Pearl Jam Tattoos

(For those of us crazy PJ fans)

My (Jen's) PJ tat. Sorry for the shitty pic, I'll have a better one up soon. The design is from the Merkinball Single. If you can't tell by the pic, the tattoo is on my lower back it took 2 1/2 hrs. to do it, and it hurt like hell but it was worth it :)


Melissa Thorne's PJ tat

Clint Brice's PJ tattoo


Sean's PJ tat

I met him at the Cincy concert (8/20/00)

Aaron's Pearl Jam Tattoo

John's PJ tat (I met him at the Detroit show 10/7/00) It's a

different kind of stickman tattoo, it's colored in a blue color~very cool

Autumn's PJ Tat! Very different! This is the first time I've seen this tat. Very Cool!

Cara's PJ Tat. Very Original, I like that. :)


Christine's PJ Tat. She got this when we went to Seatlle to see them on

11/5 & 11/6

Michelle's PJ tat. She also got this the same time Christine did

when we went to Seattle :)

Vale's PJ tattoo (Vale is from Italy, the tat is on her right wrist)

Vales other PJ tattoo. It's a Japanese ideogram that means Pearl Jam. It's from the Alive Japanese Import single. Very Cool Tat! Very original :)

Vales other PJ tattoo. It's a japanese ideogram that says pearl jam. It's from the japanase version of the alive single. Very cool PJ tat!

Luca's (From Italy) PJ tattoo on right calf

PJ tattoo on left ankle, the stickmen go all the way around the leg

Leah's Stickman Tattoo. This one is on her shoulder

Leah's other PJ tat, this one is on her leg. I think she

is the first one on my page to have two different PJ tats.

Rhiana's PJ tat

Rebecca's PJ tat. (Cool, this is the first time I've seen this one!)

O.K. this isn't directly a Pearl Jam tattoo but it's the same tattoo Ed has on his leg. It's the symbol for a radical enviromental group called Earth First. A PJ fan named Mike has this on his outer left calf. Mike also has 3 different PJ tattoos which is he working on sending me pictures of. So those will hopefully be up soon.

Alessio's Pearl Jam tattoo. Alessio is in Rome :)

Very Cool!!! Three friends with four different PJ tattoos. On the left is Dan, in the middle Tamera with the stickman & a design that she drew that says Pearl Jam above the stickman tattoo, and on the right is Mike. This photo was taken in Seattle on 7-28-01 :)

Lynn from Florida's PJ tat :)

Dave Montgomery's PJ tat, Dave's from Windsor Ontario



More to come..........

(One of my PJ posters it's from Rome 96', only 1000 of

them were made, I think it's a pretty sweet poster, it's by an artist

named Alessandro Locchi)

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