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Nov 05 - General Meeting, 7pm, Presbyterian Church
Dec 03 - General Meeting, 7pm, Presbyterian Church
Jan 14 - Annual Voting Meeting, 6:30pm

Welcome to the Jekyll Citizens Association Web Site

Life on the island can be leisurely or hectic. It often depends on how many clubs and organization to which a person belongs. The primary civic associations aim toward maintaining a culture and a quality of life consistent with the island being a state park.

This website is designed, built and operated by the residents of Jekyll Island. It is hosted by the Jekyll Island Citizens Association, and provides a web presence for the other major organizations on the island -- the Arts Association, Garden Club and Friends of Historic Jekyll Island. You will also find information on the Rotary Club, the Lions Club, island churches, and numerous other organizations. If you are interested in golf, croquet, weaving, pottery or some other leisure activity, chances are there is an organization on Jekyll that is waiting for you. By clicking on the Organization tab above, the drop-down list shows which organizations have a page here. Just click on the organization you are interested in. Each organization has its own page, with information on meeting times, activities, officers and how to join. Likewise, you can find information on Jekyll churches.

The tab Jekyll Info provides information that may be helpful for those living on or visiting Jekyll. You will find here information on emergency services, rules and regulations that apply to the island, facts about the island, trash collection and nearby attractions.

Also check out the Calendar of Events. You may want to bookmark this page for a quick reference to upcoming activities on Jekyll Island. You can view the Calendar by week or month. Just click on the tab above the Calendar. The Calendar allows you to move through the months, so if you are looking to see if there is a conflict with your plans for some date, say, in November, you can easily check it out. Underneath the Calendar is a form that allows you to submit an event for inclusion in the Calendar.

Another feature of the web site are limited archives of the JICA Newsletter and of JICANet, the periodic e-mail update sent to interested parties. JICANet keeps those interested in Jekyll Island informed about activities on the Island, whether they be minutes of a Jekyll Island Authority meeting, an upcoming event or legislation pertaining to the Island. If you are not a JICANet subscriber and would like to be, just submit your e-mail address to [email protected] You can find recent issues here by the date on which they were published. The JICA Newsletter, published several times a year and mailed to JICA members, can be found by clicking on the tab found under the Home Page.

As privileged residents of this beautiful State Park on a coastal Georgia Barrier Island we endeavor to work closely with our host, the Jekyll Island Authority, which manages the island on behalf of the people of Georgia.The State of Georgia asks the Authority to "Manage, Develop, Protect and Preserve" this park for all the people of Georgia. In that spirit it has enacted legislation so that 65% of the islands 4500 acres shall remain undeveloped and in a natural state, to provide a recreation and conservation opportunity for all. We hope this web site can add to your enjoyment of Jekyll Island, whether you live here year round or are only here for a day or a week.

Links to Current Jekyll Island Issues

Jekyll Island has many ordinances governing activities of residents and guests of the Island. You can find these ordinances by clicking HERE

Volunteers Help Make Jekyll Run

A study done for the Jekyll Island Citizens Association in 2009 shows that full and part-time residents of Jekyll Island donate more than 39,000 hours a year to make the Island the vibrant and attractive place that it is. This equates to between $390,000 and $734,000 in services given, depending on the hourly rate used. In addition, Jekyll residents donated an additional 8,233 hours to various organizations in Glynn County.

The report, prepared for JICA by Dr. Mary Ann Cernak concludes that "clearly, the time and talents of full and part-time Jekyll Island residents has a positive impact in Glynn County and beyond."

Jekyll Island Citizens Association
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