We are the Libertarians of the Jefferson County, Colorado Mountain Area
consisting of Evergreen, Morrison and the 285 Corridor

Are you Libertarian at heart?  See if you agree with the following, Thomas Jefferson --
"That government is best which governs least" or
Lee Marvin's words in Paint Your Wagon, "Leave the poor bastard alone."   

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Get informed about our 74 candidates statewide!


Candidate Links for Major Races:
Ralph Shnelvar for Governor www shnelvar.com  
Rick Stanley for U.S. Senate www.stanley2002.org
  Adam Katz U.S. Rep. Dist. 6 www.katz4congress.com
Biff Baker for US Congress Dist 5 www.biff1.org
Contact us!
Rand Fanshier (303)670-8563 .
Michael McKinzie .
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