ZZT 3.25
By Tim Sweeney & Smallhacker

ZZT is a GCS (Game Creation System) that was made 1991 by Tim Sweeney.
With it, players could make their own games and share them over the web.
Using the simple programming language ZZT-OOP, more complicated games could be made.
But during a hard drive crash, Tim lost the source code for ZZT and quit the project, but itīs even more popular!
Whorever, by decompressing ZZT and opening it in HEX, you can change some things.
This version i made fixes the bug that prevents an object from putting an item at the bottom row of a board.
ZZT comes with these 6 game:
Town of ZZT
City of ZZT
Dungeons of ZZT
Caverns of ZZT

You need this program to play most of the games you can download here.

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