I :Could you tell our readers, where and when you were born?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : I was born in a village called Soosaipatti on 3rd August 1949.

I : How about furnishing us with some details about your family background?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : My parents are argicultural farmers. They're devoted catholics. They are so fervent that they attend the morning and evening services in the village chapel daily, without fail.

I : How many sibling do you have?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : 3 Brothers and 2 Sisters. All of them are saved. I'm the fifth child.

I : Where did you further your education?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : I continued my studies in St.Mary's High School. Upon completion of my secondary education, I went to the Catholic Bible College to pursue my studies to become a full-fledged Catholic Priest.

I : Rev.Father, could you tell us, who motivated you to enter Priesthood?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : My parents were my source of strength and encouragement. However, My aunt who was serving as a Catholic Nun was the other driving force behind my pursuit.

I : Please tell us a little more about your experience in the Ministry?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : I was ordained as Priest in 1974. However, I had the salvation experience only in 1983. I was deeply involved in the Charismatic movement. I found my maker, as I sought Him diligently. In 1983, I participated in Bro.DGS.Dhinakaran's Power Ministry, PRAISE THE LORD! I was baptized in the HOLY GHOST.

I : Could you share how you developed an interest in the area of music?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : As a youth, I sang in the Church choir. I have foundational training and knowledge in Carnatic and Western music.

I : How do you compose songs?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : I have composed my songs based on scriptures inspired by GOD upon my heart. GOD gives me the tune and the lyrics for the songs, mostly during my morning worship hours. Sometimes, the LORD strangely leads me to sing a new songs to minister to the people during my preaching. Fr instance, the song, "Oru Thai Thetruvathu Pol, En Yesu Thetruvar" (My Jesus Will Comfort You Like A Mother) was given to me while giving a message in a church. In short, it is through the pure grace of GOD conferred to me that I am able to flow into this ministry.

I : Do you play any musical or instrument?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : The keyboard.

I : To-date, which are the states in the India you have ministered in? Where else have you ministered abroad?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : I have taken evangelistic rallies in North India namely Bihar, Punjab and Delhi. I have ministered in Sri Lanka, Malaysia, Singapore, Australia, Canada, Gulf Countries and European Nations such as France, England, Germany and Netherlands.

I : How do you fell about being used of GOD internationally?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : As the Angel Gabriel said to Virgin Mary, "Hail Mary, Full of Grace; GOD has started to love you" (as written in one of the translations), I am fully aware of the fact that GOD is using me because of His tender mercies and grace. He has remembered me in my humble state. He has raised me-one with the voice of a 'donkey' to drew glory to His name. It is as simple as that.

I : When was the happiest moment of your life?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : When I was filled with the HOLY SPIRIT - there couldn't have been a happier moment than that.

I : Do you have plans to translate your compositions into other Indian languages?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : Yes, of course. I have already released translations of my songs in Hindi, Telugu, Kannada and Sinhali. (Note : If you want to hear Fr.Sj.berchman's songs in other Indian language, you can contact to : Good News Book Store )

I :One last question, Rev.Fr.-What is your advice to aspiring worship leaders?

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : Begin to love Him. He must be your topmost lover. Everything and everyone else should be second to JESUS. Next, one must realise what worship is all about. Worshipping is different from singing a worshipper sings from his heart. A singer sings with his lips. As a true worshipper, your whole lifestyle must change to please GOD.

I : Thank you Father. I consider it an honour to have had this wonderful dialogue. GOD Bless you.

Fr.SJ.Berchmans : You're welcome. GOD Bless you too.


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