An article from the 1994 Knott County Kentucky History and Families Book.  Submitted by Rosemary Gregory.
    Many researchers believe George "Golden Hawk" Sizemore was born in North Carolina, migrated to Tennessee, made several trips back and forth to Virginia before finally settling in Kentucky.
     He married Sarah (Anderson) of Magoffin County and fathered several children.  Much has been written about George and Sarah's family, researchers have identified their children, whereas, the children of George and Aletha have been more difficult to trace.  Probably because they used both the names Goodman and Sizemore.  Ofthen the same offspring would be referred to in one record as a Goodman but in another record as a Sizemore.  Some descendants skipped a generation before changing their names from Goodman to Sizemore.
     George was born about 1783 and died in 1864.  He appears in the Magoffin County Census of 1860 listed as the only member of the household, gives his age as seventy-seven and his place of birth as North Carolina.
     Aletha Goodman apears in the 1850 Floyd County Census, along with her son, George, in the household of Sarah Patton.  George later marries Sarah's daughter Francis.
     Pleasant Goodman married Jane (Patton), probably a sister to Sarah, this would explain Aletha and George living in Sarah's household.  In 1860 Aletha is living with Richard and Winnie Goodman/Sizemore Martin and gives her age as sixty-five.  She does not appear in the 1870 Floyd County Census.
     Children of George Sizemore and Aletha Goodman are:
   (1) Polly, born 1821, married Daniel Hayes;
   (2) Betsy, born 1823, married Robert Hunter;
   (3) Rachel, born 1825, married Anderson Hayes;
   (4) Winnie, born 1827, married Richard Martin;
   (5) George B., born 1829, married Francis Patton;
   (6) Stokley, born 1831;
   (7) Florinda, born 1833, married Archibald Allen;
   (8) Pleasant, born 1813, married Jane Patton;
   (9) Jake, born 1832;
  (10) Jeff, born 1834;
  (11) Amanda, born 1835;
  (12) Andrew, born 1812, married Penina Carver.
     NOTE: Jake, Jeff and Amanda are listed as George's children in an article by Malnery Begley.  Pleasant and Andrew are conjecture on my part.
     Polly Sizemore married Daniel Hayes, 22 January 1840, in Letcher County and had the following children: Angeline, born 1842; Apperson, born 1844; John, born 1845; Aletha, born 1849; Hezekiah, born 1854; Francis, born 1859; and Daniel, born 1860.
     Rachel Sizemore married Captain Anderson Hayes in 1842.  Their children are: Lewis, James, born 1843, George, born 1847, Aletha, Wesley, David, Nelson, Elizabeth, Anderson Jr., and Liberty.
     Daniel Hayes and Captain Anderson Hayes were brothers who married sisters, Polly and Rachel, creating a genealogy nightmare for future generations.  Also, Winnie (Sizemore) Martin's children married into the Hayes family.
     According to Henry Scalf, in 1786, Elizabeth Drago was captured by Indians near a fort at Betsy's Run, North Fork of Fishing Creek in Wetzel County, West Virginia.  Captain David Morgan chased the Indians who captured and scalped Elizabeth Drago.
     Elizabeth Drago had several children.  Known children:  Elizabeth, married John Hayes, Malinda, married _____Anderson, Charles married an Indian squaw.
     John Hayes, born 1797, married Elizabeth Anderson, 10 March 1815 and settled at Lackey, Kentucky.  Their children are:  (a) Anderson (Captain Anse Hayes, Confederate Army Hero), born 22 April 1822, married Rachel Sizemore; (b) Daniel, married Polly Sizemore, sister to Rachel; (c) David married Elizabeth; (d) Elizabeth, married Jesse Wicker, (grandparents of Dr. M.W. Wicker, Wayland); (e) Thomas.
     Anderson and Rachel Hayes had eight sons and two daughters: (a) James - captured by Union Troops during the Civil War and imprisoned for two and one-half years; (b) George, (along with sons, Farris and Dan rotated in the office of Knott County Sheriff for twenty years; (c) Lewis, "Redheaded Lewis", married Margaret Everidge of the Forks of Troublesome, daughter of Solomon Everidge.  Lewis served as Justice of the Peace, Knott County's first County Court Clerk, and had the first store in Hindman; (d) Elizabeth, married Bill Dobson; (e) Aletha, married Daniel Hayes; (f) Wesley, a merchant in Perry County; (g) Anderson Jr., a merchant in Perry County; (h) David, Commonwealth for Pike-Lechter Judicial Distrct; (i) Nelson, lost and eye but could see to shoot Clabe Jones during the Hayes/Jones feud.  Clabe referred to dark skinned Nelson as that "One eyed nigger". (j) Liberty.
     Rachel and Anderson were the grandparents of Lucinda, who married Professor George Clarke, founder fo the teachers College at Hindman, also Wesley Richmond (Doug) Hayes, better known as Senator "Sawloggin" Doug Hayes.
     Elizabeth Sizemore married Robert Hunter.  Their children are: (a) Polly, born 1848; (b) Winnie, born 1850, married David Parker; (c) Lewanna, born 1852, married Wesley Coburn; (d) Elizabeth, born 1854, married John Wicker; (e) Judith, born 1857; (f) Frank, born 1858, married Annie Wicker.
     Winnie Sizemore married Richard Martin, their children: (a) Charlotta - died as a child, (b) Mary, never married, (c) Susannah, born 1856, married John Morris/Greenville Turner, (d) Rhoda, born 1853 married Nilse Hayes, (e) Rebecca, married Clay Martin, (f) Elizabeth, married Lacy Hayes, (g) Geneva, born 1876, married Wesley Moore, (h) Aletha, born 1862, married Lindsey Martin, (i) George, born 1866, married Minta Hayes.
     Susannah (Martin) Morris, (granddaughter of Golden Hawk Sizemore) and her husband John Morris had three grandchildren who married into the Hayes family: Effie Morris married Chester Hayes, Henry Morris married Mary Hayes, John D. Morris married Nellie Hayes.
     Wilse and Rhoda Martin Hayes children are: Minnie, Sid, George, and Claude.
     Elizabeth Martin and Lacy Hayes children are: John, Dick, Arland, Drey, Girley, Nellie and Sam Hayes.
     George and Minta Hayes Martin children are: Joel, James, Carsie, Richard and Ethel.
     George Sizemore married Farncis Patton.  Their children are: Hiram, born 1853; Melda, born 1854; Stokley, born 1855/60; Elizabeth, born 1858; Stephen, born 1864; John, born 1866; Aletha, born 1868; Rosella, born 1870; Anna, born 1872; William, born 1874; George, born 1876.
     Florinda Sizemore married Archibald Allen.  Their children are: Adam, born 1855; Jackson, born 1858; Cynthia Layne, born 1867; Mary Jane born 1867, twin to Cynthia Layne; Susannah, born 1861; John, born 1863; Martha, born 1867; Murphy, born 1868; and Saloona, born 1873.
     Pleasant Goodman married Jane Patton.  Their children are: Elizabeth, born 1838, married Rubin Salyer Morgan; John C. born 1836; Hiram, born 1837; Parthena, born 1841; Polly, born 1843; Moses, born 1846; Susan, born 1850; Rhoda, born 1854; Martha, born 1856 and Pleasant, born 1859.
     George and Aletha are the ancestors of many outstanding citizens of Eastern Kentucky, who are still attempting to reasearch and trace their family tree.

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