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News Themes
SouthernMedia's News Music Search Archive
- searchable database of news themes and information.
Network News Music - news themes from CBS, ABC, NBC, FOX, and CNN.
The '80s TV Theme SuperSite - network and station promos, game show themes, and more.
News Theme Central - a few cuts from Frank Gari's Enforcer and First News.
Shelly Palmer Productions - professional news theme company; creators of the "Palmer News Package."
615 Music - professional news theme company.
News Music Central (Jerome Gilmer Productions) - professional news theme company.
Deaf Dog Music - professional news theme company; created WCBS's 1998 package (used until 2000).
Non-Stop Music - professional news theme company; composed many "2 News" and "Channel 2 News" themes in the 1990s.
Score Productions - professional news theme company; home of CBS's "Face The Nation" and "Up To The Minute" themes.

News Set Design
Devlin Design Group
- professional news set design company; has created sets for CBS affiliates including WBBM, WBZ, and WCCO.
Broadcast Design International - professional news set design company; designed studios for CBS News.
Modular Broadcast Design - professional news set design company.
The Express Group - professional news set design company; has created studios for CBS affiliates in DC and Atlanta.
FX Scenery & Display - professional news set design company.
Park Place Studio - professional news set design company
Blair Broadcast Designs - professional news set design company.
News Environments - professional news set design company.
VIZRT - professional virtual set design company; created WCBS's virtual studio in 1998. - professional virtual set design company.
SetStudio - a collection of images and information on local, national, and international news studios.

News Graphic Design
Giant Octopus
- professional news graphic company.
Cinemagic - professional news graphic company.
Television By Design - professional news graphic company.

More Professional Websites
Newsroom Solutions
- creators of "NewsTicker".

Multi-Market Websites:
Electronic Media
- weekly newspaper of broadcast, cable and interactive media.
Media Line - ultimate interactive resource for the television industry.
TV Spy - website and message board for broadcast professionals.
News Blues - daily news about television news.
Eyewitness Network News - network of television news information websites. - has a lot of online videos, including many from New York in the 1980s and 1990s.
The TV Directors - website for television news directors.
TV Newscast Titles - comprehensive list of newscast titles in North America.
JNN/CNN Center - a fansite for the Cable News Network. - another CNN fansite.
New York City And Philadelphia Area Radio & TV - radio and television news from DMAs 1 and 4.
Nor Cal TV News - the news from San Francisco and Sacramento.
Florida News Center - updates from Tampa and Orlando.

DMA #1: New York, New York
TV News New York
- Big Apple news, information, and themes.
CBS 2 Info Center - Keisean's WCBS-TV fansite.
WCBS News NY - Brian's WCBS-TV fansite.

DMA #2: Los Angeles, California
On The Record
- Ron Fineman brings us up-to-date in Hollywood.
ABC 7 LA Fansite - a KABC-TV Southern California fansite.

DMA #3: Chicago, Illinois
TV News: Chicago
- the big stories from the Windy City.

DMA #4: Philadelphia, Pennsylvania:
TV News Philadelphia
- news and information from the city of Brotherly Love.
NBC 10 Info Site - all about WCAU-TV.
CBS 3 Philadelphia Fansite - this site covers KYW.
CBS 3 Eyewitness Newsite - another KYW fansite with multimedia.

DMA #6: Boston, Massachusetts: / DMA #49: Providence, Rhode Island
The Providence Channel
- Boston's and Providence's television news.
Boston Television - advertisements and video from Boston's television stations.

DMA #8: Washington, D.C.
The WUSA Fansite - dedicated to the CBS affiliate in DC.

DMA #9: Atlanta, Georgia
TV News Atlanta - covers the local affiliates and big networks in Atlanta.
Atlanta TV Daily - news, information, and pictures on Atlanta's TV news.

DMA #10: Detroit, Michigan
TV News Detroit - provides links to newspaper articles about Detroit's television newscasts.

DMA #13: Tampa, Florida
TV News Tampa - takes you inside Tampa's newscasts.

DMA #17: Miami, Florida
South Florida TV News - covers Miami.

DMA #20: Orlando, Florida
Central Florida Television - "News Around The Dial" about Orlando's television stations.

DMA #21: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania
Pittsburgh Radio and Television Online - the latest news from Pittsburgh in the "Hotline".

DMA #24: Baltimore, Maryland
BtvN: Baltimore TV News - provides multimedia files.
The Eyewitness News Fansite - reports on WJZ 13, the CBS O&O in Balitmore.

DMA #29: Raleigh-Durham, North Carolina
Triangle News Express - news and information from market number 29.

DMA #31: Milwaukee, Wisconsin
Milwaukee TV News - updates on the news in Milwaukee.

DMA #32: Cincinnati, Ohio
Cincinnati TV News - news, information, and multimedia from Cincinnati.

DMA #40: Birmingham, Alabama
Birmingham TV News - from "SouthernMedia"; snapshots and videos of Birmingham.

DMA #43: Memphis, Tennessee
Memphis TV - news and multimedia from Memphis.

DMA #50: Louisville, Kentucky
Louisville TV News - monthly updates from Louisville.

DMA #62: Mobile, Alabama
Alabama TV News - updated news and information.

DMA #75: Lexington, Kentucky
WKYT Fansite - the latest news on CBS's affiliate in Lexington.

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