shot and killed by gunmen suspected of being under the employ of Anthony D'Anna in Wyandotte Michigan

December 27 1958
"Papa" Tony Mirabile Rizzo 64, Partnership capo in San Diego slain in his apartment during an apparent robbery

April 1965
James V. Bellanca 57, dies in Detroit.

April 26 1965
"Scarface" Joe Bommarito 66, dies at his home "12780 Cypress Road, Keystone Point, North Miami, Florida."

July 1965
Dominic Cavataio 56, section leader and brother of Peter Cavataio dies in Detroit.

August 18 1968
Joe "Misery" Morceri 67, brother of Leo "Cleveland family Underboss" and brother-in-law of Yonnie Licavoli is murdered during a robbery at a warehouse he owns in Detroit.

March 1969
Julian Cavataio 64, gambling specialist operating in the numbers operation of his brother of Pietro and Dominic Cavataio.

December 1969
Angelo Meli 67, founding member of the Detroit Outfit dies of natural causes in Fort Lauderdale Florida

May 1971
Joe Massie 72, international gambling figure and a member of the Detroit ruling council dies in Miami Florida.

May 28 1972
"Black Bill" Tocco 75, high ranking "boss 1931-1936, underboss 1936-1972" member of the Detroit Partnership dies of cancer in Grosse Pointe Michigan.

August 1972
Michael Matthew Rubino 61, Top aide to Peter Licavoli, dies in Detroit from a heart attack.

October 12,1972
Leonard "Black Leo" Cellura 80, former Rivergang member and an early lieutenant in the partnership dies of natural causes in Detroit.

September 9 1973
Thomas "Yonnie" Licavoli 69, once the most feared of man in the Michigan/Ohio underworld areas dies of a heart attack in Ghanna Ohio.

December 1973
Santo "Cockeyed Sam" Perrone 78, The Detroit outfit's labor specialist dies of natural causes in Detroit.

July 11,1976
Nick Ditta 70 Joseph Siragusa 66,and Frank Randazzo 62, murdered in the basement of Randazzo's home by Ernest Tom Kanakis a convicted Detroit gambler.

August 16, 1976
Calogero Leonard "Leo Lips" Moceri 69, former Detroit gunman who had risen to the rank of underboss of the Cleveland family under Blackie Licavoli disappears during a battle with John Nardi and Danny Greene. Moceri's remains are never found and he is delared dead in Akron Ohio.

October 1976
Dominic "Sparky" Corrado 62, Member of the Corrado family, supervisor of the numbers operation.

October 30 1978
Joseph Zerilli 79,Boss of the Detroit Outfit dies in Gosse Pointe Michigan after a lengthy illness.

April 14 1979
Giovanni "Papa John" Priziola 86, elder of the Detroit Outfit dies in Grosse Pointe Michigan of natural causes.

July 30,1981
Calogero "Carlo" Licata 56, Son of former Los Angeles boss Nick Licata and the brother-in-law of Detroit boss Jack Tocco dies of a self inflicted gunshot wound in Bloomfield Hills Michigan.

January 11 1984
Peter Joseph Licavoli 81, last of the founding fathers of the Detroit Outfit dies in Tuscon Arizona of a heart attack.

March 1985
"Cousin Joe" Joe Bommarito 92,dies of natural causes in Tuscon Arizona

May 27 1984
Anthony J. D'Anna 83, Outfit member who maintained close ties to the Ford Motor Company dies in Detroit of natural causes.

April 9 1985
Salvatore Lucido 79, Outfit gambling specialist dies of natural causes in Detroit.

November 1985
"Blackie" James T. Licavoli 81, former Licavoli gang gunman who rose to head the Cleveland family dies at the Oxford Federal Correctional Institute where he was serving a 17 year sentence for RICO violations.

May 12 1988
Frank Meli 93, dies of natural causes in Sterling Heights Michigan.

January 19, 1990
Paul Vitale 81, dies of natural causes in Clinton Michigan.

October 28, 1994
Salvatore "Sam" Finazzo 86,dies of natural causes in Sterling Heights Michigan.

April 14 1996
Dominick Licavoli 74, last of the Licavoli brothers dies after a long battle with cancer in Macomb Michigan.

November 3,1996
Dominic Bommarito 70, section leader dies of natural causes in Homestead Florida

January 23, 1997
Peter "Bozzi" Vitale 82, dies in Clinton Township of natural causes

December 6 1997
"Big Mike" Michael Santo Polizzi 72, #3 ranked man in the Detroit organization dies of natural causes in Detroit Michigan

January 15,1998
Bernard Marchesani 73, Ruthless loanshark and collector with close ties to Anthony Zerilli dies in Allen Park Michigan after an extended battle with cancer.

February 13, 1998
Peter J. Bellanca 64, Attorney and close friend of Jack Tocco dies after a 29 year battle with cancer.

November 10, 1999
Dominic Allevato 70, gambling specialist operating in the Warren area dies in Warren Michigan.

February 23, 2001
Anthony Joseph Giacalone 82, Gambling specialist, outfit fixer, strong arm enforcer and the most recognized figure associated with the Detroit family dies in Detroit from heart and kidney failure.

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