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The J. Hoch Dance Company has been breaking all the rules since July 2002.  A dance company of truly unique style and vision.
    Jessica Hoch, the founder and choreographer, has put together a company that defies all the "rules" of the dance world.  Choosing dancers of many races, shapes, sizes and dance backgrounds she has amassed a company of talented individuals, each of whom brings their own flair to the company.
    The J. Hoch Dance Company also hopes to bring dance to an audience who would normally be uninterested and unenthused about attending a dance concert.  By using a combination of mainstream music and controversial topics, the company plays on the borders of society and all that comes with daily life.
    A completely different take on dance and life, any performance by the J. Hoch Dance Company, promises to be an enlightening and thought provoking experience.  Enter a world of fresh faces and exciting vision. 

Come and support the J. Hoch Dance Company at their next show.
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