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The short articles listed below are based on my personal experiences and understanding of world events as I am maturing in my faith and attempting to have a steadier walk and a stronger relationship with God.

I do not claim any special revelations that may not be available to anyone who is a student of the word of God. The Bible is infallible and  there you can find with certainty what God has in store for us.

My advice to the serious seekers is to investigate in an honest fashion what the scriptures have to say but not without having asked first for the guidance of the Holy Spirit.

This of course entails a prior knowledge of the nature of the Holy Spirit which comes by making the most important decision of our lives that of accepting the sacrifice that Jesus made and accepting him as our Lord and Savior.

For those of you who want to learn how I came to believe and surrender my life to God, I have created a special section  of articles which can be found by checking out the following link:


Table of Contents

November 23, 2008

Pistis vs Gnosis

My son and I had an interesting conversation the other day which touched on the fascinating subject of faith [pistis] vs knowledge [gnosis]. As a young person who is in the process of re-discovering his faith in a loving God, my son has been frequently challenging my positions with some very intelligent questions.

He said something along these lines: " Mom and dad leaving aside your faith in God  and knowing how solid and reliable the Bible is as a well documented historical and spiritual book, would you be prepared to state that even without faith this book alone can answer convincingly what a person needs to know about God?"

My answer was that I did not think that this book by itself can give him the answers or the evidence he needs about the nature of God and/or the meaning of life. He, then, proceeded to state that in that case this book is not any more special than any other religious book [the Koran , for instance.]

I disagreed with him and tried to explain my reasons in the best way possible. I told my son that his mom and I have come to trust this book not because of our faith alone but because we had acquired a special kind of knowledge about its value. He looked perplexed and curious to see how I would talk my way out of this "bind".

Faith is the first step before moving on to knowledge. Believers in a sense are not that different from scientists.

Just like them we start with a set of suppositions or hypotheses and go about testing the waters , trying to prove them right or wrong. One of the biggest misconceptions that non-believers have about us is that they think that our lives are ruled by blind faith and that somehow we are not living in the "real world".

To the skeptics, I say a resounding NO. A mature Christian is not somebody who is really old and has been a church-goer all of his or her life. To me a mature Christian is somebody who has developed a solid relationship with God- somebody who has accepted the sacrifice Jesus made on the cross and works hard to follow his commandments on a daily basis.

For a relationship to flourish, there needs to be good communication between the two parties. We communicate with God through prayer and He answers our concerns usually through his word-the Bible or through his faithful servants or through dreams and visions and many other ways.

I learned to trust in the Bible and its message only after I made a commitment to Christ. If the Holy Spirit had not drawn me to Jesus first, I would still find this book as a book of contradictions, nothing more than Jewish propaganda about a God who may or may have not existed at all.

You see, I started with faith and as I began maturing in my walk with the Lord under the influence of the Holy Spirit, I developed a special knowledge about Him at an empirical level. Jesus has been faithful in keeping His promises and He has shown me the right path always. He has been with me in good times and bad times and even when I felt "abandoned", I discovered afterwards that He was there all along!

Therefore, I can say to my son or any other serious seeker that I believe in Jesus with all of my heart but also with my mind because He has proven to me, personally, with no doubt whatsoever that He is who he said He was: my Lord , my God and my Savior.



August  12, 2007


Zeitgeist : The Movie


It is with great sadness that I have to report my views on this movie which pretends to help us along the way to "discovering the truth". The official site states the writer's " hope that people will not take what is said in the film as the truth, but find out for themselves, for truth is not told, it is realized."

Despite this claim, the whole movie is presented in such a fashion and authoritative manner with the intention to convince this same gullible group of people who,  supposedly, have been misguided and lied to by the religious, economical and political elites, to believe in "another gospel", the gospel according to the Zeitgeist writers and producers.


After watching Part I of the movie which belittles Christianity and questions the historicity of Jesus, I lost interest in the rest of the story. I am not naive about the history of Christianity and I am, also, very familiar with certain adaptations of pagan symbols which made the transition to the new religion easier. And if other religions have had similar stories about their saviors and their lawgivers and if Christians by choice decided to celebrate the birth of Jesus to coincide with pagan festivals, so what? This, in no way, negates the validity of the greatest story ever told. The truth is out there and many of us have discovered it and internalized it to say the least!


Did you know that there are more original manuscripts of the Gospels than there are for the writings of Plato and Aristotle? But you don't hear anybody in their right mind questioning the historical existence of these philosophers. Oh but Jesus never wrote anything. Well, I have news for you, Socrates did not either!


Garbage documentaries which pretend to be based on scholarly research seem to be the "in" thing these days.

I guess it is part and parcel of this Zeitgeist or Spirit of the Times. And many of you who are reading these lines know better than falling for the lie of this same spirit who has been against us since the Garden of Eden.

April 4, 2007


Crisis of Faith


I just finished having the worst month of my entire career and to top it all up, my son is facing some great personal problems which are affecting the whole family adversely to say the least.


While on the one hand, I count my blessings [we are all healthy and alive ] and thank God for sparing us from additional troubles, on the other hand, I am having a great deal of emotional pain and suffering leading to questions of faith whose answers are not anywhere in sight.


First, let me make it clear that I do not feel forsaken or abandoned by God. I just feel confused and perplexed regarding the whys and mostly the "why now?" or "why us?"


I understand fully what our Lord said about the fact that we will have troubles in this world but nevertheless we need to be cheerful because He overcame the world. I also know as Paul said that we can


...rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, [Romans 5:3-4 ]


But despite all of this, I feel that I am missing something!


Jesus paid the ultimate price on the cross for me and the sinful world. He defeated the Evil one two thousand years ago and set all of the captives free. And yet as Good Friday is approaching, I can't help but feel sad and a bit disappointed.


I feel sad for the passion of Christ but also mad and disappointed that the defeated foe is still around. He is lurking in dark alleys where crimes are committed, he is competing for the minds and hearts of men and he is allowed to be the "delivery boy" of all sickness and filth, atrocities and strife.


For this reason, I ask God the Father, the Master Planner, the big WHY. Why my Lord?

You are the potter, we are the clay. You know what we are made of. You know our thoughts and minds, our feelings and our hearts. You know our past, present and future and better yet you knew us before you laid the foundations of this world which was created for us because of your great love!


Why was it necessary to let the Evil one stick around an extra minute and never mind over two thousand years after the Cross? Why test us when you already know whether we are going to pass or fail?


Oh Father, in this hour of tribulation, I need to hear from you. I long for your love, your shelter, and your assurance that I will not be given more than I can handle. And as I fall

[for I know I am prone to do that] be there to lift me up , heal my wounds and mend my broken heart.




Feb 23, 2007


I am surrounded by Evil forces. My house, my family is encircled. The enemy has wounded my son.


I pray that this is just a temporary setback. I pray that His holy angels have already been dispatched to come to our defense.


The Lord is our protector, His mighty shield will guard us against the poisonous arrows of the Evil one.


Brothers , keep the faith and pray for us in our hour of need.




Feb. 19, 2007


Pray for me!


Our walk with the Lord is not always easy or without hick ups along the way. Like sheep we go astray being tantalized by the excitement of new pastures or are distracted by the needs of our daily life, our work and our family responsibilities.

Many times we run into troubles because we forget to stay focused on the "shepherd" who leads the way. At other times , we become impatient and fall victim to our cultural predispositions and we believe the lie that  somehow we can do it by our own abilities and hard work.

If you are considering Christianity or a relationship with God because you believe that this will bring you happiness and bliss, good fortune and a great life, you will be very disappointed!

One of the key promises that God makes to those who place their trust in Him and the cleansing that comes from the sacrificial work of His Son Jesus, is that He will never leave you nor forsake you.

He will be there with you as you are struggling to defeat your Enemy, your poverty , your addictions, lack of self-esteem, health related issues and the like.

It is in these trying moments when one needs to draw closer to the Lord but unfortunately for most of us the opposite happens. We forget that we are "children" of the King and go to battle alone and unprepared.

At times like these we need the help of the brothers even more than we are willing to admit.

Therefore, I ask all of you brothers in Christ to remember me in your prayers. Pray that I stay the course and that my relationship with the Lord will be given a "boost" and a real re-vitalization.

Please remember that as you look to my site for answers and support, I, too, count on your prayers and your letters for spiritual food and encouragement.

Last April, I received such a letter which produced such a blessing for me even more today as I am going through some troublesome times.

I pray that the Lord will bless you and strengthen you accordingly as you read its contents.


Dear Mr. Costouros,
I read some of your site and I thought some of it was pretty interesting. I was having a pretty bad day with some faith related issues but I can really say that I feel strengthened, the LORD always answers prayers and he sure answered this one fast.
Psalm 28: 7
The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusted in him and I am helped: therefore my heart greatly rejoiceth; and with my song will I praise him.
A Christian Brother




August 3,2006


Shame and more shame!


Shame on all of us who claim to be followers of Christ but turn the other way when crimes, atrocities and injustices are committed. Shame on those who refuse to use the same universal standard for good and evil that our Lord taught us. Shame on all who in the name of political correctness stand by when innocent women and children are being slaughtered in the Middle East and other places.

Woe to our American evangelists who are preaching "another gospel" by failing to criticize all forms of "terrorism" and man's inhumanity to man no matter where it comes from.

Woe to those who forget that our God is not only pro-Israeli but also pro-Arab and pro-human!

Woe to all of us who by our actions against other religious or racial groups are inciting the continuation of violence and bloodshed.

Lord Jesus have mercy on us and come soon to save this planet from the machinations of the Evil one!


October 17, 2005


No matter where I turn these days whether it's  TV or the newspapers,  radio stations or the internet, I stumble into the same stories of suffering and pain, of worldwide calamities, wars, earthquakes and pandemic pestilences. In many  homes, clouds of despair because of unemployment, rising oil and gas prices etc, are gathering to complicate people's lives even further.

However, I am thankful that sometime ago the Holy Spirit drew me to Jesus so that today I can face the world from a different perspective.


HAB 3:17 Although the fig tree shall not blossom, neither shall fruit be in the vines; the labour of the olive shall fail, and the fields shall yield no meat; the flock shall be cut off from the fold, and there shall be no herd in the stalls:

HAB 3:18 Yet I will rejoice in the LORD, I will joy in the God of my salvation.


Feb 2/2005


A Clarification



As I revisited my site the other day, I felt a strong impulse to clarify a few issues before they become needlessly controversial.

Let it be known that I have no "beefs" with the American people as such. If anything, I am a great fan of many of their traditional values and of ideas which some may view as "simplistic", "backwards", or "red neck".

Despite their shortcomings, this great nation is composed of many individuals with a "heart of gold". These are the same people who rushed to the aid of war torn Europe during World War II. Through the Marshall Plan, my own country of Greece benefited greatly in its efforts to rebuild its economy.

I will never forget that tasty American cheese which came in one gallon containers in cardboard boxes labeled "Donated by the People of the United States of America". To this day, I recall vividly how as a young elementary school pupil, I struggled to make sense of this strange alphabet and foreign language.

When the recent tsunami devastated many countries in Asia and Indonesia, the American people showed their caring and great compassion by "outgiving" many peoples of the world including my fellow Canadians.

It is easy to generalize and criticize anyone and any system. However, this does not excuse us from neglecting to point out the truth as we perceive it in an honest and responsible manner. And the truth is painful: the American people have been deceived by many of their spiritual and political leaders.

As I look at the policies of the American government throughout the world and how the religious right are "buying" everything "hook line and sinker", I can't help but feel both sad and outraged.

I am sad because millions of people have put the joy and rewards of their salvation at risk by failing to "see" this great deception. Also, I am outraged because this pseudo-religious and political elite is leading this country into a New World Order and the eventual revelation and establishment of the Antichrist's rule.

Therefore, I ask my fellow American Christians to pray fervently and continuously for the Holy Spirit to help them perceive the evil games played by powers in dark places. May the Lord Jesus grant you peace and the knowledge and confidence to stand firm against the machinations of the Evil One and his cohorts.



January 23/2005


Lessons from History: Alexander's Legacy


As mentioned before, nothing significant has changed regarding the war in Iraq. America is getting deeper and deeper into another Vietnam as more American mothers are shifting through body bags to identify their children "coming home".


Many of the leaders of the major American Christian denominations have fallen for Satan's lie that this war is about preservation and the defense of our Western and Christian values. The current and previous Bush administration has proven to be a more skillful and cunning opponent than their critics are willing to admit.


Under the guise that this war is about Christianity vs militant and terrorist Islam, democracy vs dictatorship, human rights and decency vs violence and lack of respect for life, the architects of the diabolical plot to invade Iraq having secured the nomination of a so-called "born again " president, have succeeded in "deceiving" the "shepherds" to lead "the flocks" into "trap filled" pastures!


En masse, the simple, church-going folks of America turned out to re-elect this president and give him a rubber stamp to protect "the American way of life". And what did the "liberal" media do? They were duped into believing that making fun of a leader, who did not know how to pronounce the word "nuclear" or whose vocabulary included some strange expressions not familiar to the educated [former Yankee] elite, would somehow deter many from voting for him.


Let us be serious for a moment. If anyone decided to do an in-depth analysis of the education levels of all Americans or better yet of their knowledge of world history and geography, one should not be surprised to find that the overwhelming majority have "no clue" about certain significant historical events or geographical places. [ Check out "the facts" before you write to me about my anti-American bias!]


Therefore, we should not be surprised if the current administration is history and world culture illiterate. This is truly a government "of the people "!


But "thank God" for Hollywood and some of their blockbuster movies which have at least attempted from time to time to shed some light on a few historical events. Hopefully, some of the key members of the current administration enjoy watching movies for it is clear that history and geography books have not been that appealing to them.


So, there you are Mr. Bush and company, it is about time to take your wives out to the movies. May I recommend a flick? How about "Alexander" ? Oh, I know it is an Oliver Stone movie but I promise you that it is not conspiratorial at all. It is not another JFK movie to be sure. For the most part, it is based on real, recorded historical facts. However, it needs to be said that, the sexual innuendos and the-how-to-please-the homosexual-Hollywood-lobby attempts to portray a bisexual Alexander [non-historical and purely fictional] mar this otherwise significant movie. [Play following video regarding the lies about homosexuality in Ancient Greece]


The one other thing that I lament about is that this movie did not come out sooner than it did! If it came out last November, may be this administration would learn that Macedonia was an area in Ancient Greece much like Thessaly, or Epirus or Peloponnesus. The Macedonians of Alexander were Greeks, spoke Greek and when along with the rest of Greece conquered the Persian Empire, guess whose culture and language, values and civilization they promoted : that of Greece.


Today, Mr. President, after a long war of independence against the Ottoman Empire, the biggest part of that ancient land of Macedonia belongs to Greece under the same name. During the Balkan wars some smaller parts of the old Macedonia went to Bulgaria and the former Yugoslavia.



After the dissolution of Yugoslavia, there was an emerging new country recognized by the United Nations as The Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia or F.Y.R.O.M.. But unfortunately, lacking the confidence to rely on their true Slavic roots and their own historical experience, this tiny country of two and a half million people proceeded to falsify history and steal a chapter or two from the glorious Greek past.


They had the audacity to adopt the flag of Alexander the Great as their national one and to rewrite history by claiming him as one of their own. They, even, went as far as circulating a map showing a major part of Greek Macedonia including Thessaloniki as land that should legitimately be theirs. Needless to say this provoked the Greeks who used any economic means at their disposal to force this northern neighbor country into negotiations on the country name and the removal of Alexander's symbols from their official documents.


With the above issue still unresolved, the Bush administration, showing total disrespect for the United Nations and the rule of international law [ what is new?] proceeded to recognize this new country under the name "Macedonia".[ This act went against the wishes of the Greek people who would prefer the use of some sort of a different name for this country like Nova Macedonia or Slavic Macedonia so that its official name is not confused , internationally, with Greece's northern province of Macedonia.] Of course, the Bush government waited to secure the vote of the Greek Americans first before proceeding. The official announcement came only a few days after the American election!


As, I mentioned elsewhere, Alexander the Great was a true internationalist and saw  the importance of all human values and cultures. He had a great understanding of the Middle and Far East, of the indigenous populations , their traditions and ways of life.


Alas, the American administration has no clue about the world and maybe its leaders ought to learn some lessons  from Alexander.


Alexander did not have the benefit of a rich Christian tradition and yet he was more responsible, compassionate and fair towards the world's citizens than many of our so-called "born again" leaders.



Take a look at the "Oath" of Alexander the Great written around 324 BC:



"It is my wish, now that wars are coming to an end, that you should all be happy in peace. From now on , let all mortals live as one people, in fellowship for the good of all.

See the whole world as your homeland, with laws common to all, where the best will govern regardless of their race. Unlike the narrow-minded, I make no distinction between Greeks and barbarians. The origin of citizens, or the race into which they were born, is of no concern to me. I have only one criterion by which to distinguish them: virtue.

For me, any good foreigner is a Greek and any bad Greek is worse than a barbarian! If disputes ever occur among you, do not resort to weapons but solve them in peace. If need be, I shall arbitrate between you.

See God, not as an autocratic despot, but as the common father of all and thus your conduct will be likened to that of brothers within the same family.

I, on my part, see you all as equals, whether you are white or dark-skinned and would like you to feel not as subjects of my commonwealth, but members and partners of it.

To the best of my ability, I shall strive to make my promises to you reality and therefore keep this oath that we made tonight with our ceremonial drinks[ libations] as a symbol of love for all."



But who am I kidding to believe that any history lessons would change the course of the American Empire? The Bush administration are simply puppets with dark and sinister forces pulling all the strings behind the scenes. The world is changing  and there is a presence of evil in the air.


The signs for the Lord's return are multiplying daily as devastating earthquakes and tsunamis kill over 200,000 people and destroy the lives of millions in Indonesia and nearby countries.

Many areas are also experiencing "unusual" weather patterns with catastrophic results.

It is, definitely, "harvest time" for those with ears to hear and eyes to see!


March 2004

The Passion of the Christ

It is finally out and I have seen it! Mel Gibson's award deserving film has hit the mark: bull's eye! His portrayal of the last hours of Christ's suffering and crucifixion is both biblical and historically accurate: Biblical because it is based to a great extent on the gospel according to John and historically accurate in its portrayal of Roman crucifixion practices. { If there is any criticism directed towards the movie, in my view, is the failure of Mel Gibson to take into account the plain historical fact that the language spoken by the Romans at the time of Jesus was Greek [ KOINH koine=common ] and not Latin with an Italian accent and pronunciation!}

Also, this movie is controversial in some other ways to be sure! And no, I am not talking about the unfair charge regarding its anti-Semitic character and the sympathetic depiction of Pontius Pilate [ read the book for your own conclusions ] but about the impressions and feelings that it will create in the minds and souls of the Christians themselves.

I believe that most if not all things happen for a reason. The timing of this movie could not have been any better. I pray and trust that the Holy Spirit will touch the believer and the non-believer in a mighty way so that the name of the true God and of His Christ will be glorified.

For many Christians brought up in the protestant and evangelical traditions, this movie will introduce you to a new aspect of the Lord that you may have forgotten over the years: Jesus was fully divine and fully human. The cross was not always empty. Our sins were purchased at a very high price.

He was wounded for our transgressions, he was bruised for our iniquities: the chastisement of our peace was upon him; and with his stripes we are healed.  [Isaiah 53:5]

So, when you see him in the garden of Gethsemane agonizing over the death he is about to face, disregard his divinity and concentrate on his humanity. Forget what your preachers and evangelists may have told you. It was not God who died on the cross for our sins! It was God who had emptied himself and having taken the form of a servant, lived  life like any other human, feeling pain , hunger and thirst, anger and compassion with one exception: He was without sin!

The stripes and the nails were real! But that was not all. The spotless-sinless Lamb of God took upon him all the sins [atrocities, murders, lies, strives , etc.] of the world,  past, present and future. In this sense, the Jews did not kill Jesus, we did!

Therefore, when we look at the passion events, let us not forget the high price that our Lord paid for our redemption. Let us come to the cross with the kind of reverence that the character of mother Mary had in the film. And like the thief may we ask the Lord to remember us when he comes to his kingdom.

Last and definitely not least, let us not forget that the cross and the tomb are now empty. We serve a living God who is asking us to partake freely of the water of life as we accept his sacrifice and make him the Lord and Savior of our lives.


December 31, 2003

Turmoil and suffering for the world's poor and under privileged reign supreme as another year draws to a close. The mothers of America whose sons and daughters are fighting and dying in Iraq and Afghanistan are crying out to God for their safety while the war cartel and rich establishment are enjoying the fruits of their conniving and sinister plans.

The signs for the Lord's return are  multiplying daily as mudslides in California and the great earthquake in Iran destroy the lives of thousands of people.

A broken and pitiful Saddam Hussein emerges from his rat hole if only to remind many of us  how sinister and devilish the plan to invade Iraq was. It just does not make any sense that he was the man commanding the great Republican Army of 100,000 men with weapons of mass destruction in his hands.

Lucifer's agents have been placed in critical and strategic positions as we are speeding towards a New World Order and the eventual rule of the Antichrist.

Ordinary Americans are kept in the dark by their mass media and their government about world events and are utterly confused while traveling to other parts of the world as they are met with great hatred and genuine dislike.

Oh America, it is not your Christian and democratic values that the world despises but your arrogant attitude and gun-slinging mentality, your visions of world domination and your "might is right" approach to world affairs.

Oh leaders of the world's most powerful nation, if you could learn from history!!!

When Alexander the Great conquered the Middle East, he was truly received as a great liberator. Why? Because he showed respect for the values and traditions of the local peoples. Alexander was a true internationalist as he encouraged his soldiers to marry local women thereby spreading the values of the Greek civilization while keeping and maintaining the local customs and traditions in a way that left the dignity of the indigenous population intact.

If you do not want to learn from that, why don't you look at the fall of the Roman Empire? What is happening in America today is eerily similar to the last days of the empire. Sodom and Gomorra and the days of Noah are also upon us. Homosexuality, violence, greed, selfishness, injustice and racism just like in the days of Caligula and the like are here.

In the name of freedom , human rights etc., we have abandoned the values and principles on which this country was built. The Ten Commandments have become the Ten Offenses. We are not allowed to pray in school and are being forced by politically correct legislators and gutless and corrupt judges to alter the meaning of religious symbols and holidays. The silent majority is being bullied by a small group of perverted or otherwise confused individuals into removing Christ from Christmas , justice from the courts and goodwill towards one another.

Oh America, if you could only wake up and change your ways! You are the harlot and the modern Babylon! I lament for you and your children for the wrath of God is about to be poured upon you.

Nov. 10, 2003

There are many changes which are taking place in global politics these days. The average person is lost in trying to understand the position of the superpowers vis-a-vis the Middle East, Africa, North Korea and Afghanistan, Indonesia etc.

Confusion, springing out of deliberate misinformation by the world's governments and mass media, is reigning supreme. Roadmaps to peace or to comprehending what is happening around us are leading to dead ends.

We are being encircled by evil powers in high places. As Christians, we should sense it and as students of Bible prophesy, we ought to know it.

However, many of us, victims of our cultural predisposition towards the "Reader's Digest " version of any interpretation of world affairs are also failing to see "clearly" the big picture. Our excessive dependence on the select few "gurus" of Christian American TV is leading us down the wrong path.

In the middle ages, Roman Catholicism kept the masses in the dark by "chaining" the bibles to the pulpit. In the 21st century America, it is the Christian masses who are "chained" to the TV pulpits and are spoon-fed a low-cal "spiritual pabulum"  and are then lulled to sleep with "fanciful stories" about the Antichrist and his European background, Israel, the Arab world or Armageddon.

Woe to the shepherds for failing to protect the sheep from the wolves roaming in our own back yard! Woe to those spiritual leaders of America who, blinded by their own TV fame, forgot their Christian agendas of bringing a lost and desperate world to the source of life, our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ.


August 8, 2003

The occupation of Iraq continues with new casualties on a daily basis. It is now evident that the Bush administration may have chewed more than it can handle. The elimination of the two Hussein brothers, a victory of some sort, may lead to additional complications as a wounded Saddam is vowing revenge from his secret hideout.

The stage for the return of the Lord has been set! However, it is difficult to predict the pattern in which the final events may unfold.

For years, students of prophesy have attempted to discover the meaning of Revelation or of Daniel in regards to the final world power and the identity of the Antichrist.

Many have seen the rise of the European Union as the revival of the late Roman Empire and therefore they have sought to connect its destiny with the rise of this world leader.

I believe that many proponents of this scenario may have been blinded by their patriotism and failure to check out their own “backyard”.

America may be that final world power! Look to the Group of Eight and its further expansion into the Group of Ten.

Keep also in mind that three of these kingdoms will be kicked out at the time of the end.

If the Berlin wall is to teach us anything, it is the speed with which some of these critical events may unfold.

Be vigilant and “watch” the skies for our Lord may come much sooner than we think!

 JAS 5:7-8 Be patient, then, brothers, until the Lord's coming. See how the farmer waits for the land to yield its valuable crop and how patient he is for the autumn and spring rains. You too, be patient and stand firm, because the Lord's coming is near.


Updated April 14, 2003

As the war in Iraq is about to "end", I can't help but wonder about what is next. For months, the Bush Administration tried to win public opinion by pointing out the horrors of the Saddam Hussein regime and the imminent danger to peace and security that it posed.

The war script that we were given included fierce battles against the Republican Guard Army of 100,000 men, small number of civilian casualties and the strong likelihood that the enemy may use biological and chemical weapons against us.

Yet, what we saw was completely opposite. There were no organized military resistance and no scuds for the controversial "Patriots" to shoot down. Instead, we witnessed human cruelty as thousands of bombs fell in civilian areas and pain and suffering for the innocent were shown live on our TV screens.  

Strangely enough the coalition's stated target,  the dictator and his cohorts disappeared into thin air much like Bin Laden and many of the Al-Qaeda leaders during the Afghanistan war.

There is no doubt in my mind that this recent conflict and the next ones in the very near future are nothing but the birth pangs of a New World Order  of "universal brotherhood", of one religion and one world government. 

Lucifer's agents having infiltrated the highest levels of political, military, financial and religious orders are about to sacrifice a big percentage of humanity through wars, artificially created famines and lab-manufactured, antibiotic-resistant viruses.

REV 6:4 And another `horse' came forth, a red horse: and to him that sat thereon it was given to take peace from the earth, and that they should slay one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

As the plagues and wars continue many of the living will refuse to open their spiritual eyes and see the Light.

REV 9:20 And the rest of the men which were not killed by these plagues yet repented not of the works of their hands, that they should not worship devils, and idols of gold, and silver, and brass, and stone, and of wood: which neither can see, nor hear, nor walk:

REV 9:21 Neither repented they of their murders, nor of their sorceries, nor of their fornication, nor of their thefts.

As the human race is decimated by the evil powers in high places, the stage is set for the advent of a new charismatic world leader who will bring "peace and security" to the weary citizens of this planet.

However, this peace is to be short-lived. The armies of the world will march against Jerusalem for a great final battle at Armageddon.

At that time, our Lord Jesus followed by millions of heavenly armies will appear in the clouds to put an end to the Satanic rule and to liberate planet Earth. In a last minute effort, this world ruler [the Antichrist] along with his false prophets and religious leaders will convince the peoples of the world that we are under attack by some sort of an extraterrestrial enemy.

A futile battle to prevent the "landing" of our Savior will ensue and many will perish. Earth will be truly liberated and our human civilization will witness its highest achievements during a golden era of a 1000 years under the reign of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

Do you want to be part of that millennium era? Do you want to live forever in a Paradise earth and an eventual new heaven and new earth with our God where there is no pain and suffering?

If you are reading these words, it is not too late. Ask God the Father for forgiveness for disobeying His laws and commandments, invite His Son Jesus through the Holy Spirit into your heart and mind, make a commitment to a God-pleasing lifestyle and actions and you will be saved!

" Put all your rebellion behind you, and get for yourselves a new heart and a new spirit. For why should you die, O people of { the world}? I don't want you to die, says the Sovereign LORD. Turn back and live! " [Ezekiel 18: 31-32]

The purpose of this site is to present my own experiences as I struggled to come to a state of surrender. Surrendering to God control over our lives is what the Christian walk is all about. It is not easy and it requires a lot of discipline and help from above.

However, we serve a loving God who knows our hearts and minds, a God who lived in our "shoes" in the person of Jesus Christ. He is compassionate and understands our pain and daily struggles. He is faithful even when we are not.

So, read on , discover for yourself, get a glimpse of what God has in store for us who love Him!!!

John Costouros


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