JEE Archives

Hello, On this website you can find all the relevant study material for JEE.
Most of the times, files uploaded on GDrive and Mega were taken down by Coaching Institutions.
But on this website, files will be hosted here itself for safety.
So you may face slower download speeds.
I could have made this website look better and modern
 but I chose not to, as archive websites should look old school.

Do Not Share this website with Others !

This website is for archiving JEE Study Material. In case every JEE material on Internet
gets taken down, then this website will be of use. This website serves as a backup.

You can Search "THE JEE BOT" on Telegram. This bot contains almost all the required material for JEE.

But In case all the telegram channels or GDrive/Mega links get taken Down,
 This website will still serve it's purpose.