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Laycock de Normanville  A/D Type J Type & LH Type Overdrive

Hydraulic Oil Pressure Test Gauge Set - A & D type, J, or LH type Laycock de Normanville Overdrive, functionally equal to / better than Churchill L.188, and Churchill adapter L.188-2, [BL tool 18G251 and 18G251E (LH)] which have long been out of production and very rare.
The gauge set consists of:
The A & D Type gauge set allows the overdrive oil pump to operate while indicating oil pressure since the custom machined steel fitting duplicates the standard operating valve plug, while providing oil pressure connection to the
gauge. The J Type gauge set connects to the overdrive case at the test port, the LH Type gauge set connects to the overdrive case by replacing the relief valve plug.
The oil pressure gauge is the key tool for Laycock de Normanville Overdrive problem diagnosis and repair.
Price List and How to Order:

part no:    1001   A/D Type Oil Pressure Gauge Set complete                                         $49.50

part no:    1002   J Type Oil Pressure Gauge Set complete                                              $49.50

part no:    1003   LH Type Oil Pressure Gauge Set complete                                           $49.50

part no:    1004   Any two Types (specify) Kit (one 0-600 psi gauge)                              $89.00
Within the U.S.A.,
via 1st Class Mail, is $7.50 per gauge sets no 1001,1002 & 1003, $8.75 for the kit no 1004. Domestic shipping cost will be calculated and included by the shopping cart.
International (beyond the U.S.A.) Add $21.00 surcharge to domestic shipping cost for shipping via 1st Class International Mail (previously Air Mail).
If postal insurance is desired, please contact me.

ADD International Shipping Surcharge                                                                             $ 21.00
Payment can be made by credit card via PayPal or by sending your check / money order (payable in US$ through the US banking system) to:
                                      James R. Holekamp * 1418 Gamon Road * Wheaton, Illinois 60189  * USA
                                                                                                                                                For further information:         email me
                                                                                                                                          TEL: +1 630 991 3833         

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