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Kite Flying

I had a craze of kite flying in Pindi. The summer of Multan is famous but I gonna tell you that the June and July of Pindi is also very hot. I used to fly kite whole the day during summer vocations under hot sun. The BASSANTs of Pindi were remorable.

BASSANT is a festival held in Pakistan and India during spring season or BASSANTI MAHINA (Punjabe month during February/March of english months) in which yellow flowers of SARSOON bloom. People use to fly kites on this festival. Unlike Japanese and Chinese these kites are very simple but real enjoyment is hidden in the PAICHA.

I also had a craz to fly kites during early teenage in Multan city all over the year including summer which begins from March to September. But when we compare the BASSANTs of Multan with Pindi's , the BASSANTs of Multan are zero. BASSANTs of Gulgasht in Multan are not very bad.

Now, I fly kites only on the BASSANT days when Naveed insists me to fly kites with him.

I am not very expert of kite cutting but can fly any kite easily. When it comes to only enjoy the kite flying, I like PARI and TUKAL but when it comes to cut a kite the best choice of any expert is always a GUDA. Now the new strings (DOOR) called CHEMICAL DOOR have been introduced in market which is not a very good idea. Chemical string (DOOR) are dangerous as if they can cut even a part of body if they pass upon it and can injur a person very seriously. A kite which has been cut (KATI PATANG) is always going at a very high speed and can do so. So I condemn these strings (DOOR). Kite

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