Title: Act Elite (Discontinued!)
Last Updated: September 17, 2015
Discontinued: November 2, 2015
Act Elite is an action plus science fiction graphic novel portraying 25 elite cops involved in assisting a group of agents from an agency of investigation in an investigation that turned-out to a battle of survival.

The story began when some agents from Numanila Southern Agency of Investigation (NMSAOINV) failed to report back to their office after being dispatched to conduct an investigation to an allegedly stronghold of a secret organization named THIORNISERV Services Corporation, a local food and garment company engaged in illegal activities of buying and selling secret weapons. Benjio Kamagiting (protagonist / main character) and his fellow members of Numanila Special Tactical Operation Cops - South District (NM-STOC-SD) has been called by their senior police officers for an emergency meeting and briefing for a follow-up operation together with another batch of NMSAOINV agents. After setting the plan, the team which composed of 4 NMSAOINV Agents, 4 teams of Cops which composes of 6 members each and a Master Sergeant proceeded to the target site. NMSAOINV agents start conversing with some of the secret organization's security staffs for a search and investigation. The request has been granted but after the cops waited for minutes, the NMSAOINV agents failed to give an immediate update of their status and gun shots has been heard in the place. Because of that, team leaders of the elite cops decided to execute an immediate operation but to their surprise, they found-out that they are surrounded by the organization's elite guards aiming for an ambush. An intense firefight occurs and while the out-numbered cops desperately try to survive the chaos, they proceeded to the building. In the midst of the firefight, the leader of the secret organization unleashed their secret weapons to completely annihilate the group of cops to leave no evidence of the wreckage. Things then has been changed from investigation to a rescue operation and from rescue operation to an intense battle of survival against agents of evil, their guards and secret weapons which are number of aggressive mechanical menace.

The story, places and characters involved in this book are merely products of the author and not intentional if found identical or with similarities to any of such things in real life. The organizations involved in the story are also products of the author (combination of words/letters) and doesn't reflect any behavior or capabilities of any organizations in real life with similar nature (please e-mail me is you think the naming of characters and/or organizations might somehow affect some persons and/or organizations in real life so that I can revise my work and change the naming. My apologies just in case :) ). Finally, the author is a graphic artist and not a professional story writer and the book is intended for entertainment only and therefore will not give any guarantee that the book is factual error free. Please don't proceed on reading the contents of this book if you are sensitive in the stated matters.

I hope readers will somehow appreciate my work. I have the story twisted from its original contents to one with lesser violence to avoid problems with people who are sensitive on this matter. I only want to share my little talent in graphics and now, in story writing. Thank you for reading!

Last Updated: September 17, 2015
Discontinued: November 2, 2015