Just Be Conscious (Translation)

Romaji Version
Words: MEGUMI, Music: Keiji Soeda, Translated by Jess
Theme of The Movie Slayers Return (Single)
Album Iravati track 8

Spreading thoughts continue far away, the end of the sky, now I remember.
In this world that I chose and that I was given life, greetings and good byes are dreams too ephemeral

Thoughts, echoe. As strong as possible.
Reach to the deepest of the heart.
Run. Donít turn back.
Time will carve a prologue.

Being locked within oppression, nothing will change even if you blame others.
Luck, chance, coincidences, and timing, sharpen your heart and you feel them.

When people know wounds they can become strong and kind.
The truth beyond tears is living an irreplaceable today.

BecauseI want to love myself tomorrow,
I hug myself today strongly.
A drama(life) where I am the main character
Is not worthy if I don't enjoy it.
Just a happy ending is not enough.
Sometimes tears are the essence too.
Cry, get hurt, and then get up,
Iíll play my part until the finale.

Pray, words change their shape.
Go forward, believe in the road you chose.
Catch your dreams with both hands now,
Throwing out the unnecessary pride.

A labyrinth until you notice the same pain is repeating.
Thereís, with no fail, a way to get out, be all ears and youíll find it.

When people know loneliness they search for warmth and
Cure wounds and sleap, heading for the irreplaceable tomorrow.

Each shape of happiness is different, I wonít get lost by otherís words.
Things I believe in are my truth, I donít need a selfish love.
Iím living now, so I must do the things that I want to do and what I enjoy.
I canít wait for an encore. Letís toast now with all our strength!

BecauseI want to love myself tomorrow......

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