Anthony D. Giacalone Jr.


Tony Jr

This 51 year old resident of Clinton Township is the son of legendary Detroit mobster Anthony "Tony Jack" Giacalone. The younger Giacalone has avoided compiling the long list of convictions that his uncle and father have. He has only two felony convictions to speak, the last of which was in connection to a sports betting ring which authorities estimate took in $4,000,000 dollars over a four month period in 1982. The ring was headed by Vito and Jackie Giacalone whom Anthony Jr., reported to. Anthony served as the security agent for the gambling ring keeping his uncle and cousin apprised of the profits coming in from bookmaking while monitoring the offices telephones in an effort to detect taps and bugs. Giacalone pled guilty to operating an illegal gambling business and received a two year prison sentence. Prior to the start of his trial Giacalone caused a sensation when he objected to being called Tony. Giacalone argued that no one called him Tony and by doing so in court, the prosecutors were implying the use of an alias. Anthony said such an implication showed that he had something to hide and demanded to be referred to as Anthony. After a review of wiretaps recorded during the investigation of the gambling ring, the judge found no evidence that he was ever referred to as Tony and demanded that he be addressed as Anthony to avoid any chance of his and his fathers activities being confused.
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